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    Johnny Marr - Night and Day

    Doesn't need a new thread: Re: Fever Dreams 1-4 CD & LP. "For a limited time, you can pick up a personally signed copy of the album! Please put the message you'd like written on your album in the comments section at checkout." Via...
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    The Smiths A-Z: "Death at One's Elbow"

    "My leap into multi-instrumentalism equals Johnny’s sky-dive into song, as he tackles his first ever vocalism. His tremulous quaver on Death at one’s elbow is a honeyed flow, although he insists that he cannot sing." (Not so insistent these days...). FWD.
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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    That's the most advertising this will get. 'Official' Central IG is doing enough of that for everyone. FWD.
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    Eddie Vedder re: Bonfire Of Teenagers: "some of the best Morrissey stuff I’d heard in years" / Andrew Watt confirmed as producer (January 14, 2022)

    For posterity: The part of the Mojo interview where he mentions Watt etc. Regards, FWD.
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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Testing a new iPlayer ripper on a random news show & an item about an 80's exhibition popped up. FWD.
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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Older one on their t/l:
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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

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    Request: The Smiths - What Difference Does It Make? (Pop Elektron version)

    Riverside: Elektron: These will be the best sources. Regards, FWD.
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