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    "Accepting Themselves": Rourke/Joyce interview by Lianne Steinberg in The Big Issue in the North, 9th July 2007 (transcribed here for the first time)

    Accepting Themselves Two decades after they split up, a new documentary by The Smiths drummer Mike Joyce and bassist Andy Rourke reveals what life was like inside one of Manchester’s most successful bands By Lianne Steinberg In between photos, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke are relaxing upstairs...
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    "This Charming Man": Morrissey interview by Sean Smith in The Big Issue in the North, 15th November 1999 (transcribed here for the first time)

    This Charming Man Sean Smith meets the original bromide bombshell Steven Patrick Morrissey has never really received the respect he deserves in this country. The mainstream media has never taken him to its bosom, in fact it has regularly vilified him. At his peak, in the mid-eighties, when...
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