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  1. marred

    Rufus Wainwright's latest album 'Unfollow The Rules'

    Are there any Rufus Wainwright fans here under the flagstones of this forum? His latest album is fantastic. This was the second single from it called Damsel In Distress. The vibe and guitar riff kinda reminds me of early Morrissey aka Sister I'm a Poet type sound while sounding nothing like it...
  2. marred

    Johnny Marr performing "How Soon Is Now?" Live at KCRW's Apogee Sessions

    Some of Johnny Marr's greatest guitar on HSIN. I don't know how I haven't seen this before. His vocals aren't half bad either.
  3. marred

    Johnny Marr invites nuisance fan onstage to accompany him with This Charming Man

    Apologies if this has already been posted. I have only just spotted this clip and thought it was cool.
  4. marred

    Billy Duffy talks Nosebleeds

    Just saw this video of Billy Duffy from The Cult talking briefly about the brief history of The Nosebleeds. There's not much to hear but it's interesting all the same. Billy Duffy is such a genuine guy so he's good to listen to either way especially if you're a fan of The Cult as I am.
  5. marred

    James Bond Theme - "Home is a Question Mark"

    Some of Morrissey's songs have such a Bondesque John Barry type sound to them but no one was ever going to choose Morrissey to sing a Bond theme. I've set "Home is a Question Mark" to the main titles of Spectre. I made the animation sequence black and white in honour of Morrissey's love for all...
  6. marred

    Richard Hammond is Johnny Marr? Can you spot the odd one out? This guy thinks this pic of Richard Hammond is Johnny Marr and so do some other people. I have tried to tell him one of these pics is Richard Hammond but they won't have a bar of it. It was like stepping into the twilight zone. On...
  7. marred

    'Moz in Oz' pilgrimage

    Hey Australian Morrissey fans! Is anyone thinking of going to multiple shows this tour? I want to go to the Canberra, Wollongong and Newcastle shows and I'm interested in seeing if anyone wants to join me either by car (which I have) or train. Please let me know ASAP as tickets go on pre sale...
  8. marred

    Was Years Of Refusal Morrissey's last Album on Attack?

    I have two copies of Years Of Refusal on Vinyl. One I ordered online and the other signed copy I bought at The Prague concert. I thought Morrissey was done with Attack after the Live at Earls Court release being the 3rd album he was signed for. By the way the Polydor record sounds a lot better...
  9. marred

    Battersea Patisserie Cologne May 1991 - Vinyl Dub I was going through my vinyl and found this record so I thought I may as well dub it straight to my computer. I used Logic X Pro at 48khz and 16bit so the files are AIFFs. Morrissey starts out a little ropey on Interesting Drug but the rest of it is a...
  10. marred

    Tony Visconti on the making of Bowie's Heroes

    This is one of the most interesting and moving things I have seen on youtube. I wish there was one of these for Viva Hate.
  11. marred

    Ramones Fans? I need some guidance

    If there are any Ramones aficionados about can you please tell me a quintessential album to listen to? (I posted in the wring area, oops!)
  12. marred

    10 year anniversary of Ringleader Of The Tormentors

    I recently got a new turntable, quite a good one actually. I was pleased to discover that Ringleader Of The Tormentors sounds much improved on my new record player. While I was enjoying this fantastic album it dawned on me it's been around for ten years, well almost! It was recorded in Italy in...
  13. marred

    Robert Smith with The Twilight Sad I'ver never heard of The Twilight Sad but I love this song!
  14. marred

    Roisin Murphy talks about her new album

    At 4:20 she talks about how she recorded her new album. Why can't Morrissey do this? If anyone has some suggestions for Pros and Cons please tell me :)
  15. marred

    4 Mozzer tix for sale for Tuesday night 26.05.15

    Event: An Evening with Morrissey Date: Tue 26 May 2015 at 8:00PM Venue: CONCERT HALL Seats: 4 Ticket Details: Circle B Reserve / CIRCLE M15 $109.00 Type: Limit 4 Standard Circle B Reserve / CIRCLE M16 $109.00 Limit 4 Standard Circle B Reserve / CIRCLE M37 $109.00 Limit 4...
  16. marred

    Johnny Marr on his fashion choices in The Smiths - 20 min. interview at Consequence of Sound

    Re: new 20 minute interview with Johnny Another great interview from the Marrster. Can't wait to see him on Feb 5!
  17. marred

    TTY: The Bullfighter Dies - single

    Re: TTY: The Bullfighter Dies / single Another example of their do the least we can do art work. Morrissey's name is nowhere to be found on the sleeve.
  18. marred

    The Preatures

    I have just discovered this band. I think I'm starting to like them. I'm not really into many Australian bands so maybe that will change with this one?
  19. marred

    Smashing Pumpkins - Being Beige
  20. marred

    Morrissey pic in Madrid

    That's a great pic! I'll be buying a rerelease of WPINOYB if the photo for the sleeve is half as good as that.
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