Morrissey Central DEAR GOD, PLEASE HELP US (May 31, 2020)



“George Floyd’s protest,” says that video title. No.

People need to learn the moral and ethical difference between legitimate protest and indiscriminate and opportunistic rioting, destruction, vandalism, and looting. And it is increasingly clear that much of it is being orchestrated by the misnamed fascist thugs of the “Antifa” Left.
Business owners: "Dear God, please help us!"


Morrissey quite advocating violence and rising up against the police. The violent thugs are the same losers who torture animals! It's not about justice! They are professional protestors.


Says the racist who had a picture of dead black people in a still from Zulu as his Facebook cover picture a couple of weeks ago. Do your family/work colleagues know that you're a racist?
he is loud only on the internet
Are you f***ing mad? Are you suggesting that to care about injustice, to care about racism, you have to be a victim?
What injustice skinny? Whites are a victim of racism(by your standards) daily but don't whine about like you do
White liberals throwing their fist in the air for black people look like retards. They're cucks, like you


Are you Trump?
I knew this would happen. I watched for the last 1t years in the grocery store parents telling their kids how great they are while they didnt show any respect to anyone. They are too lazy and too poor to go to college so now they ID with the oppressed because they think they are. They STill think their parents.govt owe them something now that they are 30. This is shocking video.

Vegan. Cro. Spirit. 888

Gotta love the white hipsters getting in on the action to boost their little social justice warrior egos. Do they ever riot over the hundreds of whites that are killed by blacks? No of course not, nobody does.

nothing more pathetic than a 60 old dole chomper wanting to be a
15 year old social justice twat hipster, like skinnys behavior here.
its embarrassing. protesting while being on the dole FFS?
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