howling at the moon



The unwelcome city

I may be let in the gates
But I don't know my way around
I try to ask but people run away
Because every inch is the bad side of town

I scrape the soot with my fingernails
On the side of the warehouse district
I think I see your street sign
But it's only a parking lot exit

All the jackhammers and half built offices
Improving into urban decay
Empty offices in the booming economy
From overpriced real estate

They've torn down Bourbon Street
For microchips and high-end apartments
And where are you amongst all this waste?
Can you even afford the rent?

You have nothing against it
But still, you refuse to come
I would feel better if it was because of all of this
Rather than singling me out alone

And I tried to leave the unwelcome city
But they have too much that I need
I'm addicted to my house
And the clubs that are open until 3

The unwelcome city is just like every other one
Beer, suburbia, and burgers at Bennigan's
Look at downtown, its coming undone
Because they think everyone has millions

Unlike everywhere else I can make it on time
I've learned every last inch of this place
All you have to do is come and stand still
And let my internal compass do the rest

You've seen it and despite it's size
The thing falling apart the most is me
You've heard it crumbling 1000 miles away
And the most willfully silent is me

Lay it on the tracks
Say I have no tact
But it's truth
In the Unwelcome City
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