New Book ''Please'' Is Last Years Book ''Paint A Vulgar Picture''

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And I watch Home Alone...
it probably cost the publisher less money to carry a book titled "please" than it would to carry a book called "paint a vulgar picture" or "please please please let me get what i want."


Taste the diffidence
I understand the full original title was "Fiction Inspired By The Smiths: The NME, 1983-1996", but the lawyers didn't like it. :rolleyes:


They do it sometimes.... one of Gwendoline Riley's novels was Sick Notes in the UK and Tuesday Nights & Wednesday Mornings in the US, because it was the novella plus some short stories (which I suspect you can find in her MA thesis in Man Met's library!).

There's also a novel someone wrote about the Brontes and it started off as something like Melodramatic Sisters Rambling About On The Moors (or words to that effect) and then recently was renamed Charlotte & Emily with a photo of two girls in pink satin frocks in a field. Which missed the point that they didn't wear pink satin and in fact there's a third Bronte sister who also wrote!
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