Paris concert (Mar. 11) cancellation confirmed by Morrissey during Cologne concert


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According to the official website of the venue, it is still on BUT... However, there are little chances that this will take place as it would be the most expensive ever gig for a promoter (two weeks of rehearsals, costs of transports, plane, train from the states)
Now, a second wave of Covid is announced from 1 september 2020 in Europe by the media. RyanAir and many compagnies have informed their customers that all their flights from September 1 have been cancelled because the European authoritites in Brussels are about to announce new orders. So no don't count on this. It is about to be cancelled

I find it totally bizarre that his management don't communicate with his fans and let them know what's going on. I had five gigs planned this year and each of those bands management teams have informed me of the cancellations and the rescheduled date.


Expect an update on Wednesday, as the European authorities are going to edit more restricted measures tuesday due to the imminent second wave of Covid in the continent


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any news on the new date? is it really going on?
It's still listed on the Salle Pleyel website. I'm not holding my breath though.


35 tickets left, the promotor has completed changed the price compared to the previous initial March date. what a huge increase, the pit was 40 Euros, not it is the double. Without mentioning the rest, an increase of 40 %, what a greedy promotor they are !


Eli Terate

I've phoned to Pleyel this afternoon and the person tell me that the show is confirmed.
Very strange...

I think it's a case of "computer says yes".
Charles Aznavour is probably also listed in there somewhere. Yep, here he is: In the "dead cert" column.

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