The Morrissey's: Third Episode: Barmitzvah Mayhem



Boz Boorer has been really licky and nice. He sent me a third episode synopsis but he's not sure if it will be shown because the NBC censors are troubled by it. This is from the same network that had Titanic on Thanksgiving..what the F.uck? That's more offensive than their last series, "The Hitler and Sinbad Comedy Hour"

"A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P...Q,R,S,Teaaaa..U... suck..ha ha ha haha hahaha, funny huh? Anyhow GreaseTEA, I sent you the third episode...Moz didn't like it but what does he like these days anyhow? Aso, we're working on a theme song, it really is brill and preety almost bestly cool...Oh yeah, stop peeing on my welcome mat!"

SHOW: The Morrissey's


Airdate: Unknown, preferably not during a sweeps week

Morrissey as Morrissey
Boz Boorer as Boz Morrissey
Gary Day as Gaz Morrissey
Alain Whyte as A-Dawg Morrissey
Spike as Spicklez Morrissey
Mr. T as Hijinks Moneyshot: the evil manager

Guest Stars:
Downtown Julie Brown as The Happy Hooker
The Rock as Former President Reagan
Rod Stewart as Lady Princess Diana


Hijinks Moneyshot tells the band that he has scored the brothers a really big gig in Beverly Hills. The band desperate for money and desiring a break from searching for their lost manager and plane, excitedly ask Hijinks what the gig is.

Hijinks assures the band to not worry and get in their Morrissey-Mobile and head out to the place. The Morrissey-Mobile is an old VW Bug that is red and has a bug "M" on it. The audience will howl and laugh because when all five exit the car, they will look like clowns running out of a small car. Of course the speakers and guitars will be hanging out of the windows, etc.

Moz is driving and A-Dawg is sitting shotgun with his gold tooth glinting at all the big chested blonde women. "Peace! Mah bitches all sweatin' the A-Dawg!" A-Dawg proclaims. Moz nods and pops in a jelly bean into his mouth.
Boz keeps asking "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" over and over (cue laugh track and shots of dolphins jumping up to get their fish).
In the background (like those dated spy 1960's films), people are flipping and tumbling and bouncing off the Morrissey-Mobile. This will be a running joke that the brothers are continually driving in he wrong side of the road.

They arrive and are wallopped by the size of the mansion. Spicklez hopes there are lots of hot women, while Boz is in the background with Gaz unloading. A-Dawg and Moz walk in and are greeted by the butler.

"Ah, the Morrissey's...right this way"

The brothers are led to a big crowd of....uh oh! 12 year olds!!! It's a barmitzvah and apparently s-club7 cancelled and they were called in. Hijinks is in the background drinking fruit punch and gorging on apple sauce with potato pancakes.

"My dad says you guys are English and you have bad teeth!" one child says to Moz. The child then proceeds to throw up cotton candy all over Moz's shoes. Moz sighs and knows it is goig to be one of those days.

The brothers play a rousing rendition of "Alma Matters" but is interrupted when..uh oh! European terrorists invade the party and hold the barmitzvah kid hostage.

"We want $10 million or this kid eats pudding..ho ho ho" the terrorist from some non-descript Euro country yells.

The kids and The Morrissey's hide in closets. Oh hijinks ensues and it is like Home Alone!!! The Morrissey's take out the terrorists one by one with a popcorn popper filled with nails...hee hee look at the terorrist that looks like a pin cushion.

Boz bakes a choclate cake filled with glue, 3 terrorists eat it and then get stuck to each other. 9Cue laugh tracks hee hee)

Gaz and A-Dawg spill oil on the stairs and the terorists fall and tumble and it is funny when one of the injured terrorists say, "No sirrrr...I like gumballs!" (Very funny very very funny)

Moz stands around and places his hands on his cheeks and screams "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

Then all the terorists chase after The Morrisseys through a hall and they all come out of different doors, sometimes with funny cowboy costumes and other pirate costumes...until they tie all the terorists up. (This will be filmed like a Benny Hill sketch with noises, fast speed and the background will be "Break Up the Family.")

After the terrorists are captured, the mayor shows up at the Barmitzvah and gives the key to the city to The Morrissey's. Boz grabs the key and holds it up in the air only to let it fall on Hijinks Moneyshot's foot...uh oh!

"Mmmmmmmmm-oooooooooooooo-----rrrrrrrrrrrrrr-iiiiiiiiii-ssssssss-eeeeeeYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" Hijinks shouts.

The Morrissey's laugh and all is happy. Roll credits.


well, there you have it. I hop ethey make some changes on this one though.


hey what were you on when you wrote this because I want some!!!
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