The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 196: THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT

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oscillate wildly

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i agreee completely with what the nugz said ;)

i could listen to it repeatedly (and i do, quite often) and never grow bored of it. it is stating the highest form of a compliment you could give to someone while having the purest form of beautifulness for music. it is my favourite of Smiths/Morrissey songs, like tons of others haha.


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a 9

the lyrics is one of the best Morrissey ever did, in his Smiths years.

the Reason I'm giving this a 9, and that the Queen & Strangeways are
not my favourite Smiths albums, becuae Johnny became a songproducer, yes he was from the beginning, but from this album he
produces his guitarrriffs, mutiple overdubs with and using synthsyzer,
that's the -1 point concerning this song
I wanted to hear pure guitars, real drumms and bass, but it's so overproduced

Nevertheless this is a classic though I find the queen is dead as a song
better than this one

driving in you car
oh please don't drop me home
becuase I havent got one

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Do you all think it's Johnny Marr's absolutely greatest piece of music? If you listened to it without lyrics would it still blow you away? Musically it's up there and the lyrics are probably the best thing Morrissey has ever put down. So, it's a 9.5 for me, rounded down to a 9 just to stir "trouble."

Well I Wonder

Now, Today, Tomorrow.....
10/10. Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!​


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I gave it a 9 because I never listen to it anymore (always f/forward it in the car) and I really don't like the synth strings at the end. And it doesn't leap out as an Absolute 10 to me.
It has to be a ten. Say what you want about how it's overplayed and blah blah blah, but I will never ever forget the feeling I had when I first heard this song. I was completely gripped - in a way that no other song has ever done before.

Therefore this has to be a ten from me, as no other Smiths song really compares to it in my eyes.


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May I vote 11?
What a perfect, beautiful, powerful song
To me, it's the one that says most to me about my life, it's so personal that I don't listen to it a lot.


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I gave it a 10... but if I could I'd give 12 for the lyrics and 8 for the music.

It's clear already this one will be a poll winner, how boring :)


beaUTIFUL SONG 10!!!

shortly after i bought t my first smiths cd "singles" in 2000 where "there is a light that never goes out" was also included .the songfound his way on a mixtape almost immediately as the last song on the tape to express my feelings to my crush which i met on a friends wedding..she told me she loved the tape but didnt mention the smiths songs on it...maybe it was a little bit too much.." to die by your side..."
there was one article in a german music mag where they interpret 20/25 smiths songs and also had there is a review of "there is a light" included and called the song

" the atomic bomb of all love songs"-
"if you use it be sure of the explosive force/power of these words before you choose this song to be included on a mixtape"
spex february 2006
" the atomic bomb of all love songs"-
"if you use it be sure of the explosive force/power of these words before you choose this song to be included on a mixtape"
spex february 2006

Hahahaha! So maybe that's the bomb that will bring people together. But oh, so true.

Our little ones always look so confused when we sing along to this one in the car. "Did he just talk about 'dying,' Daddy?"


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"Did he just talk about 'dying,' Daddy?"

My answer would have been, "Yes, dying-- and dying in a car, too, because the truth is, no matter how carefully and responsibly Daddy drives, at any moment our car may be hit by a big ten-ton truck that will run over and flatten all of us so badly that they will have to identify us by what remains of our teeth!"

I'm so, so unfit for parenting.


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one of the few songs-not just Smiths/Moz-that honestly deserves the hype and praise. the first song i cried just by listening to (i was in a sour mood) the first song i learned to play on the bass, and the last song to be played at my funeral. 10+

i do think the song has a LOT more emotion when played live solo.


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so hum, Who won the polls?

I have no idea (I will count the votes Sunday), but I'm guessing this song will do quite well.

Although it has a great average, it is by no means the most voted for song (so far).

Top 10 most voted for songs:

A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours 256
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Asleep 227
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Ask 209
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America Is Not The World 203
I Know It's Over 201

Voting will close in 3 days!
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