Vegan Cro Spiritv1000 and 1001 banned?

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Vegan Cro Spirit 444

can the mods please 2 explain why Vegan Cro Spirit 1000 and 1001 were banned?

Vegan Cro Spirit 555

also in the Skinny TOS:dont mention that Fake Cham has had about 10 log ins and has been banned many times.o_O


about ruth

Vegan Cro Spirit 221B

o_O This is outrageous news...the veeg banned?
WTF he's the only one on here who makes any kinda sense..loony decision :crazy:
Please reinstate the veeg. This needs further investigation :rightmagnify:

Vegan Cro Spirit 444

if you are not a moz troll hater your best option is not to sign up here at the skinny forum.(n)
go anon(y) tho your skinny et al wont make thru:straightface:
Angelito is a real poster who happens to post 100% skinny stuff just a coincidence he signed up yesterday and 5 min
later summons skinny as his buddy.:lbf:
its all just a coincidence everybody is totally legitimate:straightface:
Fake Cham making an appearance here holding 4-5 log ins: legitimate and real:lbf:

try putting skinny or 'surface' as your sig like the moroon 'surface' has me and see how many seconds pass for the clown
show to ban you:lbf:


Skinny had them banned.;)
have you noticed how FWD gets flowery every time Skinny berates him?:rolleyes:
This is also the only way FC can receive full benefits, including full dental plan.*

* 95% paid for by Smokey Weed Sanders and the remaining 5% endorsed by Sleepy Wheedle Joe. :squiffy:
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