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One or two instances would have to be qualified with the possibility of the many times human beings do things without thinking. We all put on things sometimes impulsively. "That's a nice coat." "Try it on, it would probably look good on you." &c.

If Morrissey was out shopping with a handsome swish Colombian friend who found some Gucci sweater in a store and the person said to him, "darling Morrissey, this would look wonderful on you," it's possible that there were other things on his mind in that particular moment and he neglected to properly think, "wait a minute, does this have wool in it?" We all do things from time to time without thinking. Unless you want to claim perfection for yourself. Are you Jesus? Even Jesus ate meat, and took a whip to the money changers, and damned people to hell for not accepting his miracles. "There is none righteous, not one." What we should charitably expect from someone who preaches against the cruelty of wool is that they thereafter avoid wool products to the best of their human ability. A success rate of over 95% should be reasonable enough for the avoidance of a hypocrisy charge. But not for the Morrissey-bashers on here, apparently.

One, who is this Jesus? Two, Morrissey "neglected to properly think" fits my view of him entirely and should be his epitaph. He doesn't think he speaks and then tries to runaway from, or distract from, his words, actions and deeds. He is a hypocrite. Always has been. Always will be.

One minute some of you are arguing that Morrissey speaks his own mind, is a strong character and that's what you love about him. The next minute it's he was probably distracted by some friend of his and did that without thinking - rather like a sheep, in fact.

Where on earth did you dig up your 'factual' 95%!?


Again right on the nail Aubrey.

These skinny dogs are just plain ignorant & living examples of hypocrisy themselves. Even if you had proof that Moz was totally innocent, they wouldn't believe it because they don't want to see it, or hear it.

Just wondering how many UK vegans are still using the new UK note currency in their day to day life. I'm sure they were protesting about the new £5 & £10 notes containing tallow or something equally unsavoury to them - link found:

The chief nutjob (Mr Casamitjana), a zoologist originally from Spain, will apparently avoid taking buses in case the vehicle kills or harm birds or insects.

So, no cars either & quite a bit of walking at slow speed for this chap from now on then?
I write "Blood Money" in red permanent marker on them and use them in automated checkouts as sales assistants won't accept them. There should be quite a few fanged Queen ones in circulation by now.


Oh I can't be arsed. You believe it if you wish.
It matters not one jot to me.

You mean Alexa is not cooperating with your request. No worries you 4kin stupid ignorant lazy snowflake.
4ck off and stop wasting my time. You’ve had your chance to engage and blown it.
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Reverse Ferret
just because Morrissey has queeny fits about his record sales despite ALL HIS PRESS when he's moaning in letters to his record company (which probably causes much hilarity around the office) doesn't mean he doesn't care about the issues he talks about.

If he was calculating about getting the halo effect then he would always pick the popular causes of the time - Live Aid, The Amazon Rainforest, Extinction Rebellion, Assange - anything that would get enough kudos from enough lib-lefties in the media to keep his career safe.

He'd be Bono.

Aubrey McFate

Lonely in Barcelona
One, who is this Jesus? Two, Morrissey "neglected to properly think" fits my view of him entirely and should be his epitaph. He doesn't think he speaks and then tries to runaway from, or distract from, his words, actions and deeds. He is a hypocrite. Always has been. Always will be.

Jesus of Nazareth was a first-century Jewish reformer and messianic claimant. Cause of death: crucifixion. His biographers believed he was the God of the Hebrews incarnate in human form, and morally perfect, flawless in all behaviors. The pertinent texts, however, suggest some imperfections. I apologize for the obscure reference. The point was, no one is perfect.

The hypothetical scenario wherein Morrissey was distracted by a friend (in this case, a handsome Latino) was simply to indicate that most of us are from time to time reduced to irrationality and forgetfulness when in the presence of someone we physically admire. "Does the body rule the mind, or does the mind rule the body?" It varies according to the situation. I suppose, of course, there will always be a percentage of people who are angry asexual puritan thugs who can't forgive anyone a transgression. But if a sexy Colombian (whichever gender you yourself prefer) purred into your ear a suggestion to try on a sweater, would your first thought honestly be, "what about the sheep, though? Is this thing in any way wool?" If so, I admire your fortitude and commitment to the animals. The sheep would be fortunate to have such an advocate. Alas, "most people keep their brains between their legs." Doubtless even the great Morrissey does sometimes. It doesn't have to be this particular scenario, though, if you don't care for it. All you must do is employ just the scantiest bit of your imagination to realize that there could be various simple and reasonable explanations that would account for the very occasional misstep. Missteps are inevitable when it comes to humans. The only way to be morally and ethically perfect is to cease to exist. El suicidio. Don't forget the great Schopenhauer:

It is just as little necessary for the saint to be a philosopher as for the philosopher to be a saint; just as it is not necessary for a perfectly beautiful person to be a great sculptor, or for a sculptor to be himself a beautiful person. In general it is a strange demand on a moralist that he should commend no other virtue than that which he himself possesses.

Where on earth did you dig up your 'factual' 95%!?

It was only a guess. I'm not a statistician. However, if the evidence for Morrissey being a hypocrite is that he has worn wool twice since 2017, then correct my math if I am wrong, but that is a mere two occasions over approximately three years. In fact (factually), it would constitute well over a 99% success rate if we go by "instances of wearing what might be wool" against "number of days since decrying wool." I averred 95% because I thought there should be a margin of error, in case another fashionista nerd comes on here saying they have "evidence!" from a third, fourth, or fifth photograph.
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