Spotify: Laurence Stevens, Record Sleeve Artist - Art Of The Sleeve Podcast (July 22, 2021)

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Spotify source only - which says you need the app, but not if you embed it so enjoy.

"Designer Laurence Stevens talks about his career, his passion for sleeve art, working with Morrissey, Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, and Shakespears Sister"

Was an interesting listen.

Morrissey Central "‘BONA DRAG’ Third Edition, #39" (July 26, 2021)

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‘BONA DRAG’ Third Edition, #39

Morrissey's 1990 compilation album "Bona Drag" is number 39 today on the Official UK Album
Chart. This edition is available on limited teal coloured vinyl, and some stocks remain in UK HMV

"Bona Drag" reached #9 in 1990, and #62 in 2010.

I believe I counted 18 albums from the event that were made in greater quantities than 750 (2k in some cases), which will have some bearing on things.
No mention of Rough Trade or Amazon this time.
I can't actually see the album on the official chart site yet - anyone?

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HMV: Bona Drag LTD Edition vinyl released today (July 24, 2021)

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Today sees Morrissey’s Bona Drag re-released amongst 36 other artist's limited edition albums to commemorate HMV's Centenary.
For all intents and purposes, this is the 2010 Major Minor expanded 20th anniversary edition of the record (not forgetting it was re-pressed again in 2016 too), except in coloured vinyl and has a HMV obi strip with the 100 years information.
Along the edge of the strip 'teal vinyl' is mentioned.
There is no matrix message on either record.
The sleeve contains the Zodiac car picture foldout poster:

HMV's appear to have used the same reservation in the queue system as last year and it was: fill in a form/collect when open.
The free coffee was a nice touch.

According to HMV's Twitter & website, from 4pm: any left to sell will be available via their online store (which was done for Vauxhall & I too):

Saturday July 24 marks the company's centenary vinyl 'Exclusives Day', an...

Morrissey Central "THE BOYS IN THE BAND" (July 19, 2021)

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The Morrissey Band line-up for the 5 upcoming Vegas concerts is

Jesse Tobias, guitar

Alain Whyte, guitar

Solomon Walker, bass

Gustavo Manzur, keyboards

Brendan Buckley, the drums

Morrissey photographed in Las Vegas, 2004, by Linder Sterling.


Morrissey Central "INTERESTING DRAG" (July 17, 2021)

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July 17, 2021

Celebrating 100 years of HMV, "Bona Drag" is available this week at HMV stores,
Rough Trade outlets, or Amazon and HMV online. The double album is on teal coloured
vinyl, and features Suggs, Mary Margaret O'Hara, and Kirsty MacColl.
Art design is by Darren Evans, and project manager is Nigel Reeve.

Not sure how 'HMV exclusive' works with Amazon & Rough Trade.
It is available on the 24th if you turn up in person at HMV or to online order if you wait for unsold copies to be listed on HMV's site after the event.
It's not showing on Amazon yet & Rough Trade's site is busy with RSD so can't check that either.

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Morrissey Central "100th ANNIVERSARY OF HMV" (July 14, 2021)

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July 14, 2021

Celebrating 100 years of HMV, Morrissey's "Bona Drag" is number 5 in a list of special re-issues.
This limited edition comes in teal coloured vinyl, and includes a poster. There are two discs, plus photographs taken 30 years ago by Linder Sterling in Hoxton Square in London, and also a famous shot of Morrissey taken by Margaret Sison at Hollywood High School on Sunset Boulevard from the same period.
The album includes 7 UK hit singles, plus 6 tracks only recently available.

"You need courage to put your life into song … and in Bona Drag … there is my life."

-Morrissey, 2021.

The new "Bona Drag" is available on July 24.

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John Stoddart photos of Morrissey with Pat Phoenix, Ian McCulloch on Getty Images (8 total)

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Posted by GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn in the morrissey frink thread!, a series of photos by John Stoddart on Getty Images. Excerpt:

Couple of pictures by John Stoddart I've never seen before.

Morrissey and Pat Phoenix, photographed having a little chat in Alderley Edge for May 1985 issue of Blitz (with Tony Booth checking in on them in one of the shots).

Apparently Morrissey didn't mind Pat smoking either ;) (The red wine might have helped with that...?).
Frighteningly dull outfit on Moz, but well compensated by Pat's substantial glamour. And I love close-ups where you can see his contacts (I'm a bit freakish).



Morrissey Central "INTERLUDE" (July 13, 2021)

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