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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Reader Meet Author / I Have Forgiven Jesus / I Will See You In Far-off Places / My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / Life Is A Pigsty / Baarikärpänen(intro)=>Trouble Loves Me / How Soon Is Now? / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / At Last I Am Born / Irish Blood, English Heart // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

setlist provided by Matti
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  • Helsinki (Score:1, Insightful)

    it'll be interesting to see the setlist and whether he'll now be more inclined to include more of the new album in his setlist, what with it now being released.

    - SRA
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 04 2006, @01:08PM (#209014)
    • Re:Helsinki by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 04 2006, @01:18PM
  • What's the intro music on this tour? Scouse indigity or something new?
    geordiexile -- Tuesday April 04 2006, @01:17PM (#209015)
    (User #3062 Info)
    • Re:Intro music by Math Tinder (Score:1) Wednesday April 05 2006, @04:07AM
  • I think it was exactly the same setlist as in Sweden.
    "Hei, hei, Hei Helsinki" Morrissey said when he came to stage. After one song he thanked the audience in finnish "kiitos".
    "I bought this shirt from Stockmann" (ed. a finnish department store that sells designer clobber)- it was a pink shirt which he threw in to audience after how soon is now.
    On I have forgiven Jesus he sang "with gods help blah blah...Julia" or something sounding like that.
    "It's nice that you have allowed us to come to this beutiful city". said before a song.
    Morrissey addressed Julia several times. I stood a meter away from her.
    "Snow is nice, we like snow, it covers all the hideous me" Morrissey said and continued "was that even funny" (note. it had been snowing here most of the afternoon".
    " Say hei or hei hei" Morrissey said and audience replied with a loud Heeeeiii.
    After one song some girl said I love you. Morrissey replied "oh really. What's your address then? (pause) I really mean it".

    All in all a fantastic show. I got to shake his hand (or his two large fingers, to be presice) during Irish blood. Set lasted about 70-75 minutes. Could have sung a few more songs. But it was fantastic show, and the venue, despite it's bad reputation, wasn't that bad.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 04 2006, @01:18PM (#209016)
  • Just back from the gig and here is my addition to the reports already posted. As mentioned, the setlist was exactly the same as for Sweden.

    The Boyfriends were OK; not having heard any of their songs before it's difficult to comment. The pregig tape had Tommy Körberg's 'Judy min vän' added to it, and also a song sung by a woman in French and another sung by a man in Italian. I think there may have been either The Ramones or the New York Dolls in the mix, too, but don't quote me on that.

    Morrissey came on looking impeccable in black suit and dark blue shirt. "The Tormentors" were in tuxedo trousers and black V-necks. All of them looked fantastic. Boz looked really, really well and Matt Walker bears more than a passing resemblance to Spencer. The band were excellent throughout the set.

    Morrissey seemed in excellent spirits, his voice was on top form (thought that deserved a special mention after all the speculation) and he reached out to touch many hands. Allow me to feel extra honoured by the fact that mine was the first one he touched. As silly as it must sound to non-believers, it is an awesome feeling. I could have held on forever, but I realised it wasn't only Morrissey's hand I was feeling but a number of others, belonging to people who were waiting their turn (or just living vicariously...). There was no chance of stage invasions with the barrier about 5 feet from the stage and security firmly in position. With regards to security, I thought they seemed like a very nice lot. They had no issues with a camera hovering in front of their faces despite the 'no cameras' policy.

    Overall, the crowd were very cool and enthusiastic. Being right at the front I obviously don't know how things were at the back of the venue, where, in fairness, the view can't have been much to write home about. The venue is a long, very narrow hall. I'm sure Morrissey was pleased with the response. I do feel us Finns did him proud. And Morrissey certainly delivered.

    The new songs already work really well in the live situation. 'Life Is A Pigsty', in particular, was absolutely awesome. Watch out for the simulated rain effect and twinkling sounds in 'Pigsty', courtesy of Boz, and with Mikey doing something or other at the drumkit as well. A couple of lyric changes in the new songs: 'It's so hard for our FLESH to combine' in 'I Will See You In Far-Off Places' and 'VEGETARIANS know' in 'At Last I Am Born'.

    Apologies to those who want a more detailed account of the performance of the band. I was too mesmerised by the Ringleader to pay very much attention, but they sounded dead tight, looked fantastic the lot of them, and to my (admittedly untrained) ear Matt Walker 'from Chicago' was a more than adequate addition to the band.

    Most of the between-songs banter has been mentioned, but I quite liked Morrissey's reaction to the girl calling out 'I love you!'. He turned around, said 'Yeah?', then 'Where do you live?' and, finally, a mumbled 'I wasn't joking...'.

    The pink shirt got thrown into the crowd after some very thorough torso wiping. Needless to say, it was ripped to shreds. Someone behind me as we were leaving (which took almost as long as the gig due to the design of the place and some rather inefficient cloak room staff) had landed a piece of the shirt and, as I'm sure you all want to know, I got to smell said piece and am happy to report it smelled divine.

    Highlights songwise were 'Life Is A Pigsty', 'Trouble Loves Me' and 'Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me', but, all in all, the set worked really well as it is. Hearing 'Speedway' or TIALTNGO would have been nice, though. But that's just me being greedy. Personal highlights are exactly that, too personal to really be captured in words when it's all about the feeling.

    Thank you, Morrissey.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 04 2006, @03:50PM (#209057)
  • Good reports, with only 14 posts so far.

    Are Finnish people sticklers for detail? I like it...Then again, maybe some of you just traveled there for the concert.

    king leer -- Tuesday April 04 2006, @08:29PM (#209083)
    (User #80 Info)
  • Here's my try for the set list. Same songs as in Stockholm gig, but I'm not completely sure about their order. Does anyone have any corrections to suggest?

    The First of The Gang to Die.
    Still Ill.
    You Have Killed Me.
    The Youngest Was The Most Loved.
    Reader Meet Author.
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    I Will See You In Far Off Places.
    My Life Is A Succession of People Saying Goodbye.
    Girlfriend in a Coma.
    Let Me Kiss You.
    Life's A Pigsty.
    Trouble Loves Me.
    How Soon Is Now?
    At Last I Am Born.
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy.
    Irish Blood, English Heart.
    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

    All in all, great gig, I enjoyed every moment. Moz was in very good mood and audience was truly enjoying it.

    I would have liked to hear In the Future When All's Well, then it would have been perfect.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 04 2006, @11:27PM (#209093)
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      • Re:Setlist? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 05 2006, @05:29AM
  • Would it f***ing kill him to play some songs like the Playboys or Sing your life?

    I am sick and tired of the Quarry songs. Really sick and tired.

    Last night I dreamt..? Boring! So many brilliant Smiths songs to choose from and this is what he ends his shows with? AGAIN?

    Eric Hartman -- Wednesday April 05 2006, @01:52AM (#209117)
    (User #5103 Info |
    It is a very mixed blessing to be brought back from the dead.
  • So looks as if he has dropped "Stop me" from the setlist. Darn!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 05 2006, @02:19AM (#209124)
  • Does anybody have a clue about the identity of the guy playing guitar in the picture which has hanging on the back wall of the stage?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 05 2006, @03:20AM (#209134)
  • 4097903307/
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 05 2006, @07:20AM (#209175)
  • I think it's really pathetic that so many people moan about the choice of songs in the setlist (Eric Hartman take note!)
    It's feels like this is a kiddies disco where teenagers are requesting their favourite songs and then get the hump if they dont get played!
    Yes there is a HUGE back-catalogue to choose from - both Smiths and solo stuff - but in the end of the day this is a tour to promote ROTT, not some The Smiths requests "Jukebox"!
    Morrissey played lots of old favourites such as Sunday, Suedehead, How soon, etc on the last tour. As I said this is his tour to promote the fantastic new album ROTT, not The Best of The Smiths!
    Some Morrissey fans are sad sad wankers. If you want the "old" Moz, why dont just watch some DVDs, stay in your bedroom and stop fucking MOANING! This is Morrissey NOW and thank God for that!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 05 2006, @10:28AM (#209213)
  • Is Matt Walker (from Chicago?) the first and only American to tour in Moz's band?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 05 2006, @11:13AM (#209226)
    • Jesse Tobias by Math Tinder (Score:1) Wednesday April 05 2006, @11:17AM
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        • Deano? by goblinmoz (Score:1) Thursday April 06 2006, @03:21PM

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