posted by davidt on Tuesday April 25 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Reader Meet Author / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / At Last I Am Born / Life Is A Pigsty / Trouble Loves Me / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / A Song From Under The Floor Boards / I Will See You In Far-off Places / How Soon Is Now? // Irish Blood, English Heart

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  • Come om people get your hands out of your pockets and post the dam thing. Did he play Cosmic Dancer, Skin Storm or Trash? Or even The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @03:17PM (#213874)
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      • Re:Set list (Score:2, Funny)

        How do you persuade a Scotsman to go on the roof? Tell him the drinks are on the house...

        Calling Caird Hall, Dundee; come in Dundee!
        goinghome -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @03:30PM (#213878)
        (User #12673 Info)
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  • Set List? (Score:1, Funny)

    Set List

    -Found Found Found
    -Cigarettes and Alcohol
    -Me knickers are on backwards
    -Trouble Will Come In The End
    -Golden Lights
    -Ain't Bin To No Music School
    -If The Kids Are United
    -Underneath the Arches

    [audience abuse]


    -Everything I Do (I do it for you)

    [IMPORTANT NOTE: My memory's not what it was]
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @03:36PM (#213880)
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  • Dundee (Score:2, Informative)

    Just back in from the Caird Hall gig. Excuse any quotes that are not completely verbatim. Morrissey welcomed us to a night of "brutal music" Set list appeared to be same as Stirling. Personal highlights were "Life is a Pigsty" - absolutely majestic. "Trouble loves Me" was beautiful and when the lights hit the crowd during "How Soon is Now" it made you realise how well Morrissey connects with his fans -magical. The great man appeared in good humour, joking about Greenock and shoe shops, also saying after "Song from under the floorboards" - "I take it Magazine never ripped the lid off Dundee!"
    Julia got a mention, and he left us after "Irish Blood, English Heart", saying "Ciao" Hope this is of some use to you all. Bed and work tomorrow call me . All the best!
    Atomised -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @03:56PM (#213889)
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        • Leeds by Satan accepted mine (Score:1) Wednesday April 26 2006, @04:26AM
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    • Up with the bonnets by Requiescant Inpacce (Score:1) Wednesday April 26 2006, @12:18PM
  • just arrived home after the gig. i've seen him/them perform many times, over the years, and i just wanted to say that i was disappointed, overall. sorry to be so negative; maybe i just wasn't in the right frame of mind to enjoy it. the performances, all round, were very good, but the set was a bit uninspired and uninspiring. of the smiths' era, why he chose "g'friend in a coma", i'll never know.

    the best songs were "i will see you in far off places", "trouble loves me" and "reader meet author".
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @05:18PM (#213912)
  • My second time seeing Morrissey live. The first time (Glasgow SECC December '04) I thought the show was simply immense. This time, although I enjoyed the gig in its own right, I was not quite so overwhelmed.

    I appreciate these gigs are a bit more low key than the last tour but as the set list seems to have been shortened, surely ticket prices should be adjusted accordingly. £32.50 for an 80 minute set including only one encore seems a little pricey?

    That said, the man was in great form; I enjoyed the new songs although I got the impression that one or two more 'crowd pleasers' in between would have turned a very good show into a great one for most people.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @05:45PM (#213917)
  • Set List etc.... (Score:4, Informative)

    To the best of my knowledge, here's what happened.

    1. FOTGTD
    2. Still Ill
    3. YHKM
    4. Youngest
    5. Reader
    6. Art
    7. Succession
    8. Girlfriend
    9. LMKY
    10. Born
    11. Pigsty
    12. Trouble
    13. Boy Happy
    14. Floorboards
    15. Far Off Places
    16. HSIN //
    17. IBEH

    Moz comes on stage with a homemade banner that says, "To me you are a work of art."

    "And strangely we have a new single. And it goes nothing like this."

    "Thank you. Thank You for buying Ringleader of the Tormentors. Anything helps"

    "Thank you. It's very nice to see many of the irregular regulars here." [He points to various people] "Julia is the ringleader of course" [Some one on the left side of the audience makes a derogatory remark.] "Oh shut up! They're jealous of you Julia."

    After a shirt change, "I feel much safer in black. White makes me feel gibberish."

    "Would you say hello to busy Boz Boorer."
    "The extremely tough Gary Day."
    "Our favourite drummer Matt Walter."
    "Mr. Hot Sauce, Jesse Tobais" [pronouncing Tobais with a staccato
    Spanish accent]
    "And Michael Farrell"
    "And I am the father that must be killed..." half sings.

    "How did you live before mobile phones?" Makes a face.

    "I hope you enjoyed our very good friends Sons and Daughters."

    "Tomorrow covered wagon goes to Greenock. And we're very excited" [said with irony] He mentions that there are many shops there. He mentions a shoe shop.

    Tame crowd.

    Great pics tonight. Will try to upload some later.

    slug -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @06:00PM (#213920)
    (User #1853 Info |
  • the sound was awful again

    the sound man must be killed!!!

    the audience were as dull as dish water.

    but moz and the band were on top form as usual.

    just the sound hindered it for me, drums and morrisseys vocals far too loud.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 26 2006, @12:26AM (#213942)
  • He feels fit to insult any other artist, well thats his perogative, they don't pay his wages. However, when he starts antagonizing fans,i.e: "They're only jealous Julia", I think he's gone one step too far. Maybe "jealous" isn't quite the word Moz, possibly "resentful", "pissed with having their nose rubbed in it" or much more.
    Bad move on his part, let's hope the nme picks this one up, I find it far more insulting than a Union Jack, knowing who pays for his and her privileges.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 26 2006, @01:29AM (#213944)
  • Fantastic gig last night. The only other gig I've been to on the tour has been aberdeen, and Dundee were certainly more subdued. Dundee, as my hometown tends to wreck gigs for me, due to the significant percentage of fannies in the city, however, no one ruined it, which has kind of broken the curse a bit.

    The shirt wrestle was pretty full on. MOrrissey needs to buy a Primark job lot, as they probably rip more easily. High quality cotton makes for a serious tussle! Hi to the girl and guy in the Manics t-shirt btw. Glad my house-key came in useful, but even more glad I didn't lose it!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 26 2006, @02:15AM (#213952)
    • Re:The shirt by Jasminee (Score:1) Wednesday April 26 2006, @01:03PM
      • Re:The shirt by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 26 2006, @01:55PM
  • 1. Very few obvious committments
    2. No need to hold down a job or career
    3. No children/spouse/family member to care for
    4. Endless amounts of money
    5. A great penchant for travel
    6. Front row and backstage passes to most events
    7. Direct line (?) to Morrissey
    8. carefree lifestyle (see #1, #2, #3 above,etc)

    The only disadvantage would be the website-building skills of a pre-schooler. (?)

    He had to rub it in, though. Maybe I am not jealous of someone who jumps the queue or takes other liberties. Maybe Gene will reunite, too.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 26 2006, @02:23AM (#213955)
  • Well, well, well not much difference between tonight and the Aberdeen gig but he did seem to be a lot more confident and at ease with himself and the crowd. At least he didn't try to come away with the Crack House line again though he did ask the crowd if there were any famous bands from Dundee since they hadn't heard of Magazine. Only thing to come out of Dundee is the A90 ;-) Few idiots at the start shouting for Smiths songs only, really people – head back to school for your education, learn how to read and use the internet and then you’ll know before you steal tickets from the real fans that this is actually a Morrissey concert and you’re not living in 1985 anymore. Random musings:
  • "Hello to the irregular regulars, and Julia is of course the Ringleader" - boo said the crowd. Reckon being pointed out by the great man would make your year.
  • Caird Hall is a really nice venue with nice acoustics and a sloping floor for the vertically challenged amongst us. Crowd very quiet again though and thought the people on the balcony were statues and part of the decor until someone rustled their sweetie bag.
  • Jesse Tobias wandering about in the circular area outside the bar early on and no-one noticed - probably representative of local bods at gig who just fancied a "night out".
  • “Trouble Loves Me” and “Floorboards” both delightful and vocal range simply stunning. “Pigsty” gets better and better.
  • Brave attempts by a few to get on stage during IBEH but you have to be quicker than that to beat his security guard who must train with dogs on a foxhunt.
  • Moz looking very trim and tidy and tour definitely a good workout for him. White shirt into the crowd but he seems to like the black more and that probably goes to the laundrette with the roadie. Roll on the Palladium and we’re expecting something maybe slightly different for this and the Manc gigs by then?.
    Mozster -- Wednesday April 26 2006, @04:06AM (#213977)
    (User #6823 Info)
    Ready with ready wit, still running round................
  • Based on the way he interacts with people, Morrissey must have Asperger's Syndrome. It is a form of mild Autism that is also coupled with Hyperlexia (very early development of language and reading skills). People with Asperger's are almost always brilliant, but somewhat obsessive-compulsive and have difficulty interacting with people. They can't read non-verbal cues and are not comfortable interacting with people face-to-face, choosing instead to write letters, etc.. Basically, two-way direct communication is a problem for them. Also, they have a tough time socializing and having relationships.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 26 2006, @06:00AM (#213993)
  • Apologies for double posting this, but I accidentally posted it as a reply to something else. Anyway.

    I felt the sound was poorly set up, especially for the first few songs. I couldn't even hear the guitars on the first few verses of First of the Gang to Die. Granted, I've only been to a handful of gigs at the Caird, but the Proclaimers gig a year or two back had none of those problems. Someone (sound guys?) isn't earning their money. Sons and Daughters also suffered the same fate as I didn't hear a word the singer said; it was just noise. I felt sorry for them because their rhythm and overall sound was good, but nobody got going. It's very hard to connect with new music if you don't know any songs, let alone hear the vocals!

    Morrissey's voice was drowned out by severe distortion and the drums/guitars and I was seriously worried about whether the rest of the gig was going to be like that, but either my ears started lying to me or things got better a few songs in. The sound was passable for the more melodic songs, but the rockier stuff suffered.

    As for the gig, it was my first Morrissey concert. He was in good form but the crowd was fairly quiet. The fact that the vast majority of the setlist was from the new album (which I really like, before anyone jumps on me for being some kind of passive fan) seemed to stall things somewhat. I wouldn't go as far as to call myself a diehard, but I do have all of his albums, a few DVDs and all the Smiths stuff. I was a little disappointed at the song selection as the other live stuff I've seen/heard had a more balanced setlist. How "I just want to see the boy happy" (in my book, Ringleader's solitary misfire) makes it ahead of pretty much anything he's done previous I don't know. I suppose if you're doing umpteen gigs then you're entitled to mix it up, but since the crowd was largely static some older stuff (and by older stuff I don't necessarily mean the Smiths) might have got things moving a little more. The 'surprise' choices were also received with much head scratching (which Moz answered with a few jibes -- his banter was good).

    Aside from the sound problems and the setlist discussion, the performance itself was bloody good. Moz's voice was excellent and, for a few songs at least, the band peaked. Life is a Pigsty was epic; I was wondering how they'd achieve they earthquake drum and my question was answered in an unforgettable fashion. It's the best track on Ringleader and it was undoubtably the highlight of the night.

    The only other downer was the number of dolts in the crowd. A hearty "grow up" goes out to the group of people daubed in permanent marker whose evening plan seemed to be trying to make a big collective tit out of themselves. Well congratulations -- the nipple was peaking well above the heads in the crowd. Putting on lip balm then indulging in a public snogging session (blokes and all)... to paraphrase the great man himself: "I see the world, it makes me puke..." My friend and I actually moved further back from the stage just so we didn't have to be party to the "irritating extrovert" society's annual outing. Have a good time by all means, but don't behave in a manner that reduces the enjoyment of others.

    Also, I don't really understand the furore about the, "They're just jealous of you, Julia", comment. To me it sounded like a throwaway line when a few people were heckling, not a pernicious attempt to rub people's noses in it. It's difficult to be on stage in front of thousands of people and always say or do something that is taken in the intended fashion. Either way, it didn't even register with me.

    To summarise: I was disappointed by the sound setup and also felt that the setlist could've been better, but it was still a really good night. The good ship sails on course.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 26 2006, @03:23PM (#214105)
  • hi

    has someone taken pictures of Moz playing at Caird Hall? I'd be very thankful if you could make them available online or via e-mail

    HotNix732 -- Saturday April 29 2006, @08:13AM (#214714)
    (User #16456 Info)
  • fuck off
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @03:10PM (#213869)
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  • me neither. THough I hear he came on dressed as Dennis the Menace (Dundee= Beano)

    I'll get my coat
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @03:11PM (#213870)
  • Neither was I.....Tee Hee...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @03:12PM (#213871)
  • ...I nearly split my sides! You are as funny as Bernarnd Manning, but probably not as good looking.

    Satan accepted mine -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @03:15PM (#213872)
    (User #14277 Info)
  • Is mourinho gay, he looks it

    Most of the team are.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @07:56PM (#213925)
  • Jealous of you Julia?

    How many cup finals have you been in.

    Warped mind mr M..Life is more important than JR


    More important than you in fact, believe it or not mr EGO
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @08:08PM (#213928)
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