posted by davidt on Saturday May 06 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / I Will See You In Far-off Places / My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Girlfriend In A Coma / On The Streets I Ran / At Last I Am Born / Life Is A Pigsty / Trouble Loves Me / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Ganglord / A Song From Under The Floor Boards / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / How Soon Is Now? // Irish Blood, English Heart

Note: "In The Future When All's Well" is on the setlist between "Happy" and "How Soon Is Now?" but wasn't played.

setlist provided by mspendl828
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  • Looking forward to some news. Get typing ....

    Anonymous -- Saturday May 06 2006, @03:07PM (#216737)
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      • Re:Manchester by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 08 2006, @02:45PM
  • I Will See You In Far Off Places/I knew I was Next/You Have Killed Me/The Youngest Was The Most Loved/In The Future When All's/The Father Who Must Be Killed/Life Is A Pigsty/Human Being/On The Streets I Ran/To Me You Are A Work Of Art/I Just Want To See The Boy Happy/At Last I Am Born/Trouble Loves Me (w/ Courtney Love)/Ganglord/King Leer/Julia (Beatles cover)

    Moz was in a strange mood. These are truly the Elvis years. Before launching into IWSYIFOP he announced "Give me a fried banana sandwich" and fell over one of the monitors. He kept muttering in between songs about "jesus i could really go for a xanax". Someone tried to leap on stage and Moz joined security in beating them down! he used his mic whip trick thing and nearly strangled a fan and shouted "try to get up here you wankers and you may loose your testicles!!!!". as a real treat he brought out courtney love to sing Trouble and they both sang it with their arms around each other, slurring the words. Moz seemed dazed for most of the set and at one point Boz had to prop Moz up against the speakers to sing. I do hope Moz gets some rest after the UK leg. Moz brought Julia on the stage at the end to sing Julia (Beatles) and announced that Julia is pregnant with his love child. David Crosby is the sperm donor and they are going to have a silent Scientology birth.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 06 2006, @03:13PM (#216738)
  • just got back from the most amazing experience of my life.
    i can't believe i was actually there, breathing the same air and in the same building.
    my ears are still buzzing.
    came on to Fairies Wear Boots???
    acknowledged the crowd with 'ay up cock, it's grand to be back home in Manfester'???
    not looking as chubby as before, someone's been down the gym a lot lately.
    the crowd was really mad for it, throwing their underwear onto the stage!!!
    all the old songs still sound fresh and exciting after all these years, which had the crowd screaming for more.
    the setlist was well over 75 mins long, and yes.... i timed it.
    but sadly no suedehead.
    never mind Take That were still BRILL!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 06 2006, @03:16PM (#216739)
  • Was ace! No major changes in setlist....did Song From.... but a really good gig.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 06 2006, @03:22PM (#216741)
  • 4 out of 5 as a regular concert but only 2 or maybe 3 for a Moz gig.
    Same setlist as Grimsby except minus Let me Kiss You and In The Future When All's Well.

    There are no funny stories to report. If he is not getting much response from the crowd he should change his set-list. No matter how many times you read the set list in advance there is still no helping the disappointment with actually hearing it. On the last tour he was very generous with his set-list - here he pushes Ringleaders hard but then has B-sides and covers as well.

    Sorry for the negativity.
    Holy Name -- Saturday May 06 2006, @03:22PM (#216742)
    (User #1418 Info)
    oh but I know what will make you smile tonight..
  • At last I am born this morning.
    Because of you, Morrissey!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 06 2006, @03:40PM (#216745)
    • Re:Manche* by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 07 2006, @09:45AM
  • Best song of the night and a great reaction from the crowd. There was a good 30 seconds of hysteria as the band all came to the front of the stage at the start. Moz said something about his being here for our amusement and "welcome to a night of poetry and decorum". Reader meet author and Let me kiss you dropped. Usual mid set lull but the place erupted for Trouble Loves me. Two shirt changes and 2 into the crowd. The last one at the end of IBEH sparked a ridiculous to and fro with about 20 people refusing to let go, barging into everyone et al. The security finally had enough and rushed the final group of 5/6 shirt clutchers out the side door. Julia and all the usual suspects in attendance but no mentions. Stage high and a good few yards distance to crash barrier. Several crowd surfers but no stage invaders, well it was just too far. Moz went out of his way to shake the hands of the surfers as they were led past the front of the stage. Band sounded tight, tho I thought Moz's voice was a bit tired by his amazing standards. Hot and sweaty down the front for the first numbers then it really calmed down until HSIN. Lyric change in At Last I am Born from 'historians note' to 'Mancunians note'. Good gig, great reception, up there with Whitehaven last week. Funny how You'll Never Walk Alone was roundly booed before Moz entered the stage. Well this is Manchester people!! Cu down the front at the Opera House. Btw T-shirts outside were a tenner but if you just offer £5, they accept. Now someone buy me a drink!
    collo -- Saturday May 06 2006, @03:51PM (#216746)
    (User #16343 Info)
  • Was on the left of the arena, really enjoyed it as one would be expected to. The setlist is starting to grate me a little but as I am only seeing two more shows on this current leg I will reserve a good whinge till afterwards. Ha!

    Thanks very much to the people in the queue before the gig who put up with my inane Boz Boorer talk.

    Also, thanks to the Grade A cunt next to me who managed to push both him and his wife in front of my mate stood next to me, but then proceeded to call our group children (under his breath, of course) because we chanted "Gary Day!" at the King Bassist as he was playing in front of us. Not that Gary smiled or anything while we chanted. Sure, chanting that isn't the most mature thing in the world but it's fun and Gaz enjoyed it.

    Great to see Jesse waving our England flag to the masses at the end. Nearly got a grab of the shirt but failed. Alas, I am bored.

    Love and love.
    Ben Budd -- Saturday May 06 2006, @03:52PM (#216747)
    (User #9454 Info)
  • Good gig, just got back. Wish people would piss off with their bleedin mobile phone cameras and just watch the gig. Set list could have been better, all in all the last gig Moz played at the Apollo was better.

    And that first support act were terrible!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 06 2006, @04:08PM (#216749)
    • Re:Good gig by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 07 2006, @05:37AM
  • Great show great setlist as expected I had a great view of the stage just as long as the prick in front of me kept his camera turned on 'cos I could see fuck all else. Is it me or am I really too old to stand anymore? Mentioned something about Blair and everyone agreed. Merchandise quite poor in comparison, no medals but I did get some lovely cuff links (I have only 1 cuff link requiring shirt) Great night can't wait for Monday though!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 06 2006, @04:18PM (#216751)
    • Re:Apollo. by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 06 2006, @04:29PM
    • Re:Apollo. by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 07 2006, @11:52AM
  • just got back from seeing the great man,thrill of the night,no more sons and daughters after this(thank christ)have you heard or seen her play the keyboard on "jonny cash" one finger on the same key all through the song,it's just half an hour of out of tune screaming,absolute shite!
    Then the Morrissey arrives to a chorus of "MORRISSEY,MORRISSEY"the crowd were up for it and there was outbursts of it all night.
    The highlight for me was when a Buster Bloodvessel lookalike came flying through the air during my favourite song of the set "Trouble loves me"and splatted half on and off the stage then crumpled into a heap on the floor,Morrissey couldn't sing for laughing,i'll forgive him as i was pissing my pants as well.He managed to shake his hand when he finally got up.
    All in all a great gig,and tremendous booing before Morrissey came on when "You'll never walk alone"was being played,quite right too haha
    pebbles+sand -- Saturday May 06 2006, @04:26PM (#216753)
    (User #16479 Info)
  • Yes it was the same as almost every other gig but unless you go to all of them I would say why complain? My first gig of the tour and i thought it was absolutely brilliant. I cannot wait for Liverpool Phil on Friday. Highlights were Pigsty (awesome!), Floorboards, HSIN, Still Ill & Gary Day having a chat with a security bloke while trying to get feedback on amp at end of HSIN. Lowlights - the idiot who insisted spending 3 songs putting his elbow, very deliberately, in my face - where could I go mate? - there was nowhere I could move to in front cos i was at the front already! Also, putting your left leg around my right one was a little too intimate! I go to the front every gig and expect pushing etc but what you were up to (I was not the only victim!) was just bloody stupid! Right that's my rant over! Moz looked great and the band's Playboy t-shirts were fantastic! Oh and meeting Blues legend Barry Horne afterwards capped a superb evening! Cheers Moz!
    evanslyonnais -- Saturday May 06 2006, @04:37PM (#216758)
    (User #11967 Info)
  • Under the floorboards was the highlight for me.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 06 2006, @04:44PM (#216759)
  • set list set list set list, shut it you total waste of spaces, the internet has changed many things, like we now know the set list, well in the good old days you didnt know what you were about to recieve, anyhow, tonight was spot on, morrissey was born, is it me or are there many people going to mozz gigs who are not fans, in the smiths days t-shirts were a mass, now it's not cool to show your colours, love you morrissey, this site is shit
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 06 2006, @04:50PM (#216760)
  • Well I went along with open ears and eyes this time not expecting anything over the top after the Lowry gig but going along for the ride.
    It all started swimmingly with a lovely rise from the crowd when “You’ll never walk alone” was played through the PA system. My hopes rapidly increased this audience were up for a fight moz please come out and challenge them!!!!!
    Anyway fantastic opening with the usual “first of the gang”, and then a stonking rendition of “Still Ill”. The crowd were going mad for it. Just as I expected from the Apollo manc lot! Yay. It calmed down slightly for “You have killed me” but then things went a little more excited for “Youngest was the most loved”

    then oops it went pear shaped badly!

    The succession of slow numbers upon slow numbers brought the crowd to a complete standstill!
    Come on moz these guys were riled up at the start and now they’re just standing around chatting and not really paying any attention (apart from about 12 people in the middle of the pit).
    This lack of interest from most of the audience continued throughout the entire set. The new songs sounded great LIAPS was stunning and so was maladjusted’s TLM but the crowd were not kept by the performance at all. That was until the end where the expected crunch of “how soon is now” rand out and the encore of “Irish Blood” played did the bored crowd wake up again!

    I’m not saying that Morrissey and the guys played badly in fact the opposite they sounded great. Moz looked happy, and sounded better than I’ve heard him in the past, but the setlist with it’s far too many slow numbers together bored the crowd stiff!
    This was a completely missed opportunity as usually the Apollo crowd can be manic and tonight they looked tired and uninterested.

    I think sadly this is probably the last time I’ll go to see Morrissey live. I’ve seen him many times in the past with both wonderful and terrible performances. Now I just feel that the flame that used to burn in both the crowd and the performance has died and what I used to love about a Morrissey live concert is sadly a thing of the past

    Lowlights :
    Crowd lack of interest after 20 mins due to poor design of the setlist.
    Very little feedback to the middle portion of the set from both parties
    No-one making it to the stage!!!

    Highlights :
    Opening 20 mins were faultless!
    Great sound – from all involved
    The big American guy that had the hockey shirt on with Morrissey written on the back jumping about was classic.
    And finally the girl that was so fucked off her face on coke she couldn’t straighten her back! And was dragged past us during girlfriend in a coma!!
    oberon -- Saturday May 06 2006, @05:03PM (#216763)
    (User #16437 Info)
  • He's a really nice bloke in real life!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 06 2006, @05:40PM (#216776)

    with thanks to chucky
    cossy -- Saturday May 06 2006, @06:49PM (#216787)
    (User #6724 Info)
  • Listening to old Morrissey music, it's've lost it old man. You never reinvented yourself. As a fan that spent $800 in posters and memorabilia, you are pathetic. Have I seen you live? Of course! Miami? No life in you...what a dissappointment of my 15-year old hero. hang it up if it's not in you anymore, we can tell..
    Acquiesce -- Saturday May 06 2006, @11:59PM (#216794)
    (User #16585 Info)
  • The comments about the set list are very fair. A lot of people will be going to quite a few shows, and he ought to mix it up a little, even if its just doing different songs from Ringleades...

    It was very good to hear that vile scouse anthem roundly booed at the start last night, hopefully it will get the same treatmen tonight and Monday!
    The Pewster -- Sunday May 07 2006, @02:06AM (#216806)
    (User #16586 Info)
  • Just back a little while ago and I have to say the gig was, from my perspective at least, intense, on a completely different level from anyone ive seen before, although admittedly this was my first proper gig as an avid Mozz fan (I went to M.E.N a few years back but was only just getting into him).

    I planned to go with my friend but she got ill 3 days before so I had to go on my own from Sussex, which I thought would be a bit of a drag. But I got talking to some very nice people in the line outside (Neil and Dawn I think their names were, hello if you're reading) which made things go a bit quicker. Arrived at 5pm and the line wasnt as long as you would apprehend.

    Anyway once inside, we got ourselfs a great spot to the left of the stage, which was ace. The support acts were Ok I think. Christine Young has a very good voice and some decent tracks. Sons and Daughters seemed to get a bit of flack but I suppose thats because everyone was waiting for them to get off, cant be easy! Musically I quite liked them, the lead guitarist was very nonchaunant and energetic, I just couldnt hear a word that was being sung!

    Bit of a wait for Mozz to come on, YNWA got roundly booed as you would expect from a Manchester crowd, but when he came on the whole place erupted, he has an incredible aura about him, a presence I think probably only Elvis could lay claim too. Suddenly he was standing about 5 yards in front of me, and all seemed well in the world!

    As a side note, because I am an idiot, in my rush to get as good a spot as possible I passed by the place where you dump your stuff, so I was stuck with a quite bag on my shoulder and about three layers on, so I was absolutely baking throughout the whole bloody thing, and it was hot enough as it is, but thats the price you pay for being a cretin! Christ knows how much weight I lost, I thought i'd leave an anorexic!

    Anyway back to the gig, FOTGTD got everyone going and surging towards the front, closely followed by a belting rendition of Still Ill which just intensified things, his voice sounded great here and I thought the band did a terrific job. The stage was just a bit too far for him to reach out but otherwise it was pretty intimate. YHKM sounded great live and kept the tempo going, even Youngest... which is one of the only tracks I dont really like off ROTT was impressive.

    I Will See You... kicked in to my memory, another rockier song, I remember hearing them play this on the Album Chart Show and thought it was good, but lacked a bit of drive maybe, last night I thought they got it spot on. When the line "And if the U.S.A doesnt bomb you" came Mozz climbed aboard a speaker, as if to decree and show that he wasnt afraid to speak his mind, kind of a two fingers to the FBI if you like, which was a nice little touch.

    There was a bit of a lull with Succession..., though I like the song it came after some pretty rocky openers so it dampened things a little bit. I think At Last I Am Born came next and that got people going a bit more, Mozz changed the lyrics to "Look at me now, from miserable child, to spectral hand..." etc.and I thought the song went down pretty well.

    By this stage the security guards had given up trying to confiscate picture phones etc., though I did manage to bat away one of the security guards as he tried to take a phone off another lad, which I was quite proud of. Other than that they werent too unreasonable, and let the crowd-surfers grab the hand of Mozz as they were carted off.

    To my recollection Pigsty came next, which was majestic, no other word for it. For all the talk in the press of his new found happiness, the passion in Mozz's voice, and the anguish in his eyes when he sang it was more vivid than at any other time of the gig, you can tell this one really means something to him, and the crowd...although they dropped off a bit towards the end of the song, it still went down really well.

    Then came Ganglord which I hadnt heard before, I thought it was pretty good, quite slow and moody. Then Song
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @02:32AM (#216811)
  • Did anyone see the fight a few people had with security after the gig. It was at the left of the stage, near to the stage stairs door. It looked pretty serious stuff, and security seemed to back off. One man looked very pissed over it, and had to be restrained from going back for afters. Well done, that man!

    I assumed it was the usual shirt ripping fight, as just before it, the security grabbed some people fron the front of stage. But if it was, it soon escalated into something else.

    Does anyone know what it was about?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @02:40AM (#216813)
  • It's the morning after and i have now calmed down enough to comment on last nights gig. As already mentioned playing "you'll never walk alone" was an inspired choice, as you can imagine it went down like a muslim at a "national front disco". Again as already mentioned the first 20 minutes were faultless and the croew were in a frenzy. However the momentum was then lost with a brace of average songs. Morrissey has written some of the greatest songs of all time, so why night after night play an average b-side from YATQ like "my life is a succession...", "ganglord" a song that hasn't yet been released, "at last i am bored" and an obscure magazine cover. Also to all those so called fans who criticize people for commenting on the set list. People pay their hard earned money and have the right to criticize if they so wish. This isn't a communist state where opinions are suppressed, you don't have to worship at the feet of saint steven patrick to be a fan. Real fans have opinions and do criticize sometimes they are not mindless sycophants. However i'm pleased to say all was not lost as the gig was rescued by "trouble loves me" and the crowd regained their enthusiasm for "HSIN" and "irish blood english heart".
    Also i was involved in the shirt tugging panic at the end, why didn't someone have the common sense to get their keys out or something and try to cut it up before security came and stole it. This is the kind of behaviour you would expect in a totalitarian run state. I asked one of the security meatheads "why don't you cut the shirt up into pieces" to which i got an abrupt reply of "NO". So what did they intend to do with the shirt, sell it on eBay ?
    papa john -- Sunday May 07 2006, @03:30AM (#216828)
    (User #16587 Info)
  • Well i was there guys, managed to catch him in Llandudno too! Compared to that date there was so much more enthusiam in the crowd, untill the slower songs everyone seems to be slating. However i loved them even though i have not managed to hear them before! At this part could i ask for you help guys what were the slower lesser known songs?

    Under the floor boards?
    What else? If you know where i could hear them please let me know!

    Anywho back to the gig, would of liked a different track instead of girlfriend in a Coma, however still a good rendition! How soon is now and still ill were amazing!

    Not a lot of you are the quarry, dropped let me kiss you which i was dissappointed as i thought this showed the band at their best! FOTGTD and IBEH were both accepted by the crowd with excitement and chaos!

    Life is a pigsty, upon first listening to this song i thought easily the most boring on the album. However live it throws it a lifeline, performed superb and boz on his pint glasses just tops the song off, no i could say its my favourite Moz track, nocking maudlin st off...

    Ahhh the shirt throw, i appologise to anyone who i knocked over in the mad rish to get the first shirt! I was wearing a blue Morrissey 04 t-shirt with 3 small pics of moz on...! However the mad rush and 5 mins of wrestling, i got his collar!

    (insane stalker part of the post) His scent smells so sweet and fresh i want his aftershave so bad! Plus the sexy bastard shops at Gucci!!! well who ever dies his shopping shops at gucci!!(end of insane stalker)

    So yeah overall a wicked show and that was my 5 time of seeing him now, and still shows are beating previous shows hes amazing! I was dsancing all night and met some nice people, i was to right of the stage, blue morrissey 04 t-shirt, messy hair hello to anyone who saw me!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @04:56AM (#216836)
  • Saw this bloke with "MORRISSEY" tattooed two foot across his back. Fuck me, that had to hurt!
    lilyboobear -- Sunday May 07 2006, @05:32AM (#216842)
    (User #16453 Info)
  • What a night, Im sure you have read all the other comments all the other fans have posted which all seem to meet along some line, however i was one of the people carted off with my right hand in the air getting carted away shouting ''MORRISSEY'' at the top of my voice, he looks, laughs, smiles and says ''Well done'' whilst nodding his head and shaking my hand, i am in a state of shock at this stage pinching myself wondering if i am in some dream, I was at the front so i had to go for it, WELL I WONDER if you could help me? did you take a picture at the time of me getting carted off? i had a black jacket on with a moz t-shirt on, if you have can you be kindness in its self and please send it me [email protected] or post it within this site, Thank you friends.
    white1804 -- Sunday May 07 2006, @05:45AM (#216846)
    (User #16590 Info)
    I've Seen This Happen In Other People's Lives And Now It's Happening In Mine....Happening In Mine.
  • Did anybody see the girl who was so fucked off her face that she couldn't walk or even straighten her back??
    She was in a real state and was dragged an carried past us during "girlfriend in a coma" which seamed apt!
    I wonder what she's like now - she obviously saw none of the show!
    oberon -- Sunday May 07 2006, @05:45AM (#216847)
    (User #16437 Info)
  • The great man played Ringbleeder Of The Soreentrance in its entirety:

    I Will Wee On Strangers' Faces
    Dear Jed, Please Felch Me
    You Have Drilled Me
    The Hungest Was The Most Bummed
    In The Future When Balls Swell
    The Lager That Must Be Swilled

    Life Is An Arsewipe
    I'll Never Sing Mariah Carey's 'Hero' Now
    On The Sheets I Rammed
    To Me You Are A Diry Tart
    I Just Want To Leave A Hoy Crappy
    At Last Some Good Porn

    Encores were:

    Good Looking Glans About Brown
    I Knew I Was Feck'd
    Loo Man Peeing
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @06:08AM (#216851)
    • Re:Setlist by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 07 2006, @07:03AM
      • Re:Setlist by matty (Score:1) Sunday May 07 2006, @07:33AM
        • Re:Setlist by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 07 2006, @09:17AM
  • Am I right?... just seconds before "A song from under the floorboards"?
    vivahate -- Sunday May 07 2006, @06:29AM (#216854)
    (User #617 Info)
  • anyone see the guy last nite ?he looked more like moz than moz !!! amazing ,really nice guy too from L A
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @07:12AM (#216864)
  • were me and my mate.

    I'm really sorry, those people behind who err couldn't see. As soon as that lass pointed this out to us, we stopped it. We were drunk and over-enthusiastic, we weren't doing it to be idiots on purpose. Really sorry if we spoilt it. And the security men hadn't let us bring our bunches of flowers in! They said Moz was allergic lol :/

    Last night was AMAZING, brilliant atmosphere. I went to Sheffield last Wed, which was excellent, but last night was something else. And how inspired to play You'll Never Walk Alone.
    lilybett -- Sunday May 07 2006, @07:35AM (#216871)
    (User #16557 Info)
    But who asked you anyway? It's my life to wreck my own way.
  • I had a brilliant time, everyone was great in there :)
    lilybett -- Sunday May 07 2006, @07:41AM (#216874)
    (User #16557 Info)
    But who asked you anyway? It's my life to wreck my own way.
  • First of the Gang to Die
    Still Ill
    You Have Killed Me
    Youngest Was The Most Loved
    I Will See You In Far-Off Places
    My Life Is An Endless Succession of People Saying Goodbye
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    On The Streets I Ran
    At Last I Am Born
    Life Is A Pigsty
    Trouble Loves Me
    To Me You Are A Work Of Art
    A Song From Under The Floorboards
    I Just Want To See the Boy Happy
    How Soon Is Now?
    Irish Blood, English Heart

    In The Future When All's Well is on the setlist between Happy and How Soon Is Now? but wasn't played.
    mspendl828 <[email protected]> -- Sunday May 07 2006, @07:54AM (#216876)
    (User #11702 Info)
    I offered love and it was not required... what else can I do?
    • Re:Setlist by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 07 2006, @10:44AM
  • This is a very boring post, but i would like to mention the very lovely security guards last night. Not only were they very handsome, water was provided before moz came on, and throughout the set. They also sprayed the second row with a hose pipe too, which im sure they were all very glad of.

    Wish people would leave the set list out of this , its nearly as boring as the paragraph above.

    shybaldbudda -- Sunday May 07 2006, @09:31AM (#216895)
    (User #14754 Info)
  • Me and my wonderful lover arrived at about 8, when that horrible second support band started playing. Lord almighty, never heard such crap in my life! Was difficult getting our pre-gig drinks, but eventually managed and positioned ourselves behing the mixing guy. Nice space, good sound, friendly people around us. Isn't amazing how much more style Moz-fans have compared to the rest of the world? LOL!
    When the shit band had finally finished I unplugged my ears and lo and behold, YNWA started playing, haha! I found it hilarious how the booing grew louder and louder while a few people sang along, big grins on their faces. Back where I was it was all in good fun. Like it should be ;)
    Surprised no one so far mentioned Moz' TONY BLAIR comment: He said something along the line of: "I think we all here agree we want to get rid of Tony Blair?!" (loud cheers) Moz: "I think he should be hanged and then trialled!...Why wait?!". Some thicko behind me belted out something that sounded like: "Go back to f***ing America!", he sounded reallypissed off, haha! That was probably the same dude who to this day hasn't understood "National Front Disco", LOL!
    Me and my partner thought it was an absolutely brilliant show, the band really blew me away. I had seen Moz quite a few times before over the years (many years...many, many years...many, many,many years!), and I thought the band never sounded as good as last night. It was my 1st Moz gig in Manchester, and the crowd was wonderful. I loved the way everybody seemed to sing along to nearly every song. Isn't it sweet when all the tough guys full-heartedly sing:"I am human and I need to be lo-o-oved...!"? Also liked the fact that the audience is so mixed now, age-wise. Lots of grey-haired and no-haired people around, also quite a few youngsters. Wonderful!
    I got quite emotional when they played "Still Ill"...and I "At last I am born" strangely had the same effect on me. I must agree with everyone who said the new songs are much better live than on ROTT (which I love to bits and considr his 2nd best solo album - after "Viva", and that's just because I was so relieved he was going solo after The Smiths!).
    And then "Life is a pigsty"! Sweet Lesus, what a performance!
    My fave is still HSIN (yes, I know, some people are sick of it!), I just love the trippy feel of it. Close your eyes and...GO! The beautiful percussion to that almost made me cry with joy, haha!
    So glad he played "Floorboards", too, even if it's just so I can piss off a friend of mine who is a massive Magazine fan, LOL!
    "Ganglords" sounded catchy, but it's always a bit difficult when you don't know the songs.
    Morrissey himself looked gorgeous, and his voice is so full and beautiful, it's amazing how he does it, at his age and all, haha.
    Pity he didn't play "Paint a vulgar picture", with all the slipping into different sleeves etc going on (buy both and feel deceived!), still, to me it was a perfect concert with nothing to spoil it. Wonderful, wonderful people there, and I love you all! Hi to the two ladies and one bloke who after the show were taking pictures in front of the "MAGIC" (?I think?) sign outside the venue - and singing "How soon is now". I was the one who said:"YES!!!" and smiled at you when me and my honey were walking back to the car. ;)
    All hail the Mozfather!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @09:37AM (#216898)
  • ...of people saying "GO AWAY!" according to Moz! LOL
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @09:40AM (#216899)
  • were they as bad as they were in Grimsby????
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @10:45AM (#216915)
  • Does anybody know what the song was that morrissey sang a few lines of before singing first of the gang?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @10:50AM (#216917)
  • Rather than repeat what's already here, I'll try and fill in some gaps.

    Sat in circle right next to just about all of Mozza's extended family including nieces, Nephews and Cousins.

    Crowd was electric and upstairs, many people were saying hi to each other and renewing acquaintences. Downstairs, it was just a crush worthy of the old Mozza gigs.

    Second song in, Still Ill carried more emotion than the rest of the set list put together. Interestingly, Mozza knelt and/or stood on the monitors with arm outstretched for the 'am I still ill?' part and stared straight at his family section on all occasions.

    He asked the band right before how soon is now? to omit 'In the Future' from the set list as his voice couldn't handle it at that stage of the night (confirmed by Boz)

    Found out that Riley got where she is by buying Moz a first edition Wilde book. I didn't know that. Mozza's family not taken by her. On this subject, there's a lot of envy towards her on this board which I can understand. I personally don't care but having thought about it, is it not very sad that someone has effectively given up their own life to be a superfan. There's a stalker/tragedy element to that.

    Spent a while talking to Boz after the show while the security at the stage door got dogs abuse from the one stoned guy and the one with blood pouring from his head. How many times lads? Boz confirmed that although there were no plans to record after the tour, Boz had shown Moz a song yesterday to which Moz liked but asked him to change the key. They try it again on Sunday in a new key and Moz will write lyircs for it if he sees fit. There's also a song called 'Hero' in the works (not the mariah one)

    Spoke with Gary Day and Jesse, both of whom give the impression that they know nothing and do what they are told. Moz himself left minutes after the gig.

    A fantastic night, a tremendous fight over the shirt with the security downstairs but all in all, it just wasn't like the old days, it wasn't like those days....
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @11:15AM (#216923)
  • saw jamie from marion outside before the gig - time has not been kind.

    what's he up to these days - anyone know?

    darcon -- Sunday May 07 2006, @11:29AM (#216928)
    (User #8098 Info)
  • Was anyone on the bus to piccadilly from outside the apollo when everyone started singing Take That' "Back For Good" Fucking hillarious! The whole top deck singing this bloody take that song it was very funny indeed.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @11:37AM (#216932)
  • ...not the best. I hate to be one of the whingers, but this was the first Moz gig I've ever seen where I went away just *slightly* disappointed.

    Perhaps it was something to do with my location (medium distance standing, to the left,) but the audience weren't that enthusiastic at all. Of course, we're all taking relative here, but they were fairly muted. To me, Moz seemed to react to this, hence his lack of talkativeness. In comparison to the last few times I've seen him he was virtually a Trappist monk. It was notable that there was no compliments, no chats about Manchester, very few quips aside from rather tame Tony Blair and Radio One comments. Those that were there seemed to be loaded against the tameness of the audience, GIAC was preceded with something like "we'll play this as it keeps you warm" or something, while ALIAB was ended with "but born as what?" He just seemed a bit bitter, and not in a good way. All-in-all he seemed just that little bit pissed-off to me.

    The songs were played great, but I do think he should make a few changes now, especially if he doesn't like getting recpetions like last night (and I speak as someone who both loved ROTT and someone who hates the general tendency to whinging on this site.)

    I think "Succession" should go, and "Work of Art", and a couple more wild cards thrown in. This is the voice of someone spoilt by the wonderfullness of the MEN show and the Move show. After all, back when I saw him in Bradford 1995 he didn't speak much either. Like I say, I guess I'm spoilt, it was still a good show. But he's teased us with perfection before and I want it back again!

    "If I hadn't seen such riches...yadda yadda yadda"

    -Ben G
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @01:19PM (#216964)
  • Amazing, Im not here to winge and moan.
    Went to the home coming gig in 04, sat at the back, went to Liverpool the same year, sat in the upper circle, this time me and my dad (whos 53 and now an avid Moz fan thanks to me) stood at the front with only one person in front of us from start to finish.
    Loved the experience as did my dad.
    He says he will be standing at the front when hes 70 if Moz is still playing!!! lol
    And to top off a brilliant night, I managed to grab one of the setlists that were thrown in at the end.
    All in all my best live music experience ever!
    Long may Moz grace these shores with his presence.
    Hi to the couple who sat behind us on the GB Tours coach on the way back :-)
    there is a light -- Sunday May 07 2006, @01:56PM (#216971)
    (User #15916 Info)
  • All I can say is wow... So the set list was bloody fucked up. I can't remember who I was, where I was, at the front getting smushed by all your english cats, my back is brused, my lower back is in terrible shape, and all I know is I had a great time. I didn't breath the whole time, everyone I met from Dublin to Spain, Gracias por todo!!! WOW I am still running high wish I was at the Opera House tonight!!!

    Manchester is by far a fucking great city, Lorraine, thank you for everything. 10 hours on a plan, 2 hours on a train, all the way for Moz in Manchester. God its great to be back in the land of Kind Soopers. The pints of beer, the fish and chips, the beautiful accents and women... Now I depart the UK 4 hour train ride back to London, 10 hours home to work on Tuesday. God Save Moz!!! Or Under One Nation Under Moz with Sympathy and Solitude for all!!!

    This trip was for my loving Abril who passed away four years ago and the last plans we had were to see Moz in Denver, Colorado, USA, I went with her familia not knowing if I could ever see Moz again, but last night I did, I miss you Abril, and this is for my Ex Veronica who left me for spit and the Salsa dancer,I found my love sick cure, and his name is Moz.

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 07 2006, @02:34PM (#216978)
  • It was like my 6th morrissey gig and i loved it. First night i properly stayed in manchester, and it smells of morrissey just being there.I thought the venue would be a bit more classy. I think me and my friend were the only two people non english there lol which was quite funny. We met a very nice couple before the concert and spoke with them for a few time. The concert was great from the beginning till the end, though of course i would choose some other songs here and there but it doesnt matter.

    We then proceeded to go out and at the end of the night i actually met someone i had seen in the concert and we kissed :)

    All in all, a lovely night.

    Frankly Vulgar -- Monday May 08 2006, @02:05AM (#217085)
    (User #1967 Info)
    "You can tell, by the way, i sleep all day"
  • My husband has asked me to post a note to apologise for his aggressiveness during the shirt fight at the Apollo on Saturday. He was the guy on his knees, trying to rip the shirt with his teeth, whilst he got his brother to wade in and try to dive on top of everyone else tugging for the shirt! Paranoia set in Sunday morning as he worried it was a bit sad how much he fought for the shirt. However, I assured him that as he got me a souvenir he is now happily in my good books!! Believe Morrissey was excellent as always so I'm really looking forward to see him tonight at the Bridgewater Hall!
    little-french-girl -- Monday May 08 2006, @02:29AM (#217087)
    (User #16596 Info)
  • I was one of the crowdsurfers and i'd like to say thanks to the tall guy who gave me a leg-up and all the others under me as i crowdsurfed over them. It was during How Soon Is Now? (one of my favourite songs ever) and i got to the front and was pulled out and led away by security. As we went past Moz i tried to blow a kiss to him. I'm a bit gutted that i didn't get to shake his hand or get on stage or anything, but i think i got quite close to him, which was cool! Anyway they put me back in the audience after that, and then during Irish Blood, English Heart he threw a shirt into the crowd and i got a hold of it (a sleeve i think) but it wouldn't rip easily. It smelled nice! In the end i managed to rip some thread from it. I'd just like to apologise to anyone i might have accidentally injured during the crowdsurfing and/or shirt-grabbing. Also i'd like to add that Morrissey is so good-looking in real life - wow! It was my first Moz gig and despite there being that much-discussed lull with a few songs i didn't know (e.g. Ganglord), i had an awesome time! Viva Moz!

    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @06:22AM (#217143)
  • I really enjoyed seeing Morrissey but I thought several members of the crowd were just mindless thugs who could not handle their drink and to me felt like a football crowd, too much pushing and to the individuals fighting over his shirt if you can read "get a life" I was over from the US and hung out some some Scouse mates, we felt we were at Old Trafford during a Liverpool game (in the wrong end of the stadium)Met some really cool locals (Paul and Cheryl) so I'm not totally turned off by the natives. Hope he makes his way to Boston)
    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @08:48AM (#217163)
  • during the kristeen young set:
    "I'm kristeen young!"
    then a fan yells "MORRISSEY"
    and she replys "No..It's kristeen"
    "GET OFF!"

    A few fans yelling "WE WANT BOZ" during the Sons and Daughters set, who eventually got a song dedicated to them.

    Morrissey made some comments along the lines of:

    "Do we agree we all hate Radio 1"
    "Tony Blair should be hanged...then tried"
    "I live in a dry cave, but i'm thrilled to be here"

    The big guy with his shirt off that jumped the barrier was hillarious!
    The shirt ripping was violent! I was right in the middle of it grabbing with both hands and all the energy I had left, but didn't get a peice:( .. gutted because I came from Utah..

    I was the very tall younger looking American in the front on the right side of the stage.

    overall it was well worth the 14 hours of travel and the 7 hours waiting in line, it was the greatest gig I've ever been to.

    Geek of the Week -- Monday May 08 2006, @12:04PM (#217203)
    (User #13602 Info)
    • "I live... by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 08 2006, @01:08PM
      • Re:"I live... by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 09 2006, @11:13AM
  • Hi. Does anyone know the name of the tracks that play before Morrissey goes on stage? I am particularly looking for an instrumental string track that plays usually three songs before Moz goes onstage. Any help is great!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @02:21PM (#217229)
  • Did anyone else hear someone on guitar playing This Charming Man during the soundcheck? I don't know if it was one of Morrissey's band or one of the support acts or just a roadie but someone was DEFINATLY playing it!

    It really got my hopes up, i was dissapointed not to hear it at the gig :(
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @03:36AM (#217345)
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