posted by davidt on Monday May 08 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Let Me Kiss You / Girlfriend In A Coma / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Human Being / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Life Is A Pigsty / Trouble Loves Me / Ganglord / At Last I Am Born / In The Future When All's Well / How Soon Is Now? // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by an anonymous person
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  • my funny bone is waitin to be tickled by the master!

    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @03:01PM (#217236)
  • to make it looks like anyone gives a shit. Twat.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @03:13PM (#217241)
  • This must have been ANOTHER complete sell out.

    I was Ticketless and I am afraid to post my name for fear that you will think I am stupid (for refusing ebay prices) oh, go on then,


    Ps. Are girls over here ? I thought that, for a moment, at an earlier show, I caught a friend of Angela. Or rather she caught me.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @03:14PM (#217243)
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  • I think he's taken some of your suggestions to heart and included a more robust setlist.

    I Will See You In Far Off Places
    I Won't Share You
    I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong (with Vini Reilly)
    I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday
    I Know It's Over
    I Knew I was Next
    I am Hated for Loving
    I Started Something I Couldn't Finish
    I am Two People
    I'm Not Sorry
    I'm the End of the Family Line
    I Want The One I Can't Have
    I Can Have Both
    I Don't Mind If You Forget Me
    I Have Forgiven Jesus
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    I'd Love To
    I Like You
    I Don't Owe You Anything (special appearance by Mike Joyce)
    I'll Never Be Anybodys Hero Now
    I've Changed My Plea to Guilty

    Redondo Beach
    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @03:34PM (#217247)
  • Just got back in from the gig now, and for me a lot better gig than last night.

    Played Human Being after which he said that they would never play it again, to which there was boos - "again with boos" (or similar) retorted Moz.

    Life is a Pigsty and Trouble Loves Me again awesome tonight, I was up in the gods in the gallery and most people were sat down for that, poor response, but two highly emotional songs and were superb.

    Highlight for me was In the Future When All's Well with Moz shaking hands with *many* people, and even got one guy out of his wheelchair to shake his hand! Moz cures!

    He thanked everyone who went to all three Manchester gig "we know who you are" - thanks Moz!

    Also commented on You'll Never Walk Alone, stating that it has more to do with just Steve Heighway (Liverpool FC legend).

    Top gig, and apparently the touts were losing money come 9:30pm which is always nice to see!

    No mention of Julia, which is nice! :) Not that I know her or anything! :)

    Need a drink now - Bitter £2.40 a pint, a lot better than the £3 a can the Opera House were charging!

    Agent Provocateur -- Monday May 08 2006, @03:34PM (#217248)
    (User #10171 Info)
    "Kiss him? Of course I didn't kiss him, he's ugly!"
  • Does morrissey have any clout when it comes the treatment of his fans by the animals that call themselves security.
    i sat in the top tier tonight and was disgusted by the over heavy tactics used by these yellow shirted thugs. Does morrissey want them to act this way, because he never seems to show any regard for these poor people getting so violently ejected.

    personally it spoilt what was (in my opinion) the best show of the three manchester nights.

    human being was great, trouble Loves me and I will see you in far off places again amongst the highlights. and a beautiful venue.
    sirgordonzola -- Monday May 08 2006, @03:49PM (#217252)
    (User #7095 Info)
    resist or move on, be mad, be rash, smoke and explode, sell all of your clothes, just bear in mind there just might come
  • Outstanding!The best of the Manchester gigs.
    "Human being"Phenomenal,need i say anymore?....
    pebbles+sand -- Monday May 08 2006, @03:55PM (#217255)
    (User #16479 Info)
  • Just back, what a night, my last I hate to say but thats life (as the outro song goes). Very friendly tonight saw one guy rather heavily handled try to get to the front row, claimed he was going to be ill but was 'dealt with'. Great show, Julia was mentioned very briefly and was front row so maybe a ticket was actually bought for her! Moz in great form shirt remained intact as far as I know cue Ebay. No floorboards which I was hoping for. I did shake his hand Big Hello to Tony (Jimmy) and the wife who also got a good handshake tonight. Work tomorrow so off now, goodnight all.
    Sleepy lifeguard -- Monday May 08 2006, @04:04PM (#217258)
    (User #4562 Info)
  • They were an absolute disgrace. They are, I was told, "Morrissey's security" and I recognised a couple of them from the shows at The Lowry and The Opera House. They were very aggressive and from what I could see seemed to be pushing and throwing girls to the floor. And what was the worst that could have happened if they had acted with any sense....some people would have shaken the hand of a man who was offering his hand to them to shake. They really were staggering.

    I preferred the setlist tonight to the last two nights, Human Being and Ganglord are both top drawer. Trouble Loves Me just sounds better and better.
    The Pewster -- Monday May 08 2006, @04:13PM (#217262)
    (User #16586 Info)
  • To the guy sat next to me up in the gallery - my email address is [email protected] com - cheers!!!

    Been to Lowry, Sheffield and here tonight - thought it was the best of the bunch. Fantastic sound and venue, great view and everyone on their feet (well, almost everyone). No complaints!!!

    Only thing missing was my very special someone who couldn't make it with me tonight - you know who you are crazy - Trouble Loves You xxx
    Spanner Anna -- Monday May 08 2006, @04:15PM (#217263)
    (User #16611 Info)
  • Moz was wonderful tonight and had some very slinky moves, especially the thing with the mic stand in 'First of the Gang'! There was also quite a lot of whipping of mic leads.

    There was also plenty of his between song banter. He was obviously in quite a good mood despite all the booing for 'You'll never walk alone' (which he did reprimand people for!) What on earth did he say after "Some people have wives, some people have girlfriends..."??? I'm intrigued! We were also told it was a "Manky Monday", when he introduced the band he crouched down, peered into the bass drum, and said "in there...Matt Walker" and said "Michael Farrell, who blows his own trumpet...", then during 'Let me kiss you' when MF was playing the trombone he said "see!"
    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @04:21PM (#217266)
  • Just to say that I've always thought she's been given a raw deal on here, but I saw her in action tonight just in front of me and wasn't impressed.
    She sat down with her pal on the right hand side of the hall about 3 rows from the front but was then moved by security coz it wasn't her seat. She eventually got up in a huff with LOTS of head-shaking and tutting (she was very pissed off) and moved with her buddy to the left hand side of the hall, standing near the front in people's way until Moz came on stage.
    Great show by Moz but I found Julia's behaviour very disappointing, especially considering she is supposedly a 'nice' person when people meet her (such as Uncleskinny etc.). Maybe she comes across as nice when she gets her own way.

    (oh, and she doesn't suit that pink cardi she was wearing.)
    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @04:25PM (#217268)
  • A strange night. I was lucky enough to get free tickets, second row of the circle. The people directly in front of me included a man well into his 70s who did not move a muscle throughout the whole performance. Moz was on form, and the Bridgewater can be a wonderful place, but it proved inappropriate for Moz. I felt that, for a venue renowned for its acoustics, the sound was shit and quiet. Everything felt a bit sterile and very light. A lad near to me puked (!), smuggled booze in and smoked, then got thrown out. The crowd felt very sedate and rather middle-class (my imagination?) I fucking HATE seeing people being beaten by security. Real Moz fans trying to enjoy a real gig... Moz made a massive fuss of everyone who tried to touch him and accepted a note off a young lady near the front. As he said 'It's just another Manky Monday...but there is still fire in the belly.’
    Due to these circumstances, this is the least involving Moz gig I've ever attended, but good points included: Trouble Loves Me, Boz'z sax solo in Human (yikes!) and Moz's profile. The years may pass by, but when the light catches that brow and the shadows fall, it could be 1988. Moz put all the effort in tonight but something felt wrong.
    Miss Rachel Papers -- Monday May 08 2006, @04:33PM (#217271)
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  • Moz, you're so sweet.
    That's why I love you.
    There's no one like you
    working for the art.
    I want to be like you
    if I could.
    (I'm thinking of Karate*)
    We're in the same pace, so don't worry, Moz!
    I love you Morrissey X
    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @04:48PM (#217276)
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  • If you expected more from the venue you are a fool.

    Morrissey on great form. Sound was amazing. Big smiles all round.

    Security should be ashamed of themselves. But, if you do a job like that surely having any shame doesn't even get you an interview. The fat bastards.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @04:49PM (#217277)
  • best night of my life
    i apoligies to all who's view i obstructed or who i pushed when trying to fool security i had a seat there
    my god they were easily fooled!
    my seat was in the gallery... aka the top balcony
    but i managed to slowly but surely glide to the front
    and at the end - i shook his hand
    and then i touched his trouser leg very quickly
    but he looked straight into my eyes
    it was amazing
    i loved it
    i love him
    i was steating like a pig though and so was he yet his hand felt so angelic
    i was shocked and ashamed to discover how few people knew songs such as human being, ganglord and trouble loves me
    highlight of the night for me was touching him
    best song was probably how soon is now? although i didn't like the loud instrumental when he pegged it for a shirt, it seemed to have lasted longer than in sheffield
    but i don't really know
    i was wearing my meat is murder top proudly with a black jacket under.. don't think moz saw though
    i still don't know who julia is!
    and i thought that security were nasty
    i saw one thump a girl with a pink top on proper hard and i felt so bad for her, he was nasty
    i thank the guys behind me who pushed me so much so i breezed past security! they got me a touch!
    then a security woman grabbed me but morrissey had gone so i shouted at her a little bit...
    amazing night
    amazing company
    amazing music
    the amaze
    !i girl afraid !i -- Monday May 08 2006, @05:01PM (#217282)
    (User #16416 Info)
    • Re:amaze by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 09 2006, @06:45AM
      • Re:amaze by !i girl afraid !i (Score:1) Tuesday May 09 2006, @08:06AM
  • note to security your card is marked for liverpool you fucking scum bags.WATCH AND LEARN U FUCKERS.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @05:06PM (#217284)
  • I had an amazing night, the yellow-shirted thugs were terrible, but i managed to run into them, about 5 of them jumped on me and i reached out to morrissey screaming his name, he laughed and held my hand THEN I GOT THROWN OUT!!! but i re-entered, went across the central seating area to the left hand side and during the IBEH encore, i ran at him again when he came to the left hand side - he laughed again and i held onto his hand, before about 6 of those brutes pushed me away and then one picked me up and kneed me, threw me into the chairs !!! thanks for holding my hand twice morrissey!!!

    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @05:09PM (#217285)
  • Just Got Back. Support Band Tiger Army were quite good but there were very few people in the hall to see them. I saw Jesse and Boz outside the venue and let on to them on my way in loads of people were just walking past them! Some Moz banter included "Some people have wives and girlfriends... I had the New York Dolls"

    He introduced Girlfriend In A Coma by saying "This song has a local influence"

    He namechecked the pub The Kings Protection (opposite the venue) also cursed "the drinking classes" who missed the Support band.

    All in all an amazing night I was dissapointed he didn't do "Reader Meet Author" though

    Love and Wishes

    Jimmy Chaos

    Anonymous -- Monday May 08 2006, @05:21PM (#217287)
  • manhandled by security. This is the website of the Security Industry Authority. They licence ALL security people in the UK. Complain to them, and hopefully some of these thugs can be removed from their jobs.

    Agent Provocateur -- Monday May 08 2006, @05:26PM (#217288)
    (User #10171 Info)
    "Kiss him? Of course I didn't kiss him, he's ugly!"
  • great gig !
    sound was better than Lowry and Opera House , expected set list - will he ever do Suedehead again - i know he has sung it on this tour.
    i was stuck up in the gods , as i have been for all of these dates - to be honest just felt lucky to be there !
    so far as the security thugs go , well what did you expect ? these venues are simply not set up for live acts like Mozza. you just knew it was going to be a human chain and that at some point things were going to get nasty,and of course tonight it did. from all the way up in the side circle people were applauding the heroic efforts of those trying to get to Mozza , security seemed to be understaffed and therefore even more violent.
    like i said a great gig - wish i had been in the stalls !
    baguley boy -- Monday May 08 2006, @06:05PM (#217294)
    (User #10080 Info)
  • I got a handshake during Irish Blood, and unlike the other times I shook his hand just as I was standing at the front I had to work for this one. I made the initial run as three girls were distracting security, and as some began to come to me my mate Liam made a decoy run, and as he'd tried before he took some security with him. I had one guy on me who had me turned away from the stage, but using the front of a chair for momentum I dummied turning to my right, then pushed myself left, leaving me free to reach out and shake Moz's hand. Excellent :)

    Over all a really great gig, maybe the best of the tour so far that I've been to and this was my 8th this year. Human Being and Ganglord were both superb.
    mspendl828 <[email protected]> -- Monday May 08 2006, @07:29PM (#217295)
    (User #11702 Info)
    I offered love and it was not required... what else can I do?
  • 1-Boy racer
    2-You have killed me
    3-I never be anybody's hero now
    4-The first of the gang to die
    5-Now my heart is full
    6-The last of the famous international playboys
    7-The boy with a thorn in his side
    8-To me you are a work of art
    9- Trouble loves me
    11-Life is a pigsty
    12-I'm two people
    13-In the future when all's well
    14-National front disco
    15-Irish blood english heart
    16-The youngest was the most loved
    17-There is a light that never goes out
    18-I know is over
    greg74 -- Monday May 08 2006, @11:41PM (#217304)
    (User #16419 Info)
  • Excellent gig although somewhat strange but rather fitting. The Bridgewater has lots of space to relax, enjoy and soak up the atmostsphere on several levels and bar areas before going into the concert hall.
    Much better then the Apollo - the hall, sound, setlist and of course the fact I managed to touch the hand of MOZ at the end of IBEH. No barriers apart from the yellow top heavy handed security. Aggressive as usual - didn't stop the surge to the right.
    The usual suspects at the gig with some Manchester celebs - Dave Haslam and also Simon Rimmer from Greens.
    All in all very enjoyable - one of the best gigs ever!
    Blackburn for us next.
    Hulmerist Mike -- Monday May 08 2006, @11:49PM (#217306)
    (User #11370 Info)
  • Enjoyed myself last night. Was sat in the left side circle, which only had one row so it was an unobstructed view. Must admit to feeling very jealous of those on the front row though, it seemed so easy to touch the great man’s hands. Agree with the comments on security – so OTT it was untrue. There was a female one in particular to the left of the stage that pretty much assaulted anyone who dared venture in “her space”. I tell you what, if I’d been down there and she man-handled me like that, any morals would have gone straight out of the window.

    The sound was excellent, and highlights for me were HSIN? and Pigsty, which were both awesome, and note perfect. The venue was lovely.

    One final question – does anybody know if you can get the official tour shirts online? The Lambretta style one was fantastic, but I just dillied and dallied instead of buying the bloody thing.
    Mattyb -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @02:43AM (#217336)
    (User #15124 Info)
    The crowd call your name, they love you all the same...
  • Back To The Old House
    Barbarism Begins At Home
    Bigmouth Strikes Again
    Boy With The Thorn In His Side, The
    Cemetry Gates
    Death At One's Elbow
    Death Of A Disco Dancer
    Don't Blow Your Own Horn
    Draize Train, The
    Frankly, Mr. Shankly
    Girl Afraid
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    Golden Lights
    Half A Person
    Hand In Glove
    Hand That Rocks The Cradle
    Handsome Devil
    Headmaster Ritual, The
    Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
    How Soon Is Now?
    I Don't Owe You Anything
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @02:51AM (#217338)
    • Re:set list by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 09 2006, @05:15AM
    • Re:set list by !i girl afraid !i (Score:1) Tuesday May 09 2006, @08:11AM
  • Please upload some pix thanks!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @03:28AM (#217344)
  • Rubber Ring
    Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours, A
    Rusholme Ruffians
    Shakespeare's Sister
    Sheila Take A Bow
    Shoplifters Of The World Unite
    Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
    Still Ill
    Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
    Stretch Out And Wait
    Suffer Little Children
    Sweet And Tender Hooligan
    That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    These Things Take Time
    This Charming Man
    This Night Has Opened My Eyes
    Unhappy Birthday
    Vicar In A Tutu
    Well I Wonder
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @04:55AM (#217357)
  • I can't believe he played Human Being; an absolutely awesome song and a damn good version he sings too. I can rest happy now, as I've been yelling for it at the other gigs I've attended.
    And it was a nice comedy pause after "some people have wives and girlfriends ... I had ..."

    Overall the view from the stalls was a good one, despite not getting down the front (but i've had my fair share of Moz loving on this tour so it's only right some other people should get some). I thought the ending to 'How Soon Is Now?' was the best it's ever been played; Matt was beating that drum kit like his life depended on it. But Moz seemed less chatty tonight than previous gigs, possibly because the venue was so subdued as a result of strict security. And that's where I join in the griping.

    It's not the same security people at every gig; it's the same firm, but the staff are from the city where the gig is held. Plus, one particularly cantankerous one last night retorted to a complainant that "we do what we're told to do by the company, the promoter, the artist and the venue". So in a way those combinations add up to make or break the fans night (and possibly their necks). Moz never looks happy when people are getting ragged around; in fact he makes all the more effort to reach their hands. But, if he starts to undermine security's tactics on stage, then that's an open forum for the fans to hurl abuse, start fights and engage in general lawlessness.

    I twigged what securtiy in the right hand aisle were up to though, as if fans had have congregated at the front, the guy in the wheelchair wouldn't have been able to see anything. However, they could have been less heavy handed about it and just said that.
    First of all there was no need to move our little crowd so far back up the aisle, we weren't causing any trouble or blocking anyone's view (thankfully, I managed to dive in a row to escape being shoved to the back) and secondly, there was absolutely no need to go in with arms flailing, throw one girl into the seats and push a woman to the ground. Bloody thugs is what some of them were last night, and they should be reprimanded for it.
    They ought to have realised by now that, when you let people move forwards you actually get less trouble, because people find a spot and keep it. And (given the nature of the venue and the crowd) there wouldn't have been any stage invasions anyway (there weren't any at the Lowry).

    However, apart from that, it was fantastic to see him again in such a small venue. My shoulders kill from holding my arms up in the air for the entire gig, but (like Loreal) he's worth it.

    Mozzersgirl -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @05:28AM (#217363)
    (User #14229 Info)
    "There's more evil in the charts than in an al-Qaeda suggestion box" - Bill Bailey
  • "I usually pick the songs that I'm sure people would least like to hear. And I'm never wrong. If I don't give people something to complain about then I've failed".
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @06:14AM (#217374)
    • Re:Set list by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 09 2006, @07:43AM
  • anyone got any recollections? I was that excited over moz shaking my hand that i didnt catch some of it.Also what did he say b4 he sang first of the gang?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @06:51AM (#217379)
  • I was really excited about the gig, and saw it from up in the left gallery.
    I have to say i was gutted at the lack of atmosphere in the place. Also surprised to hear that this was the best of the manchester gigs...Moz himself was amazing, as was the performance of the band, but the acoustics and sound mix suck. From where i was sitting it did'nt even sound like he was in the same room!
    An amazing voice, does not need so much reverb, especially in a venue like the Bridgewater. Appalling mix, would not have given up my ticket for the world, and will continue to love Moz, but went home feeling abit cheated.
    horace -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @07:14AM (#217381)
    (User #16619 Info)
  • The one question i asked myself last night was why the hell did it take me so long! The venue was great, arena tours frequently disappoint and it was nice to have the intimacy of a smaller venue. Moz looked great and his voice was fantastic, sometimes the sound was iffy but i personally feel there was a buzz about the place, it lulled at times then gathered momentum again as all great things do! Perhaps just finally seeing the man bedazzled me but for a long time devotee but first time Moz gigger i couldn't have asked for more. For me the chance to see Moz far outweighed any negatives. Tormentors prevailed, as i guess it should, in years to come we will be craving to hear 'i will see you in far of places! like we do 'suedehead'. I went home happy and hoarse from singing as i think most others did and i'm still buzzing today.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @09:50AM (#217407)
  • He adds "Tony The Pony" and "Interesting Drug" to the setlist :) Oh, and while I'm on random thoughts, don't you guys think "The Youngest Was The Most Loved" "In The Future..." "The Father Who Must Be Killed" and "Life Is A Pigsty" is one of the best sequences of songs on an album in the entire Morrissey canon.
    DavidBeauy <[email protected]> -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @10:03AM (#217412)
    (User #6009 Info |
    "When thirteen years old Who dyed his hair gold ? Oh, I know very well, I don't need to be told"
  • 1st uv
    boy appy
    girlfriend with a comb over
    to me you are arturo
    yeoman being
    far off pees
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @10:04AM (#217414)
  • Morrissey @ Bridgewater Hall

    Lucy Tomlinson


    I KNOW the worship of Morrissey borders on the religious at times, the devotion of his fans fanatical, but was there a genuine miracle at The Bridgewater last night?

    For it seemed that in the now traditional ritual of reaching out to grasp Morrissey’s hand, one believer actually rose from his wheelchair for a chance to touch the hem of the Great One’s sleeve.

    But don’t call the Vatican just yet. Despite Rome being the new home of the Mozfather, it looks like the chances of canonization are slim.

    The Bridgewater Hall was an appropriately church-like setting for this, not the second, nor even third, but the fourth coming of Morrissey to Manchester on the Ringleader of the Tormentors tour.

    From the magnificent Bridgewater organ to the expectant congregation huddled in their pews, the atmosphere was reverent rather than rowdy.


    Faith was rewarded with the jaunty opening ‘First of the Gang to Die’ which had even the older members of the audience grooving in their seats. The momentum carried through with a rapture-inducing version of Still Ill.

    While that and the other songs from the Smiths back catalogue were undoubtedly highlights of the set, the songs from the new album, which have been adored by critics but somewhat more guardedly praised by fans, revealed themselves in their truly lush and subtle colours.

    Life is a Pigsty was transformed into a bombastic weatherstorm of trademark world-weariness, all thundercrashes and longing whispers.


    You Have Killed Me and I Will See You in Far Off Places also benefited from being played live, pulling out the depths of sound that are masked on record.

    Moz himself looked as dapper as ever, alternatively basking and ignoring the adulation of the crowd.

    Judging by his energy and good humour Roman life must agree with him.

    Still Morrissey can’t escape his legacy, especially not in this town. How Soon is Now, which saw him bathed in bloody reds like a human sacrifice, drew the most rapturous response of the evening.

    And during Girlfriend in a Coma my companion sighed ecstatically ‘Did you ever think you would see this performed live?’ No, indeed but judging by the age of the crowd quite a few of them already had.

    However, innocent or experienced it was treat for Morrissey fans of all creeds. A call to prayer indeed.

    barryjb -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @10:07AM (#217416)
    (User #16335 Info)
  • After my antics last night (sorry for going on but i'm so happy) - I managed to hold morrissey's hand twice, i got thrown out the first time and did it again lol - i'm going to try it at halifax, do you reakon Morrissey would recognize me?

    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @11:20AM (#217440)
  • I am sick to death of hearing everyone slag off the set list, the crowd, the venue etc etc etc.................. a gig is what you make of it but some people arent getting that!
    Fine! If you want to pre judge Mozza gigs...then do so.....If you want the people who sit on there fat arses to ruin YOUR night....then go ahead!
    The Apollo was my first Mozza gig and the Opera house was my second....Sure... I read the reviews but went with an open mind. You dont like the crowd that are around you....then FUCK OFF somewhere else...It aint difficult..put one leg in front of the other and run like the wind!!!!
    Just a few words to say....Moz......Fucking amazing!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @12:47PM (#217457)
  • The album tracks really come alive live. All of them really: Born, Far-off Places, Youngest & Pigsty. The band sounds very very good live and Morrissey's voice is better than EVER. Why do people moan so much????
    I feel ashamed for this human race.
    shoplifter71 -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @01:05PM (#217460)
    (User #14228 Info)
  • Missed out on tickets ! Off to Spain to recover for a few days....
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @01:42PM (#217469)
  • But I'm afraid I have to stick up for last night's security.
    People were constantly running down the aisles trying to get to the front.
    I was on the front on the end & got absoultely battered by the crowd.
    When the stage is as low as it was & people are so close to it, the security have to do their job.
    If I ever catch the 'fan' who elbowed me in the back of the head & kicked me in both shins in an attempt to get to the front, I'll make sure that if they don't make it, their teeth will.
    AnthonyGlamour -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @03:51PM (#217502)
    (User #7618 Info |
  • Reading the messages from people berating moaners & I'll feel slightly ashamed.
    The gig was absolutely amazing.
    The place was a great venue, really great sound.
    I was right at the front & it was just great to be so near to Moz (and Boz & Gary Day for a little while)
    The ROTT songs really do come alive live, Pigsty was awesome (I wasn't to keen on it before)
    We all got gifts! I got to touch the hand of Moz, my friend got one of Boz's broken strings, some guy got Jesse's pick (I nearly got it, damn. ;) )
    Boz's setlist aeroplane was pathetic!
    AnthonyGlamour -- Tuesday May 09 2006, @04:01PM (#217505)
    (User #7618 Info |
  • What was the point of playing 4 Manchester gigs , 3 one after another and then playing the same setlist each night ? I was watching some old concerts where the other members of the band actually took part but now they just stand back and let Morrissey get on with it , no doubt under Morrrisseys orders !
    Morrissey where has all the energy and daring gone? Now you just play safe MOR rock ! The gigs were nothing special , you should have just played the Arena for 1 night again , it would have had more of an impact.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 10 2006, @05:08AM (#217552)
  • I was on the right side of the stage up near the front - actually had a ticket unlike everyone else who stood in front of me in the middle of the aisle and I had to stand on my tippy toes all night (I'm 5'3"). during "At Last I Am Born" I calmly walked down towards the guards, expecting them to let me just get up close for 2 SECONDS because I had a necklace I'd made for Moz and wanted to give it to him. but as you all know, Moz almost NEVER comes over to that side of the stage, so I had to make quick time when he finally did during that song. well just about then 10 people behind me decided they wanted to storm up front to shake Moz's hand and I got stuck in the middle. I've got the bruises and sore ribs to prove it :P

    I'm little so it was not fun. but it was worth it b/c when Moz saw me trying to come forward, he was motioning with his hands for me to come down there. but the guards had other plans. I got pushed back so I thought my best chance was to throw the necklace onstage and hope that it got to Moz. so I pulled back my arm and threw that necklace and hard and far as I could. did anyone see it it get to the stage? I was so shaken up after getting pummeled by the guards that it took me another song - In the Future... - before I could enjoy myself again.

    I know everyone wants to get to the front, but frankly, please also consider people like me who just want to enjoy the show. I'd love to shake Moz's hand too, but really, I can skip that if I have a good concert experience. both me and the girl in front of me (she had a red Rufus Wainwright shirt) got hurt and we probably wouldn't have if this gigantic mob hadn't decided to surge forward. I think that's why Moz didn't throw his shirt after IBEH. I don't blame him. he was probably worried that the fans would tear the place apart!
    mozandeffect -- Wednesday May 10 2006, @09:23AM (#217580)
    (User #13082 Info) evil something you ARE, or something you DO?
  • Hey, does anyone have any video footage or pics of the gig? I was on the second row, left hand side and had the best time!! I was the first person to attempt and manage to shake his hand! The woman security guard was pretty forceful with me but got to him in the end. I managed to shake his hand 3 times in total!! Come on!! Really wanna see some video footage hoping to catch a glimpse of me shaking his hand!! If anyone has any footage please let me know...... ps)was wearing a blue vest top

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 10 2006, @11:56AM (#217615)
  • did anybody else notice the really convincing Moz look-a-like hanging around the bar area? Think he was wearing a suit and pink shirt....the likeness was uncanny!!!!
    Eliza_Rocker -- Thursday May 11 2006, @09:22AM (#217859)
    (User #16636 Info)
  • after 22 years of devotion - I finally got to touch Morrissey's hand. Words can't express... As an encore I got Jesse's plectrum. Thought it couldn't get any better than the Apollo. Clearly I was wrong. To the naysayers...shh!
    Human_Being -- Saturday May 13 2006, @01:58PM (#218553)
    (User #16025 Info)

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