posted by davidt on Friday May 12 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

You Have Killed Me / How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / I Will See You In Far-off Places / On The Streets I Ran / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Girlfriend In A Coma / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / The Father Who Must Be Killed / Let Me Kiss You / Life Is A Pigsty / At Last I Am Born / In The Future When All's Well / Still Ill / Ganglord / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by Stan
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  • waiting for an answer!!!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @03:05PM (#218315)
  • By no means have I read every post on every news item or forum, but I do want to get this off my chest. I'm surprised that all of the critics in writing up about the record ROTT have said Morrissey openly admits to homoerotic tendencies in the song Dear God Please Help Me. I'm not trying to say one way or another anything about Morrissey's sexual preference, in fact I could careless, but in DGPHM Morrissey is clearly writing a song from a priest's perspective. This priest is calling out for god's help because the priest is feeling these emotions. I'm not sure why everyone assumes that Morrissey always writes autobiographically. I am convinced the same can be said for I Have Forgiven Jesus. This song is not about Morrissey forgiving Jesus, but it clearly is again from a priest's perspective and that the priest is forgiving Jesus for asking him to be celibate. If anyone disagrees I would be happy to hear about this. Why does everyone assume that every song Morrissey writes is from his pov?

    By the way, with every passing day I love ROTT so much more than the day before. I think the record is truly a brilliant, gem.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @03:19PM (#218321)
  • No setlist for last night....*sigh*...
    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @03:23PM (#218323)
  • ... of last night's Blackburn fiasco?
    deathfornoreason -- Friday May 12 2006, @03:24PM (#218325)
    (User #11135 Info)
    You don't agree, but you don't refuse - I know you
  • although Moz wasn't actually on stage at that point.

    When he did arrive it was YHKM then HSIN and after that it's all a bit of an emotional blur.

    There was no Trouble Loves Me nor either of the covers nor My Life Is A Succession. We did get Ganglord and he slotted in In The Future and Still Ill was right at the end of the main set. IBEH for the encore as per usual.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @03:50PM (#218334)
  • No, Jonathan wasn't at Liverpool, but he did say at the end of his show tonight that Morrissey and the Yeah-Yeah-Yeahs would provide the music next week. I presume that means that Morrissey is not actually going to be interviewed?

    After the off-putting disturbance in Blackburn, reports of a less waspish reception are hoped for from the Philharmonic Hall.
    goinghome -- Friday May 12 2006, @04:04PM (#218343)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Moz, here I am.
    Ther more you ignore me,
    the closer I get!!!!!
    I feel like singing X
    I love you Moz X
    Good-night X
    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @04:08PM (#218346)
  • This is my first post (be gentle!), but it seems like as good a time as any to give it a shot now, having just seen the man himself in action... and very nice it was too.
        'Nice' seems to be the most appropriate word really; the venue, a grand hall more suited to a piano recital than a typical gig, seemed to have a calming effect on all involved. After reading reports of tension last night, i was surprised to see nothing of the sort. In fact, Moz seemed decidedly subdued and relaxed, which may have disappointed anyone hoping for a mass free-for-all along the lines of his previous visit to the city (Royal Court, Sept 2004), but at the same time allowed the band to shine.
        God knows what the precise setlist order was (it had been mixed up a bit), but i'm pretty sure these were the songs played...

    The opening run was stunning, especially 'How Soon...' and 'Far Off Places' (Mikey F is a genius). This flow was disrupted a bit by 'On The Streets', for me the only weak song of the evening (it didn't really strike me on the album, either). Putting 'Pigsty' and 'Born' together was a masterstroke, both allowing the band to stretch its collective muscles and mess around with some interesting sounds (something lacking slightly from the Quarry tour). 'Father' was surprisingly powerful, as were 'Boy Happy' and 'Future' (all benefitting from the live setting). Of course, the Smiths songs were a heartwarming reminder of past glories, but we needn't wallow too much if we're gonna get songs like 'Ganglord'; i could be wrong, but it sounded great to me, probably a highlight (maybe i need to hear the recorded version before i can really judge it). 'Irish' closed proceedings, as is now customary, with a bang.
        On the whole, a very different gig from my previous Morrissey nights; although as charismatic as ever, he almost seemed to take a back seat at points, probably to the chagrin of some, but to the delight of anyone who wanted to see how brilliant his current band is.

    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @04:11PM (#218347)
    • Re:The Phil by goinghome (Score:1) Friday May 12 2006, @04:30PM
      • Re:The Phil by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 12 2006, @04:41PM
  • Went To blackburn last nite and was left feeling short changed, Wot happened there? That idiot that told him to fuck off? But tonite was much better change in setlist order but no Trouble loves me or Reader meet author which was dissapointing,but today like Harry Hill said he left me wanting more ,were as last nite i had considered selling my ticket tonite cos im skint,but im glad i didnt. Back to his best
    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @04:13PM (#218350)
    • Re:Splendid by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 13 2006, @06:14AM
      • Re:Splendid by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 13 2006, @11:37AM
  • A lot to note. I'll keep this first report fairly brief though.

    Most interestingly, perhaps, the setlist contained the usual songs, but in a totally different order! Started with You Have Killed Me and How Soon Is Now for example. Still Ill appeared towards the end. IBEH was the encore. Great versions of See THe Boy Happy and In The Future and On The Streets.

    Secondly, the venue was certainly interesting acoustically, but because it was all seated it was a lot less boisterous than last night in Blackburn. Most people did stand, but there was no mad rush to the stage. Bizarre, since the stage was only twee feet high or so. The security didn't let anyone pass beyond the first three rows, but then nobody really made any real attempt to challenge them either (until the encore when a few did try and one or two succeeded). Moz 'seemed' uncomfortable with the atmosphere, and moody, even tempting us with "boo me - I dare you!" but was he really? He certainly was in good voice and made some lyrical changes as usual (slipped my mind for now). Hence, also, no shirts were thrown.

    Nice one, Bootle Bruisers, for bringing the There IS A Light banner. They also brought their RINGLEADER/LFC banner which most people really appreciated, and even got some quizzical attention from Moz himself. And before the gig some guy outside was walking around with a QUEEN IS DEAD sign and an old tape recorder playing Smiths and Morrissey tapes which set the tone nicely.

    More later.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @04:24PM (#218355)
  • just back from an good performance from the art deco masterpiece that is the phil. smokin' popes stomping "you'll never walk alone" got the rousing cheer it deserved here in contrast to the boos doled out by the scurvy mancs at the apollo. seated crowd it was but very enthusiastic - nice to see some mums and dads at the gigs with young kids who know all the words -
    acoustics excellent at this venue - highlight: life is a pigsty ; what a great song. Alan'S melodies will be hard to replace . . .to helen and steven of wakefield : nice chatting to yous - feel free to drop us a line to organise a meet up at any forthcoming leeds / star n garter nights.
    m e parry -- Friday May 12 2006, @04:24PM (#218356)
    (User #11453 Info)
  • What can you remember? He said lots but somehow I can only remember:

    "Dear Liverpool, Please Help Me" (quite early on)

    And when introducing the band, he finished with

    "The captain - Boz Boorer"
    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @05:39PM (#218377)
  • First of all we got to the venue at 2pm to meet Moz. When he got there not only did he not meet anyone (although there were only about 15 people to meet) he did not EVEN wave and just walked straight in. THEN the gig... absolutely terrible set list with no songs off ANY solo album bar Quarry and the new one. After the father who must be killed he said 'Im sure wev all thort that at one time' to which me and a number of other fans booed Moz. He then said 'Boo me if you dare' although we already had booed him. Ive seen Moz a number of times before and this was just horrible. It made me very glad I only had tickets for this gig and V as I had been regretting not purchasing more. I know everyone will say 'but hes touring his new album you know' but seriously, this was absolutly horrible.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @06:38PM (#218388)
  • Liverpool 3 West Ham 0

    Gerrard scores 2.

    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @08:23PM (#218402)
  • The best yet, I knew it had to be.I DO LOVE YOU
    Anonymous -- Friday May 12 2006, @08:32PM (#218403)
  • I had a t-shirt made with "Marry Me, Moz" written in big letters on the front in the vain hope that on the occasions Moz looks into the crowd that he might notice and accept it for the humour in which it was intended (and the reference to the B side of course)

    Well tonight it seemed to pay off!! The great man crouched in front of me and I kissed his hand!! (was he accepting my proposal????)

    This together with the facts that I met and had my photo taken with all the 'boys'.....I got a set list.....and it was my home town!!

    So thank you Morrissey, Boz, Gary, Matt, Mikey and Jesse and thank you Liverpool.

    I can now die happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Titchy -- Saturday May 13 2006, @12:20AM (#218422)
    (User #12366 Info)
  • cant see all the fuss about blackburn, i went to blackburn, top night, someone said f.. off, and! the hall was spot on, like having mozz in your front room, gig was excellent, i've seen mozz over 20 times, this ranks up with them, the smiths left the stage after one song at preston guildhall, now that was poor. people should enjoy the show's, it may well be the last time you see mozz live, chill. i went with 12 other people of whom all loved the gig, including one person who had never really listened to mozz and whom has now bought 3 back albums
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 13 2006, @12:29AM (#218424)
  • didn,t go the bar at all last night,just took in the complete show.can anyone help with the name of the first support act,duo, girl n percussionist. christine young maybe?but i need the correct spelling,thought they were excellent
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 13 2006, @01:46AM (#218427)
    • Re:support by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 13 2006, @03:41AM
  • In The Father Who Must Be Killed, Morrissey skipped the whole first verse. Does anyone have any idea why?

    I thought this gig was fantastic by the way, wish he had brought back stop me but other than that it was great.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 13 2006, @02:32AM (#218432)
  • I may be 38, have a sensible job and be of sound mind and disposition but when the great man caught my eye and shook my hand at the start of the gig, I was on a different planet. View from down the front was amazing, loads of room, security friendly but kept anyone behind Row B back from the stage. Laid back, almost reverential, would almost have been rude to invade the stage. Moz back to his best after Blackburn. Stood next to Julia et al who got a mention. Enjoy the shows, people!
    collo -- Saturday May 13 2006, @02:55AM (#218440)
    (User #16343 Info)
  • Getting really bored of speculation about Moz's sexuality. Is he or isn't he? Oh, the song's about a priest so we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that Moz is still a red-blooded male and fucks girls. Don't you people get it? It really doesn't matter whether you fancy boys or girls or both. Moz is just ahead of his time and is waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. In the future concepts like hetero and homosexual will be seen as oh so quaint. Catch up people.
    15minuteswithyou -- Saturday May 13 2006, @03:06AM (#218444)
    (User #15615 Info)
    • Doh!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 13 2006, @03:10AM
    • Re:Sexuality by flore123 (Score:1) Saturday May 13 2006, @03:40AM
    • Re:Sexuality by matty (Score:1) Saturday May 13 2006, @04:09AM
    • Catholic Moz? by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 13 2006, @05:25AM
    • Re:Sexuality by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 13 2006, @10:42AM
      • Re:Sexuality by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 13 2006, @02:56PM
  • Wasn't the best Moz gig i've been to. He seemed neither here nor there, just going through the motions. And he missed his cue at the beginning of the Fater Who Must Be Killed.

    I did get a rather nice tie clip for work tho!

    6 out of 10
    chris_mcwilliam -- Saturday May 13 2006, @04:45AM (#218466)
    (User #15081 Info)
  • Does anyone know the song/artist which is played just before Morrissey comes on stage. The song is kind of strange sounding and has laughter in it. Usually is played when the lights are out.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 13 2006, @10:46AM (#218512)
  • More venues like Halifax, Blackburn & Apollo please Moz. These all seaters are killing the gigs. The only decent one with all seats was Sheffield and that was because security was more relaxed. Moz can be on top form but these venues kill the atmoshpere. Royal Court 2 years ago was far better. Can you imagine nobody getting on a 3 foot stage with no barrier on the Kill Uncle tour! And its not just cos we're all older. Gigs arent about behaving yourself or being considerate. Roll on Cheltenham to a good old fashioned chaotic standing gig.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 13 2006, @10:56AM (#218515)
  • did you find your way to the phil ?
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 13 2006, @11:11AM (#218519)
  • The new song Get Back To The Ghetto was absolutely fantastic.
    "And I'm waiting for you to save me.
    And I'm waiting for you
    To save me save me save me...."
    His voice simply soared above the powerful music. Did the majestic Philharmonic Hall proud!!! Stay with us Moz
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 13 2006, @12:43PM (#218536)
  • Well i have had 24 hours to think about it and it was one of my favourite Morrissey gigs ever. The Phil is a strange choice but i think it worked well last night. I got in about 9.20 to take my row F stalls seat. I then saw Morrissey's security beckon people to stand by the stage (A 3 FOOT HIGH STAGE!) - so i went up, dead centre behind girl. I asked lad next to me could we stay there and he said the front 2 rows were allowed to stay! Bonus! The gig proceeded to be what I would imagine a Morrissey gig in my front room would be like! 3-4 foot away from the man and no pushing! Very civilised - yes i know we are supposed to invade the stage etc etc but last night that did not seem appropriate! Thinking back i can't believe how restrained I was! I thought the set list went down well and was better than the Apollo gig. Morrissey seemed a little timid - possibly because of the low stage but i thought his voice was amazing. PIGSTY was outstanding - if they have played it better this tour I would be amazed! Anyway,I got a drumstick (totally wrecked!) and setlist (KILLED ME, HSIN?, 1ST UV, FAR-OFF, STREETS, ARTURO, COMA, YOUNGEST, FATHER, KISS YOU, PIGGY, BORN, FUTURE, ILL, GANGLORD, BOY APPY - PADDY). Then i got drenched waiting at the back for Morrissey to get onto the coach. I thought the night was over but just by the university his coach pops out in front of me (Austrian plates!!) so I was behind him until my junction on the M62 - HE was heading Manchester way. Brilliant gig in a great venue - Will I ever get so close again? I doubt it!
    evanslyonnais -- Saturday May 13 2006, @01:01PM (#218540)
    (User #11967 Info)
  • This is the Liverpool set list; 100% official. There were no new additions but the order was changed dramatically.

    Two things about the Liverpool gig;

    Crowd - shit. Oddly passive.

    The brilliant 'Ringleaders Of The Tormentors' Liverpool banner had Moz confused at the encore. "What does it mean?"

    1. You Have Killed Me.
    2 . How Soon Is Now?
    3. First Of The gang To Die
    4. Far Off Places
    5. On The Streets
    6. To Me You Are A Work Of Art
    7. Girlfreind In A Coma
    8. The Youngest Was The Most Loved
    9. The Father Who Must Be Killed
    10. Let Me Kiss You
    11. Life Is A Pigsty
    12. At Last I am Born
    13. In The Future When Alls Well
    14. Still Ill
    15. Ganglord
    16. I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    17. Irish Blood

    I know it's different but that is the setlist, I wrote it on a Royal Mail delivery slip during the gig. Good how he's swapped it about, but how we'd killed for Suedehead or There Is A Light.

    Moz was going through the motions a bit tonight I thought. It was my third Moz gig in three nights and the last. I've spent quite a lot of money and.... he really needs to shake it up. Nice to see new setlist order though.
    • Re:Jesus wept by Brighton Rich (Score:1) Sunday May 14 2006, @02:26AM
      • Re:Jesus wept by guilded_beams (Score:1) Friday May 26 2006, @04:43AM
  • Everyone is complaining about the Philharmonic - can I just point out that -

    The Royal Court is no longer a music venue - its a comedy theatre - so he could not play there

    The Academy 1 and 2 are concrete boxes without any personality and ropey sound - so no joy there

    The University and Stanley Theatre are slightly better - but without much personality

    The Masque Theatre is good - but far to small

    There is no other decent venue in Liverpool until the kings dock arena is finished in about a year of so.

    The Philharmonic is all thats available - and it has to be said, is a beautifull venue with great accoustics.

    Any attempt to throw a shirt into the audience with that fixed seating would have ended in tears and a lot of broken bones, so was vetoed - thank god!

    To be fair - it would have been better is the band modified the setlist to suit the venue - but thats up to them - security were very good, loads of people with cameras and video stuff - one girl in a box behind us blatantly taking pictures on a professional camera, was very politelty told to stop after about 40 mins.

    Considering that this could have been a total free-for all, it was very good.

    Brighton Rich -- Sunday May 14 2006, @02:33AM (#218609)
    (User #8270 Info)
  • Nuff said
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 14 2006, @03:35AM (#218613)
  • so was she there?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 14 2006, @08:58AM (#218642)
  • has anyone got any pics to share with fellow moz followers????????
    would be nice to see some posted here!
    jinny <[email protected]> -- Sunday May 14 2006, @09:14AM (#218644)
    (User #15873 Info)
  • A mate of mine was a VIP at the Blackburn show and got talking to someone in the know. He heard the following. Morrissey was staying at in the Presidential Suite of the Lowry Hotel, Salford for the northern part of the tour. Not cheap!! Also, it's true about the venue laying on a vegetarian spread and the Moz deciding that he wanted fish n chips. Like anyone's really arsed!! My mate also heard that Moz has little to do with the band apart from showtime. He has his own dressing room and the only people with access to him are his manager and personal minder. No-one else has a chance. Hardly the most riveting info I've ever heard but I just thought it might be o interest to some forum users. Enjoy!
    collo -- Sunday May 14 2006, @09:49AM (#218649)
    (User #16343 Info)
  • Just listened to my recording of the gig and noted down everything he sed between songs:

    Pre You have killed Me: “Dear Liverpool, Please help me!”

    Pre How Soon is Now: “Welcome to our (pop show?)”

    Pre First Of The Gang To Die: “Thank you”

    Pre I Will See You In Far-off Places: “Thank you… Are you happy to be in the philharmonic hall? (cheers) No? That’s a no.”

    Pre On The Streets I Ran: “Very civil of you, Thank you… Are you ok Julia? just OK…. (mumbles something) Blackburn, flu, (mock strangled screech)”

    Pre To Me You Are A Work Of Art: “Are you sure?”

    Pre Girlfriend In A Coma: “Would you please say hello to the (diddy?) men… Here is Michael Farrell, born in Cleveland… Here is Jessie Tobias… Here is the great Matt Walker… Here is the very glamorous Gary Day… and here is our captain Boz Boorer… and let me fall back in time.”

    Pre The Youngest Was The Most Loved: “Thank you”

    Pre The Father Who Must Be Killed: “So, (mutters something inaudible)…” In response to ‘Morrissey’ chants.. “Yes, Yes! What do you want?”

    Pre Let Me Kiss You: “That song was ‘The Father Who Must Be Killed’ which is something, I think, we can all relate to… (Some idiots boo) Yes boo me, I dare you.”

    Pre Life Is A Pigsty: “I shall just move my career” (moves mike stand)

    Pre At Last I Am Born: “That song charters my own personal experience of love and romance and it was called Life is a Pigsty… and having been born, then died, I’m born again”

    Pre In The Future When All's Well: “Thank you”

    Pre Still Ill: “Thank you”

    Pre Ganglord: “Thank you”

    Pre I Just Want To See The Boy Happy: “yeah”

    Pre Irish Blood, English Heart: (Referring to the Liverpool flag with 5 stars on it) “What does it mean? I don’t know what it means… what?”

    At the end "cio"

    I’ll do anything not to revise!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 15 2006, @03:00AM (#218820)
  • 2 Banners the other night WTF?? These are starting to really annoy me and are up there now with Morrissey The 23rd in the attention seeking stakes. Leave your banner at home it has no place at a Morrissey gig (which I think Moz was hinting at in Friday) and one day someone is going to get very offended by it and your gonna get a slap. I noticed it was absent during the Manchester gigs.........
    Anonymous -- Monday May 15 2006, @09:30AM (#218933)
  • This was the 1st concert I've ever been to - What a concert! Morrissey was awesome & did not disappoint. It was a great start with Morrissey launching into You have killed me, How soon is Now? & the 1st of the Gang to Die - Brilliant! My other favourite moments during the evening included To me you are work of art, Girlfriend in a Coma, Let me Kiss you, The Youngest was the most loved, the Father mus be killed, a rip roaring Still Ill (Fantastic as I commented to the gent next to me)& the finale Irish Blood, English Heart.

    The Phil was a great venue & the audience were civilised & nice. You'll Never Walk Alone set the tone for the evening & it delighted most of the audience.

    The support acts did a good job. I felt sorry for Katherine Young as she played to a handfull of people & she commeented, "Its the 1st time I've played where the security outnumbered the audience!" At least she had a sense of humour - bless her! Tiger Army were also most gracious thanking the audience for attending when they could have had better things to do such as being at the bar or picking T shirts.

    I was amused when Morrissey looked at the LFC banner & asked "What does it mean, I don't understand". He looked a bit bemused shaking his head when it was explained to him.

    I'm looking forward to my 2nd concert so please come back to Liverpool again, Morrisey! Viva Morrissey!
    The Crashing Bore -- Tuesday May 16 2006, @02:20PM (#219337)
    (User #16666 Info)
  • Fings are what they're meant to be.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 13 2006, @12:50PM (#218538)
  • shitty scouser scumbag
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 13 2006, @01:02PM (#218541)
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