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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Girlfriend In A Coma / You Have Killed Me / I Will See You In Far-off Places / At Last I Am Born / The Father Who Must Be Killed / Ganglord / Let Me Kiss You / Life Is A Pigsty / Trouble Loves Me / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / How Soon Is Now? // Irish Blood, English Heart

setlist provided by heatrowguy and blondie
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  • Wow! That was an AWESOME Moz gig!!!


    ENTRANCE MUSIC: Bump N Grind - R Kelly

    The Youngest Was The Most Killed In Far-Off Places (unidentifiable/ impossible to distinguish ROTT track which causes widespread drowsiness both on and off stage)
    I've Changed My Setlist To Interesting
    COUNTDOWN: Special quiz show interlude where Morrissey and Gary Day pitch their wits against each other hosted by guest presenter Carol Vorderman. Morrissey picks the following 9 letters - M, I, E, K, J, O, Y, E, C. Gary claims a three letter word, "Eck", which doesn't appear to be in the Oxford dictionary so he is disqualified. Morrissey wins with his own two letter effort; "Me".
    I Like Boobs*
    Unlikely Tribute Medley: At Last I Am Bjorn/ Super Trouper
    You're The One For Me, Fatty
    BOZ WEIGH-IN: In which Mr Boorer sits on a large set of scales and Morrissey and the band take bets as to how many members of the audience it will take to balance his sun-blocking body mass (Rows A-F as it happens).
    You’re The One For Me, Fatty (Reprise)
    Ironic Juxtaposition Medley: Meat Is Murder/ I Feel Like Chicken Tonight
    Ammunition (again!)
    CHARITY WHIPROUND: In which Julia Riley scurries through the crowd with a collection bucket and demands cash from paying punters in the name of an unspecified charity, which - coupled with the maniacal glint in Morrissey's eye as he watches the bucket fill with loose change - arouses a certain degree of audience suspicion.
    Have-A-Go Merchant
    Heaven Knows We're All Miserable Now (Cockney singalong version of Smiths classic in which Morrissey dons 'pearly king' attire and is joined on stage by the Chelsea pensioners)
    It‘s Raining Men
    NO ENCORE - As Morrissey complains to the crew that ROW P, SEAT 11 "only clapped a dozen times" after the previous song. The audience boos only to find that all exits are locked and escape is only possible by signing a direct debit petition which legally binds them to purchasing a copy of Ringleader Of The Tormentors every month for a minimum of 20 years henceforth. Their misery is further compounded by a large video screen projecting a live video feed of Morrissey in his dressing room, lounging in a bubble bath and smugly sipping on a flute of chilled Lambrusco while Jesse, Boz, Gary and the rest of the band squat naked on the floor, polishing a sizeable mound of pound coins with Brasso.

    (* - special "mucky version" of much, much loved You Are The Quarry crowd pleaser)

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 17 2006, @03:01PM (#219548)
  • OKAY OKAY, TELL US ABOUT YOUR GNARLY wait, this is morrissey we're talking about.. tell us about your boring experiences... tell us about your boring same ole same ole experience..



    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 17 2006, @03:07PM (#219551)
  • great night,great man.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 17 2006, @03:12PM (#219557)
  • Were there any Americans there?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 17 2006, @03:18PM (#219559)
  • I will resolutely state that Morrissey and the band were on ripping form tonight, and delivered Reading Hexagon a belter. Damn the naysayers and the back-biters: this evening was a masterclass.

    The man himself was in pointedly good humour: the local references were present in abundance ("Even people in Caversham got this"); he was animated and energetic on stage; and the banter was daftly affable - wryly affectionate, almost.

    The sound was resoundingly superb. By turns fierce and punchy, understated and delicate; as the songs demanded. It was never less than crystal clear, and strikingly loud.

    As for the songs, it would be redundant for me to post a setlist here, since I cannot remember the precise order and it didn't throw up any surprises. Suffice to say; How Soon Is Now? is back at the end, he didn't play any covers, and Irish Blood served as an exhilarating encore.

    The Ringleader material was, by and large, delivered with real aplomb. I Will See You in Far Off Places, In The Future When All's Well, and I Just Want To See the Boy Happy were noteworthy standouts. The only iffy outing was Father Who Must Be Killed, which gets somehow lost in itself onstage. Other than that, neither the band nor Moz put a foot wrong.
              Bouyed no doubt by an vigourous and reverent stalls crowd, the whole outfit seemed charged with real vim tonight. A triumphant performance. Top-drawer from Moz, against any standard.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 17 2006, @03:20PM (#219560)
  • never stop doing these, I wet my pants at them every time. I actually open up these tour threads in anticipation of one!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 17 2006, @03:36PM (#219565)
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  • Reading Set List (Score:2, Informative)

    First Of The Gang To Die/Still Ill/The Youngest Was The Most Loved/In The Future When All's Well/To Me You Are A Work Of Art/Girlfriend In A Coma/You Have Killed Me/I Will See You In Far-Off Places/At Last I Am Born/The Father Who Must Be Killed/Ganglord/Let Me Kiss You/Life Is A Pigsty/Trouble Loves Me/I Just Want To See The Boy Happy/How Soon Is Now?//Irish Blood, English Heart

    courtesy of heatrowguy and blondie

    Just got back from the best gig of my life. Touched Morrissey, made eye contact with him on more than one occassion, received a set list from the kind soul Rachel, met some lovely people. Kristeen Young equally amazing. Viva Morrissey
    heatrowguy -- Wednesday May 17 2006, @03:42PM (#219569)
    (User #14520 Info)
  • Any mention of tonight's events in Paris?

    Christ, it hurts ...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 17 2006, @04:01PM (#219573)
  • Thank you Moz! Not only did he play a great set, including Trouble Loves Me, but he also namechecked various places in Berkshire (including Newbury!) and quoted from Ricky Gervais ("Trouble loves me - fact!") Great to see him in such a small venue.
    Luis Felipe Scolari -- Wednesday May 17 2006, @04:12PM (#219576)
    (User #16591 Info)
  • The best night by far. A real two fingue salute to the seated venues. I was at the Palladium on Sunday and this was incomparible.

    "How Soon is Now' and "IBEH" were full on.

    Despite the result (oops) this was awsome. As I've said before we have to take the rough with the smooth and this was nectre.

    Bring on Oxford

    Champions. Goodbye TH
    Spellbound -- Wednesday May 17 2006, @05:09PM (#219590)
    (User #13956 Info)
    ........a life affirming voice set to a heavenly guitar melody, a killer bass line and a impassioned drum beat.
  • Moz ./.

    *^* I love you!

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 17 2006, @05:22PM (#219591)
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          • Re:How's this by goinghome (Score:1) Friday May 19 2006, @12:56PM
  • Enough already.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 17 2006, @09:01PM (#219607)
  • Look - if you go to loads of gigs maybe to you it's same old same old. To me - first gig of the tour - it was amazing. Standing only a few people back, lots of dancing but no stupidity, no drunken oafs pushing through - mellow but up-for-it audience - great! Still Ill - absolutely stand-out! How soon is now - I was bellowing along with everyone else - I went early on the last tour and haven't seen this song - so absolutely mega. Life is a Pigsty - fantastic. Jesse and the band on amazing form - my whole body shaking to the volume and vibration at times - AWESOME!!!!!
    CityBill -- Thursday May 18 2006, @12:33AM (#219618)
    (User #13510 Info)
  • that the reason people criticise the setlist could be because they are such fans of morrissey and have such appreciation of his past work that it's a bit distressing and upsetting to see him ignore the fantastic collection of songs he has as his disposal?

    i KNOW it's ultimately his choice, but there's some really great songs we're not ever going to hear live now, and they're NOT difficult for boz and co to learn, despite what the non-musicians who post on here think. it's fucking easy for these guys to learn them, professional guitarists like boz and jesse could do it with their eyes closed. almost all of moz's songs are technically easy to play. it's MOZ choosing to ignore these songs for reasons only MOZ knows.


    Anonymous -- Thursday May 18 2006, @02:45AM (#219639)
  • During 'In the future when alls well' Moz shook a few hands and took I think it was a CD from someone at the right of the stage. He carefully placed it beside Jesse's monitor for later.

    Boz's guitar tech wore a T-Rex Electric Warrior T-Shirt

    The band's 'Playboy' T-shirts were red

    Moz said to Julia (I think) "You surely can't be back for more?" and (approx) "What was it today?(breakfast) Weetabix - 2 I hope, 2"

    The venue was very, very ugly from the outside, all concrete. Hexagons are the council's theme from the borough logo to the venue. The architects had a field day in the 80's when they discovered protractors. Thankfully there was a petition in the venue about tearing the place down and replacing it. I will say that the place worked pretty well for me upstairs - a good view and great sound.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 18 2006, @02:47AM (#219640)
  • After my slight altercation (uhem) with authority re accidently stumbling into the soundcheck I was happy to actually get in, but managed to get a great spot right in front of Moz, pretty much on the barrier.

    I thought he sounded terrific, and I liked Christine Young the second time around a lot more.

    Pigsty didnt have the majesty that it did back in Manchester a few weeks back, I think, but otherwise songs like How Soon is Now, First of The Gang, You Have Killed Me and Youngest sounded great. Well done to the lucky sods who managed to get a touch of the kings hand, more than once in fact! Some bloke with a red wrist band and the nice bald fella beside me.

    Thumbs down to the heaving sweaty mess behind the girl I got talking to outside, who wasnt even human, I dont think, and seemed intent to make everyone elses night a misery. Jumping around etc. is fine, you expect it at a gig, but this was one monstrous inconsiderate oaf. Kudos to Mike Farrel for making a point of giving the setlist to the poor girl who was subjected to it for most of the night.

    Aside from that one gigantic stinking misdemenour, great performance, good atmosphere, top gig.

    Hello to the nice woman from Helsinki if she's reading too, I never got to say goodbye which was a pity.

    Im starting to recognise the faces now. Anyway enough of embroiling everyone in my personal exploits, all you need to know is those who said Mozz was virtually dead...they were so wrong.

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 18 2006, @03:15AM (#219645)
  • It spent 4 weeks at numero uno in 1972

    Mikey V Farrell played 'Mouldy old dough' by Lieutenant Pigeon as the intro to 'Trouble Loves Me' . He has a passing resemblance to Hilda Woodward don't you think?

    Boz joined in with the lyrics. I was hoping Moz would sing it. Moz said "That wasn't funny"

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 18 2006, @05:25AM (#219667)
  • Tuesday, Moz has a day off.
    Wednesday, Moz plays a storming gig (according to reports)

    AnthonyGlamour -- Thursday May 18 2006, @06:54AM (#219684)
    (User #7618 Info |
  • Totally awesome gig. I have been to a fair few Morrissey gigs over the years, but last night was one the best. Really great crowd at the front, really into it, but not being agressive or arsey with it. Mind you you couldn't have pushed in even if you tried it was so tight. But a really good atmosphere, lots of chanting, even for Boz and Gary. Loved Boz playing the water glasses in Pigsty, didn't notice that before - hilarious. Only complaint was the sound was shite in the front, but luckily everyone around me was singing along, so I didn't miss anything.

    I walked out of that theatre a sweat-soaked, jibbering, estatic mess with a piece of his shirt which almost cost me my life.

    Doesn't get any better.

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 18 2006, @07:58AM (#219692)
  • I see Kristeen Young mentioned in a few of these posts. What about Tiger Army? Had they been announced previously as the support, or one of the supports, for this show?
    Bob Hopeless -- Thursday May 18 2006, @10:58AM (#219745)
    (User #15924 Info)
    Today is the next day of the end of the world!
  • To the muppet who thinks it is all getting boring.
    I would assume that you have been lucky enough to get to see more than one gig, and by the sounds of it, you are probably the sort of person who buys extra tickets to sell on e-bay. The sort of person who would catch Morrissey's shirt and complain it was not ironed and was sweaty. My suggestion to you would be, next tour stay at home, let a true fan have the ticket.
    I thought the gig was fantastic, I am still buzzing from the experience. If the truth be known, I love nestling in the bosom of the past, great choice of Smiths,more always welcome. I Would have loved some earlier Morrissey, Suedehead one of my favourites, but we must remember it was the ROTT tour, bring it on.
    As for the venue and crowd, rock on City Bill.

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 18 2006, @12:34PM (#219765)
  • That'd be an appearance on Jonathan Ross's BBC1 TV slot. Recorded nearly live I think?
    goinghome -- Thursday May 18 2006, @01:34PM (#219786)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Was that strange ginger girl with the facial hair there again?
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 18 2006, @05:02PM (#219809)
  • ...tell me what "Ganglord" sounds like? I can't find it anywhere.
    ATLpunk -- Thursday May 18 2006, @10:01PM (#219822)
    (User #13585 Info)
  • The encore was The Hoy Which Is Born In My Strides
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 18 2006, @12:40AM (#219621)
    • Re:Great gig by Alias Bromide (Score:1) Friday May 19 2006, @09:07AM
  • You must be a victim of internalised homophobia.

    And you must hate yourself as well.

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 18 2006, @01:15AM (#219622)
  • Malodorous Poo? You really think that's a good one? writing POO for fuck's sake? On a MORRISSEY website.

    National Runt Piss Co.? That doesn't even mean anything you absolute prat.

    I sincerely hope you're under 16, then this desperate, humiliating post is just about justifiable due to your naivety. To think you do one of these every day!

    However, You're likely closer to a middle-aged virgin, that's the sad part. Imagine if Morrissey turned up on this site to read what his fans thought and saw "We Defecate Shit When Our Ends Become Stressful", do you think he'd call up Boz to let him know how hilarious and witty the public imagination has become?

    No, you'd probably make him feel sad, which is particularly malicious considering he's only JUST found a semblance of happiness. On the phone to Nancy Sinatra, "oh Nancy, simply awful... vile fools on morrissey solo, ughhh *wiping back tears*, they said i have malodourous poo".. Morrissey is crying and it's your fault you useless, beady-eyed worm.

    if you read this, stiffly holding up your bottom lip trying not to admit to yourself what a complete moron you are, Mr Anonymous, please just stop for a second and take a look inside yourself. You are a cretin of the highest order, sucking up the world's oxygen and putting nothing good back into in return.

    It's not too late to change, so please, for the benefit of your self and the human race at large, stop giving us a bad name by acting like such an unfunny cunt.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 18 2006, @02:00AM (#219631)
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    • A shining wit by Requiescant Inpacce (Score:1) Thursday May 18 2006, @11:18AM

  • Wednesday 17 May is International Day Against Homophobia.

    Protests, rallies and celebrations are being held across the globe today as lesbian and gay communities recognise the 2 nd International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO).

    Last year saw the first ever IDAHO, marking the 15 th anniversary of the removal of homosexuality from the World Health Organisation’s list of mental disorders. This involved over 40 countries, including the first gay and lesbian rally in China.

    IDAHO has European Parliament recognition, and organisations such as police authorities and local councils are organising events around the UK. A minute’s silence to mark the victims of homophobic violence is set to take place at midday in civic buildings and at 8 pm in pubs and clubs.

    This sparked a couple of amusing things at work. One was someone who thought Homophobia was a fear of leaving the house (I kid you not) and a discussion about how no-one ever gets called a 'Hom' anymore (we all used to do this as a kid -well where I am from we did). I guess this is some progress?
    Satan accepted mine -- Thursday May 18 2006, @05:49AM (#219671)
    (User #14277 Info)
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