posted by davidt on Sunday June 04 2006, @03:00PM
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  • ..a proper set list would be a warm welcome. How many hours till Landgraaf?
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 04 2006, @03:08PM (#223258)
  • 1 - First Of The Gang To Die
    2 - Still Ill
    3 - You Have Killed Me
    4 - The Youngest Was The Most Loved
    5 - In The Future When All's Well
    6 - I Like You
    7 - I Will See You In Far-off Places
    8 - Girlfriend In A Coma
    9 - Let Me Kiss You
    10 - Life Is A Pigsty
    11 - Trouble Loves Me
    12 - Now I Am A Was
    13 - At Last I Am Born
    14 - I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    15 - Irish Blood, English Heart
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 04 2006, @04:01PM (#223282)
  • ... as far as I can remember:
    First of the gang to die
    The youngest was the most loved
    I will see you in far off places
    You have killed me
    Girlfriend in a coma
    Human being
    How soon is now?
    I just want to see the boy happy
    The father who must be killed
    My life is an endless succession of people saying goodbye
    In the future when all's well
    Irish blood, english heart

    no encore

    I think that was all, though I can't remeber the correct order.

    He was talking a lot, maybe because there were some british fans who were shouting the whole time.
    Fan: Is Boz doing fine?
    Morrissey: Yes. Now that he had his operation.
    Fan: What had he done?
    Morrissey: A lot!

    So much for now. Sorry, for my bad english.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 04 2006, @05:03PM (#223296)
  • Let me set the record straight, the anonymous post (#223296 Real setlist...) has the set list that is just about right.

    First of the gang to die
    The youngest was the most loved
    I will see you in far off places
    You have killed me
    Girlfriend in a coma
    Human being
    How soon is now?
    I just want to see the boy happy
    The father who must be killed
    My life is an endless succession of people saying goodbye
    In the future when all's well
    Irish blood, English heart

    Along with Let Me Kiss You and At Last I Am Born as it is already mentioned in a post.

    This was one of the best Morrissey concerts ever for me. I have already seen him six times before. What makes this night so memorable is that I actually had Moz and Boz talk to me. My wife,Delia, and I were able to get to the front of the stage directly in front of Morrissey. I first yelled to Moz.

    Me: "Hey Moz how do you like the German beer?!"
      He looked down and squinted.
    Moz: "What?"
    Me: "How do you like the German Beer?!"
    Moz: "OOOH Bellissimo Bellissimo"(Italian for wonderful)
    Then I yelled at Boz.
    Me: "Hey Boz how are you doing?!"
    Moz: "Boz someone wants to speak to you"
      Boz walks to the edge of the stage.
    Me: "Boz how are you doing?!"
      With slight bow he said.
    Boz: "I am doing quite well thank you for asking"
      As Boz walked back, Moz said, I believe.
    Moz: "We are fortunate to have him, Boz had an operation"
    Me: "Hey Moz what did he get done?!"
    Moz: "Alot"
    Finally I yelled.
    Me: "Hey Moz you are aging like a fine wine!"
    Moz: "Where are you from Chicago,(some other city),Texas?"
        While holding up a black and silver Mariachi
        hat I had brought with me.(Had to represent
        since Mexico is playing here next week for the
        World Cup)
    Me: "from Mexico, I have the hat to prove it!"
      Moz looks at my hat
    Moz: "Beautiful Beautiful"

    This night was bellissimo. Yes goinghome I am fond of Boz. He was part of my favorite band line up, when they recorded Your Arsenal. I do miss Alain though. It is strange seeing Morrissey without Alain with his black and white guitar with the dice on the switches. Wow all I want to do now is be at a show and make it on stage and give that bottle of fine wine a good hug. Well best wishes to all of my fellow Morrissey fans and God Bless.

    Jose "Roy" Aguayo
    From Yuma,AZ by way of San Luis, Sonora, Mexico
    Roy -- Sunday June 04 2006, @06:14PM (#223303)
    (User #5384 Info)
  • Morrissey played the Smiths' second studio album from start to finish last night. In my head.

    The Jed Arse Stir Ritual
    Muff Hones Scruffy Glans
    What She Soiled
    I've Got A Runny Cunt, Steve
    That Poke Made My Fanny Really Sore

    Woah! The Fist
    Bellend Chunder
    Rancid Jism Mings My Dome
    Eat This Turd, Marr

    My Life Is An Endless Succession Of People Saying, "The Setlist Is Too ROTT-Heavy."
    If You Don't Like Me, Fuck Off
    Luis Felipe Scolari -- Monday June 05 2006, @01:58AM (#223357)
    (User #16591 Info)
    • Re:Amazing by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 05 2006, @03:34AM
      • Re:Amazing by goinghome (Score:1) Monday June 05 2006, @04:08PM
  • of this.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 05 2006, @02:58AM (#223374)
  • I don't think Morrissey "fits" on festivals, I'd prefer to see him in a venue or something, but: there's an advantage to it: there's something called livestream!

    So don't forget, tonight he's playing on Pinkpop Festival (in Holland). I'll be watching it from my computer!
    wolve -- Monday June 05 2006, @03:10AM (#223376)
    (User #16497 Info)
  • Does anyone really believe any of this shit anymore?
    Attention seekers and compulsive liars have over-run this place.
    btw the guy who pretended to speak to Moz and Boz is lying, he made the whole thing up.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 05 2006, @04:30AM (#223393)
  • Moz, I love you.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 05 2006, @05:56AM (#223405)
  • Morrissey in my former hometown, an event so unique that I had tears in my eyes.
    I wonder what Morrissey might have thought about the festival itself, drunken Metallica fans all it was really nice to spot at least a few people with quiffs or ROTT shirts in the end.
    Of course, it "fits" better to meet Moz at places like the Olympia, but you should have seen that picture of the Alternastage in front of the Serenadenhof, which I think was very beautiful, as well.
    There used to be a large number of fans in Nürnberg in the 90s and NO PANIC when the "Boot" DJ used to play up to 20 Smiths/Morrissey songs a night. Are you still there?
    So, let`s hope that Morrissey`s impressions of Germany were not all too bad because we`d love to see him back again - sooner than last time.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 05 2006, @10:48AM (#223477)
  • Yes I understand how frustrating it is to have to read these fake set lists but what I have posted is true. Let me clarify my account of the brief exchanges with Moz and Boz. They did not happen all at once. It happened at three different times between songs. First was the question of the German beer, which everyone knows he enjoys a good beer. Second was when I asked Boz how he is doing. Now I can't say for sure if Boz said he was "doing quite" well but he did for a fact give a quick bow and said he was well and thank you for asking. Boz is a true English gentleman, Boz has the manners to pause breifly to respond properly to the question of his being. Sadly there are many people in this world who don't know how to be a gentleman or lady anymore.... Well when Moz mentioned the operation I phrased my question,just for fun, "what did he have done" to make it sound as if it could have been something cosmetic. I do believe Moz responded with "a lot" in good fun also. Finally in between another song I told him he was a fine wine and started that whole "where are you from exchange." I think Moz's final guess of being from Texas must come from the fact I do have a, I am not being offensive, I do have a white country accent sometimes. I had lived in Texas for a year and I guess it comes out once in awhile. As I have said it is all true. I did not make this up to get attention. I am offering up, in good faith, my account of what happened at the show. I am blessed to be able to yell at the top of my lungs to get their attention and we were blessed to see the human side of Moz and Boz in person and not from a reporters written account. If you wish not to believe it is your loss because all I want is my fellow Morrissey fans is to realize is that Moz and the gang are gentlemen and will answer your questions if they can hear you and they are brief. The Anonymous posters that don't believe and want to be vulgar about it, I sincerly wish you long a happy life and God Bless you. I don't like becoming upset and vulgar, it is bad karma.
    Roy -- Monday June 05 2006, @11:09AM (#223484)
    (User #5384 Info)
  • got back a little while ago, great 4 days for me seeing friends and Mozz, but enough of that, as for the performance, I thought it was pretty good.

    First of all How Soon is Now was the second to last song, behind Irish Blood, English Heart.

    That I can remember:

    First Of The Gang To Die
    Youngest Was The Most Loved
    In The Future When Alls Well
    The Father Who Must Be Killed
    Let Me Kiss You
    Human Being
    My Life Is An Endless Succession Of People Saying Goodbye...
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    I Will See You In Far Off Places
    At Last I Am Born
    You Have Killed Me
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    How Soon Is Now
    Irish Blood, English Heart

    Good vocally, the band were very good I thought, especially during Far Off Places which ive seen live 3 times now, but this was the best performance, its fulfilled the promise of being a monster of a song live that it showed with a fairly ragged first performance on the Album Chart Show a few months back.

    How Soon Is Now was naturally superb...YHKM, Let Me Kiss You very good...delightful to hear Panic for the first time in ages, a bit rusty on the performance of that one perhaps but who cares, its fuckin' Panic!

    Only reservation is that a few of the songs he picked were ill-advised for a festival where not everyone is there to see him, or at least arent big fans. For example, I think Human Being is too long and unknown of a song to suit a festival, and he lost the ground during this I think, likewise Succession, although thats more because it's not actually a particularly good song.

    All in all though definitely the best performance that I saw (though Nelly Fertardo was suprisingly impressive live, and Doherty put in a couple of very good songs), obviously not the crowd energy that the gigs had and maybe that was why firstly he wasnt as talkative or witty, and secondly could explain why some of the songs didnt seem as intense (except How Soon Is Now which you always feel comes right from the heart in terms of performance...), but for an artist who has never in my opinion shined at festivals (obviously his festival sabbatical with The Smiths and his damp performance at Glastonbury the other year) he was outstanding.

    Viva Mozz :)
    Anonymous -- Monday June 05 2006, @03:14PM (#223571)
  • Peacock Who?
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 04 2006, @03:11PM (#223262)
  • Tedious and probably will put me off checking here for real gig reports. Enough has been had.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 04 2006, @04:33PM (#223288)
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