posted by davidt on Saturday August 19 2006, @04:00PM
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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Let Me Kiss You / Girlfriend In A Coma / In The Future When All's Well / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before / Ganglord / Life Is A Pigsty / We'll Let You Know / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Irish Blood, English Heart / At Last I Am Born / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / How Soon Is Now?

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  • setlist (Score:1, Informative)

    first of the gang
    you have killed me
    let me kiss you
    daddy's voice
    stop me
    we'll let you know
    far off places
    boy happy
    how soon is now?
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 19 2006, @04:07PM (#232076)
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      • Re:setlist by Satan accepted mine (Score:1) Saturday August 19 2006, @06:46PM
    • Re:setlist by winstonsmith (Score:1) Wednesday August 23 2006, @07:05AM

    check out the title of the 3rd last song. Not too bothered - it has never been my favourite
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 19 2006, @04:32PM (#232078)
    • 'At last i am bored'? nme mistype by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday August 19 2006, @04:53PM
    • Re:nme gig news (Score:2, Informative)

      Good find! It seems to be only Chelmsford on the TV tonight, but NME have a little account of the show there too:

      "Morrissey closed the first day of the Stafford leg of V Festival in in style tonight (August 19).

      Beginning his set by quoting The Sundays' song 'Can't Be Sure' he made light of the weather saying: "England my country/ The home of the free/ Such miserable weather " before launching into The Smiths hit single 'Panic'.

      The singer then took aim at radio stations introducing new single 'In the Future When's All Well' by telling teh crowd "Radio won't play it", before instructing fans to text in for it via a number that appeared on the stage's screen. "It is the modern age," he added.

      The singer then thrilled the Stafford audience by playing several Smiths's classics including 'Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before' and 'Girlfriend In A Coma', although the set was mainly made up of songs from his current album 'Ringleader Of The Tormentors'"...

      The Sundays song Morrissey mentioned is on youtube: (remove any spaces)
      goinghome -- Saturday August 19 2006, @05:00PM (#232081)
      (User #12673 Info)
      • Re:nme gig news + (Score:2, Informative)

        Fearne Cotton presenting the Channel 4 coverage of the V Festival earlier, said, just before closing with RadioHead, that she was nervous because she is supposed to be interviewing Morrissey during the programme tomorrow. Might be worth tuning in for.
        goinghome -- Saturday August 19 2006, @05:13PM (#232085)
        (User #12673 Info)
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      • the sundays by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday August 20 2006, @02:22AM
        • Re:the sundays by sweetnesss (Score:1) Sunday August 20 2006, @05:03AM
  • Has anyone taken noticed that Morrissey has been doing lots of covers on tour? More so than I thought.
    Anonymous -- Saturday August 19 2006, @06:56PM (#232098)
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    • Re:Covers by leedoggpimp (Score:0) Sunday August 20 2006, @12:46AM
  • That's awesome he quoted that song. The Sundays rule.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 20 2006, @01:00AM (#232115)
  • V fest (Score:3, Insightful)

    Just woke up after egtting home about 3ish last night. Bought the tickets a week ago off ebay for the day - only £35. Half price.

    walked over to the stage a good half hour before mox came on and it was very easy to get near the front. more or less eveyrone who watched faithless were walking away from the stage.

    by the time he came on the main stage had filled up a bit and everyone went mad for panic. the tempo as usual remained up until around half way through the set.

    after gf in a coma there were 7 songs that not lot of people knew (if u ignore stop me) some people behind me complained that they were getting bored. i think moz does this for a laugh. ganglord pigsty and we'll let u know all together was heaven for me n me mate though and we just found it funny that moz was boring all the knobs drinking pimms.

    first time i've seen him since the manchester gigs and all the new additions were excellent. especially i'll never be anybodys hero now. much like at last i am born this song is a million times better live than on the album.

    as ever there were alot of funny comments. funniest moment was probably halfway through a line on at last i am born when he pretended to sneeze then just carried on with the song.

    in the future was excellent as well. has anyone downloaded it? he chanted blair no bush no blair no bush no before it.

    all in all a very good gig and i even caught his shirt. me and about 4 people all had tight hold. only one girl had hold of it so we all decided to be gentlemanly and let her have it only to see her throw it behind her head. she wasn't very popular. my fingers spelt of incense all night. i love his aftershave.

    its shite how channel 4 just focused on the one down south. its always the same with reading and leeds when they focus on reading. the wankers.
    tomsidg -- Sunday August 20 2006, @03:20AM (#232121)
    (User #13863 Info)
  • 'Panic' - excellent opener.

    'How Soon Is Now?' - stupendous closer.

    Can't argue with the likes of 'First of the Gang', and 'We'll Let You Know' is superb, though not well known outside the hardcore. And yes, of course it is admirable that M plays what he wants.

    BUT - this is a festival. Why go to a festival unless you intend to attract new fans? Otherwise, just arrange for another gig at the Palladium or wherever, for the hardcore.

    I mean, 'Daddy's Voice' is a WASTE of three minutes, especially at a concert like this. Poor to begin with, and not exactly material to attract those who don't already love him.

    Agree with a poster above about 'Pigsty' and 'We'll Let You Know' following each other - great for us, but trying for non-believers/the floating voter methinks. Both are quite long, both are downtempo. Maybe he is having a laugh. Yes, they're both great songs but I'm thinking of the purpose of playing a festival. Four or five from ROTT would have been enough. Yes, he's touring that record, but if I was a floating voter that would be enough to convince me to buy it if I liked what I heard.

    Basically, this setlist started off extremely strongly but sagged in the middle and rose again at the end. With a catalogue so rich with gems, why not show a few of them off?

    Better setlist:

    Panic/First of the Gang to Die/You Have Killed Me/Youngest Was The Most Loved/Suedehead/November Spawned A Monster/Shoplifters/The More You Ignore Me/Glamorous Glue/Still Ill/Seasick, Yet Still Docked/Everyday Is Like Sunday/In The Future When All's Well/Irish Blood/Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before/Tomorrow/I Just Want To See The Boy Happy/Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?/Jack The Ripper/Sister I'm A Poet/How Soon Is Now?//Speedway.

    Anonymous -- Sunday August 20 2006, @03:52AM (#232127)
  • but I'm so glad I was there. The mass exodus I had prayed for actually happened when Faithless went off (glad to see the back of all the idiots doing that awful Ibiza dance thing) and it was dead easy to get down near the front.
    The crowd where I was were (mostly)fans and the atmosphere was a lot better than some Moz gigs I have been to this year. Most people were singing loudly to EDILS and YNWA etc before Moz even came on stage. The band looked divine in their white suits (especially Jesse!) and Moz adorable as ever. He introduced Matt as the Gong Lord.
    Moz was very chatty and spoke between most songs. The Sundays line at the beginning was great and he said 'from fat little child' during At Last I Am Born. Panic and HSIN got the best reception from the crowd - just a shame there was no encore given that HSIN went down so well but I'd rather he played HSIN last with no encore than finish with Irish blood..
    When he played Gang Lord a lot of the crowd didnt know it and we were singing our heads off. It was awesome cos he stood in front of us the whole time down at the right of the stage. And Daddy's Voice is NEVER a waste of 3 minutes.
    Brilliant gig, just wish they'dshown it on E4 instead of Radio Dead.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 20 2006, @04:24AM (#232134)
  • come on, play a greatest hits set, then we will moan why cant he play that at all the mozz shows, get a life enjoy what you get, if not, go and watch another stage, mozz is trying to promote his new album, how does he hope to do that through radio...joke, if you want to see the smiths tribute band then crack on, just stop moaning
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 20 2006, @04:27AM (#232136)
  • he limited ringleader/b-sides to 5 songs and did 10 Morrissey/Smiths crowd pleasers.

    He's not gonna boost the sales of Ringleader by playing most of it, nor win over any new fans.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 20 2006, @05:26AM (#232139)
  • It's normally bands who've sold at least a million in the UK, or have had at least had a few 'radio hits'.

    Nearly all of Morrissey's albums have sold under or around 100,000 (except Quarry) and only about 3 of his songs has ever made the Radio airplay top 20.
    The average music fan, let alone the average person, simply does not know his stuff. With this in mind, he's got to play the better known stuff (Suedehead, Everyday, Alma, Ignore Me) at festivals if he wants to go down well.

    But he stubbornly sticks to his current album and a couple of b-sides so he's never gonna leave a great impression on the unconverted. So the consensus is that Radiohead were great and Moz didn't cut the mustard when we all know that Moz is 8.5 billion times better than Thhhhhhom and his dreary joyless band of humourless, charisma-free public school poshos.

    I guess we should be grateful he's doing a couple of Smiths songs but it's amazing he's been given a headline slot at a huge festival and he surely never will be again (he couldn't even sell out a small 3 or 4 date arena tour).
    It's a bit of a waste. Anyway, I'll go to V tonight and hopefully there'll be quite a few Moz fans down the front...
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 20 2006, @05:48AM (#232144)
  • I saw Moz in Oklahoma at the beginning of this whole shebang before ROTT ever came out and loved every minute of that show. Why so many bitchy comments?

    Lon -- Sunday August 20 2006, @06:14AM (#232151)
    (User #121 Info)
  • front row, endured 1.30h of faithless, and the 'rave' (god is a dj, my arse)
    morrissey's opener, Panic.
    what a night, emotions running high, ringleader's songs are fantastic live (i don't really care about what anybody else has to say on it)
    i don't care about playing slow songs, at least the fans know them, and there what matter.
    closing with How Soon Is Now, enough said.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 20 2006, @07:57AM (#232165)
  • 3 shirts into the crowd - last one he wiped his body down with then stuck it down his pants.

    And as mentioned above, whoever got it threw it back into the crowd. Not a fan perhaps !

    Surprised out how many youngish lads were into it and singing the football chant style 'Morrissey' before he came out.

    He did seem to hog the right hand side of the stage, which was of benefit to me as I was there about 5 rows back (I started 10 rows back but after the madness of Panic and FOTG I ended up nearer !).

    Awesome !

    Charlatans good warm up by the way. Missed last 20 mins of their gig so I could catch the Faithless crowd leaving. Timed it just right.
    TroubleMe -- Sunday August 20 2006, @09:48AM (#232173)
    (User #17241 Info)
  • Last six a sides, 4 smiths classics, the outstanding life is a pigsty and some others. Not sure the man can do much more. He's not on the cabaret circuit just yet. And I dont think he's bothered about new fans too much and I dont think he's bothered what anyone says. I thought stafford was brilliant. Looking forward to seeing clips from chelmsford tonight...essex hmmmmm. Darn sarf! We'll see. I thought Moz got a great reception. And when you consider a lot of the audience were born after the smiths the boy done good. I was behind a couple of lasses at the toilets and one said whos on the next. The other girl said paul weller. The first lass says "who?". There you have it. Weller was ace by the way.
    Unlikely One -- Sunday August 20 2006, @01:13PM (#232191)
    (User #15335 Info)
  • life is very long when you're lonely....
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 20 2006, @01:53PM (#232202)
  • If you were stood to the left of the stage you saw fuck all because of a cameraman. He should have been more aware, the stage has two ends.
    Anonymous -- Sunday August 20 2006, @05:42PM (#232230)
  • I regularly read the posts on this site, sometimes a little disdainfully. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Moz fan but some people's obsession goes beyond the pale for me.
    However, I was openly weeping when he played we'll let you know on Saturday night - just amazing
    Shakingobscene -- Monday August 21 2006, @04:05AM (#232265)
    (User #16324 Info)
    "I hope it's not too bloody - I'm wearing my favourite pants."
  • Moz I love you, you are my future.
    Anonymous -- Monday August 21 2006, @06:02AM (#232288)
  • There is a nice review on the Channel 4 website under the V fest heading (
    not sorry -- Monday August 21 2006, @01:22PM (#232351)
    (User #14977 Info)
  • But I got a plectrum Jesse Tobias threw into the crowd!

    It was an immense gig. I thought the setlst was great. The 'TEXT THIS NUMBER FOR MOZ'S NEW SINGLE ALERT! TEXT NOW TO DOWNLAOD!!' rubbish was a bit much though.
    Hairdresser Put Out -- Monday August 21 2006, @04:21PM (#232381)
    (User #17252 Info)
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 31 2006, @07:23PM (#233903)
  • to be honest i thought this was phenomenal but the people who had the huge umberellas infornt of me were the rudest idiots that i have come across. it wasn't even raining! nevermind i suppose. morrissey was completely worth it as always.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 13 2006, @07:51AM (#236938)

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