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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Let Me Kiss You / Girlfriend In A Coma / In The Future When All's Well / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Human Being / We'll Let You Know / Irish Blood, English Heart / Ganglord (stopped due to Fan/Security altercation) / Ganglord / I Will See You In Far-off Places / At Last I Am Born / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now?

setlist provided by Joseph Kelly
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  • is what I've heard, anybody else?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 22 2006, @03:16PM (#232545)
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  • just home no voice and up for work in 6 hours.
    brief synopsis
    moz came on to panic
    he was extremely chatty to the crowd throughout the gig.the band were just fantastic.jessie played the final chords on How soon is now standing on the amp!!! He made about 5 shirt changes. He came on the stage at 9.06 and left at 10.47. that is the longest gig i have seen him play. It is true there was no encore but he had played every song at that stage. it wasnt because he was in bad form or pissed off.The crowd were mad for it
    I cant remember the exact setlist but there must have been at least 20 songs!!!! He gave it his all folks. There was a scene reminisent of Thank your lucky stars bootleg where the band were into the second verse of Ganglord and someone unsucessfully tried to get on stage. This person was given a very rough time by security. Moz reached out to offer his hand to acknowledge the fans attempt to get on stage and was horrified to see the fan getting pulled away. he yelled go easy for gods sake leave him alone cant you or words to that affect then the band stopped playing. Moz apologised to the crowd and asked whether he should start the song again to which he got a resounding round of applause and started ganglord again.
    I believe the radio broadcast only captured some of the songs. Apologies I was told the whole concert was going to be broadcast.
    MOz and the boys in top form playing to a very appreciative audience. I was there in the second row I should know and I will not be posting anonymously like most do after concerts. That is how in happened folks. Goodnight from Dublin

    cossy -- Tuesday August 22 2006, @04:56PM (#232560)
    (User #6724 Info)
  • This was the longest Moz concert I've been to or am aware of - 94mins, 20 songs (or 21 if you include the restarted Ganglord). So that should alleviate the concerns of the naysayers who complained about no encore - he merely didn't leave the stage between Pigsty and How Soon Is Now, but we got the fullest set possible and a corker of a gig.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 22 2006, @05:10PM (#232563)
  • In no particular order...

    In the middle of Ganglord Morrissey said 'easy boys, easy boys' to the security - I presume, I was near the back - and of course the incident wasn't shown on the big screens. M was so shocked that he continued to address the goons, shaking his head, and stopped singing with the band playing on until Boz and Gary came to the edge of the stage to see what was going on. Then the band stopped completely and M asked the steroid-eaters again to go easy, or words to that effect, and 'thank you for trying' to the poor sap who got over the barrier. The atmosphere never recovered, to my mind. M then asked the crowd 'shall we start again?' so Ganglord began again. A closeup of his face onscreen showed him looking quite worried. This was just after IBEH which may have provoked the fervour for the home crowd. I remember him signalling to the crowd to calm down after it got a riotous reception in Killarney.

    (For anyone in Dublin trying to get the singles, once again Virgin in the Dundrum centre had plenty of both when I was there today.)

    The band wore pink shirts and white trousers. Morrissey addressed us with 'The black horizon, the clouds descending - it must be Dublin.' Later: 'We passed through Harold's Cross (on the canal in Dublin's southside) today, and I'm not joking, everyone looked mad.' Might be unfair to the residents there but my first thought was the number of heroin addicts often to be seen in that area.

    At another point asked us if we knew of an Irish journalist called (he thought) Siobhán Kane, who had written something beautiful about him in the Event Guide (Dublin listings freesheet, he's on the cover). Said this was most unusual in an Irish publication. (Check out - see earlier postings here from last Thursday.)

    Introduced Boy 'Appy as 'I just want to see myself happy. Oh shit! No, it's called...'

    3 or 4 times that I could see some idiots threw (plastic) pint glasses on to the stage, missing Moz, Boz, other stuff went flying too. Why would you pay to go to a gig and then do that??? Makes you proud to be Irish (if they were Irish that is).

    Not too many t-shirts in evidence, mostly Ringleader gear. And a very impressive lookalike in a full tux, with great hair and a very Morrissean wave when some girls came up to him. Uncanny!

    'I want those shirts back, pressed, drycleaned' was another quip. At one stage when M had gone to change, Boz said (I think) 'A funny thing happened on the way to the gig...' This may have been in reference to Moz's Harold's Cross comment.

    With the bass drum now displaying 'PIGSTY' the camera cut twice to someone in the front row holding a white board with the word 'happiness' on it. Pretty sure the girl next to that person was Julia, (based on the only pic I've ever seen)whom he referenced, and also I think the same Paul from C4's blink-and-you'll-miss-it coverage of V.

    'I think we'll have rain. Don't blame me.'
    'Where are you from? Terenure? [Southside location near Rathmines and Rathgar].

    Closeup of Boz's guitar showing stylised 'Mozfather' sticker.

    Guitar techs seemed to be a bit all over the shop: before pigsty Boz was still waiting to hand his offloaded guitar to someone, and the song had started before his special glasses came out. Went off to get them and emerged carrying them before stand emerged. Was another one picked up off the stage at some point?

    Gary had a bit of a rest towards the end of the set, sitting on the riser. As usual Jesse was standing on various things during HSIN. Great trumpet work from Michael during First.

    Moz definitely a bit off-form, no surprise given the security people's display, but still a great performance from all concerned. Thought B and G gave crowd a big thank you at the end. B gave his customary 'swig' signal as he ran offstage.

    Spotted Simon Carmody (Golden Horde) in the crowd but nothing new there!

    If I think of any more I'll tack it on.

    Oh yeah - and to the couple with the 3-year old child, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Not only was he obviously exhausted, but didn't seem to have any ear protection. Well done. As somebody once said, you have to have a licence to own a dog!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 22 2006, @05:25PM (#232568)
  • Also - If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me. Any other additions?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 22 2006, @07:05PM (#232571)
  • Could this be? We'll let you know has been added!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 22 2006, @11:37PM (#232581)
  • Moz on top form very chatty and funny and in a brilliant mood. He mentioned the fact that when he arrived earlier there was only about 7 people there so he was a bit worried. Ganglord was stopped because security were roughing up some guy who only want the shake Moz’s hand. Highlights for me were We’ll Let You Know, If You Don’t Like Me, and Of Course Pigsty excellent as ever.It was a long gig by Morrissey standards so I knew there would’t be an encore. Moz mentioned that no Dublin record shop had the single, they never do have them on the day of release, especially not the 2nd or 3rd single of an album.They’ll get the first one in, 7” as well and then lose interest for the next release.
    CandyCanegirl -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @01:21AM (#232590)
    (User #6699 Info)
  • Brilliant show. This was the third time I've seen Morrissey and perhaps the best sound. He was also in the best mood I have seen him; I'm surprised to hear anything otherwise. He was chatty throughout the night, talking (at times at length) between every song. The start to Pigsty (Boz's glasses & guitar) was too bad and the whole Ganglord thing (yes it was someone trying to get on stage ... but there's no way anyone was getting on this stage!) threw things off, but otherwise it was great.

    Highlights included Panic, Human Being, and Hero; Pigsty is absolutely a work of art. A few he played in April (Girlfriend, IBEH) that really popped didn't cut it as much last night. The show was running late (it's in a residential area) so that's why the band went straight into HSIN via Mikey's Auld Lang Syne and Gary's bass feedback for a few minutes.

    At one point Morrissey left late for a shirt change (he threw 4 out into the crowd) and on Boz's mic said "Boz will now tell you a joke." That is what prompted Boz's "A funny thing happened on the way to the gig ... just kidding."

    The band looked great and the whole atmosphere was nice. Morrissey indeed seemed happy. The only improvement could have been in the set list, which was pretty much the standard he's been playing. It was good but a few slight changes really could make it pop.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @02:47AM (#232595)
  • Does anyone have photos from last nights gig?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @02:55AM (#232597)
  • After Pigsty there was some great jamming ending up with a lovely melancholy-sounding piano piece from Mikey. From this emerged Old Lang Syne, which then segued noteperfectly into HSIN as all the lights came up.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @03:03AM (#232598)
  • Great day/night. 3 good bands before Moz, up the front for The Great Man, got a big chunk of last shirt chucked out (Gucci), back to aftershow at Pravda, couldn't believe it when Boz and Jesse walked in. Jesse very gracious and Boz is just Boz, one of the nicest guys in the world, and I had a chat with him. Life sometimes isn't a pigsty :)
    Mrs.Brady Old Lady -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @03:37AM (#232600)
    (User #16107 Info)
    I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now.....
  • Ok. At the risk of opening myself up here to people who can see Moz do no wrong, does anyone think the set-list has become a bit self-indulgent? A lot of b-sides were played last night (all of which I like) but when you are headlining a gig like Marlay Park which can hold up to twenty thousand people (as Im reliably informed) you are going to get a lot of people there who may only have a couple of albums or maybe only know a song or two of the great man. If you want to appeal to these people you may want to consider playing songs that are better known to the general public. I dont think this goes for more intimate venues like Killarny or the Olympia (both of which venues I saw Morrissey at this year). Personally I was a bit let down by last nights gig. After the security incident I thought it all went a bit flat and the band just wanted to finish the set and get off stage. If one or two more up-tempo crowd pleasing song had of been played after the stoppage during GANGLORD I think the situation could have been saved.
    psillery -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @04:31AM (#232604)
    (User #1089 Info)
  • I thought it was one of his worst ever.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @04:41AM (#232605)
  • I just want to see the boy happy*
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @05:43AM (#232615)
    • Re:Dublin* by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday August 24 2006, @05:39AM
  • marlay park was fantastic, and moz was on great form.
    the whole event was well organised, and we have come away on a high.
    moz looked and sounded brilliant.
    magic numbers were fab.
      i have some photos which i will post soon if anyone is interested???
    jinny <[email protected]> -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @07:00AM (#232624)
    (User #15873 Info)
  • That is a fab setlist ! Ich bin ein Dubliner !
    MILVA -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @07:22AM (#232632)
    (User #12729 Info)
    no previous convictions
  • Well the trip over to Ireland was certainly worth it, not only for a great gig, but to find out from the Dublin media that Morrissey was born in Dublin! News to me. Why do the Irish always have to claim something as their own, first Garth Brooks now.....
    Whalley Range -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @08:19AM (#232642)
    (User #16734 Info)
  • Can anyone throw some more light on what happened at the front to cause Morrissey to stop in mid song? I was way back (because of the "Golden circle" what was that about?) it must have been pretty bad for Morrissey to react like that. In my opinion he never quite got back into his swing as afterwards you could see him motioning to the band to keep going, almost as though he wanted to get off asap. There was also a meeting on stage which resulted in Pigsty being moved it seemed as Boz's glasses of water were brought on and then taken off.
    Whalley Range -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @08:24AM (#232643)
    (User #16734 Info)
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  • what an awesome set-list.."if you don't like me"..a b-side that should have been an 'a" side.on the album dammit! that song, to hear live...and he puts "pigsty" near the end, fever pitch mania buildup.he better tour america 'cause i just can't wing over to south wales..
    fassbinder -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @09:14AM (#232653)
    (User #16366 Info |
    the duder.
  • Did anybody else think that the crowd was very flat apart from the first few rows of the front pit?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @09:20AM (#232655)
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  • For those unfamiliar with the promoters MCD, they have been blamed for the alleged failure of their security to prevent theft and tent-fires at Oxygen, and for silencing any negative criticism of them. They also promoted last night's gig.


    LEGAL THREAT: MCD stung by criticism

    Website is curbed in Oxegen row

    Evening Herald, 26th July 2006

    by Mark Hilliard

    MCD has sent a solicitor’s letter to a popular website after several users criticised conditions at the Oxegen music festival.

    Concert goers had flooded the site with numerous allegations relating to a range of anti-social incidents in the camp sites.

    But shortly after the contentious observations appeared, told its users that a legal communication had been received on behalf of the promoter warning against any further defamatory comments.

    The move sparked outrage and criticisms of MCD itself, leading the system administrator to completely close down all debate on the subject.

    An official posting simply stated that it was “closing this thread before it slips in the wrong direction.

    “Apologies to those who just want a good discussion, but despite being asked not to post any more (perceived) defamatory remarks about MCD and Oxegen they just keep coming.

    “Although I am not happy to do so, this thread is being closed with the best interests of this forum’s users and of the other 70,000 users of”

    The initial legal communication appeared mid-week and warned the system administrator against publishing any content that might be seen to be defamatory or libelous.

    It is unclear how accurate the criticisms were regarding the event but MCD were unhappy about it publication of material it deemed to be defamatory.

    A spokesperson for MCD said: “As this is an ongoing legal issue we have no comment to make.”

    Requests by users of for the publication of the original legal letter were treated with caution by the system administrator.

    It stated: “There is to be no discussion of MCD or Oxegen on this thread. Any poster who tries to discuss either will get a week’s ban and this thread will be locked.”

    But the move has in turn sparked furious debate.

    However, music industry sources have insisted that MCD have no difficulty with fair and balanced criticism and comment on events but that in this case the matter was sparked by very serious, unsubstantiated allegations.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @09:27AM (#232658)
  • I know I'm being spectacularly ignorant here, but "Human Being" from last night's show... it's a cover isn't it? And who did the original? I'm thinking someone like the New York Dolls. Please help!
    andyroo -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @09:42AM (#232662)
    (User #17262 Info)
  • Moz motioned to band to continue because there is a curfew in the Marley Park area which is a residential area. Also, rain was threatened and he wisely decided it would be better to get through the show without wasting time. Not a single drop of rain fell, and the running time of the concert did not feel in any way rushed, weighing in at a healthy 1 hour 40 minutes. The scuffle with the fan did not deflate the concert. I can see from this site why Moz complains about it. What a pack of moaning gits. It is easy to see why Morrissey fans get such a bad name. Thanks, ACTON
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @10:01AM (#232669)
  • Just now heard the same DJ who broadcast from Marlay last night say the 2FM backstage people assure him the setlist was changed 2 or 3 times, or about every half an hour. Not sure if this was during the day or having gone on stage.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @11:28AM (#232685)
  • Did anyone recognize the very circular monologue played during Morrissey’s intro, “he was the one, to be sure, that it was certain, and it was a great one…” on and on like that? Beckett, Flann O’ Brien…? Kristeen Young’s new single was played too.

    When The Dears came on at 5pm, they must have been disappointed by the sprinkling of people present, but on a working day, it’s understandable. Anyway they were amazingly good, with potential for the top. The Dandy Warhols and the Magic Numbers were also very impressive, though I thought the latter were out of sync for the first song or two, but then joyous. Both tapped almost immediately into the quickly growing audience. There had been a few rain showers, and it was windy and overcast, explaining Morrissey’s first comment. When talking about the poor single sales/availability in the shops, he also called himself “the world’s best loser” but then corrected this emphatically to “the world’s fastest loser”. He does enjoy the spot of hyperbole! While singing “In the Future”, he inserted “Julia” after “I thank you with all of my heart”. “We’ll Let You Know” was gorgeous, with Gary Day on double-bass which Morrissey picked up from the bottom for a minute or two while Gary in the lime-light, sawed away on it! He introduced Gary saying something like “3 and only but never a day lonely” (anyone know where that comes from?) Boz was “the mellow Boz Boorer”. This we surely knew!

    “Difficult child” was changed to “Fat little child” in “Born… ”During “Hero…” he inserted “haves cannot stand US have-nots”. He comedically added “anybody, after “Lee” in “Future”, (…‘please stand up and defend me’…) He began, slowly, one de-shirting in time with “someone you physically despise” in “Let me Kiss You”. Chatting with people who hadn’t seen him live before, their view was that he’s a compelling and outstanding musician, with his band, and that he looks more attractive now than he did in The Smiths era.

    I wonder if there isn’t a link between ‘my one true love under the ground’ and “Girlfriend in a Coma”. Before starting “Girlfriend”, he said that life proceeds but it doesn’t stop the heart plunging back. My Rogan book (The Severed Alliance) is on constant loan these days but seeing as I have it till tomorrow, see if these excerpts might be pieces in the puzzle:
    p. 83 - “Upon arrival [in New York 1976], the hot news on the television and in the press was the Karen Quinlan affair. The “Girl in a Coma” had been unconscious for over a year and was finally taken to a nursing home to die in peace without further resuscitation”.

    p. 68 – “[in 1973, schooldays] Morrissey met a girl named Angie, whom he accompanied to several shows and spent much time talking to on the telephone. “We were inseparable friends and shared a lot of secrets,” Morrissey explained.”

    p. 86 – “December 1976 was to prove one of the most devastatingly memorable and emotionally disruptive months of Morrissey’s life. Recently, he had heard some tragic news that threatened to shatter his cosseted world. Angie, the effervescent girl with whom he had attended concerts, confided in, written to, and frequently chatted with on the phone, was reportedly dying. After returning from Italy with her boyfriend at the end of the summer, she became ill and was taken to hospital. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday it was discovered that she had leukemia. Morrissey visited her in hospital on 5 December and was shaken by the encounter. The breezy, vivacious girl he had remembered was now a pale, thin, vulnerable shadow of herself. She had lost nearly four stone in as many months and seemed close to death…”

    Which brings me to myself briefly, because I went to ring a good friend of mine, who has been in and out of hospital for years due to a congenital heart condition, to arrange to visit him back in there today. His cousin answered his phone and said he’d passed away earlier. He had been, like that, an easygoing buddy who switched me onto esoteric subjects, despite his extremely limited mobility and participat
    goinghome -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @11:56AM (#232692)
    (User #12673 Info)
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  • Who dueted with Moz on Girlfriend in a Coma at Marlay Park?

    I like the combination of rough-around-the-edges London accent and Moz' dulcet tones. Must've been Bozman.

    Of course Alain used to do lots of backing vocals, but this has to be the first time Moz had one of the lads sing the first verse, no??

    I like the tracks I've heard so far. Just a slight touch of the shambolic. Sounds like Moz and the lads had a great day.
    king leer -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @12:19PM (#232697)
    (User #80 Info)
  • So what did the lads from the band get up to in the bar, were they mobbed by fans was it a Moz theme night? Darn it, I knew I should have gone in there for once!!!
    Whalley Range -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @01:04PM (#232705)
    (User #16734 Info)
  • There was a Moz lookalike in full tux talking to Boz and Jesse at the after show at Pravda, presumably the same guy mentioned by another poster. I agree, he did look great, and from the number of people taking his pic and shaking his hand you could be excused for thinking it was Morrissey himself (although he was a little bit shorter and looked younger). Did anyone else see him? Could someone post his pic?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday August 23 2006, @02:43PM (#232719)
  • does anyone out there think this is morrisseys last tour?
    Anonymous -- Thursday August 24 2006, @03:01AM (#232777)
  • and am a little surprised that one or two found the need to attack us. I've been to plenty of concerts where people have taken children of the same age.

    He did have ear protection by the way, just small disposable ones unlike the rather cool big yellow things that Murray's nipper had.

    And to accuse us of not being suitable to have a dog. I am shaking my head in disbelieve. Whoever wrote these comments obviously weren't among the many kind people who came and introduced themselves to us. They've obviously just assumed we're a joint anti-christ. Maybe you also noticed that my wife was heavily pregnant so I'm probably doubly bad for bringing her?

    Yep, our lad was exhausted, but it was the one night in his life that he's been out of bed after 8pm so it was hardly surprising.

    He's been talking about what a great night he had ever since too so there must be something to be said for life experience. Did the same people who are having a pop also notice him singing along to every song?

    ohglen -- Thursday August 24 2006, @07:50AM (#232817)
    (User #12046 Info)
  • I just noticed this on Hilarious!

    Identity crisis

    At Morrissey gig last night, Moz was finishing "Life is a pigsty" and the key boardist finished up by playing some of "Auld Lang Syne". At this point the girly behind me asked why he was playing the National Anthem....

    Overheard by Ol, Moz gig in Marley Park, Tuesday 22nd Aug
    Anonymous -- Friday August 25 2006, @02:44AM (#233003)
  • “Dreary dark sky, black clouds on the horizon; it must be Dublin”, set the scene for what I considered to be a cracking gig which offered great insight into where that great mind is at right now. Of course I am one of those fans who, if Moz emerged and read out entries from the phone book for 90 minutes, would be posting here to say how much I enjoyed it.

    I Don’t want to be repeating what has already been eloquently said (with a headfull of dread); here is a quick summary of what I found most interesting about Tuesday night.

    As always, the highlights are the Wildean inter-song stage quips:
      “You are bigger than I thought you would be; I have to say I felt very nervous arriving today to find that seven people had showed up”
    “I am the world’s best loser; no, I am the world’s fastest loser”

    Old langsyne – most melancholic moment of the night

    because you know that while most of the world associate that tune with happiness and renewal, Moz is associating it with another year of loneliness and despair.

    Cameras for sale at the back!

    proudly advertised despite the back of the ticket banning any cameras from being brought in (I checked the tiny writing at the back), I have never seen this before, but I don’t expect the unbranded funfilm that I bought to produce any quality photos or even suffer any exposure whatsoever, which might be part of the €10 scam.

    Morrissey’s reference to the Siobhán Kane article in Event Guide

    a great plug for her – does anyone know of her? After this endorsement by Morrissey, she can expect a bright future. I dug up an even guide and found her article very well written. She had an interesting take on the breakup of the Smiths, which she saw as the real opportunity to him to shine, which was a perspective I hadnt read before. Moz’z remark was a backhanded compliment, in that he refused to refer to the event guide by name, and referred to it as something thrown out for free, which no-one wanted. I googled her, but found nothing beyond the event guide. I think we can expect to hear more of Siobhán in higher circulation publications in future, after being plucked from obscurity by someone so respected for his own take on journalism, even if it was a little self-serving to mention this article.

    Moz’s bitterness that the new Single still not available in Dublin record shops – I checked quickly at lunchtime yesterday in the city centre and couldn’t find it.

    5 Moz shirts thrown into the crowd – is this a record?

    How soon is now with a very dramatic ending – but no encore – I was disappointed by that, (though the explaination offered in one of the threads above makes sense) but my main thought was – what would Johnny Marr have thought of the dramatic version of what was very much “his” song?

    Boz waving from the balcony of Marlay house before the gig; and the silhouette of what appeared to be Morrissey thoughtfully peering out at the crowd, with hindsight now, possibly worried about the turnout.

    The new album ROTT, which I initially found to be like KillUncle, made a lot more sense live.

    Unsuitable, hairy, sartorially challenged support acts. I am sure that perhaps at least the Magic Numbers would have been very strong on a different night, but before a Moz gig, which is all about glam and subtlety, I didn’t want to be blasted out by a bearded guy in sneakers. With all three support bands pumping out more decibels than the main act, and serving up casual, loud rock music, it was like being served vinadloo as a starter in a restaurant when you are looking forward to the main course.

    bouncers – why does Moz not hire his own?

    They ignored a spaced out drunk who was bouncing off everyone in full view of bouncers in the second pit by the second barrier, but went OTT when a fun loving girl dared to go on the shoulders of her friend. They shone torchlights menacingly in her face, which to her credit, encouraged her all the more to enjoy the limelight. I looked in disbelief as not one, but four bou
    vinyl45rpm -- Friday August 25 2006, @05:08AM (#233020)
    (User #17265 Info)
  • can anyone steer me in the right direction for sharing my pics on here??
    ive tried, but they go to the gallery section!!
    jinny <[email protected]> -- Friday August 25 2006, @09:07AM (#233045)
    (User #15873 Info)
  • I was positioned at front when Moz threw his last (fifth?) shirt - there was a crash of whiskey drenched 6foot9 Dubs behind who started a mini-riot (after spending much of the gig shouting requests over every Moz interim patter) - Needless to say they knocked everyone in the vicinity sideways - completely over the top. In my opinion, bouncers did great job calming the situation and hopefully returned to the gang back to their bedsit in Harold's Cross.

    Chatty Moz a pleasure - next time, we'll ply on the St. Tropez and hope the Island invests in a few heat lamps & plastic palm trees for the Messiah’s return.....
    Dorrissey! -- Sunday August 27 2006, @06:10AM (#233252)
    (User #17286 Info)
    Giving Sugar, Given Salt.
  • Does anyone have videos of the show?
    Wicked_Fairy -- Sunday August 27 2006, @05:43PM (#233329)
    (User #17112 Info)
  • I enjoyed the whole gig. Moz, the band, and the audiences were amazing. I felt Ringleader- was a truly great album. I was very happy to sing-along almost all the songs...

    After the gig, I met 4 nice Spanish fans and went to aftershow party with them. (Does anyone see this comment? Hi ya!) The party was so much fun and it was an unfogettable night. I was singing and dancing a lot. Thanks for all the mates who chatted with a strange girl from the Far-East. I will see you in far off places again :-)
    riek in a coma -- Monday August 28 2006, @07:20AM (#233430)
    (User #16399 Info |
    "Let me hear your last good-bye, I know, it's serious."
  • second moz gig i met a second set of lovely people.though there wern't many there at the start i was suprised everyone was chatty two girls from longford aoife and marie were holding a tricolour saying thank you they were lovely they couldn't understand why abrakebabra were only selling veggie burgers.and lois bequiffed girl with the best peircings i've seen in my life from england.the bouncers were nice they looked bored when the support were on but i did see some subtle head bobbing when moz was on.the bouncers took pictures for us and every thing allthough every photo was dark except one of aoife,marie,lois and i which is all well and good but i was hoping for the ones of moz topless but thats life.
    did anyone else think the dandy warhols were awful?
    i saw this family of moz fans it was lovely the little girl and boy were singing along.
    i was at the front that fella that jumped got a fair doing.
    did you notice that moz threw his shirts only towards the his left i got very frustrated in the end.
    hes very toned for his age.
    jebuschrist -- Friday September 22 2006, @05:13AM (#235304)
    (User #16979 Info)
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