posted by davidt on Monday November 27 2006, @02:00PM
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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Ganglord / William, It Was Really Nothing / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Dear God, Please Help Me / Let Me Kiss You / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / In The Future When All's Well / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Girlfriend In A Coma / Irish Blood, English Heart / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / The National Front Disco // Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

setlist provided by DeliciousDemon
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  • Does anyone know the setlist or the picture on the backdrop. Did he do any songs or remark between songs?
    Anonymous -- Monday November 27 2006, @04:31PM (#240953)
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  • Dont remember the exact sequence, but these are ALL of the 20 songs Moz performed a couple of hours ago...

    Panic (He opened the show with it)
    First of the gang to die
    William it was really nothing...
    You have killed me
    The youngest was the most loved
    Everyday is like Sunday
    Let me kiss you
    I will see you in far off places
    Dear God please help me
    Girlfriend in a coma
    In the future when all's well
    I've changed my plea to guilty
    Life is a pigsty
    National Front Disco
    Irish blood english heart
    How soon is now?
    Please please please, let me...
    I just want to see the boy happy (The End)
    Anonymous -- Monday November 27 2006, @05:10PM (#240956)
  • I never realised he was as old as my Dad.
    Strange thing.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 27 2006, @05:28PM (#240962)
  • They seem to have shut the snores on that one too.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 27 2006, @05:36PM (#240963)
  • May we have the generic name?

    "John Innes Compost"
    Anonymous -- Monday November 27 2006, @05:45PM (#240965)
  • Setlist and backdrop (Score:2, Informative)

    To the first poster in this thread:

    Setlist was the same as in Athens (in a slightly different order),
    this is the backdrop []

    basten -- Tuesday November 28 2006, @12:53AM (#240977)
    (User #1478 Info)
  • what he said.. (Score:2, Informative)

    -He entered shouting 'Vassanistirio! Vassanistirio! Vassanistirio!! in a perfect geek accent (it means torture in greek) which was very funny!
    -he was in a very good mood, constantly joking with the crowd, very fit and quite charming for his age if i may say so..
    -he joked about us greeks having all these ancient monuments whereas the brits have only prince charles, prince william and camilla, and he made a gesture as in firing a shotgun after mentioning their names.
    - he said he cried when he saw our city filled with posters about the gig, with his name spelled wrong (sad but true -> morrisey), whereas the kaiser chiefs, who are playing the same venue in a few days, were spelled correctly. Maybe next time, was his comment
    -i wish i could figure out what he said before the n.f. disco "because old ghosts ....????.." if somebody heard please share with us. (i also noticed he didn't quite pronounce the word 'front' at all throughout the song.. or am i wrong?)
    -he talked about the new single, and he even held and showed the actual 7'' picture disc, something that annoyed (?) some people i know, but not at all me.
    -he passed the mic to julia, who asked him 'how are you?' and he went on to say, that he's fine, and constantly surprised he's still alive and doing this, you know all these things he says in interviews (personally i think it was staged between them)
    -throughout please,please,please... he changed 'get what i want' to 'have who i want'.
    -The club was packed (actually david it's called "Principal", Pili Axiou was the club that was first announced, but that later changed), despite the expensive price (60$), let's not forget that ROTT was a #1 album in Greece,and the poster was not pazolini, but an old lady with a little girl on the background.
    -biggest cheer : panic, first of the gang, everyday is like sunday
    -i only wish i had my camera with me..
    -i was so happy after the gig that when i found the ass**** who threw his beer on me on purpose during the first song, i just gave him a pat on the shoulder and told him 'that wasn't nice, but i forgive you..'
    mozzergr -- Tuesday November 28 2006, @09:25AM (#241002)
    (User #8321 Info)
  • I found this gem of an interview on Google. Morrissey muses about choosing setlists, living in Rome, being offered $5 million to reform the Smiths, and just being happy. 7080192346&q=Morrissey+duration%3Along
    shiftlessbody -- Tuesday November 28 2006, @04:40PM (#241040)
    (User #15417 Info)
    hold onto your friends
  • Moz "Your t shirt is very impressive!"
    fan "Thank you!"
    Moz "So ... you remember!"
    fan "Yes! I remember!"
    Moz "I don^t remember..."

    Did anybody saw the guy with the t shirt?
    What was it?
    MozAlina -- Wednesday November 29 2006, @12:36AM (#241055)
    (User #17778 Info)
  • ... can be found in the forum 2728&postcount=1

    Tried to remember everything but, obviously, couldn't. To that person who asked what he said before National Front Disco, he said something like "Old song, old ghost" referring to the press hassle he had over it.

    Full setlist is also there.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 29 2006, @04:31AM (#241062)
  • i have posted some photos from the gig at my profile in, which is :athanas13

    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 29 2006, @06:08PM (#241092)
  • Have you noticed they're playing the entire William it was really nothing EP? I wonder what brought that on?
    Maybe by the time they reach London, they could add Nowhere Fast, which first appeared at the same time...
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 30 2006, @01:18PM (#241139)
  • Oh man!

    Sometimes my friends ask me what's the big deal about Morrissey. They should have seen me on that night. I was like a 16 year old girl in her favorite boy band gig. I was too late for the concert somehow but when I stepped into the venue I realized that the majority were relaxing around the bar and looking cool. I belonged to the minority and immidiately took my place on the first row. Well, second let's say. It was Julia in front of me. To be behind Julia is like to be behind Pope in a church you know:)
    We met in Athens gig in 99. She was selling magazine in front of the venue that year. So we talked a little. She said It would be her 352th concert. Anyway during the concert I knew this Julia thing would happen so I couldn't decide If It is good or not to stand there.
    After the first song Mozz untied his funny little red tie and put it in his pocket.
    Before the third song so it must be Youngest Mozz said 'The song is all about me'.
    He showed us the his new single in 7" format. "Nobody cares but I do" he said. After I've changed my plea came "You manic depressives"
    I got mad in Everyday is like Sunday. It is the main reason why I was there really. I even got madder in National Front Disco. In 1993 I remember myself lying on bed and listening to the song on the radio and thinking how beatiful life is. Our Mozzalini eventually gave the mic to Julia. She asked "how are you?" The answer was "I am living my life day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. I can be here and I can be there"(showing somewhere on the stage)
    In between songs where the clock stopped for a while he said " There is a friend coming from Istanbul" He was probably mentioning about me:)
    And one last thing: This song Life's a Pigsty. Write down the lyrics (you already know)and compare other lyrics written in 21st century. Altogether they won't make one verse of this song. It's why Morrissey is still million light years far away from the others in terms of songwriting. He is a poet and others are just lyricists.
    mozzrules -- Friday December 01 2006, @05:14AM (#241184)
    (User #14645 Info)
  • here it is.. best opening line EVER!
    mozzergr -- Friday December 01 2006, @12:47PM (#241213)
    (User #8321 Info)
  • if people have no news , could they refrain from posting shite on here please.

    Anonymous -- Monday November 27 2006, @03:42PM (#240944)
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  • if people have no name, could they refrain from posting shite on here please.

    Desert Pilot -- Monday November 27 2006, @03:49PM (#240946)
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