posted by davidt on Saturday December 02 2006, @04:00PM
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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Ganglord / William, It Was Really Nothing / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Dear God, Please Help Me / Let Me Kiss You / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / In The Future When All's Well / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Girlfriend In A Coma / Irish Blood, English Heart / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / The National Front Disco // Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

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  • The Set List (Score:3, Informative)

    Here's the set then, Kats and Kittens:

    First Of The Gang To Die
    The Youngest Was The Most Loved
    You Have Killed Me
    William, It Was Really Nothing
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Dear God, Please Help Me
    Let Me Kiss You
    I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
    In The Future When All's Well
    I Will See You In Far-off Places
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Life Is A Pigsty
    How Soon Is Now?
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    The National Front Disco

    Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Saturday December 02 2006, @04:30PM (#241296)
    (User #10687 Info)
    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • Exquisite as usual. (Score:2, Informative)

    Just got home from the gig, I live about 2 minutes away from the venue... Wonderful range of songs (all the ones that have been played in Mexico, Chicago etc, but was nice to hear some that I've never seen live) and a great crowd (on the most part). The atmosphere when he came on was fantastic (which was certainly an achievement becaue the venue was horrible!), made you feel happy to be a Morrissey fan! Everyone seemed just really happy to be there (except when some people in front of me nearly started a fight, but it was soon resolved!)

    Some things he said between songs that I can remember:

    'you know, many people have compared my life to spilt milk..' (before 'Disappointed')

    'I really don't know why you like me... I mean, I've never won a Brit award.'

    'The next song is called 'Everyday is like Dundee'

    He aso mentioned something about the Academy being smelly, like someone had died backstage and not been buried.

    Best songs were 'Disappointed', 'The National Front Disco', 'Dear God Please Help Me', @please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want', 'I Will See You In Far Off Places'... I really liked how the slower songs were treated too, the band really made 'I've Changed My Plea To Guilty' more dramatic, kind of like how 'Trouble Loves Me' Was on the last tour. Also great to see the gong being used alot again!

    The bit after 'Life is a Pigsty' where Mikey plays Auld Lang Syne on piano was gorgeous.

    Same videos as I have seen people talk about before between Kristeen Young and Morrissey.

    I know the importance of the colour of the shirts, so I think it went blue (with light blue tie), brown, white, and a curious shade of yellow - or as my friend described it, 'nicotine stained'.

    All in all a wonderful gig, very very excited for Manchester in 3 weeks!

    Claire x
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 02 2006, @04:33PM (#241298)
  • Hey... we got separated. I'm OK, I just sort of... collapsed and threw up. :D I'm alright now though. God, that was absolutely insane.

    Please tell your mum thanks for looking after me and telling that Swedish bastard off. :P

    Wanna send me your email address or summat?

    I had fun defacing little girls with you anyway.


    Amatis -- Saturday December 02 2006, @04:46PM (#241302)
    (User #15063 Info)
  • Did someone hit him with a bottle at one point? Can't remember what song - the one he plays tambourine on at the end. Or did I just imagine that?
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 02 2006, @05:23PM (#241310)
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  • He asked if the audience saw and liked his performance on the Russell Brand show and asked what the crowd what they thought of Russell which was met with boos. "Is it cause he's Southern, I see your point... but he's lovely, give him a chance". Julia was mentioned quite a few times (yawn), in one part he asked the audience if he knew who the man on the backdrop was and he complained to Julia that they didn't.

    It seems that since the November shows he's basically had a static setlist, with only "Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice" played in Mexico and the order being shuffled being the only difference.. I thought "Daddy's Voice" was about to be played until I heard it was "In The Future When All Is Well" anyway, quite unusual not for him to change the setlists.

    It was very good of course, a lot better than the May(?) shows. I was very surprised and pleased he did "Dear God, Please Help Me", the absence of that stuck out like a sore thumb last time and I thought it was too personal for him to do live. "I've Changed My Plea" was simply glorious. It all went by very quickly and seemed quite short.
    MozzarellaFitzgerald -- Saturday December 02 2006, @05:38PM (#241314)
    (User #17801 Info)
  • ...But there was nothing humdrum about tonight's performance.

    After a week of terrible storms and torrential rain, the skies finally cleared as we made our way up the M80 to Glasgow. The clouds clearing, the moon making an appearance, and a few stars shining above the SECC.
    But in truth...there was only one star who shone tonight...and HE was inside the SECC.

    By the time we got inside, after the confusathon of the SECC car park, Kirsteen Barry was already half way through her set. I didn't really know much about Ms. Barry before tonight, but I fairly enjoyed her blend of Joanna Newsom-meets-Tori Amos-meets-GirlsRiseWithHeat-meets-The White Stripes. I think I may check out more of her stuff.

    Then comes the pre-show Film-fest. Upon a large draped screen we watch some footage of Sacha Distel, The NY Dolls, Brigitte Bardot, random Eurovison pap, James Dean screen-tests and a strange drag act doing a drunken spiel on The 12 Days Of Christmas. As black and white footage of David Johansen smoking a 'marijuana cigarette'(his words!) appears...the screen falls...

    Cue the screaming...

    The butterflies start going berserk in my stomach, my heart starts thumping...Oh God, one of these days it's going to give out at this moment. I'm up on my tiptoes, craning furiously to see...Where is HE? A discordant piano starts playing...then I see the instantly recognisable silhouette...HE's Here!!! He is in a blue shirt with a blue tie(or maybe a cravat) He seems to be smoking a fake cigarette or maybe sucking a lollipop. My arms shoot up...I involuntarily let loose a bellow of joy...I'm swept forward with the crowd.

    Morrissey: "Good evening. We are the Royal Scots Dragoon Guardsmen" (Huge cheer)

    Panic: The first chord strikes...Oh shit, I wasn't ready...I go flying backwards...some good souls stop me from falling. Everyone's going bonkers. No time to rest though, for it's straight into...
    First Of The Gang To Die: Oh YES!!! We're all bouncing. This song just never diminishes. I finally get a good look at the band...they're all dressed in matching blue uniforms...part snooker-player, part Mariachi band
    Morrissey: " Very see your...attitudes".
    The Youngest Was The Most Loved: Another stormer. If this keeps up I'm going to need oxygen. The audience chorale on the line 'There is no such thing in life as normal' is a joy to behold.
    You Have Killed Me: Did I hear right, or did he sing 'Pasolini is me' instead of 'Visconti is me' on the first line? My shirt's soaked already, my quiff's flopped down into my eyes. I'll never keep this up.
    Morrissey: "The rhumba...the conga...the samba...these boys will play anything(pointing to the band). Please, knock your knees together for Boz Boorer, for Gary Day, for Matt Walker, for Jesse Tobias(huge cheer!), and for Michael Farrel. life has often been compared to spilt milk...(cue Bo Diddley stomp of...)
    Disappointed: Oh my lord! What a performance. The cravat is thrown away, the shirt ripped open, the chest bared. God, this song is fantastic!!! He changes the old live line "All your friends and your foes would rather die than ever have to shag you" to "ever have to sleep with you". This is one of the highlights. No question.
    Ganglord: Not a huge fan of the recorded version of this, but another potent, bruising, swollen triumph.
    Morrissey: "We came back here because we found the [Glasgow] Academy to be a little too smelly. You agree? I swear...I think Molly Weir had died backstage and they'd forgotten to bury her".
    William, It Was Really Nothing: could almost swoon. The first falsetto of the night. Note perfect, of course.
    Everyday Is Like Sunday: Shorn of the 'Subway Train' intro, this has gathered a bit of pace and is no longer so weedy and leaden. God this is such a brilliant song. The swaying arms and bellowing voices authenticate this. U2 can call their greatest hits package '18 Singles' if they want...Morrissey is delivering 58 singles...everyone a gem
    Morrissey: "That song was calle
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Saturday December 02 2006, @06:04PM (#241319)
    (User #10687 Info)
    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
    santa -- Saturday December 02 2006, @06:38PM (#241320)
    (User #17802 Info)
  • What a great night! Morrissey and the band were on super top form and were clearly having fun. The newly added songs were a joy to hear, with Disappointed being a highlight. The full band version of I've Changed My Plea To Guilty was also very good.

    The Smiths' tunes sounded a bit weedy, the truth be told, with the exception of Panic, which was AWESOME, and has well and truly usurped First Of The Gang To Die as Morrissey's best opening tune.

    Everyday Is Like Sunday sounded sublime and was probably the best received song of the night. Morrissey should always have this in his set-list, surely.

    My home town (Dundee) was mentioned twice tonight. The first time, in Panic, and secondly when Morrissey claimed Everyday Is Like Sunday used to be called Everyday Is Like Dundee. The Swine!!!

    McMoz -- Saturday December 02 2006, @07:04PM (#241322)
    (User #15881 Info)
  • I'm afraid I have to agree about Moz's voice being a bit dodgy too.He seemed to struggle holding some high notes and,from my place in the front row,judging by his grimaces he too knew he wasn't on top form vocally.He aslo seemed pretty unhappy with the sound(unsurprisingly as the SECC acoustics are atrocious).
    For me this gig,rather echoed the SECC performance 2 years ago.After a great tour on top form playing smaller venues throughout the summer when his vocal range and energy levels were boundless,he then plays these souless sheds at the end of the year and seems tired.Dear God Please Help Me ,in particular,seemed to be a step too far for his voice last night.
    Highlight for me was Ganglord which Moz seemed really to go for.
    Also,"william" and "girlfriend" sound leaden compared to The Smiths versions...i think live they sorely miss Marr's inspired guitar work.Not sure,why he;s bothering with these songs as they are great as Smiths records but just don't suit the current band.
    One last thing,can't remember which song it was...but at the intro he seemed to chastise Mikey.He called to Mikey and Mikey's face looked like he had been given a row by his dad!
    I hope Moz has a long rest after Christmas and becomes rejuvenated in 2007/8.
    snapyou -- Sunday December 03 2006, @02:39AM (#241339)
    (User #17804 Info)
  • play their own songs very well and are a strong live band, but their versions of Smiths tunes are by and large leaden and inferior.

    Time and again they demonstrate that, in this respect, Marr is in a league above them.

    Viva Marr!
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 03 2006, @02:54AM (#241341)
    • Re:The Lads by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 03 2006, @04:35AM
    • Re:The Lads by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 03 2006, @02:28PM
    • Re:The Lads by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 03 2006, @04:12PM
      • Re:The Lads by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday December 04 2006, @02:39PM
  • 1. You have a personal hygiene issue
    2. Thanks very much for giving everyone around you a running commentary on the likely set-list and running order. I would have been really pi**ed off if I didn't know what was coming up next.
    3. Thanks for singing every word loudly into my ear - I thought Moz's voice was a bit off so it was really great to have your lovely singing voice replacing his
    4. Thanks for puncturing the lovely silence when Michael was playing "Auld Lang Syne" by hollering every single word
    5. In short, cretins like you make me wanna stay indoors and watch XFactor
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 03 2006, @07:58AM (#241362)
  • Queuing system was an absolute fucking shambles. What's this about people who arrive early saving places for three or four of their mates? Out of order, that is. What is the actual point of having the list (I was number 19 by the way, arrived at 11am)? They just opened the doors and anyone who had just arrived ran in. Then we were let in in rows, no order whatsoever.

    Me and another girl had been queueing for 8 hours, yet people who had arrived at 5 or 6 got onto the barrier while we didn't. Blind bloody luck so it is. Having a quick glance along the row of people at the barrier from the second/third row, I recognised about five people who had been there all day.

    Oh, and thank you to the Swedes who wouldn't let my short friend to the front, elbowed her mum in the back, and continually jostled me before the gig even started so that I lost my place. Tallest bloke in the place pushing a 16 year old kid. Nice. The drunk cunt who repeatedly pulled my hair deserves a mention also, I feel.

    I didn't have high expectations for the SECC; the sound is notoriously bad. It really is a giant shed. Yes, they can herd a good few thousand punters in, but for fuck's sake, Morrissey should mean more than that. Despite the far superior setlist last night, the intimacy of the Greenock gig in April still goes unchallenged. Come on Moz, there's more to it than getting arses in seats.

    And what was with the pat down before we were allowed in? Security told us it was very unorthodox and had been specially requested by the artist. Que?

    Genuine thanks to the nurse woman who asked if I was alright and the first aider who told me about the Low cover of 'Last Night I Dreamt...' and the real story of how The Smiths got their name while I was vomiting in the little cardboard thingy.
    Amatis -- Sunday December 03 2006, @08:44AM (#241366)
    (User #15063 Info)
  • I'd never been to a Morrissey concert before last night. OH MY GOD it was AMAZING. It was like some bizarre religious cult of worshippers, and I was more than happy to be one of them. :D
    LetMeKissYou -- Sunday December 03 2006, @10:17AM (#241377)
    (User #17808 Info)
  • Reading half of these comments, there are some right miserable cunts in Glasgow it seems! I think you'd better off staying indoors with your CDs than attending actual gigs, dears.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 03 2006, @10:24AM (#241378)
  • Anyone else's really pissed off re the stupid parking arrangements? Namely, pay on the way out?!?!!?? - a pure free for all and dangerous to boot.

    Took the shine off.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 03 2006, @11:31AM (#241387)
  • Had a great night at the SECC!
    I can see the point made above about the queue system. I did arrive at 5:30 and found myself right in the second row in the centre although i did join the queue as soon as I arrived.
    Credit to the French lady in the hat next to me who started shouting at the guy jumping to a dangerous level during william. Clearly a cretin who only came for the smiths tunes. That caused my trousers to slide down below my arse, something i couldnt fix until the end.

    Morrissey's voice seemed a bit more strained than earlier in the year but still a decent performance. The recent additions were the highlights for me- disappointed, guilty and of course, national front disco!
    And just to clarify, when a Scotsman sings "England for the English!" he means it in the dismissive "they can have their smelly country" kind of way, its nothing to do with us.

    My second Moz gig after the academy earlier in the year and because of the better setlist, far more enjoyable. Thanks Moz!
    whoiseuan -- Sunday December 03 2006, @12:16PM (#241398)
    (User #16506 Info)
  • Just back in Manchester after world's worst stormy flight back from Glasgow. A good gig but hardly a great one in comparison with many previous ones on this tour. Morrissey was in playful mood but seemed detached from the crowd in a way that is ineveitable in aircraft hangars like this. Gig didn't sell out so black drapes were hung around the empty seats and areas. Dear God please help me was sublime and worth the entrance many alone. Curiously Moz's voice went during the closing and higher passages of Pigsty. The crowd helped him out but he missed several lines and seemed really pissed off. His voice then became much louder in the mix as the sound desk tried to over-compensate, with Moz then saying clearly "Too much vocal" twice. One of those interesting moments of the gig. He finished no problem with lower register songs. Just goes to show he is human after all, maybe we all expect too much. To deliver such amazing vocal performances as he does every night is inspiring. Enjoy the rest of the tour. Germany is going to rock!!!
    collo -- Sunday December 03 2006, @02:23PM (#241410)
    (User #16343 Info)
  • Hearing "National" and then "Please Please" brought tears to my eyes. I was crying - and I'm a male 32 years old. It was F++++++ great. Moz is the best.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 03 2006, @02:40PM (#241412)
  • Of course one could view last night as being a triumph of voice over circumstance. And as I was the one doing the viewing, I’ll confirm this. As this being the arena jaunt of his tour, it was so clearly full of those who would go to a concert for the drink as opposed to seeing the artist. And an artist he is, displaying a high tone of pop’s past on projector, as the stage was set. Unfortunately, this was played alongside an ill chorus of disjointed Morrissey chanting. Surely, some sort of rehearsal could have been arranged for this sort of thing. There were the obligatory – ‘what the fuck is this shit’ and the non-threatening, verging on desperate – ‘come on Morrissey, hurry the fuck up’. Alas, high hopes of this being a great gig were quickly dashed.

    Obviously there is no point in rehashing the event’s proceedings. But to those who say his vocals weren’t great, you are so clearly wrong and were obviously in seats or in need of a hearing aid. It’s unfortunate to think that in giving it his all and coming to the fore after his terrible performance on the Brand experience, that it’s still not good enough. The reason why it felt lacklustre was because the crowd created this. It was a terrible atmosphere from the get-go and something that could never really have improved after he was hit in the face and had beer thrown at him. Still he was the model of dignity, singing with such empayhy, as his life depended on it and well, let’s face, it did when you looked at the toothless thugs in the crowd. It was both embarrassing and remarkable that he gave such a strong performance after all this nonsense. There was no love to be had from the crowd with one woman behind me screaming that ‘we didn’t come here to hear you speak’ – and also ‘get on with the songs’. It was just so desperate and depressing, that to think of all the previous camaraderie that has been shared throughout the years of seeing Morrissey, was left in a puddle of beer in the middle of this vast nothing.

    There was no passion from the idiots, only bad singing, wrong words and way too much hostility. ‘Dear God, Please Help Me’ was spoken through, ‘National Front Disco’ and 'Ganglord' met with bemusement’ and ‘Please, Please’ with the wrong words. There really was no point, no reason to suggest that this was anything but a mistake and one that can never be rectified if the same idiots cling on to the Smiths for a bit of position. The Smiths are dead, the need to feel otherwise is not required, just the love of music, the respect to fellow concertgoers. We are all of one. We were all there to see Morrissey, not to indulge in nostalgia or a piss-up.

    Alas, this will fall on angry ears but I just hate when people suggest it is the real fans who ruin the experience. When people feel it is those who queue all day that somehow contribute to the general way of things. It’s not. It’s the drunks, the people who arrive five minutes before stage time and feel they deserve to be at the front, to sing those Smiths songs, to allow for their Meat is Murder t-shirt to seen on the rack. This is of boring insignificance but it was not Morrissey who ruined the show, it was the fans.

    Anonymous -- Sunday December 03 2006, @04:04PM (#241419)
  • It's completely ridiculous to think you'll always get way down the front purely because you stand there for so many hours. I'm not meaning to get on the wrong side of people but I parked the car at the SECC at half nine in the morning then went up town and did shopping. When I came back at half six there was so much queueing, I intentionally didn't queue. It's not a first come first serve basis. I can't see why everyone just can't enjoy themselves. Oh and a sidenote - to all those fucking idiots telling him to 'shut up and sing' (oh the irony) why even go to the oncert. If you want to just hear the songs, put the cd in and let us bloody enjoy the concert in peace together.
    matt_taylor85 -- Monday December 04 2006, @07:16AM (#241465)
    (User #17810 Info)
  • I can see both sides of the argument but alas, ultimately life isn't fair.

    I used to love being down the front but not so much now... I tend to get about 6 rows back from the stage (without queuing all day) and find this reasonable enough. UK gigs are bound to be more physical. If you're that concerned go and see Moz in Holland where our Dutch colleagues have a more relaxed approach to gigs.

    But I would never moan about people pushing in front of me cos othered queuing up for 10 hours or something. Theres pubs to visit if you're on an away day and the booze assists in ensuring that you'll get near the front!!! Although I am not an aggressive drunk, more the BArry John type!! Twinkle toed... sliding through the crowds!

    I always rememebr Blackpool 2004 and a girl moaning at me about pushing in. I said in the least patronising voice possible, "Is this your first Morrissey concert?" She replied in the affirmative.

    I then said, "You do realise that it can get pretty manic up here and I guarantee you won't be standing there when he comes on."

    I think she thought I was joking. Two songs later shes being pulled out of the crowd by security as she fainted! Ho hum.

    Anonymous -- Monday December 04 2006, @08:30AM (#241472)
  • does anyone have any pictures from the gig please??
    i'm desperate.

    email me: [email protected]

    Anonymous -- Monday December 04 2006, @11:17AM (#241497)
  • Did anyone see some fat cunt with a big German flag? I've never come across someone so selfish in my life, he stood there all night with it and kept blocking my girlfriends view. This man ruined our gig, it was the first time we have even seen Morrissey live and this guy totally ruined it for us both.

    Anonymous -- Monday December 04 2006, @11:19AM (#241498)
  • There were too many lyric changes to remember but my favourite was in Far Off Places where "I will close my eyes forever" became "I will shut my mouth forever".
    not sorry -- Monday December 04 2006, @11:50AM (#241502)
    (User #14977 Info)
  • Glasgow was one of the best (recent) Moz gigs I've been to. Great setlist, good crowd - at the front anyway - and Moz seemed in good spirits.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 04 2006, @03:26PM (#241539)
  • as noticed on the lines above (and between) there where some disagreements before the show started. i (probably one of the mentioned swedes) met the mother and her daughter before the show and, no, things weren't that nice (communication never runs smooth when there's more than 2 people involved). obviously, i never intended to put an elbow in her back, but, as you know, there might be a little bit hard to stand still, on spot, when there's a couple of hundreds/thousands around you (some of them drunk), sometimes pushing/pulling in different directions. i also talked to the mother and her daughter after the show (during which i helped them over the fence when they realised it was too hard to remain in the front) and i think, and really hope, that they understood i never wanted to offend or harm them, but just wanted to tell them that things might be a bit ruff and that they might consider their choice of place to stand. and i truly felt sorry for 'the daughter' who almost got her neck cut by people pulling moz shirt, obviously don't giving a shit about the girl almost being strangled by it.

    i really don't know about you're queing system, but back in sweden we usually stand in line, and then head upfront when doors open. if there is space left infront, people will go there and fill up the space (as logical as every materialist analysis).

    ps. personally, i don't know about swedes offending the barstaff, i never went there. though it sounds 'swedish'.
    johannes -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @12:44AM (#241591)
    (User #15840 Info)
  • Hope the two year album and tour cycle starts all over again!

    On a side note... this BBC Living Icon thing...

    I'm sure many of you know this, but if you delete your internet cookies after you vote for Morrissey, you have the ability to vote again and subsequently as many times as you wish. All you need to do is delete the cookies after every vote.

    To save time put a short cut to your cookies on your desktop along with a shortcut to the BBC site itself and just flit between the two - voting every few seconds. I've voted countless times today already.

    It's cheating but the Maccas will be doing it too!

    TT (Still hoarse from SECC)
    Tottenham Tom -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @06:40AM (#241618)
    (User #11165 Info)
    "I don't sound like nobody"
  • Haggis is homicide!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 02 2006, @11:30PM (#241333)
  • Thats not vert lady like of you, dear.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 04 2006, @05:01AM (#241446)
  • The "Indie wars"? I trust you are being ironic in some way?

    or are you just being a bit of a nob?
    jonnya -- Monday December 04 2006, @01:29PM (#241515)
    (User #15032 Info)
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