posted by davidt on Monday December 04 2006, @04:00PM
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  • Where's my bloody set list information. Run home people, i must know i must know!!
    anotherordinaryboy -- Monday December 04 2006, @04:35PM (#241557)
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    Let me get my hands on your mammary glands....
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  • Fine show (Score:2, Informative)

    Set list was as expected. Moz was in a very chatty mood. First comment was "You see. I can sing. I can.I can.I can.I can.I can." He later talked about how someone on telly had said that they hatd him. Turned out to be Bill Oddie. A very humorous repsote follwed with things like, "He is obsessed with great tits" and "He crawls around in bushes looking for small animals to mate with", Later on he talked about buying his house and using the same lavatory. Towards the end he asked someone how they afforded to go to every show (not julia - hurrah!) and demanded an answer. When none was forthcoming he said "Well you have had long enough!". Great show. Sound was very good , which is VERY unusual for the arena. Looking forward to manchester.
    jonnus -- Monday December 04 2006, @04:50PM (#241563)
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  • Setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    The setlist was the following songs:

    Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Ganglord / William, It Was Really Nothing / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Dear God, Please Help Me / Let Me Kiss You / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / In The Future When All's Well / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Girlfriend In A Coma / Irish Blood, English Heart / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / The National Front Disco // Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

    and I'm fairly certain in that order too.

    He cut National Front Disco short with somthing like "in the words of Kristeen Young, 'this is the end' " but then came back for "Please Please Please..."
    PaulDee -- Monday December 04 2006, @04:57PM (#241566)
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  • ... that he cocked up during National Front Disco. He said, "I will see you in close places" and went to make his exit. He then realised that there was still the last verse to sing and had missed his cue. In true Moz style he said, "As Kristeen Young said, this is the end" - the band continued to play and he said "You can stop now", which they promptly did - mid song. I thought we might have been in for another Gateshead Sage strop, but thankfully not. He may have even smiled about it ...
    jonnus -- Monday December 04 2006, @04:57PM (#241567)
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  • Morrissey was really at his best, he was very talkative and the setlist was great. The audience on the other hand was the worst i have ever seen! i was 3 rows from the front and everyone near me was mostly nauseating couples, if i was to jump or enjoy myself i was i looked at like i was a piece of shit. Each couple looked like they had just left Toni and Guy and were worried about getting they newly straightened hair sweaty. Whenever he said anything the people behind me would just shout the most awful insults they could think off. Tonight was about my 14th morrissey gig and i am sure he wont bother coming to north east again as they really is no point, it was relatively empty and he seemed to be underwhelmed by the audience. On the upside the couples weren't that interested in his shirt so i got the whole of his collar! I have got tickets for the Saturday in Manchester which is bound to be a whole different story as its always a great atmosphere when he plays Manchester.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 04 2006, @04:58PM (#241568)
  • Tremendous concert there, always good to see a public cussing of perpetual idiot Bill Oddie. Pathetic range of merchandise though, does anyone really want a cheap Morrissey-branded money clip?

    Also, anyone know why some guy was ejected from Block 103 during "How Soon Is Now?" One second I was watching the stage, the next I see this fellow being dragged away by security. Seemed random.
    nWo -- Monday December 04 2006, @04:59PM (#241569)
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  • was a good gig but not fantastic ! all things considered post "sage" it went ok . but what went on halfway thru national front disco ? it was cut short by moz and i really thought he was not going to appear for an encore again .. but he did . Someone came over the top just before he stopped the song and i have a feeling it was something to do with that .. any ideas ? There was a pregnant pause when the audience could have turned negative but thankfully did not and thank god Moz did appear for a wonderful but subdued encore of please please .. Ciao!!
    northernleech -- Monday December 04 2006, @05:02PM (#241571)
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    my sentimental heart hardens
  • I have no idea what happened to National Front disco, but he stopped before the last verse - I wondered if his microphone cocked out on him during the song...dont know. I thought it was a fine show apart from that, with his Bill Oddie comments some of the best lines he's said live. When I've seen him at least.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 04 2006, @05:07PM (#241574)
    • Re:Good show (Score:2, Informative)

      He sang the final chorus when he was meant to sing the last....maybe because the audience did. The band all looked very confused, and for good reason. He seemed to be acting as if he cut the song short because he was having some sort of strop about something, but really he just got very lost. Awesome gig though. Apart from some twat at the front who kept shouting "Newcastle loves you Mozzer!" or "Subway Train!" at every available opportunity. Bastard. I also got his greasy hair in my face a few too many times. I guess he was the reason Moz got destracted in NFD...
      Wierd lover Wilde -- Monday December 04 2006, @05:31PM (#241582)
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  • My 6th time to see Moz and while not the best it was still amazing.

    He seemed a bit pissed off at one point when he was introducing his band and someone shouted 'Where's Johnny Marr?'. he went quiet for a bit after that. But he perked up a bit later on and had a great rant about Bill Oddie. I don't know much about Oddie but i saw him on never mind the Buzzcocks a few weeks ago and he seemed like a twat so it was good to hear that morrissey hates him.

    loved pigsty/auld lang syne/how soon is now.

    I met some young lads on the way home who had just been to see Babyshambles and had a great argument with them about how they had just seen a fucked up old smackhead and missed the chance to see a genuine legend.

    Looking foward to Manchester in a few weeks time.
    oranges -- Monday December 04 2006, @05:12PM (#241577)
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    Now if the Mods mark this off-topic, they have missed the point!
    Satan accepted mine -- Monday December 04 2006, @06:10PM (#241586)
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  • dp/B00004YU3Q

    It must be good, it is rated 5 stars!!

    'Ave it Moz!!!
    Satan accepted mine -- Monday December 04 2006, @06:14PM (#241587)
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  • we were walking accross the millenium bridge and saw mozzer stood in his bedroom pre-gig. Apparently pete doherty was staying there aswell, would like to have seen the conversation had they crossed in the lift
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @03:19AM (#241599)
  • this is to all the people that said morrissey was bad last night because you are wrong. moz was great last night he had a good setlist and the atmosphere was amazing.he made some great statements about bill oddie and i only think he hates him because moz is obviously better than him.but all i have got left to say is moz was fantastic last night.
    mozzer-deans -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @04:00AM (#241601)
    (User #17822 Info)
  • I was surpised at how half empty the venue was but got to say that Il Mozzalini deilvered the goods.

    Great set list, over the top arrangements, Eurovision warm up, and pre encore strop off stage!

    We were sat on side so didn't see any run up to the strop. I suspect the encore set list was also cut short?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @06:38AM (#241617)
    • Re:Newc by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday December 05 2006, @08:51AM
  • it was the first time i've seen morrissey and i really really enjoyed it, the new stuff sounded great and the old stuff really brought the house down! i was dissappointed that people are still hung-up on the smiths, "where's johnny marr?" person mainly. i realised how important they must be to many of you but personally i respect moz for not selling out and reforming them, re-formed band tours are usually awful. i wish that these people would accept new people who have just started to like morrissey during his past few studio albums. they may be "mighty bloody boosh-style indie kids" but everyone's here to see the same person whom they are fans of. some people need to lighten up and maybe only go and see him once or twice a tour and not moan when he's not as good as when you've seen him before. i hope to be in madchester, should be amazing.
    adlon -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @06:50AM (#241620)
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    • Re:first gig by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday December 05 2006, @09:58AM
  • Where is that photo from which was on the background of the morrisey gig at newcastle on monday? It is of a guy standing in front of a cross grave marker.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @08:14AM (#241627)
    • Re:Morrisey by NellyM (Score:1) Tuesday December 05 2006, @09:06AM
      • Re:Morrisey by joygar (Score:1) Monday December 11 2006, @05:03AM
  • or is that white castle fries only come in one size?

    b-boys makin with the freak-freak

    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @08:57AM (#241634)
  • Can anyone shed any light on what Bill Oddie actually said on what tv programme etc?
    Personally I think Bill Oddie is a bit of a knob head !!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @09:49AM (#241638)
    • Re:Bill Oddie by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday December 05 2006, @12:10PM
      • Re:Bill Oddie by goinghome (Score:1) Tuesday December 05 2006, @01:19PM
        • Re:Bill Oddie by AnthonyGlamour (Score:1) Sunday December 10 2006, @05:45AM
  • Had a great night last night I thought he was in a good mood all night , good sound for such a poor venue as all arenas are . God knows what some of the posters on this forum want ?? , get a life it was a gig a very good gig , go and see other bands and you will realise . Ok so the crowd was not the most lively , but if you were at Earls Court you would know how brutal it was at the front that night Iam suprised that no one was badly injured that night . I thought Dear God was great and the encore of Please was spine tingling . And before you spamn whores start I first saw the Smiths in 1983 and have not missed a tour since , and this was a very good performance by Moz , so fuckin enjoy , see you at Manchester etc.
    toonlad -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @09:55AM (#241639)
    (User #16480 Info)
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    • Re:Arena gig by mozzer-deans (Score:1) Thursday December 07 2006, @09:41AM
  • mixed feelings (Score:1, Informative)

    still feel confused after last night so apologies for this rant!

    Last night was the fifth time i've seen him, and to be honest it was a bit of a mixed gig. Some parts were brilliant, 'i've changed my plea....'was mesemerising, the ringleader stuff held up well and 'ganglord' is acutally a belter live. Still, it was an odd show, a few idiots did their best to ruin it all. In particular those who spent the whole night shouting stupid things at moz, why shout "where's johnny marr?" out??!!! and i can also never understand how such a talented, intelligent, stylish artist attracts so many ignorant, boorish, and aggressive people to the gigs. I love the atmosphere at the front, the football chants always make the hair on the back of my neck stand up, but why must people behave as if it's them we've come to see rather than moz?

    moz seemed a little put off by the sound as well, he made a couple of faces and kept looking at his microphone with disgust! I think the crowd pissed him off a bit and i don't think he'll have been happy with the reception kristeen young got ; aforementioned idiots shouting insults between every song. by all means have an opinion on the support but don't behave like children!! (especially when moz chooses his support so carefully!)

    anyway, not as great as the other times i've seen him but still very, very good.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @09:57AM (#241640)
  • one word FABULOUS!
    wor-lass -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @10:20AM (#241646)
    (User #17507 Info)
    • Re:newcastle by soundofmusic (Score:1) Tuesday December 05 2006, @11:23AM

  • He was talkative and did a couple of interactive sessions with his 'audience'. He really tried with his 'audience' and I think it/we failed him. What sticks in my mind was when he was asking why the press disliked him and attacked him. I don’t know what was shouted, but he said something on the lines of 'oh just forget it' and went into the next song.

    He asked the guy who goes to every gig how he afforded it again, and his reply was 'I still don’t have an answer'. Morrissey replied 'well you should you have had long enough'. Why does he not just make something up like he is a bank robber? Maybe next time.

    The band were up for it and the NF Disco stop just added to the intrigue.

    I only heard one guy shouting Johnny Marr and I am not 100% sure, but I think it was the same one who kept shouting 'NY Dolls' and 'Subway'.

    Not much you can do when a total cock-knocker shouts 'at least you are doing an encore this time you C**t'. I saw him grimace at the start of 'Please' following that one.

    The band looked up for it and were tighter than a knatts chuff (NFD apart, but I think that was Moz's fault).

    Security were not as bad as I have seen at Newcastle before and were quick to pull out a young girl when she felt faint just before How Soon (hope you are ok pet, but your mother outlasted you in a pretty tame mosh - LOL lightweight).

    I am probably in a minority, but I actually like Bill Oddie. Not sure what he said, but am interested in finding out. Funny riposte by Morrissey though!

    Right I am off to 'Do the Funky Gibbon', and ‘fondle some tits’ (you had to be there) but I wish I was going to Nottingham.
    Satan accepted mine -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @11:08AM (#241658)
    (User #14277 Info)
  • Thanks to one of the security blokes.. ime/100_1108.jpg/ []
    Also got a piece of shirt :)
    Moz was on top form, much MUCH better than the sage gig.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @12:30PM (#241672)
  • I am absolutely gutted that I couldnt attend last nights concert at the arena in newcastle because of a stomach bug and cant believe that most people on this site are moaning because of the atmosphere. It got rave reviews in the local newspapers.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @03:30PM (#241726)
  • The time has come to kill Bill... Bill Oddie that is!
    Nobody seems to have mentioned Morrisey's inference that we all spent Sunday evening at home watching tele. Wonderful stuff.
    The Riddler -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @04:15PM (#241739)
    (User #12286 Info)
  • I'll get this right eventually!
    Morrissey in fine form, and voice and mood. Loads of good humoured banter.
    Arena far too sterile and soul-less and big, if he comes back north then 2 shows at the Academy would be better. PLEASE!
    Jesse is fast becoming a guitar hero, Boz is fast becoming Mr Stay Puffed! But we love him all the same and all the more.
    Highlights - I've Changed My Plea To Guilty, How Soon Is Now, Irish Blood English Heart, First of the Gang to Die. Bill Oddie story! Weirdly wonderful. And I still adore Let Me Kiss You.
    Lowlights - Girlfriend in a Coma, National Front Disco (for obvious reasons) I thought like loads of others that there was another Sage coming on, venue.
    I'm still looking forward to Manchester though, should be great.
    GLEGS -- Wednesday December 06 2006, @09:08AM (#241901)
    (User #7174 Info)
    You see I cannot stand alone, I'm incapable of breathing, INCAPABLE OF LOVE
  • As far as arena gigs go with the Moz this one was tip top. Loving the build up videos and they were certainly more interesting to watch than Kristeen Young was but still there was no need for audience “members” to shout out abuse at her. Out of all the support bands he’s had Sack are by far the best in my opinion. Highlights for me were William, Everyday Is Like Sunday, Disappointed and Guilty, basically the older stuff as the new album has been done to death although Pigsty is always great live. Friendly, chatty mood with the crowd and amusing diatribe against Bill Oddie. Was really looking forward to The NF Disco and a shame he cut it short, good of him not to strop on us and still appear for the encore though. Band were in fine form and crowd appreciated them coming forward and acknowledging us after the encore, Boz turning into a bit of legend with those pint glasses! As for the people who heckled him, whats the point of paying over £30 for a ticket and then slagging him off, wouldn’t it be a better idea to spend that money on school books so that they can learn to read and write? Could do with getting some more exciting tshirts on the mass merchandising stall though! Viva La Mozzie
    Mozster -- Wednesday December 06 2006, @10:36AM (#241924)
    (User #6823 Info)
    Ready with ready wit, still running round................
  • First chance I've had to submit something, but Moz and the band were awesome. This was my first Morrissey gig despite being a fan since the Smiths first emerged. Had a wonderful view of it all from the seats to the right of the stage and everyone was up giving it loads where we were. He seemed really relaxed and was chatting to the crowd etc. I loved Pigsty merging into Auld Lang Syne then How Soon Is Now. Come back soon, Moz - missing you already!! PS - My mum enjoyed it too, she's nearly 70 and still rockin'!!Kristeen Young was great too - similar to Kate Bush, Bjork and Liz Fraser.
    greavesie -- Tuesday December 12 2006, @07:00AM (#242946)
    (User #17892 Info)
  • oh my!
    He played it?
    How was it?
    Any other adds to the setlist?
    Anonymous -- Monday December 04 2006, @04:33PM (#241555)
    • Re:Sweetie-Pie by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday December 04 2006, @04:42PM
      • Re:Sweetie-Pie by Satan accepted mine (Score:1) Monday December 04 2006, @05:54PM
  • why,what did he look like?

    better dead?
    Anonymous -- Monday December 04 2006, @04:36PM (#241558)
  • Life would indeed be strange if someone like Bill Oddie didn't dislike Mozza. Be certain in certainties. Bill Oddie likes birds a lot, I'm not such a fan but my cats are.
    Adored -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @08:26AM (#241628)
    (User #17825 Info)
    I don't need to sell my soul...
  • You are very silly ,Why waste everyones time by leaving this remark about one of the finest writers and performers of a generationn!!

    You Loser
    wirralshakespear -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @12:14PM (#241670)
    (User #15127 Info)
  • as it has been mentioned before this a morrissey zine. he is not a diva and does not deserve insults. just keep your comments to yourself because the truth is morrissey is a great man, and inside you probably know that.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 05 2006, @01:37PM (#241687)
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