posted by davidt on Friday December 22 2006, @04:00PM
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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Ganglord / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / William, It Was Really Nothing / Irish Blood, English Heart / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / In The Future When All's Well / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Let Me Kiss You / The National Front Disco / Dear God, Please Help Me / How Soon Is Now? / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Life Is A Pigsty // Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice

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  • :)love
    Anonymous -- Friday December 22 2006, @04:14PM (#244289)
  • the end of another leg of another awesome tour. being a poor pantry boy i could not afford tickets for both nights at the G-Mex, so I opted for tomorrow? I'm wondering, has there been any suprises for the hometown crowd?
    anotherordinaryboy -- Friday December 22 2006, @04:32PM (#244293)
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    Let me get my hands on your mammary glands....
  • What's the story of tonight's gig?
    Anonymous -- Friday December 22 2006, @04:41PM (#244295)
  • How was the set list? I went to the Nottingham gig, and I'm going to G-Mex tomorrow night... similar?
    Anonymous -- Friday December 22 2006, @04:46PM (#244297)
  • Gmex (Score:2, Informative)

    "20 years ago I stood on this very stage, in these very trousers and this very shirt and sang with a music hall act - you have probably forgotten them".... (William it was really nothing).

    "Historically, this is the very place where Edward Evans was scooped up by Ian Brady - this song is for Edward Evans"...(Everyday is Like Sunday)

    The first 45mins was wonderful the last half hour was not. Pigsty, a disjointed Please Please and Daddy's Voice is a shameful way to finish a concert. He got the reaction at the end he deserved. Early on it was really energetic and I loved I've Changed My Plea. The only comment to Julia was something like "Julia here you are in Manchester - you've only yourself to blame".

    Holy Name -- Friday December 22 2006, @04:47PM (#244298)
    (User #1418 Info)
    oh but I know what will make you smile tonight..
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  • Had a top gig tonight. Proud that Moz sung Please let me get what I what. Only down side the ugly hanging fat bastard hitler behind who begruged me getting on my friends shoulders to wave a little hello to the boys. Get a life and get to weightwatchers you low life.
    cazza93 -- Friday December 22 2006, @05:01PM (#244303)
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  • looked gorgeous tonight!

    Grat to see Morrissey having a fun time tonight. His voice was sounding the best ever. "Dear God" was stunning. The venue was amazing and carried the sound well....and yes, I was there 20 years ago, watching Moz from the same spot! Would love to see him in his white jeans again....maybe tomorrow. The audience was a bit quiet (unusual for Manchester) goading Morrissey into saying "Steady down!" I had fun dancing and singing..the people around me were having a ball...roll on tomorrow!!
    Cranberry -- Friday December 22 2006, @05:01PM (#244304)
    (User #16651 Info)
  • "Dick in a box?"
    Anonymous -- Friday December 22 2006, @05:07PM (#244307)
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  • same set list and order to the previously unchanged one for the last few dates. I can't really complain too much i really enjoyed it, and im sure i will tomorrow. I was stood about 10 yards in front of the sound desk, may get closer tomorrow, was lacking in atmosphere a bit....what a massive venue though, sounded good.

    also left out the words 'national front disco' out of said song as well? Is this a trend from the past gigs, surely moz wouldn't want to stop himself from being offensive?
    Anonymous -- Friday December 22 2006, @05:45PM (#244315)
  • 'we dornt nor ow t'play best friend on't pay rorll

    Anonymous -- Friday December 22 2006, @05:52PM (#244316)
  • Amazing, truly Amazing gig. And I've been to a few Moz gigs.
    totalester -- Friday December 22 2006, @07:01PM (#244321)
    (User #14968 Info)
  • Just been having a look around, and the Edward Evans comment is very much true. See the Manchester Central Railway Station reference.
    totalester -- Friday December 22 2006, @07:07PM (#244322)
    (User #14968 Info)
  • What time did it finish?

    Just so I can work out wether I am going to miss my train and end up sleeping on the street tonight...But I'm sure it'd be worth it.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @12:30AM (#244329)
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  • how many people were there ?
    spudmurphy -- Saturday December 23 2006, @12:49AM (#244330)
    (User #17974 Info)
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  • what will he play as an encore tonight
    'i know its over' would be a good choice
    bigdeal111111 -- Saturday December 23 2006, @01:13AM (#244331)
    (User #17130 Info)
  • Last night was my first time seeing Moz, and I enjoyed it, not having anything to compare it to, I thought the atmosphere was pretty good, everyone was singing along anyway. I was hoping he'd at least change the encore though, 'Please, Please...' is only really good because it's and old Smiths track (I'd consider it one of my least favourite) and 'Daddy's Voice' just generally isn't that amazing. Nevertheless, Morrissey seemed on good form, he spoke a few times to the audience, and the highlight of Kristeen Young's set was when she hit her keyboard so hard she broke it.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @01:30AM (#244332)
  • anyone know how much tickets were going for outside?
    ive got 4 to sell, do i need to get there early to sell them?
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @02:21AM (#244335)
  • Great gig, occasionally a bit flat in places and a strangely put together set list, but still great. The 'Best Friend...' comment had me in bloody stitches, he sounded like a proper Frank Sidebottom.

    I thought William.. sounded sensational. I wondered for a moment whether he was gonna rip open his shirt at the Marry Me bit. Sadly not.

    Was stood next to Linder most of the night, who was with her partner (I assume), who I think was one of the talking heads on The Importance of Being Moz doc? Plus Chris Eccleston (the scruffy get!!) and his mate was stood behind us. Geezer. Amazing, all three of 'em involved in the Moz documentary!

    G-Mex is a spectacular venue. Never been totally brilliant for sound, but I love it, its vast. Such a shame there won't be any more gigs there, but hey never mind.

    Final comment - I still bloody hate the fact that the Ringleader tracks don't sound as fantastic on the album as they do when played live. But let's not get started on that again...

    Cheers for a great night Moz.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @02:39AM (#244339)
  • What s superb evening ! big hello to mad Morrissey woman and her long suffering partner whom I spoke to in the pub over the road. I know you will see this.I want that Elvis bag! This is what a Morrissey gig is all about chatting to other Morrissey nuts like myself !!

    The venue is spectacular and the atmosphere was building well before he arrived on stage . Way ahead of Nottingham. Highlights included I'll never be any bodys hero now and please please please let me get what I want. For such a big venue he was awesome. Daddys Voice at the end and as I cant go tonight if he dares do anything else as a final encore I will weep !!

    He told us he loved us which means he must be insane. Long Live Morrissey
    swallowneck -- Saturday December 23 2006, @04:02AM (#244349)
    (User #16008 Info)
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        • Re:g mex by Musley (Score:1) Thursday January 04 2007, @02:08AM
  • I went to the Newcastle concert a few weeks ago and this was much better, good venue, more people and Morrissey seemed to be in a good mood.

    Does anyone know why he apologised during Pigsty, did he make a mistake, or did he get upset?

    Anyway a fantastic show, really wish I could go tommorrow, but I've got no money and loads of presents still to buy.
    oranges -- Saturday December 23 2006, @04:24AM (#244353)
    (User #9328 Info)
  • truly awesome gig in a truly awesome venue.
    i saw the wembley gig and this was far better. roll on saturday!
    my mate who is hardly the biggest moz fan came with me and when we eventually caught up with each other later he announced that the gig was monumental!!!
    set-list has been criticised for not changing throughout the tour but moz and the lads have certainly "nailed" some of the set. "william..." sounded absolutely fantastic and shows what a great venue the g-mex is and how hollow the sound can be at some of these arenas.
    onto saturday and i wouldn't be that surprised to see a few changes to the set (remember "panic" at the last night of the palladium).rumours in the pit last night were for "speedway" but we'll see what happens later.

    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @04:34AM (#244357)
  • Wonderful to see the great man back in form. He was clearly enjoying the whole thing. Made a great entrance - lapping up the crowd's excitement.

    If you're going tonight, get there early enough to make your way to the front. We had to make do with being about 20 yards away from the stage.

    Good set list - interesting to see the 'poppy' Moz singles (IBEH, FOTGTD) getting a better reception than the Smiths' tracks. Could have done without that boring Pigsty...yawn, yawn...why does Boz look as though he thinks he is in the LSO when he tinkles with his glasses of water???? It is just cringingly dull! And...what was with those awful outfits the poor guys were squeezed into..made Boz look like Humpty Dumpty...felt sorry for him!

    That aside, a great night. Witty comments from the man. Wonderful voice. Sexy body - brought shouts of "Get your kit off!" from some folks (good idea!!!)

    BY the way, there were some good t-shirts on sale inside (around £18) and the usual range of Moz/Smiths t-shirts outside, some at just £5.

    See you there again tonight!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @04:37AM (#244358)
  • Was wondering what time it started, as the 1845 on the tickets just seems a bit early and i have a bit of christmas drinking to fit in before hand
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @05:09AM (#244359)
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  • all fellow worshippers at the Church of Moz ;)
    Last night was beautiful, absolutely beautiful!
    I was surprised at the lack of audience reaction when they palyed "National Front Disco", "Disappointed" and even "How Soon Is Now?"! I couldn't see anyone near me dancing, but I didn't really mind. Hi to the bloke who "liked my whistle" - would've chatted a bit more, but OH was getting a bit peeved @ you being too friendly ;) Hope you enjoyed yourself.
    Wish I could go tonight, but have to work till 22:00...
    Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, see you all in 2007!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @05:57AM (#244362)
  • morrissey was brilliant a bit of a stupid way to end a concert though. some of the crowd were a bit dull.
    in my opinion if you go to the front u should jump up and down and if you dont it makes people who are feel intimidated. men are bringing there wives along to the front who dont know any of the words and stand there like statues.
    but over all it was a realy good night.
    spudmurphy -- Saturday December 23 2006, @06:17AM (#244364)
    (User #17974 Info)
    • Re:g mex by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday December 23 2006, @06:32AM
  • What A Stunning Venue, Morrissey Was On Top Form, National Front Disco Was A Highlight, Bit Dissapointed With The Encore But I Had An Amazing Time, Hes Still Got It! -x-
    gazeyres -- Saturday December 23 2006, @06:18AM (#244365)
    (User #10062 Info)
  • ...a decent restaurant in walking distance from the G-mex? Am going tonight and would like to park up early and have a bite to eat before the show. I don't know Manchester that well, and I realise it's the Saturday before Christmas, so I'll probably struggle, but maybe someone has an idea where to try ???

    Many thanks in advance.
    Lola runs -- Saturday December 23 2006, @06:27AM (#244367)
    (User #16891 Info)
  • Hello all, that was the 2nd gig of this tour (Birmingham nia) and 4th of this year. Pure brilliance from the man him self, and the boys in his gang.

    The set, I'm personally glad to see pigsty, we weren't fortunate enough to have it played in bham.

    Oh at the end of please please please, let me get what i want, did anyone else notice moz looked close to tears, if not already crying?

    I cant blame the man if he was, i cried at two points of the show. Couldn't stop my self during I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now & Let me kiss you. Was so good arms in the air, tears running down my face, Morrissey serenading me...beautiful!

    one thing i would like to say is, i do like the smiths yes, but come on moz drop the slow tempo of Girlfriend in a coma, and play some vauxhall and i...please? lol

    Thanks to everyone who made me feel safe n happy (i was on my own at this gig) Today i feel like a weird emptiness (god knows what Julia's like at the end of a tour!!) due to knowing i may not see moz(alini)again till mid next year :(

    troubleneedsme -- Saturday December 23 2006, @06:43AM (#244370)
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      • Re:Last night by troubleneedsme (Score:1) Saturday December 23 2006, @12:11PM
  • After reading Swallowneck's account of the gig last night, I can't help but feel he is holding back as there was a definite tinge of disappointment to his review! I would have thought the lesser emphasis of Ringleader tracks on this tour would have been more to his liking?!!

    Rumours are reaching me from my Moz "inner circle" that Speedway is poised to be the encore tonight... but sometimes they are wrong! We shall see...

    At least Swallowneck can console himself with the fact that Harry Potter is on tv on Xmas day - I would sooner pickle my own penis and feed it to my cat than watch shit like that!!!
    MarkFromScatter -- Saturday December 23 2006, @06:47AM (#244371)
    (User #16900 Info)
    If you don't like me, don't look at me...
  • Did anyone else find the 'Mexican with a prison record, what a surprise' comment when introducing Jesse a little strange? Jesse looked less than happy himself too, I just thought it was a little unkind really unless there is a joke in there somewhere that only they know about. Jesse didn't seem to find it funny though. Just a thought.
    Sleepy lifeguard -- Saturday December 23 2006, @07:38AM (#244373)
    (User #4562 Info)
  • tell me why i only got tickets for last night?

    Great to see the boss man on top form again. Saw him in Hamburg on Monday and had half convinced myself that the quality of the sound being produced there was a fluke - not to mention SP's good mood but both were back in abundance last night.

    By all accounts this tour has been his best for quite few years and i certainly wouldn't disagree with my limited experience.

    However, I can't help but agree with some of the post-gig comments for Hamburg - the set does feel almost as if it's upside down - a lot of crowd pleasers at the start but it peters out somewhat towards the end (personally I love LIAPS but it's not going to get them dancing in the aisles is it?). Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice is a fantastic song and easily in my top 20 Morrissey songs but a terrible choice for an encore. Contrary mofo ;)

    Extreme jealous waves to everyone going tonight - send my love.
    homefertheblind -- Saturday December 23 2006, @08:03AM (#244375)
    (User #17976 Info)
  • Any ideas? I don't envisage too many, if any at all. I would expect a reshuffle of the tried and tested songs this tour. I can't see anyone apart from the hard core going to both nights and apart from the rocking front rows, it could be a completely different crowd tonight. I just hope they know the words to National Front Disco and Disappointed!!!Speedway is a sure fire set closer (apparently. Are we really bothered though? The fact that he is still touring and in my home town tonight is all that really matters. Enjoy!!
    collo -- Saturday December 23 2006, @09:24AM (#244389)
    (User #16343 Info)
  • Fantastic sound in the GMEX. Very happy with the set list with rousing performances of "Everyday is Like Sunday" and "Dear God..." which left me in a trance like state.

    These bigger venues have better sound but obviously lack the intamacy of the smaller venues earlier this year.

    Seen our man 6 times this year so thanks to him and the band for all their hard work,

    Hope you all have a great Xmas and see you next year?
    Spellbound -- Saturday December 23 2006, @09:29AM (#244390)
    (User #13956 Info)
    ........a life affirming voice set to a heavenly guitar melody, a killer bass line and a impassioned drum beat.
  • Fantastic concert overall. Moz was obviousley in up beat mood and having fun. Stood near mixing desk - view OK sound great. Crowd around all enjoyed themselves singing along to every song. Strange ending though - just fizzled out rather than ending with a bang.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @11:58AM (#244402)
  • I had a thoroughly great night,and although Everyone seems to be disagreeing on what should and shouldn't be in the set list,I can't complain about any of it.I thought there was a really good mixture of songs,and despite what everyone else says,I loved the ending with 'Daddy's Voice'.Praise must go to the boys as well,all on top form in my opinion,although not sure about the outfits!Is it just me,or is Matt begining to look a bit tougher these days.He will be taking Gary's place soon as the band thug!
    Jesse's girl -- Saturday December 23 2006, @12:16PM (#244406)
    (User #17980 Info)
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @12:39PM (#244410)
    • wow! by Mud (Score:1) Saturday December 23 2006, @01:30PM
  • Who did Gary give that note to at the end of the gig? When Moz and the other lads had left the stage, he stayed behind writing a long note which he gave on to someone in the audience.
    Non, moi je ne suis pas jealous. Pas du tout.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @01:24PM (#244411)
  • Comments: “Does anybody want to speak into the microphone? … Well bring your own then”.

    He thanked everyone who’d voted for him in the culture show and said of course he’d couldn’t win but never mind, we have that icon of art and culture David Fattenborough. He then gave a cranky ‘meh’ noise, like he was half annoyed, half really not bothered!

    Introducing the band- when he got to Mikey he said, ‘last and always least’ at which point there were some ‘aww’s’ from the crowd so he said, ‘ hear that? Sympathy? I won’t be using that one again then’! Then introduced him as ‘pretty boy’ Mikey Farrell which Boz and Gary were laughing at.

    With the bow at the end Morrissey stayed bowed for longer than was obviously comfortable for the rest of the band and they started rising up and looking at Moz slightly confused. Matt was laughing and trying to help him up, at which point he fell to his knees! Quite amusing.

    There were four shirts: light blue/ red/ black/ white. The first two got thrown into the crowd.

    His final comment to the best of my memory: ‘I’m sorry my hair is so long, I do hope it hasn’t ruined your evening? But I want you to know that until my flesh drops off, I am yours eternally. I love you.’

    Then at the end Boz came over and thanked us for giving them such a fantastic concert. He then had a paper aeroplane of the set-list which he flew and it swooped round back onto stage! So he was laughing about how it’d been caught on camera (is there hope for a DVD release?!) and had better luck second time round.

    So, a brilliant concert but it seemed like we had to wait for such a long time with the doors opening at 6pm. I felt sorry for Kristeen Young, she put on a wonderful performance and had to put up with a lot of abuse that really wasn’t needed. I don’t know how she had the motivation to go and get a replacement keyboard when hers broke towards the end of her set.
    Morrissey looked stunning and sounded note-perfect, I couldn’t fault him in any way, although I do wish he’d strayed over the left side of the stage a few more times! The crowd was pretty hard-core, I couldn’t believe the amount of pressure of people pushing constantly through the gig, it was pretty intense. An amazing experience though.

    Still Tired
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @03:49PM (#244420)
  • A review of the G-Mex concert on Friday is at: nt/music/livereviews/s/231/231529_morrissey__gmex. html
    goinghome -- Saturday December 23 2006, @07:10PM (#244461)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • not expecting to get to both gigs i got a suprise being able to attend the friday night.
    it was a wonderful gig despite the people who looked and sounded like they would have been more at home at a Quoasis or Happy Mondays tribute night at thier scummy local.
    a lot of inapropriate arm waving etc and shouting when moz was actually saying he was dedicating a song to a victim of the moors murders.
    this sounds really fucking negative doesnt it ! but despite all this what a great gig ! moz on top form and a mosh pit that, despite two nasty fights, was joyous !!
    glad to say it was my mates first moz gig and he was blown away by it, i was so happy for him ...and myself, a wonderful experience.
    baguley boy -- Saturday December 23 2006, @07:48PM (#244465)
    (User #10080 Info)
  • I lost my moz cherry going to the birmingham gig, i must admit i was not expecting it to be that special but by god it was. So how could i possibly turn down a chance to see him again?! Friday i turned up at the Gmex just as the films had started playing, oh dear we missed the warm up, not too much of a shame. When Mr Moz came on he blew my socks off again, and i had thermal one's on this time. From the Intro piano soundscape till the deconstructed Pigsty, what a great and odd song for Moz to Write i thought, and of course the always touching "i can't always get.." and Daddy's boy, this must be a special song for him, he appeared very emotional when singing it. He gave his all and the fans loved him more and more. And what a mixture of fans:young and old, straight and gay, male and female and freaky and uniquey!!! I heard the band carried him off triumphantly on saturday night, but the show was nowhere near as biting and exciting. How pleased i am i went. The next time he tours i'm sure i'll know more than half the set list, i know i know, but i will be selling my house and pets to get to see him, ok maybe not the pets. Thankyou to my friends for converting me!!xx
    amozvirgin -- Sunday December 24 2006, @01:36PM (#244596)
    (User #17995 Info)
  • I had an amazing night! I thought I saw him close to tears during please, please but thought I'd imagined it so I'm glad to know others thought the same. Pigsty was immense and my glasses nearly fell off during Irish blood, I held them in the air to avoid damage in the end. There was a really good crowd where I was and I was getting squished but it was all worth it! I guess where you're stood can make a big difference to the enjoyment of a gig.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @04:50PM (#244621)
  • Anonymous -- Monday December 25 2006, @03:18PM (#244657)
  • Anyone got any idea where the photo on the drum skin is taken from?
    Or where In can get a copy from - someone must have taken a photo by now.

    It looked like a man and woman on a motorbike, both thinking about Morrissey. I spend many hours on a motorbike thinking about Morrissey :D I'm sure that's what my girlfriend is doing as well ;)
    Dave2006 -- Tuesday December 26 2006, @02:27PM (#244684)
    (User #18005 Info)
  • Well, I got there at 5.30pm, to find about 50 people in front of me waiting to bang through the doors as soon as they opened... As soon as they did, pegged it to the front row, bagged a spot just behind the barrier and waited.... And waited... and waited... two hours later (and having heard two reels of the same into tape!) Kristeen Young comes on, is dire, gets booed, keyboard breaks, everyone thinks she'll take teh hint and leave, but in a bizarre move, she decides to stay... Some people are just soooo thick skinned, don't you think? My husband comments that her voice hasn't the melody of cats [email protected] Quite right... Wish I'd bought my ipod, but then we get some films, some with a vodka soaked drag queen, some with bardot (to my husbands delight!) and some with New York Dolls, eurovision, etc... And then, the closest thing to God Manchester has got walks on the stage, the front rows go mental and the evening has finally begun!

    He's in a blue shirt with a pink tie, and looks a bit school master-y... Not in a Jarvis Cocker, geography teacher way, more like a mad old english lit teacher! No matter, the tie is soon off, and the shirts half off and it seems like the whole place is going up! Having read previous posts, it seems I may have been wrong about this, but let me tell you, if you want atmosphere get down the front! He tells us to steady down, there's a bit of a scrap behind me, but he just rolls through the set, to the delight of those around me at least... lads are crowd surfing, including one girl whose stillettos bang about on the heads of others (not mine, I ducked!) and a few try to get onto the stage... Moz keeps winding us up even more, by leaning over the stage, just a breath away from our reaching hands, but he's just that bit too far away... Dissapointed was a highlight for me, everyone jumping up and down, singing back at him... He was quite a bit more chatty than previous gigs I have been to, told us that we looked friendly (understatement of the year!) and informed us that Edward Evans was taken from this very station by Brady... Thought for a moment we'd be getting 'suffer little children' but no, we get EDILS, which is met by frantic thrashing about by us lot... The shirts aren't coming anywhere near my side of the stage - no matter... I got one earlier in the year, and I tell you something else, he's lost some weight being on tour this long, and he's far more energetic, mic thrashing, rolling about on the floor, he looked absolutely amazing... And that's for all you lot who think that he's past it - far from it mate! And I am so glad that you're wrong too - He tells us that he is from the slums (nice way to speak of Stretford, but then he's right you know!) but my god he brushed up well!

    The set list was a bit on the ringleader heavy side, but I was made up with 'Please, Please, Please let me get what I want' (or 'who I want', as the words were changed to!) and suddenly I was that 14 year old again, laid in awe on my bedroom floor, thinking, 'oh God, smother me Morrissey'... I hope he comes home again soon...

    Anonymous -- Thursday December 28 2006, @02:18AM (#244758)
  • Anyone know what the French pop video was at the beginning of the intro after Kristeen left the stage? I think it was Sacha Distel singing but would really like to know for sure - and if anyone knows the name of the tune, that'd be good.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 29 2006, @02:24PM (#244807)
  • It is indeed highly unusual in the music world to find an elder statesman like Moz bucking the usual trend of thrilling with the golden oldies but driving us to the bar with the new stuff. Whilst the Ringleader tracks crackle with the venom and feeling lacking on record, ye olde Smiths numbers have the distinct whiff of chicken-in- a-basket British Legion karaoke about them. Being one of the old school who saw The Smiths several times in the 80s I never thought this would be possible, but watching portly Boz and his be-suited mottley crew trudge through classics like "How Soon" and "Girlfriend" has become plain embarrassing. Of course, poor Moz can't really win - the devoted Morrissey-Solo acolytes want the new stuff with a few rare B-sides thrown in for the "I know this even if you don't" value, whilst the majority are curious 35+ punters who want a sing-along-a-Smiths fest, and just talk through the tedious solo material they never bothered to keep up with. I thought at Liverpool earlier this year Moz was alienating too many casual fans by hammering "Ringleader", but I can respect his need to stay current and vital. What a shame his shows are now being lumbered with so much cabaret dreck from the 80s. Stick to your guns, Steven, and keep belting out the new stuff. Leave the Smiths with dignity, if the tribute bands have left any!
    chrisp -- Wednesday January 03 2007, @03:32PM (#245074)
    (User #16661 Info)
  • me my wife and 13 year old son experience the moz factor tonight, what an education my son has aspergers I believe all moz Fans have aspergers . to me morrissey is a why of life ,spending warm summer days inside .
    Anonymous -- Friday January 05 2007, @10:14PM (#245343)

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