posted by davidt on Saturday December 23 2006, @04:00PM
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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Ganglord / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / William, It Was Really Nothing / Irish Blood, English Heart / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / In The Future When All's Well / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Let Me Kiss You / The National Front Disco / Dear God, Please Help Me / How Soon Is Now? / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Life Is A Pigsty // Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice

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  • stuck in the car park, like we were for an hour last night...?! ;)
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @04:02PM (#244425)
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  • Come on, come on, come on,
    did he play Speedway? Seeing as he's soundchecked it so many times. I am desperate for an answer!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @04:19PM (#244428)
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  • last 3 songs were usual... piggy, please, daddy
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @04:34PM (#244433)
  • Same set as last night,his voice was on it's way out tonight after putting so much into last nights performance.Top concert but last nights was better.
    pebbles+sand -- Saturday December 23 2006, @04:48PM (#244437)
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  • No surprises (Score:2, Informative)

    Same set as last night if I'm not mistaken, with the order changed in one or two places.

    Moz started off very chatty but then grew slightly more subdued as the evening wore on.

    Several shirts thrown into the crowd.

    One brave soul made it onto the stage, but failed to make contact.

    Microphone was passed to Julia, who wished Moz "Happy Holidays".

    At the encore, the boys hoisted Moz onto Boz and Jessie's shoulders and they carried him across the stage (no, seriously!).

    All in all, another great night. Having been to 9 shows this year, it still hasn't sunk in that we may not see him again for over a year (remember 2005)?
    Evil Legal Eagle -- Saturday December 23 2006, @04:53PM (#244438)
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  • Hmmmmmm (Score:1, Informative)

    He reminds me more and more of Edward Woodward.

    Then there was the point where he passed the microphone to the undisputed sycophan...sorry superfan, Julia who had nothing to say.

    It was at this point that I felt some pity for Julia who spends her life this way. Fair play to her but it's sooo limited and at what cost? Self Identity.

    Some real high points. Disappointed was superb, as was Please Please, as was his opening comment of 'My my hasn't Accrington changed?' Earning my living in Accrington, I was amused by that.

    The sparkle's gone though, nothing there tonight to change my mind. The Introducing Morrissey video remains the last time he truly meant me at least. Having said that, the amount of communal chatting going on during anything played from ROTT or YATQ suggests that many more are there out of habit/duty.

    Since then of course, he changed and we've changed. We've changed for the better though...

    An ok gig all in all with some genuine high points.

    A the end of Dear God he said something like 'finally you've said it' or 'finally you say, finally' Whether that was in reference to the next song being Hand In Glove or whether that was refering to Dear God, who knows ?

    I wonder if Edward Woodward has a 'Julia'?
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @05:45PM (#244446)
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  • Just got back to Costa Del Wolverhampton, and here goes.

    Kristeen Young's set seemed a lot shorter than Birmingham, got a few hecklers, but she did have a smile at them a couple of times.

    Then the main event, as before came on to Panic, the whole crowd seemed to descend on the 1 square foot where we were stood at the front!!!!
    First of teh gang next, then as before a blur lol.

    No surprises in the set, unfortunately.

    Introduced the band by their proper names as they had been complaining to him

    Bozzy Wozzy
    Gazzy Wazzy
    Matty Watty
    Jessie Wessie
    Micky Wicky
    Then mentioned how funny this was!!!

    Mentioned the Queen's new year honours, after Irish Blood English Heart, by saying that he wouldn't be getting his knighthood, then slagged off Jamie Oliver OBE, Obese member of the British Empire, and some other useless t**t who was a Mad member of the British Empire.

    A good summary of the British Police force was given by the good man before Ganglord. As it's christmas, be carful on your way home not to bump into any drunken police officers or even stoned female police officers (he knows them so well!!!!!!!)

    Plenty of shirts were flung, just missed the cream/white one by 6 feet!!!!

    Was carried onstage for thr 2nd encore (Daddy's voice) on the shouders of the band.

    Good gig, glad I went, good to be back in G-mex, got out of the car park with no queue, and the drive home was unhindered. (I was hoping to get stopped by the aforementiond drunk police officers, as I came home wearing a pint of lager!!! Not one drink had passed my lips, and I was ready for them breathalising me) (ganglord save me!!!)


    Chez, you should have come ;-)
    grampnic -- Saturday December 23 2006, @05:56PM (#244447)
    (User #17857 Info)
  • Tonight (Score:2, Informative)

    First off, the bad things about tonight......

    1.Queueing in the cold outside from 2pm, because i'm an idiot and only had a shirt on.

    2. The rude American woman on the front row right hand side, whinging at my friend for elbowing her ('I've been to every gig', 'My friend is Morrissey's house-sitter'. People get squished at concert, it wasn't intentional.

    3. The fact that it is over.

    Now the GOOD.....

    The really cool people we were chatting to in the queue. Thanks for some fun Moz chat and for making the time and cold seem bearable. Although I still think not liking 'How Soon Is Now?' is insane.

    Kristeen Young. After hearing all the negative comments on here I wasn't expecting much. However, in my opinion, she was great. Her voice is phenomenal, her movement transfixing, and she's original. All those booing and giving her shit, tut tut.

    The set list. This being my first one on this leg of the tour, I was whinging about the lack of set list changes beforehand like almost everyone else. However, I think it worked perfectly. Every song off ROTT was performed amazingly. All the haters of the album can't have been to a gig, could you?

    Getting the whole left arm of Moz's pink shirt. And God, it was a battle to get it. I know Moz fans have a reputation for being extreme, but the only way to describe it is vultures (myself included.)

    Highlights: Ganglord, How Soon Is Now? (in my controversial opinion, best version I have ever heard), Dear God (made me cry), Pigsty (made me cry again), and Please Please (you guessed made me cry again).

    I've seen moz six times before tonight, but never has a concert affected me in the way tonight did. He was so on form, and witty, and when the band carried him back on their shoulders at the end, it was emotional.

    I also have to say that the band sound amazing, and really gel together. It was an honour to be there. I took my best friend, a very casual Moz fan, and at the end of the show he turned to me and said 'I get it!', and he really does.

    Best night of my life xx
    anotherordinaryboy -- Saturday December 23 2006, @05:57PM (#244448)
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    Let me get my hands on your mammary glands....
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  • Truly phenomenal, as usual, but, as usual, you had to be there. For someone who doesn't perform, he certainly entertains superbly, by being ... who? Highlights: Panic, Disappointed, Ganglord & Everyday Is Like Sunday The perfect Christmas gift
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @06:00PM (#244450)
  • What is it with you bloody Fans??? your not happy unless you are pulling him to bits! i know Morrissey is a cynical and critical social analysist but that doesnt mean the fans have to follow the exact route!
    The performance was great, gutted a light that never goes out wasnt included (old but a classic) thought it may appear in the encore especially as it was the final show of the Tour and in Manchester!
    Oh well cant have it all! good night had by all i hope!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @06:07PM (#244452)
  • Up on this web magazine. []
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @06:25PM (#244454)
  • the guy on the backdrop at tonight's show?
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @06:36PM (#244456)
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  • really, what the hell was wrong with the crowd tonight !
    i havent read other comments so i might be right out of step with what all others are saying but....
    the crowd only seemed to wake up for the last encore - pretty pathetic bunch after friday nights gig.
    at least we did get introduced to Julia ! now we all know her , i applauded since i think it shows a great deal of balls to i.d. yourself to a crowd when 45% of them hate you ! i dont, she is just a superfan....with issues.
    lots of irritating people in the front ten rows who wouldnt dance and stood statue like until the encores ? applauding was a radical act !
    moz was excellent - that counts above all.

    baguley boy -- Saturday December 23 2006, @08:02PM (#244467)
    (User #10080 Info)
  • Bloody brilliant both nights. he said that the south bank show cameras weren't there tonight so he was 'FREE'. Looks like theres a new documentary on the way.

    love the last three songs. who cares if hardly anyone knows it - don't make fun of daddys voice was the highlight of both nights.

    crowd were more rowdy tongight.

    ganglord is beautiful.

    best set i've seen since the m.e.n. absolutley loved every song. i'll never be anybodys hero now is a million times better live.

    got some pics and a vid of i've changed my plea that i may post tomorrow - night night xxx

    tomsidg -- Saturday December 23 2006, @08:10PM (#244469)
    (User #13863 Info)
    • Re:Both nights by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 24 2006, @04:40AM
  • Another tour over. After this one I've decided - no more going to more than one show. The lack of alteration to the setlist is crap. And the duration of the shows has been always poor.

    Moz will live without me, as will most of who disagree...but not without putting in their thrupence worth.

    yes the setlist does change...but not enough.

    Anonymous -- Saturday December 23 2006, @09:44PM (#244473)
  • like 'dont make fun of daddy's voice'
    as the encore? I cant think of worse ending
    markmustb1 -- Saturday December 23 2006, @10:39PM (#244474)
    (User #13161 Info)
    cos no one ever turns to me to say ...
  • All the songs played in 2006:

    1) First of the Gang To Die 90
    2) Girlfriend In A Coma 90
    3) How Soon Is Now? 90
    4) I Just Want To See The Boy Happy 90
    5) I Will See You In Far-Off Places 90
    6) You Have Killed Me 90
    7) Let Me Kiss You 88
    8) Irish Blood, English Heart 87
    9) The Youngest Was The Most Loved 87
    10) Life Is A Pigsty 82
    11) In The Future When All’s Well 70
    12) At Last I Am Born 65
    13) Ganglord 60
    14) To Me You Are A Work Of Art 55
    15) Panic 47
    16) Still Ill 47
    17) I’ll Never Be Anybody’s Hero Now 38
    18) Trouble Loves Me 38
    19) My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye 26
    20) Don’t Make Fun of Daddy’s Voice 23
    21) Reader Meet Author 22
    22) Dear God Please Help Me 20
    23) Disappointed 20
    24) Everyday Is Like Sunday 20
    25) I’ve Changed My Plea To Guilty 20
    26) Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want 20
    27) The National Front Disco 19
    28) William, It Was Really Nothing 19
    29) A Song From Under The Floorboards 14
    30) The Father Who Must Be Killed 14
    31) On The Streets I Ran 13
    32) Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before 13
    33) Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me 12
    34) Human Being 11
    35) I Have Forgiven Jesus 6
    36) We’ll Let You Know 6
    37) If You Don’t Like Me, Don’t Look At Me 5
    38) Now My Heart Is Full 3
    39) Street Life 2
    40) Suedehead 2
    41) I Like You 1
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Sunday December 24 2006, @02:48AM (#244481)
    (User #4231 Info)
  • he sang "We'll let you know"!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @03:08AM (#244484)
  • Best one I've been to since Apollo on Your Arsenal tour. Great venue.
    lilyboobear -- Sunday December 24 2006, @03:31AM (#244489)
    (User #16453 Info)
  • moz has lost the plot.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @03:55AM (#244497)
  • Now I've had a long long sleep, it is slowly coming back to me.

    When he came on stage, he was holding a Sacha Distl record over his face (that is a record, 12 inches of vinyl, black and round, in a cardboard sleeve, not some 3X4 shiny thing)(for the younger viewers!!!).

    He picked this up again after Daddy's voice, and said "I am the new Sacha Distel"

    Been reading the other posts, "best gig ever" worst gig ever" "best since Islamabad 1856" etc etc.

    At the end of the day, it was a Morrissey concert, we may have seen him more than once, the songs may be the same, but it was a great night, good music, I agree about some of the crowd comments (statues, and t**ts) but they are at every gig!!!

    We are all entitled to say what we want, but even if we have a moan, 99% of us that were there are glad they were.

    Sit back, dig out grannies Bing Crosby Christmas LP (LP will confuse the youngsters lol), pour your self a glass of eggnog and reflect in the fact you witnessed a great gig, by the one true living legend, and wait fo rSanta to arrive (only one more sleep, WOOHOO!!!!).

    Goodnight and thank you

    Ho Ho Ho...
    grampnic -- Sunday December 24 2006, @03:55AM (#244498)
    (User #17857 Info)
  • Setlist was fantastic (though I think he could have gone with a better encoure), crowd was amazing, Morrissey was superb. As were the band.

    Lots of crowd surfers and claustrophibic casualties getting handed over the barriers. One semi-successful stage invasion, although he got properly tackled just inches short of Morrissey.

    Highlights for me: PIGSTY (I have no words for how great this song is live), Irish Blood, How Soon Is Now, Ganglord, and for crowd participation, First of the Gang and Everyday.

    What an experience.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @04:38AM (#244507)
  • See what happend to the crowd surfer who reached just left of centre stage wer i was.....I think i have his shoe :)...............The gig was fantastic.....Yes he couldve sang a few more of my favourite songs.....But after all.....He is only one small china man........

    But You Must................
    But_You_Must -- Sunday December 24 2006, @05:02AM (#244512)
    (User #17986 Info)
  • If anyone's intersted, here's a video of someone in Paris giving Moz that Sacha Distel record he was waving about when he came on :)
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @05:23AM (#244519)
  • Enjoyed the second night more than the first, Moz and the band seemed to give that little bit extra. For anyone who's never been to GMEX, it is essentially the shell of the old Central Railway Station and it is HUGE. We were one of the very last out after the gig and standing by the rear bar and surveying the emptying venue, it really is vast. A great end to the tour for me.

    Several other points. There was very little in the way of security or stewards (apart from at the front of the stage). When 10,000 people just turn around and all head to the exits at the same time (ie four normal sized doors), that is a bit ridiculous in this day and age. They didn't even open all the side doors which would have had the crowd out in no time at all. Just a little safety point.

    Th audience on this tour has been as diverse as ever. Die-hard, balding forty somethings (with ever-decreasing quiffs)right through to kids on their dads' shoulders singing the words to 'How soon is now?' off by heart. There was plenty of goodwill at GMEX last night but still groups of lads who seemed happy to have a pop at people. Several fights broke out near us, mainly started by people pushing their way to the front and more 'established' fans taking exception to being pushed. There's no hard and fast rule on this one; I just wish people would be less aggressive. We're all there to enjoy the show. Did anyone else see that fight break out after the gig over by the Midland Hotel? I don't know if it's a very British thing but of all the gigs I've been to around Europe and the USA, I've only ever seen aggression in the UK (amongst fans that is, security would be a post on it's own).

    Thanks for the great shows this year, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. And to all the amazing people who keep turning up at concerts everywhere, have a RESTFUL Christmas.

    Start saving for the next tour!!Enjoy.

    collo -- Sunday December 24 2006, @05:46AM (#244522)
    (User #16343 Info)
  • Wow! I arrived at ten past six and made my way straight to the front of the venue, where the barrier was already covered in eager admirers (and no doubt Julia herself, though I never got to see her face). I found some lovely people to chat to, Carol, Dom, Catherine and Dom Jnr (son of Carol and Dom), who is 14 and a massive fan thanks to the efforts and good taste of his folks - I salute you! There were some dicey moments with security who kept telling us off for illicit alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking, but we avoided getting thrown out.

    Kristeen had a much better reception from the front of the arena than she had at Wembley, and there was a group of men calling "Kristeen, Kristeen we love you!" and "Too good to be a support act!" I'm not convinced on that one, but I was glad she didn't get so much abuse and enjoyed her set. Still think Kate Bush, but I do think Kristeen has potential. I also thought she looked rather hot in the pencil skirt and gorgeous heels, though the top was a little odd.

    The video montage was the same as before, and just as much fun and then the curtain dropped and whoosh! The crowd surged forward and any chance of surviving the night seemed minimal, but I really wouldn't have minded.

    The set list may have been the same but it was a good night and very enjoyable although it was a bit of a "rush and a push"! Lost Dom Snr and Carol but discovered Dom Jnr in the middle who was looking a little worse for wear. It was such a scramble that I sadly lost my hat but I did manage to throw my letter on to the stage, which Moz did notice, but he didn't pick it up - shame as there was a quid inside to weight it down to reach the stage!

    In the end Dom and I had to move to the side, but I didn't really mind as at least we could breathe again.

    Ended up with a headache from hell but it was totally worth it. Hard to believe that it's all over, but I have some fantastic memories and some new friends from it.

    What a night.

    Nice to hear from Julia too.

    My highlight was "I've changed my plea to guilty".

    It was a great night and I am so looking forward to the next tour and singing my heart out again.

    Loved it when the lads carried him on to the stage for the encore - the hero of the evening.

    Viva Morrissey!
    Kitty3780 -- Sunday December 24 2006, @05:56AM (#244523)
    (User #17786 Info |!/Kitty3780)
    "There is something I wanted to tell you..."
  • Perfectly judged setlist, Moz on fantastic voice, band note perfect, sound excellent, atmosphere wonderful. Not all the crowd as good as they might be but hey, screw em. An ace end to the year.

    -Ben G
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @06:01AM (#244524)
  • It was my first Morrissey gig last night and I managed to get at the front so see the man himself, I even ended up with a piece of his pink shirt which I wear as a wristband. I think Kristeen Young was a bit pissed off at the crowd cheering for Moz, she was strangely entrancingand that drummer worked bloody hard. I thought the movie bits were good bar that pissed woman singing 12 days of xmas I was thinking wtf! I think Morrissey put on a brillint show and the old favourites were great but where I was people lost energy after 'Irish Blood English Heart'. Im a bit bemused to why he finished with 'Daddy's Voice' as it isnt really that good a song Good show and the best concert of '06 for moi
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @06:11AM (#244526)
  • Just got back from a year in the sack (well my legs feel like it)

    Really enjoyed it. Walking in to the cavernous venuw noitced the burger stand with vegi over the beef/ham!

    Made my way to about 20 rows back with full intention of watching from there... watched the video montage, laughing during the Sacha Distel vid. MUst find it on youtube.

    Anyway the intro music started and there he was and the crowd surged forward, so like an amateur surfer I ended up 4 rows from the front. Oh well its Christmas.

    Highlights: Morrissey. Obviously. In top form I thought.

    "When I last played this stage (pause) LAST NIGHT, I did this funny little song"

    Don't make fun of daddy's voice- you crave EEErfection!

    And the personal highlight for me Morrissey (in my head) replied to my shout of "Thank You! Thank You!" after the divine Dear God (where I did my hardest not to sing until the heart feels free!) with "At last somebodys said it." (Or words to that effect)
    I read further down that it could have been for people asking for Life Is A Pigsty. Oh well in my head it was for my 'heckle'.

    Waited 15 years to see him do I've Changed My Plea...didn't disappoint. As didn't Disappointed or well most of it apart from....

    National Front Disco. Trouble being that his shirt had been thrown in and I was stood right next to the throng. 3 security gurads blocking my view as all and sundry fought over bits of shirt. A girl near me screamed to them "my husbands being trampled under there" and then promptly went back to watching Morrissey!!! HA HA

    Also some bloke who should know better at his age about to punch someone in the face till I grabbed his arm and said "C'mon mate its Christmas." And a young girl trying to push me out of the way with her arse which I wouldn't normally object to, trying to get extra leverage from leaning on her mate! "Um what are you doing love?" Oh dear!!! My mate, a veteran of Morrissey gigs had to go back cos it was too much for him!

    I am a small Chinaman

    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @06:19AM (#244527)
  • Do some people just shout out random songs from Moz's vast selection at every given opportunity thinking he is going to hear them and just say "oh ok, I'll sing that for you"???!
    It seems everytime I go to a gig I am stood next to some bloke who thinks it's funny to shout down moz when he is talking to the crowd. So yes, those who kept shouting King Leer at every opportunity last night, that means you!
    Whalley Range -- Sunday December 24 2006, @06:19AM (#244528)
    (User #16734 Info)
  • can anybody list the videos played before he came on, i know the new york dolls but if anyone knows the others and could post them id be truly grateful, thank you -x-
    gazeyres -- Sunday December 24 2006, @06:37AM (#244533)
    (User #10062 Info)
    • Here they are by Johan de Witt (Score:1) Sunday December 24 2006, @07:19AM
      • Re:Here they are by Tilly Fludd (Score:1) Sunday December 24 2006, @07:35AM
        • Re:Here they are by AnthonyGlamour (Score:1) Sunday December 24 2006, @07:52AM
          • Lypsinka. Can't find a video of it, but it's referenced here... ran/s140.html.
            If you remember, Morrissy himself was due to present an item named "Lypsinka - the boxed set" at his Meltdown, but the item was pulled.

            By the way, I was amazed and delighted to find out about you and Ashley. Congratulations old bean, you two were an item from the beginning as far as I could see. Have a great new year.

            uncleskinny -- Tuesday December 26 2006, @09:46AM (#244679)
            (User #7815 Info)
            And so I drank one, it became four, and when I fell on the floor, I drank more
      • Re:Here they are by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 24 2006, @08:45AM
  • but worth every mile on the m6!open again with panic a dream, drove home to surrey 3.30am so watched the manchester dvd !!great gig ,parked under tunnel free! Good as wembley,crowd on stage(our) left biggest crush this tour for me, right down at front as usual, big dude in front shook the mos hand, i did at portsmouth first tour, got song set list from there too, splinters overa fight over a drum stick, yes theres the usual rough lot but they make it, just hold your own, why do people get so worked up ? this is a mos gig , mahem rules, two girls fainted next to me! so we help them out, and protect smaller people around you.the only place to be is first few rows, done only 5 gigs this time only sat at palladium. take my daughter each time! great to see so many 2 generations, we aim to make it 3 generations! good to see same old faces at front, we'll be back next time, thanks for a great time great year, thanks for adding panic, nfd,sunday, our favourites
    saxamberman -- Sunday December 24 2006, @06:41AM (#244534)
    (User #17988 Info)
  • What did he say when he came on? My my -------- has changed? Help? I couldnt hear it?
    praxis1 -- Sunday December 24 2006, @08:31AM (#244550)
    (User #17989 Info)
  • Sunday night and I'm like a lost soul no Morrissey gig to go to tonight!!!! I don't believe it

    Only memories left, but what great memories!! Saturdays gig was the best but maybe thats because I managed to get to the front, I was crushed, pushed, pulled, kicked, poked, I couldn't breath......would not have missed it for the world ..fantastic.

    Next time I will wear a belt because with all the bouncing during panic my jeans slipped to my kness and i had one hell of a job to retrieve them, lol

    There were far too many highlights to mention but please, please please made me cry like a baby!! so that gets a special mention.

    Anyway what a great tour, what a great year and fingers crossed its not too long before we all assemble again to see the great man! I'd just like to end by saying thanks to Morrissey for simply being.


    Bobbin HEad

    Bobbin Head -- Sunday December 24 2006, @09:45AM (#244568)
    (User #17990 Info)
  • After being at the gig i think alcohol should no longer be sold on mass at gigs! after seeing two guys run around headbutting eachother, taking out other people in the process. they threw a Full pint up in the air and covered everyone.
    Not only that the numerous fights i saw break out were alcohol fuelled and spoiled the night for other fans.
    Yes have a drink but i think there should maybe be something like getting two tokens when u buy your gig tickets that get you 2 pints and thats your lot. these people who get hammered, whats the point? what a waste you pay so much for a ticket and wont be able to remember it! madness

    Im off to have a pint, safe drinking! :
    Play on the Moz! x
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @10:38AM (#244573)
  • 3rd time i've seen him and it was fantastic as ever - ganglord was also great, and the way i think it was 'life is a pigsty' ended by blending into a chirstmas song on the piano. Amazing! Been listening to morrissey for about 15yrs now and still moves me to tears.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @11:56AM (#244583)
  • I Kissed Morrissey!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @12:58PM (#244589)
  • Please see links below, quality is very good. I've Changed My Plea To Guilty Dear God Please Help Me

    mozmal -- Sunday December 24 2006, @01:17PM (#244593)
    (User #17231 Info)
    "chips with cream for the last time"
  • Filmed the entire gig last night, if you want a copy of it email me on [email protected] to sort it out.

    Put a short clip on youtube-
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @01:33PM (#244595)
  • ... of the band picking him up and carrying him round the stage? It was one of the loveliest things I've seen in ages; he couldn't stop laughing.
    Overall, Saturday was better than Friday. Morrissey was a lot more theatrical, and more 'on form' with the jokes. There were also fewer idiots in the audience heckling his every word. The reception for Kristeen was better (the hecklers were actually saying nice things ... if a little risque) and the crowd were more passionate (though I'm paying the price for that today). Thankyou to the skins who kept me upright and were really rather sweet to me; when you're packed so tight you can't physically put your arms down though, you've no choice but to be friendly.
    My Friday experience was marred by the lager lout who threatened to hit me when I told him to stop shoving (he wasn't actually watching the gig, just pushing people and heckling Morrissey). Also the youths shouting t**t, c**t, f***er, w***er etc (there were no asterisks to spare my ears) when Moz made a joke about The Smiths being a music hall act ... some people have no sense of humour; neither do they have sense, seeing as they've paid £40 to see someone they dislike.
    However, audience participation aside, I had the best time at both gigs. Ganglord was a particular highlight, William could have been him singing 20 years ago and it still sounds like the freshest music around, and Please Please Please brought tears to my eyes. I was thrilled that he played Dear God and Hero live as they sound beautiful and I lost all reason during National Front Disco, (chuuune, as the chavs would say) it sounded amazing. I can't understand why some are saying it's not good enough, or that it's tired material. It might be tired if you've been to all 90 shows, but out of 7, I haven't been disappointed once. Remember, Morrissey is a well rehearsed genius; spontaniety isn't his thing musically, therefore the setlist will be what he's rehearsed, and it will, by nature of being a setlist, be repetative; part of the thrill of going to see him for me is the between song banter and the sheer presence of the man. If you want a varied back catalogue with requests honoured, go and support Cliff Pilchard.
    But, yes, bloody fabulous two days; worth every bruise.
    Mozzersgirl -- Sunday December 24 2006, @02:14PM (#244599)
    (User #14229 Info)
    "There's more evil in the charts than in an al-Qaeda suggestion box" - Bill Bailey
  • To see Morrissey once this year was a privelege but to see him a 2nd time & @ the GMEX Manchester is a dream! It was a great concert...totally enjoyed it! A blistering start as Morrissey belted out Panic as the audience (who were really up for it!)chanted Hang the DJ! I was @ the front right of the stage & witnessed @ 1st hand the enthusiasm of the fans getting into HSIN, Irish Blood, 1st of the Gang, Girlfriend, William, Pigsty, Boy Happy, You Have Killed Me, Everyday & In the Future with full gusto! In contrast, Dear God, please help me was savoured with great serenity. I was distracted during In the Future by some exuberant fans fighting over Moz's pink shirt & I was concerned for one girl who nearly ended up under them all (I think she wrote a piece earlier - I'll reply to see if it was her). I managed to take some photos of Moz who appeared above us on several occasions. Kristeen Young was the support again as in May. I'm not sure if I can take to her music but she sure does give it all 100%. A chap shouted My dad thinks you're fit to which KY responded by giggling & saying Let just start the show! Moz was amusing at times mentioning OBEs, MBEs & being chaired around the stage by Bozzy Wozzy & co! I just can't wait for the next tour!
    The Crashing Bore -- Sunday December 24 2006, @02:29PM (#244601)
    (User #16666 Info)
  • First of all can I say what a great show morrissey put on last night and well done to hime for that.


    It was all ruined by the combination of a few things.

    -A rotten venue with bad facilities and terrible accoustics.

    - The worst crowd I have ever seen at any concert I have ever attended.

    Half the poeple last night seemed intent on going for a booze up and going to the loo every 10 mins, i have never ever seen so many people walking aroung during a concert!!

    Some of the stuff that some people nearby us were coming out with was just unreal like

    - Morrissey you tw*t
    - Morrissey you cu*t
    - Sing something decent mozzer you wan*er
    - Drop the cu*t (when morrissey was being lifted by the band)

    These were just a few things that happened which ruined our night completely.
    Why some people bothered going last night I really dont know as all they did was listen to the smiths songs (who by the way are no more - so get over it!!!), drink loads of beer and spill it on people and just talk most of the time.

    We had a great night at sheffield in may but last night was horrible and a waste of money which not even seeing morrissey could rescue.

    In novemeber we went to muse in concert with a younger fanbase and was impressed with the behaviour of them, but last night a older average age group behaved in a way we could not believe.

    Why does morrissey attract such people to his concert??

    If you are one of the morons last night like i have detailed above, do us, do the proper fans and do morrissey a favour and just stay the fu*k away from his concerts in future - you make me sick!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @02:37PM (#244604)
  • By far Morrissey's best ever gig.

    It puts you on a real high.

    Do you believe in love at first sight? I couldnt keep my eyes off this guy on both nights (apart from Morrissey of course). I was trying to pluck up the courage to talk to him on the second night but didnt. I looked at him and he looked back at me and that was it. Anyone got a time machine handy?
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @03:07PM (#244612)
  • hello fellow followers of morrissey.i went to both gigs and both wer superb.1st nite got ther kinda early,and was standing up for way to long,waitin for kristeen young to come on was bit of a joke...i thought she was ok but it was kinda like one long song after another,i liked the one called "typical"(very kate bush esk).for a 16yr old u gota give it to her.the moz vids wer just so sureal,one after another ,i found them very weird 1st nite but 2nd nite it was really getin into them,thought the french dude who kept changin outfits was kinda catchy,and the small man,singin somat like "jude" in german also gud..then the curtain dropped,and everyone went mental,was so gud,1st of the gang to die was just friend was nearly passing out wiv the heat,but i was just so happy to be ther ,even in my scarf hah.i never heard ganglord bfor,thought it was top song"back to the ghhhhetttooo"hhaa ha.everyone around us was really nice,especially the short blonde woman who went in front of us and her pals..also like to menstion the big guy who asked a fine young lady if she wanted to get on his shoulders...she got on..hahahahh,was so funy,she could hardely see,and she was fine..well done mate..
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 24 2006, @04:52PM (#244622)
  • I went to both gigs this weekend, and still I wanted more. Both gigs were amazing in their own way, I think though that the saturday was better for me, I was lucky that the people around me were considerate people with mostly only passion for the great man to show, the comments suggest this wasn't true throughout the building. I loved the way the band carried morrissey onto the stage like the hero he is, the band seemed to really, really enjoy it, as did morrissey who was brilliantly witty and charming, I loved when he came to the front of the stage for what I think was the last encore to rapturous applause, only to ask what we were all begging for? Any other performer digging for compliments could never do it in such an amusing and admirable way. I think that Khristeen young has been watching him on this tour and picked up a few of his tricks! My first Morrissey gig was the MEN gig, and every time he comes back I seem to buy a couple more tickets and turn up to queue a little earlier, My enthusiasm just grows each time and I can't say this of any other artist I've seen live. Apologies to the guy with the ginger quiff and to Chris the provider of sugary treats for the bruises they must have in a me shaped inprint on their backs, and Jeremy from south africa, if you are reading this, me and dan hope you had a good trip home and have a lovely x-mas, it was great to meet you.

    I hope Morrissey comes back soon, when he does I'll be there, hopefully it'll be a little warmer. An incredible end to a wonderful year.
    miss_bunbury -- Sunday December 24 2006, @06:24PM (#244625)
    (User #17997 Info)
  • Does anyone know what the filming was for? Moz mentioned something about the southbank show, or was is "not the southbank show"? I counted three cameras, unfortunately too few for a new dvd :-)
    Anonymous -- Monday December 25 2006, @04:38AM (#244632)
    • Re:tv cameras by gunter (Score:1) Monday December 25 2006, @05:19AM
    • Re:tv cameras by just jo (Score:1) Monday December 25 2006, @08:50AM
      • Re:tv cameras by Sister Josephine (Score:0) Monday December 25 2006, @10:40AM
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          • Re:tv cameras by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday December 30 2006, @11:58AM
        • Re:tv cameras by just jo (Score:1) Sunday January 07 2007, @01:27PM
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    • Re:tv cameras by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday December 25 2006, @01:52PM
  • Apart from thinking Moz will eventually become the new Danny boy I was wondering if the little rant about the honours system concerning his Irish singing "chum" is actually a little bitch about Sir Bono/ Sir Paul Hewson/ Sir God?

    I know they were once acquaintances but 'God' has to sort out international terrorism and environmental issues as well as Larry Mullen's Guile haircut.

    Bono for President. Of Turkmenistan!!!
    Anonymous -- Monday December 25 2006, @10:01AM (#244639)
  • Cant wait another 2 years. 27 gigs this year & both the GMex ones were up there with the best of them.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 25 2006, @12:19PM (#244647)
  • Miss Rachel Papers -- Monday December 25 2006, @12:20PM (#244648)
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  • Hello! It was my first Morrissey gig on the 23rd. I was right at the front row with my friend. Slightly right of the center. I was just wondering does anybody know who the guys taking pictures of the fans at the start where?

    Wasn't it amazing? I’ll be at the next tour dates in the North

    Did anybody hear us after the show we drove around the G-mex playing there is a light for all those people who wanted to hear it... haha

    Long live the king
    mrdec -- Monday December 25 2006, @06:21PM (#244661)
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    …..Now, today, tomorrow and always….
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