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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Panic / All You Need Is Me / Lucky Lisp / In The Future When All's Well / Ganglord / The National Front Disco / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / I Will See You In Far Off Places / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? / Let Me Kiss You / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy // Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

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  • Same exact set as last night. Security was extremely tight for some reason, bordering ridiculous. No cell phones allowed, etc. At one point M stopped singing mid song and chanted along with the crowd... very odd. A so/so show.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 02 2007, @11:07PM (#256403)
  • First off...M was outstanding....voice just amazing...Wonderful sense of humor and great stage presence

    Second off, being from out of state, I expected Morrissey fans to be a lively bunch. The crowd looked like they had sticks up their bums and god forbid they dance to the music...can you say uptight "poseurs"
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 02 2007, @11:48PM (#256405)
  • Yes it was the same set as last night but it was a great set ! A scuffle over the red shirt Moz threw near the front stopped one of the songs midway - but that was my chance to get closer up front - so I'm happy ! The only part that sucked was the tight security . This venue is in my hometown but my least favorite unfortunately .Hope to see some pics form those who snuck cameras in !
    senoritahollywood -- Wednesday May 02 2007, @11:49PM (#256406)
    (User #14057 Info)
  • Wow. Well, this was the 3rd show in 5 days that I've been to (all of the Northern California shows so far) and it was unlike the other 2.

    First of all, thanks to the guy who sold me my ticket outside literally AS Moz was coming on. I was ready to give up on getting in.

    Also, piss on the policy of 'no cell phones' being invented on the spot. Having to take my phone back to my car prevented me from seeing the intro and most of the opening song. I was glad to see a girl that had been sent all the way back to her car (as I was) to return her cell phone put her middle fingers up and let the cops know what bullshit it was as they searched her. :)

    Overall, I'd say OAK was my favorite in terms of Moz's performance - he just put everything he had into nailing the vocals of every song and captivated the room perfectly.

    Still, Stockton was much more 'informal' and kind of reminded me of his 'Live In Dallas' style where he was just goofing around and really having fun with it (which I also like)

    This show was more 'intimate' and felt pretty personal. Maybe it was just because I was able to leave my 'assigned' seat to get about 10 feet away from here, whereas in the other 2 I was stuck way back in the seats.

    The crowd, while not necessarily 'mobile' and moshing around, was definitely INTO it. The banter was exchanged mutually with lots of crowd participation and questions thrown back and forth between Moz and the crowd ( I shouted my share of stupid stuff )

    I also liked that this crowd seemed to really give it up for Boz. When he had his solo you could tell the people wanted to show their appreciation to him. Moz could probably sense this and commented on how talented Boz was after the song ended and the crowd enthusiastically agreed. Good for Boz!

    Oh, and interesting thing is that I gather Moz is a fan of the show 'Entourage' based on his comments. He was sarcastically saying how people could have better things to do like "Watch Entourage" - and then asked if it was on tonight - and said "I hope so" - So, my guess is he follows the show, which I could see him doing.

    Yeah, a few commotions going on and he stopped '..See the boy happy' as some police came in from the back. Not sure what happened, but he had to kill about 2 minutes of dead air with random talk which was fun.

    I think about 2 stage invades made it to him (vs NONE in Oakland) and both were very respectful - one girl hugging morrissey and returning to the crowd another kid I think shook his hand and also returned to the crowd without much incident.

    Finally, one thing I noticed was that this crowd was very good looking. I don't think I've ever seen that many attractive people at a moz show. Super-MILF in a white pants suit, a super-hot girl in a black dress with a red corsage on it and an amazingly cute pixie girl in a track jacket on the balcony. Lots of 'crush' material to go around.

    Anyway, first Moz show I've gone to *by myself* - I wasn't going to go, but when I realized that Santa Rosa was really only 40 minutes from where I'm staying in San Rafael, I couldn't justify NOT going. It was great to go on my own as I didn't have to worry about friends thinking I was weird for going nuts over moz.

    Wanted to go get a beer afterwards, but couldn't find anyone who knew of a place to recommend. Thanks to those who put up with my desperate inquiries though. Too bad Santa Rosa is such a one-horse town.

    Thanks for the memories Moz!
    aaron415 -- Thursday May 03 2007, @01:24AM (#256412)
    (User #18865 Info)
  • He made some funny comments throughout the night.
    *** He expressed disbelief at not selling out in Santa Rosa. "What in the hell else do they have to do in this town? Maybe the premiere of Entourage is on tonight......"

    ***He explained that he believed we are living in an age of increasing privacy intrusions and paranoia, with people keeping tabs on you all the time. "...and there is an institution for such folks. It's called marriage."

    *** (Responding to a shouted request for "Cemetary Gates") " UUGGGHH! You must be joking!")

    ***(Stops song in middle of "I Just Want to See the Boy Happy" in response to a disturbance offstage) "The Calvary are coming. I can't compete with General Custer..."

    ***(Someone yells "Give me Your Shirt!)
    "Oh, you want one too? And what do I get in return? (After a long pause) "OK, I accept." (Pretends to unbutton shirt)

    *** ".....Oh thank you, thank you. I'm getting too old for such compliments."

    *** "Does anyone remember 'Shawdow of A Doubt'? It was filmed right here. Well, not RIGHT HERE, but a bit that way.(Long pause) Ah, I'm trying to give a local history lesson, but nobody cares." (This in reference to the Alfred Hitchcock film from 1943 which was filmed in Santa Rosa)

    Can't contribute any video or pics, unfortunately, as I wasn't able to bring in a camera. Doubt you'll see anything of decent quality from this show up on youtube. Strict airport style security. Strange, I've never been to this venue before. I think it's an issue with the venue more than anything else. Intimate Theater and good sound from where I was. Stage invasions only attempted in the last song.

    Books Not Crooks -- Thursday May 03 2007, @02:47AM (#256422)
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  • Moz, I've just seen "Bellisima".
    Mother is so strong!!!!!
    I can't spin my neck right now.
    Be sure to get some exercise!
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 03 2007, @03:46AM (#256426)
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  • How many people were there?
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 03 2007, @08:31AM (#256441)
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  • One of my favorite moments was there was a security guard front and center being a total jackass, pushing people who were trying to touch morrisseys hand. After around the 2nd or 3rd song morrissey walks to one of his own head of security guys and whispers into his ear and points to the security gaurd and sure enough, that security gaurd was briskly escorted out.

    As he was escorted out morrissey waved at him ...

    I have been to the reno, oakland and santa rosa shows now, while they were all great for different reasons, oakland was my fav. followed by reno and then santa rosa. BUT they were all great. viva morrissey.
    danmc -- Thursday May 03 2007, @09:39AM (#256458)
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  • here's a review from a local paper: e?AID=/20070503/NEWS/70503006&SearchID=73279934385 086
    author decided to retitle How Soon is Now... hmmm. I took my wife to see the show. I've always been a fan, and she's always teased me about it. But this time, she really liked him. I managed to sneak my phone in (just in case the babysitter called!), but no pics... Sorry. His voice was top notch compared to other shows I've seen him perform. (I've seen him 4 times through the decades). Life is a Pigsty was the highlight. He seemed very relaxed and looked like he was enjoying himself. He apoligized for missing some high notes on Boy with the Thorn in his Side. Said that's what happens when you're a vegitarian. He said you need some baby-back ribs for that one. Then he made sure we all knew he was joking!
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 03 2007, @09:47AM (#256461)
  • I'd also note that it seemed like people were more 'friendly' and pleasant at this show than the others. It almost seems that the more 'hardcore' the Moz fans try to be, the more sour and unfriendly they become.
    aaron415 -- Thursday May 03 2007, @10:40AM (#256470)
    (User #18865 Info)
  • I saw him at the same venue in 2002 and the security wasn't nearly as bad. I remember there were quite a few stage invasions at the end with no hassles.

    If found the presence of spartan security frankly offensive. There was even security in the men's bathroom! They were all dressed in black with fingerless black gloves. It was so intimidating, as if they wanted someone to start trouble.

    The last guy who got up on stage was very friendly. As he walked away of his own accord, Morrissey taunted the security goons with, "Here's one. You missed one. You missed one."

    I thought this show was much better than the Oakland one but not quite as exciting as the Stockton show. I think the smaller venue had a better sound, at least up on the balcony side where we were. A friend down front said the sound was not well balanced. One thing about this show is that the band were really into it.

    They all went and shook the audience's hands at the end and threw tons of keepsakes. Boz seemed really into the show. Twice at the end of a song he would throw his guitar up and balance it on the palm of his hand.

    His current band is the best yet. Like many I was saddened by Alain's departure but Jesse is amazing. By the way Solomon the bassist is a total hottie!

    At the Oakland concert they were all wearing the blue outfits with vest and ties that made them look like 1950's gas station attendents. Last night it was a light candy pink shirt with bow tie, no vest. They looked like soda jerks.

    The version of Lucky Lisp is incerdible. Let's hope it comes out as a B-Side. Also the Ringleader songs sound great too. During You Have Killed Me he starts it off with Roberto Rosellini is me. Later he sings, Anne Sexton you'll never be.

    Also during Let Me Kiss You, he sings, "I've drive all over Los Angeles..."

    The higlight really is Life is a Pigsty leading into How Soon Is Now. The drums at the end are amazing. Morrisey's voice is so good and he hits all the high notes.

    Still the best part of all is when he takes of his shirt in Let Me Kiss You. It's right after he sings the line, "But then you open your eyes and see someone that you despise."
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 03 2007, @12:23PM (#256478)
  • dont you think?
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 03 2007, @12:59PM (#256486)
    • I hope not by esheh195 (Score:1) Friday May 04 2007, @06:50AM
  • Wednesday is the getting kicked off night on American Idol. Santa Rosa people were probably more interested in that than the real Idol.
    someraincoatedlovers -- Thursday May 03 2007, @01:29PM (#256491)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • Our photog was only allowed to shoot during the first few songs. Enjoy! GalleryID=83

    kikiaru -- Thursday May 03 2007, @02:53PM (#256501)
    (User #18869 Info)
  • My daughter and I met Julia last night for the first time and she is the nicest, sweetest, mild/meek, down to earth person that I have ever met. There are not enough words to explain how nice Julia is. When we talked to her, my daughter and I realized that we actually share some of the same experiences as a result of the other non-Morrissey concerts that we go to. There are many haters out there when there is no reason for the hating. I envy Julia and wish that I could go to all of the Morrissey shows also but I'm not able to and I'm happy that she can because she is such a sweet person. There is a difference between those that envy someone and those that are jealous of someone. Jealousy can lead to hatred which is not a good trait. You can have a passion for a musician and his music and then you can have an obsession with a musician. Passion is good...obsession is bad because, again, it can lead to hatred of other people and competition and violence. People should get over their jealousy and just be happy for Julia. Don't waste you life, time and energy hating someone that you have probably never met.
    Tigress -- Thursday May 03 2007, @03:06PM (#256505)
    (User #16690 Info)
  • Has anyone attempted to catalog all the recorded music played before Kristeen going on and then the video bits before Moz goes on? Having attended two shows I believe they are identical each time. One song was Chicken Walk by Hasil Adkins and another Jungle Rock by Hank Mizell...both available on Rockin` Bones: 1950s Punk And Rockabilly (Cd 2). That video of the guy singing and changing costumes (bull fighter and other outfits) keeps playing in my head...was it in Italian? Oozgali, Oozgali...what was he singing? Anyone know who are what song it was?
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 03 2007, @09:15PM (#256538)
  • lol
    why is this offtopic? it's fucking hilarious.
    oh and who is kewpie? , i've been coming here for years and never ever heard of him/her so i'm just wondering why is this person a moderator ?
    just an honest question so please don't take offence.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 03 2007, @02:30AM (#256420)
  • No, he played.... Bloodbeat, Tristan, and Blackbird.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 03 2007, @04:14AM (#256427)
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