posted by davidt on Saturday May 05 2007, @11:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / All You Need Is Me / Ganglord / The National Front Disco / Lucky Lisp / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / I Will See You In Far Off Places / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Let Me Kiss You / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? / In The Future When All's Well / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy // You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

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  • They changed the venue again 1/2 during the show?
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 05 2007, @11:36PM (#256788)
  • how was it?
    ray_in_a_tutu -- Saturday May 05 2007, @11:44PM (#256789)
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  • no shit! He played This Charming Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 06 2007, @12:16AM (#256790)
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  • It was a pretty cool show. Too bad 95% of Spokane sucks ass, because no one I saw was dancing or even moving more than absolutely necessary, except for one chick who only started halfway through.

    Boooo to everyone.

    But he was wonderful, of course. Aaaaabsolutely wonderful.

    Us under-21 folk got confined to the top back of the venue, and weren't allowed on the floor or anything. Which, after that lame 21+ thing they had going on for a few days, I was just happy to get IN.
    njosnavelinx -- Sunday May 06 2007, @01:15AM (#256797)
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    • Re:Loved it. by wheat is murder (Score:1) Monday May 07 2007, @09:04AM
  • First of all, it was my first time seeing Morrissey, and he was great and I had a fantastic time. My biggest problems were with the venue and a few people. I've seen a few shows at the Big Easy, and something bad always happens.

    Some asshole shouted "You're Awesome, Tori Amos" at the opening act. She was phenomenal, and it was really rude to belittle her like that. Kristeen said "Thank you for being everything I thought Washington would be." What the hell is wrong with you, Spokane?

    There was also a drunk man with no shirt who kept crowd-surfing during Moz's set.

    The worst part was that the venue's security was obviously clueless about the tradition of fans jumping on the stage and hugging Moz. One kid was knocked down between the barrier and the stage and was carried off limp and unconscious! It was a bad way to end the encore, but no one really knew what to do.

    Overall it was a really good show, but this town is awful and I'm ashamed to live here.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 06 2007, @01:19AM (#256798)
  • good show! (Score:1, Informative)

    Not sure I agree with the other posters. There were lame people, as would be expected, but on the whole I thought the crowd was pretty into it. Loud sing-a-long during "Everyday is Like Sunday," Moz smiled and seemed to enjoy himself, made eyes and gestures to the people trying to get his hand, and frequently making comments like these:

    "Spokane, my face is leaving in 10 minutes...and you'd better be on it."

    "Let's go out hunting...shoot us some hunters"--done in a funny American-esque accent.

    Two shirt changes, including one that was torn off and thrown to the crowd. Boz seems to be losing weight.

    Also, I saw Julia at the Conoco Piggy Mart (imagine that). She was with some woman picking up a box of painkillers. Then they drove off in a new-ish Prius with MA plates. No shout-out to her during the show that I recall.

    All in all, one of the better Moz shows that I've seen in the past few years. Don't be embarrassed to live in Spo-Vegas!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 06 2007, @01:27AM (#256799)
  • What did he sing? I see that he keeps changing a few songs around.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 06 2007, @01:28AM (#256800)
  • Also, set list seems similar to the Santa Rosa show, except no Panic or Please,Please,Please.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 06 2007, @01:30AM (#256802)
  • ok, well, those posts beg many more questions..

    1) was it packed out?
    2) what WAS the setlist?
    3) what ELSE did moz say?
    4) did anyone catch a piece of his shirt?
    5) did anyone get any pictures or live video shots?
    6) anything ELSE of interest besides the few obnoxious jerks that always have to show up at a concert and be rude bec. they have nothing else better to do??
    7) what time did kristeen hit the stage, and when did moz finally play??
    8) how long did the show last?

    i did hear the faint booming of what was either someone playing very loudly in the venue, or a very loud car stereo blasting outside of my workplace.. how envious i am of all of you who got to go.. so please, add More details!!

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 06 2007, @07:03AM (#256815)
  • This may have been addressed elsewhere, but can anyone tell the nature and design of his two rings?
    tenforum -- Sunday May 06 2007, @09:29AM (#256825)
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    I said and I'll say it again. November spawned a monster. What? November. Monster. Spawned. You heard me.
  • There were about 20 of us who had lined up early in the morning, and we all made it to the front barrier thanks to the bar staff who allowed us to "wait" in the bar by stamping our tickets with a letter A (first in line).

    The crowd was small. So small that only about half the floor space was actually filled with people.

    Kristeen Young was Phenomenal. She's currently and officially the most charming, attractive woman alive. The ugliest moment in the whole show came when some fool shouted at her "we love you, tori amos"..... If he had been anywhere near me I would have punched him square in the nose.

    Morrissey opened with the queen is dead. Setlist was basically the same as the last few shows. He played Everyday is like sunday. He did not play There is a Light or Please Please...

    He joked about not selling 2700 tickets, and kept talking in a midwesternish accent, saying something along the lines of "let's get loaded on rum...go out and shoot the hunters"

    He grabbed hold of my hand four times.

    Encore was Someone on your side, crowd started getting rowdier until a botched stage attempt left someone on the floor unconcious.
    beamish -- Sunday May 06 2007, @12:40PM (#256839)
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    • also, by beamish (Score:1) Sunday May 06 2007, @12:55PM
      • Re:also, by Tigress (Score:1) Sunday May 06 2007, @10:05PM
    • Re:Incredible by wheat is murder (Score:1) Monday May 07 2007, @08:59AM
  • Not one to waste words, Morrissey welcomed us with this phrase. And Execution it was, one that masterfully took us places we never knew they were real.

    It had been too long, since I had last seen the Mozzer, he has neglected the Pacific Northwest for the last couple of tours, people grow up and some grow old, and we noticed.
    Kristeen Young completely adorable. Those pummeling discordances along with her voice, it’s Punk Rock on a piano, it’s casiotone handclaps and beatbox beats from a rude girl. What a treat for an opening act!

    Concert promptly started at 8pm, with Kristeen and was followed by the Moz crew taking care of things pretty fast. To their sides, Morrissey’s video collection of Europaean-too- much-late-night television, carefully styled, of course, Notice how the young actor in the first clip looks like a Alain White, same teeth, same smile. Notice how the heartthrob Teddy boy in the Gold chain, could have been Morrissey, had the Smiths not turned him into the Tormentor he accustomed us to. Note also how this video must have been the blueprint for “You’re the one for me, Fatty”.

    The buildup commenced as house lights came down, the Spoken word of was cued in and I waited patiently my heart knowing this was it –the Real Thing.

    I’ve come prepared for the execution! He muttered; yet he executed the Royal family first, the Queen is Dead’s drums, and wall of feedback announced it, didn’t you hear?

    I felt Morrissey was very present during most of the show, despite the venue which had the underage people way in the back, the couples at the bar drinking beer -“The drunker you get, the better this songs will sound”, and the rest of us ushered to very front of the stage where we could only hope for a handshake a grope or a ring.

    Despite the low nature of the music played in Spokane –“This music has been known to be detrimental…” I connected with Moz the way I hadn’t connected before, this very songs came alive, in a way they hadn’t come to me, locked in my room, it was here where I lip synch next to a complete stranger’s ear these songs, that have taken me and him from the very lows of life to very high places of bliss.

    The set list, was very similar to the past shows; except, I dare say shorter, counting especially the one song encore You’re gonna need someone on your side. Which closed the evening with failed stage invasions, faints and a Morrissey clapping his way through the 3 guitar barrage of chords and Rockabilly chromatism that identifies the song.

    Paramount tonight! Don’t let us down Seattle.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 06 2007, @01:51PM (#256846)
  • my brother and i are from Portland (no we were not the shirtless jerk who claimed to be from PDX), and we decided to hit the Spokane show because Moz seems to lay back more in the smaller towns.

    our decision paid off in spades! a truly great set. my 3rd Moz show, our collective 8th, and we both felt like it was one of/if not THE best.

    I am a huge fan of Alain and Gary Day, but I'm afraid to say that the new rhythm section (I do not know their names), was locked tight and amazing. With Jesse Tobias, I think this may be Moz's best backing band!

    Anyways, amazing set, great performances by all. Morrissey seemed playful and was very humorous. aside from the aforementioned idiots (how can you possibly crowd surf as Moz is singing the line "I am human and I need to be loved?"), the show was well worth the 10+ hours it took us to drive there and back.

    BTW I counted 3 Smiths songs: The Queen is Dead, How Soon is Now, and The Boy With the Thorn in His Side.

    now I need a nap...
    CINCOdeMOZZO -- Sunday May 06 2007, @02:18PM (#256851)
    (User #18884 Info)
  • Well, it wasn't a list, so much as the A group. Great job, die hards. I've never been to a show where everyone was so friendly, helpful, and FAIR! I'm glad we all made it to the rail.

    That being said, most of The Man's witticisms have been accurately recounted by previous posters. The aforementioned ASS CLOWN also shouted "Eat a Steak!" to Morrissey, which was the final straw, and he was chastised with great vehemence.

    The boys were all dressed in rather sharp basic black slacks and collared black shirts. Love to see the return of Mikey Farrell and his trombone, trumpet, tambourine, etc.

    Morrissey himself came out dressed in a brown shirt and brown slacks. Took shirt backstage and changed into a navy. That one was thrown and was obtained, in its entirety, by a very loyal and deserving fan. Congrats to her! He finished the show in a light peach shirt.

    Winnie, Juila, and all the usual characters were present. Moz made a special effort to shake Julia's hand specifically and was saying "Julia, Julia," as if to get the others' hands out of the way.
    I think everyone in the front got a handshake or two.

      Lots of attempts to get onstage, but without success. The girl that hit the floor was in front of me. Morrissey looked really concerned when they carried her out; he was shaking his head and making pained expressions (which, perversely, I found adorable). She was seen later outside the show, and seemed to be fine.

    The security guard in front of me couldn't avoid my dancing, flailing, and general out-of-control enthusiasm (read: euphoria) throughout the show. As the lights went on, (and thanks lots to Mr. Lincoln) he handed me another "list."

    So, kiddies, here goes!


    Again, thanks to all who put up with me at the show: the Coulter boys, Jenn, and the rest of the group. Congrats to the nice man (Bryan? -- sorry!) who had just about the best day a Moz fan could hope for.

    See y'all @ the Paramount!

    BelowTheWaterline -- Sunday May 06 2007, @02:42PM (#256855)
    (User #14198 Info)
  • hopefully this is ok to post this here....i'll be flying to chicago to see moz on the 15th and was wondering if any kind soul who lives in/around the mt.prospect area could squeeze me in their car AFTER the show and drop me off in/around mt.prospect on their way? or if anyone could give me some tips on taking the bus/metro from chicago to mt.prospect after 10pm (whenever the show ends) that would be much appreciated! please/thanks!

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 06 2007, @08:06PM (#256878)
  • It was a good show. This is the second time I have seen him in Spokane, the first at the Fox Theater. And that was a great show. Maybe it was my decision to struggle to keep my spot up front, but I was a little distracted. When it was at the Fox I had my space to dance. But it was great to see facial expressions and hear exactly what he said. The band was great. I love the trumpet and huge drum. Moz definitely enjoyed himself. My husband, who is only a fan through me, said that he was surprised he didn’t take himself too seriously. And that was a good thing. He knows when he is hamming it up. I think he rocked National Front Disco the most. Or maybe the crowd did. And Disappointed was fantastic. I was surprised that it was half full, but maybe that was a good thing.

    I purchased orchestra level tickets when the concert was at the old location, which were $55 (+ taxes and other charges). There was 3 choices of prices. Seems like those who paid the most expensive price should get reimbursed for the difference between the least expensive ticket. Has anyone heard anything on this front?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 06 2007, @08:17PM (#256879)
  • hey friends.

    i was lucky enough to experience the spokane show.

    here is the full feature article that i wrote for The Tripwire.

    enjoy. y-the-big-easy-spokane-wa/ []

    jason anfinsen

    Anonymous -- Monday May 07 2007, @01:42PM (#256972)
  • Was the gig not sold out? Was it only half full? F*** me, in the UK all the dates sell out in minutes.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 07 2007, @01:54PM (#256974)
  • Was Moz seen smoking?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 07 2007, @03:22PM (#256987)
  • Did anyone else see the "HONEY" shirt on the drum riser onstage?

    Man what a show! I was in Seattle last night and us Spokane people are a LUCKY LUCKY bunch.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 07 2007, @05:59PM (#257014)
    • Re:Honey by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 08 2007, @07:58AM
  • Anyone have pictures from the show? I was about 3 rows back in the pit (a rather spiffy vantage point, if I do say so myself, for most of the show) and would really kind of like some sort of hard-copy proof that yes, Moz actually WAS in Spokane. Joy.
    ann_septimus -- Monday May 07 2007, @11:43PM (#257048)
    (User #18900 Info)
  • Anyone else see that fat guy who kept waving at Moz from about the second row center. Maybe Moz should have just waved to put the poor guy out of his misery. Or he contributed to the comment about "Drinking More Makes Us Sound Better".
    jailer -- Tuesday May 08 2007, @05:29PM (#257154)
    (User #18802 Info)
    • Re:The Waver by svenbjorn (Score:1) Tuesday May 08 2007, @05:46PM
  • I posted my review with some terrible cell phone pix. But its better than nothing. []

    This was my first Morrissey show. I enjoyed it a lot!

    Absent-One -- Tuesday May 08 2007, @08:16PM (#257176)
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  • Here a small video from the concert... after I took it one of the security guards warned me that the next time he would take my camera
    csandoval1000 -- Thursday May 10 2007, @09:29PM (#257486)
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