posted by davidt on Tuesday May 08 2007, @10:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Panic / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Dear God, Please Help Me / Ganglord / I Will See You In Far Off Places / All You Need Is Me / Let Me Kiss You / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The National Front Disco / In The Future When All's Well / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart // Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

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  • Morrissey is Mormon now.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 08 2007, @10:06PM (#257187)
  • All You Need Is me
    Youre Gonna need
    The Queen Is Dead
    Everyday Is Like Sunday

    show was cut short due to curfew!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 08 2007, @10:33PM (#257188)
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  • Excellent show. Band was very tight and Morrissey was in great form as usual. Pretty much same set list as previous show. Exception. No Lucky Lisp, and he played "Dear God Please help me". Probably the best of 6 times I have seen him live. Highlights: "How soon is now?" was the best song I have ever seen live by any one ever! And Pigsty was amazing.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 08 2007, @10:37PM (#257190)
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  • Okay, the show just ended an hour or so ago. The details...

    Now, deep down, I am definitely a Gary/Alain guy, but I have to admit that the band was STELLAR (yeah, even Tobias). They sounded amazing, and their energy was great. Moz was unbelievably pitch-perfect and at times sounded like a lion. He wasn't too chatty, but he made a few quips. Oh, and there were two shirts thrown into the crowd tonight.

    The venue was terrible! It was way too big--it wasn't even half full. The place just FELT empty, and I think it affected the audience, who I thought were really lame for the most part. They barely moved during most of the songs(except for the die-hard Moz-heads, obviously). I mean, when Morissey broke into the Queen is Dead (the opening number), there were actually people LEAVING to buy food! I mean, what the hell? But that ain't the Mozzer's fault--it's theirs.

    All in all, a very good show. Highlights included How Soon is Now, Please Please, Changed Plea to Guilty, Pigsty, Youngest Most Loved, a rockin' Irish Blood/English Heart, and a beautiful performance of Dear God Please Help Me. Oh, and he forgot the lyrics during Youngest was the Most Loved and laughed it off saying he'd had a long night at the pub.
    thecamrod -- Tuesday May 08 2007, @10:46PM (#257193)
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  • Set List (Score:2, Informative)

    I was one of the lucky ones to get a real set list from the band. It's torn, so all the songs he played may not appear here. I'll use the spelling and accronyms on the actual and small caps to fill in from my memory:

    1ST UV
    SNOG (Let Me Kiss You)
    NEED ISN'T (All You Need is Me)
    SUNDAY ISN'T (Everyday Is Like Sunday)
    (The National Front Disco)
    (You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side)

    It was sooooo much fun. I got to shake his hand. :-)
    From Gaby
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 08 2007, @10:55PM (#257194)
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  • Ya you and your wannabe friends pushing everyone facing stage left THE WHOLE TIME. You made the show a pigsty for a lot of us.

    Rot in hell.

    When bleachboi through his shirt on the stage I felt sorry for you guys. It's obvious you guys were the ones in SLC missing tracks off of Vauxhall.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 08 2007, @10:57PM (#257195)
  • WOW!just got back. I haven’t looked at whats been posted under slc post-show yet, so sorry if there’s any duplicates. I’m tired [please excuse punctuation/grammar, and out of order] so I’ll write as much as I can remember as fast as I can write. quotes are paraphrased. (ps. I’m flying to Chicago to see him. is there anybody from mt.prospect that could kindly give me a ride from mt.prospect to the show and/or after from Chicago to mt.prospect, most importantly after? I don’t mind giving some gas money. please?)

    kristeen young - opposite sides of stage(far apart); she seemed like she was trying to make eye contact w/drummer several times, but he didn’t look back
    -amazing voice
    -songs were not immediately accessible (will take a few listens)
    -crowd was kind to her

    -“this is the strangest hockey you’ll ever see” [venue is mainly hockey arena]
    -during queen is dead after ‘you cannot sing’ he switched lyrics to “of course I can”
    -switched lyrics in far off places – ‘if usa doesn’t bomb you’ to ‘if george w. bush doesn’t kill you’
    -“this is a Shakespearean festival”
    - his voice was right on although, he forgot words a couple times; he even admitted it himself; he said it was because he had a late night last night
    -“say howdy to” …introduced band; when it came to the walker brothers, he mentioned they were from Chicago and said it in a Chicago accent
    -he asked Julia if she was staying the night… I think she said she is staying here tonight and tomorrow (is she missing Denver?)
    -he mentioned hockey arena venue again and asked ‘isn’t there anything Shakespearean (or as old as Shakespeare) in salt lake? there’s got to be a decorative theater of some sort…paused….the mountains, the mountains are as old as Shakespeare” [actually there is a fantastic theater which would have been perfect called Kingsbury Hall…too bad he didn’t play there!]
    -venue was half a hockey arena; the floor was pretty full, the seating was barely a third full
    -crowd was great; lots of singing along; I was about 20-30 feet back and everybody seemed to really be enjoying it; [***do not let other people dictate how you enjoy a show, especially a moz concert! every individual chooses how they want to enjoy it, no matter what other people say or do (ie. I’m tired of people blaming their own experience on other crowd members, unless its violent which is understandable)]
    -unfortunately, no stage invaders
    -security seemed alright, but can’t really measure without stage invaders
    -he reached out several times and even took a small flower that he put behind his ear for a song or two
    -came out in black shirt which he tossed later, then blue, then gray, maybe one more; took off his shirt twice
    -“why is my shirt such a major concern…I only bought it at Target!”
    -Boz had leopard print guitar strap! and he threw paper airplane set list which went almost to the back
    -‘I’ve changed my plea’ was best song of the whole night
    -during the last part of please, please,….he knelt down, stared at the stage, and seemed to be breathing irregular (seemed to be choked up/crying a bit?)
    -he had a few more classic quotes, but I can’t remember them
    -by far, the longest moz concert i've ever been to; i'm pretty sure he was on state at least 2 hours!!!

    i scanned in a copy of the set list, but i don't know how to add it in here so i'll type it...

    1ST UV

    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 08 2007, @11:30PM (#257201)
  • Hope your hometurf show was extra memorable! Tell all...

    [email protected]

    Eugene Mel
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 08 2007, @11:38PM (#257204)
  • Great recap, Elvez.

    Not much to add from me, except that it was a great show.

    We went to the back of the arena afterwards to hopefully meet Mr. Morrissey. There were 7 of us waiting, and I had my sharpie and Kill Uncle cd ready to be tagged. After about an hour, his limo pulled out, and didn't even slow down as he passed us. Oh well.

    It was a great show, and Please Please Please was beautiful.
    Grillo <[email protected]> -- Tuesday May 08 2007, @11:43PM (#257205)
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  • WOW! What a night! Moz seemed to be in a great mood when the show started, then came DGPHM and he got very emotional, he was standing right in front of me and he looked about to cry! Did anyone else notice how emotional he was during the show? I can't help but think he knows something that we don't. He actually did kneel down at one point and I thought I saw him wipe away a tear. Although he truly did forget the words to one of the songs, but laughed it off during. Most of the songs he stopped singing because he was about to cry. He changed the words in Pigsty from "Even now in the final hour of my life I'm falling in love again" To "I have fallen in love." What a great night his voice was incredible sounding. But agreed the people throwing their shirts on stage ruined the encores. Honestly what in the hell made you think Moz would want your sweaty nasty shirt? Also the the E-center was awful the seats were practically empty, should have been at Abravanel Hall, although I didn't mind being right in front and holding his hand twice, getting a set list, a pick and the security guards t-shirt that says Morrissey USA 2007 Local Crew! Thanks Morrissey for an awesome show and a touching one at that!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @07:36AM (#257235)
  • The show was fantastic. Morrissey was in good form. The band was spectacular.


    THE AUDIENCE WAS A HEAPING PILE OF STEAMY SHIT. I have never been to a Morrissey show where the crowd acted so bored and so scared to touch anyone. Everyone acted like they were at some spoken word performance in a low-lit coffee house in seattle. In an arena that already needed as much help from the crowd as possible, Morrissey got a crowd that acted like they were watching an unknown opening band. Someone already complained that not a single person tried to rush the stage...How could that possibly happen with a crowd like that. No one even tried to get closer to the front of the floor. YOU WERE A BORING CROWD THAT TOOK THE THRILL AND EXCITEMENT OF A LIVE SHOW AND FLUSHED IT RIGHT DOWN THE SHITTER, all you people up front. This was my favorite part though: I heard some douche-bag who was up against the barrier pleading for attention when he said, "I feel like a party-pooper...I said I feel like a party-pooper because I can't scream with everyone....because I have to perform later tonight". Hahahaha. What an ass-clown. Hey everyone, look at me. I am a performer. Morrissey and I have so much in common. Suck it douche, and all your semi-goth teenage friends can suck it too.

    gaijin -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @07:49AM (#257241)
    (User #18918 Info)
  • This was by far the most amazing morrissey performance I have ever seen. Just one real complaint. Why he fuck does moz have to torture the fuck out of his audience with horridly excruciating video from the 40s and 50s that nobody would ever want to see for endless minutes before he takes the stage. I was truly depressed before he went on. Those videos, and to those of you who weren't at the show, they were old videos with annoying music and in foreign languages from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, were making the crowd completely bored if not totally irritated. Note to moz and his crew, get rid of that shit and find an opening act that doesn't look like a high school talent contest. They were packing up their own gear after their performance for god's sake! I haven't done that since high school. That kind of shit reflects badly on mozzer.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @08:15AM (#257250)
  • First of all, Morrissey was amazing.

    Secondly, the crowd was retarded. There was some fat drunk guy with a backwards next to me that left during every other song to get more beer. It was obvious he didn't know any of the songs. I don't know why he came.. he seemed like a Limp Bizkit fan.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @08:45AM (#257256)
  • Have most of the venues been seated?
    That might be the reason for why the crowds are so subdued. My least favorite Morrissey show was the one he did at the Chicago Theatre. You really couldnt move.
    While I like the auditorium theater i dont have high hopes for it as rock concert venue.
    we shall see next week.
    robiskeen -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @09:02AM (#257262)
    (User #17581 Info)
  • I saw Morrissey last night and enjoyed it very much. I had seen him twice before, however the last time was almost fifteen years ago on the Your Arsenal Tour.

    We arrived just as the opening act was finishing. After hearing the last minute of the last song, I have no regrets about missing her act. Seemed like more of an assault on the senses than actual music.

    I wasn't surprised by the odd videos shown during the intermission. I liked the clips of the New York Dolls as they reminded me of the great movie from last year documenting the life of Arthur Kane and the reunion of the Dolls at Morrissey's Meltdown. If you haven't seen "New York Doll", you should.

    Morrissey and the boys took the stage at approximately 8:40pm and launched in to "The Queen is Dead". Awesome. And the show just got better from there.

    I wondered how well his act would go over given that he is approaching 50 years old. There were certainly the vintage Morrissey moments like his multiple shirt removals, the microphone cord whipping, the collapse at the end of "Life is a Pigsty", etc. Did it seem silly? A little. But I had to remind myself that it seemed silly 25 years ago, too. That's part of the charm of this man. I found it refreshing that he doesn't seem to take himself quite so seriously these days. He was playful and warm, and seemed to be genuinely enjoying what he was doing.

    The songs were great. I loved that he mixed in so many (five) Smiths songs. The highlight, for me, had to be the first song of the encore, "Please, Please, Please...". Simply beautiful.

    Yes, the crowd was mellow. And I count myself as one of the mellow ones. So, I'm sorry if I somehow made the show less enjoyable for you. I was content sitting, listening, absorbing the moment. Actually watching the man performing the songs I have heard over and over again is quite mesmerizing. I liked that the venue was only partially filled. We were almost completely alone in our section, and I was happy to be free from any distractions. It seems to me that those who wanted to get on floor and dance had the freedom and the room to do so. Those that wanted to be in the crush at the front were free to do so. And those who just wanted to sit and listen were free to do so. It was a show for everybody, and I observed that the audience included people across a wide age spectrum.

    They performed for about 90 minutes, took a brief break, and then returned for the two-song encore. The length of the show seemed just right, as did the order of the songs. I remember seeing him in Berkeley in 1991 and feeling terribly let down when he played barely over an hour (including encore). Last night made up for that.

    Of the three shows I have seen, I enjoyed this one the most. Probably because this was the first time I saw him performing Smiths songs. And while I have been disappointed by the hit and miss nature of his solo career, last night helped me remember just what a unique individual Morrissey is and why I was drawn to his music in the first place.
    BrianA -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @10:25AM (#257270)
    (User #17301 Info)
  • Whatever it was gaijen was rambling on about, well, he/she must've been talking about him/herself.

    The SLC crowd was FANTASTIC and so was Morrissey!

    You find what you're lookin for! If you pick out every missed note, missed word, misstep, etc from Morrissey, then you'll find it. If you pick out every perfect pitch note, fun lyric change, fancy dancing, etc from Morrissey, then you'll find it. Same goes with any crowd. Same goes with anything in life. Get over yourself.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @11:25AM (#257282)
  • I was on the front row on the left side and the crowd seemed fanatical. the security was extremely friendly except they didn't know how to handle the fight over the first shirt. One security guard yelled at another right in front of me over it. I've Changed My Plea was the highlight of the night for me because I didn't expect it. I shook his hand twice during the concert.
    Geek of the Week -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @02:58PM (#257296)
    (User #13602 Info)
  • please somebody upload videos

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @03:20PM (#257299)
  • What happens when You try to rush the stage? Are You taken out of the venue? Placed on a corner until You behave? I'd love to try it, but don't want to be taken out...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @06:08PM (#257315)
  • Alright, the SLC show was awesome! My last show by Moz was my first concert ever and it was the one that ended in a riot at the Paulie Pavillon. It ended after something like 4 1/2 songs and we all left very disappointed. My best friend was there with me, who used to post on here quite often but died after a bout with Lukemia. He was the biggest Morrissey fan I ever knew. That concert didn't deter him from seeing him whenever he could and talking about him whenever he could. So, when my friend said he had two extra tickets. I took my wife who was more familiar with Smiths stuff than Morrissey. I was actually nervous he was going to bail out on us again. (The last show up here I think he stopped playing after 40 minutes, in a smaller venue). However, I would definitely go to a show again. It was great fun! He sounded awesome! Also, this is embarrasing to admit, but during some of the songs I almost teared up thinking about my best friend and how he should have been there with my wife and I. Anyway, it was fun and just a great experience. After swearing I wouldn't do a Morrissey concert again after the Paulie Pavillon because I always felt like Moz would let me down, I will definitely see whenever I get a chance now. Powerful concert. So I don't know if this made any sense, but whatever.
    gfewkes -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @09:07PM (#257325)
    (User #18923 Info)
  • Big deal.
    Totally rat arsed.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 10 2007, @07:15PM (#257479)
  • I don't consider myself a die-hard morrissey fan. I went to the concert with someone who is a die-hard. I've been reading the comments from the concert. I ask myself, Why are they analyzing it so much? If you are all real morrissey fans, why do you care what the venue was like or how the crowd reacted? You should just be thrilled that you saw him put on a great show--live! I really enjoyed the show. I think he is a great performer and the band was fantastic!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 11 2007, @10:04AM (#257526)

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