posted by davidt on Wednesday May 09 2007, @10:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Panic / Let Me Kiss You / I Will See You In Far Off Places / All You Need Is Me / Lucky Lisp / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The National Front Disco / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / Ganglord / In The Future When All's Well / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy // Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

setlist provided by an Mozluv
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  • Can anyone help a brotha out?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @10:12PM (#257332)
  • Just got back from the Fillmore. Another great Moz show. He was in good form and the band were really tight as usual. Very Similar set to last night. The transition between Life Is A Pigsty and How Soon Is Now was really magical. Two shirt throws and plenty of crowd appreciation. No one made it onto the stage but Moz was freely shaking hands with the crowd in the front. Can't wait until my next gig!
    Kelrock -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @10:37PM (#257335)
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    • Re:Great Gig by suzanne (Score:1) Wednesday May 09 2007, @10:41PM
      • lol... by palare (Score:1) Thursday May 10 2007, @05:06AM
  • a fabulous performance. you might be noticing the reviews for this tour so far are almost uniformly positive-- believe it, this is the best show Moz has put on (in america, i havent been to shows elsewhere) since....well, in the 10 years i've been seeing him.

    this is a seriously good band he's touring with. previous outings featured a band content to just play in the background, sometimes a bit too softly and slowly, almost loungy. not anymore. the new drummer is a kick in the arse, and jesse (ever-present determined snarl on his face) is growing into his role. boz is clearly the father figure here, and that's fine-- elsewhere in the band the youthful energy is bringing moz's music to life. with a 5 piece band, the sound is fuller and better than it has ever been.

    the setlist, though i didn't snag one, was nearly identical to salt lake, with lucky lisp replacing dear god please help me. the new song is an admirable effort and moz seemed pleased at the crowd's pleased reaction to it.

    some funny comments: "we just pedaled all the way from utah..." and, before lucky lisp: "this next song...has its place...though i don't know what that is".

    simply wonderful. hopefully those yet to see moz on this tour will do as i did and avoid seeing any setlists before you go-- there's really not a lot of variation from show to show. of course, if you're reading this, that means you've already peeked...oh well, have fun anyways!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @10:47PM (#257338)
  • Great Show! (Score:2, Informative)

    Just got back from the show.. and I must say.. had an amazing time.. I was in the front row and got all kinds of pictures.. and Morrissey was in a playing mood...he interacted alot with the crowd.. and shook hands with most of us in the front.
    I waited after the show..and was the last one there with my friends.. and we got to talk to Jesse and also to Boz.
    I got the setlist for the night... and got it signed and got pictures with the band!
    I have some great pictures of Morrissey smiling for me when he was talking to Winnie up in the front row, next to Julia.
    Thanks Moz for ANOTHER amazing show.

    As for the SETLIST here we go....
    1ST UV

    I must say... Denver was the smallest Venue I have been too... and it was one of the greatest times of my life tonight.. getting to see him so close.


    mozluv -- Wednesday May 09 2007, @11:56PM (#257343)
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    "guilt by implication by association"
  • If I hear "How Soon Is Now" at one more time at one more show, I am going to run up on stage and hit JT over the head with his own axe! Moz baby, do the band and the audience a BIG favour, drop that song from the setlist because it sounds bloody awful. The only person who could get away with making it sound 85% good is the one and only {proud being modest] Johnny Marr. Hearing this song live is like going to see Led Zeppelin play 'Stairway To Heaven' over and over for the whole 2 hour show! DROP IT DUDE! And while I got your attention, 'Let Me Kiss You' is also d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g as well. With a catalog as large as yours, I would think you could take a minute or two and do some rearranging? Oh well, its probably all about the money at this point? {See; The Grateful Dead for tips about song lists....}
    HoldenWilliam -- Thursday May 10 2007, @05:33AM (#257357)
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  • This was my first time seeing Moz live in 22 years (do the math) and I had a BLAST. The songs sounded great, the mix was great, it wasn't too loud, HE sounded great.... I can't say enough about how much fun I had at this show. Hearing "Panic" and "Please x3" live was incredible. I've never been a *huge* fan of "How Soon Is Now" but it was done very well, I thought. The new song, "All You Need Is Me" was *excellent*, I can't wait to buy it. I never thought I'd say this, but this show was worth $50. Easy. Plus the $35 t-shirt. Worth every penny.

    Thanks Moz, Boz, Jesse and the rest of the boys for a fantastic show. I would pay good $ for a board recording of this show, too, it was *that* good. Great flourishes at the end of songs, stuff was rocked way up - "Lucky Lisp" and "Life is a Pigsty" were fairly amazing, although I'd rather have heard "Dear God,...." I just love that song. But no faults, just much love.
    SamTheButcher -- Thursday May 10 2007, @08:24AM (#257390)
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  • Excellent show – I was quite impressed. This was my third time seeing him – all in Colorado.

    A few things to mention:

    2 shirts into the crowd

    No one made it to the stage

    There was a large backdrop behind them that had 2 large close-ups of James Dean’s face

    The intro for the band was this long playing set of video clips:
    An old New York Dolls performance
    An old New York Dolls interview where the lead singer was smoking weed
    A drag queen wasted singing the 12 days of Christmas
    Other weird old clips

    Quips he made (as best I can remember them):
    “If you think I’m exaggerating….well I am!”
    “Anyone here from Aurora? (one of our suburbs)…anyone?...oh really?”
    “Be gentle, we just pedaled all the way from Salt Lake…”
    He mentioned the altitude bothering him after the first or second song

    Lyric changes:
    I sure wish I could remember them all because there were a lot
    During The Queen is Dead he changed “…you should hear me play piano” to “you know I CAN sing”

    To me the band just isn’t the same. I’m one of the old schoolers I guess who thinks the stage belongs to Moz and that new guitarist (Tobias?) should keep his ass away from the front of the stage with his silly solos – he isn’t better than Alain.

    Pigsty to HSIN – awesome!

    Everyday is like Sunday
    Lucky Lisp
    $7 beers ;)
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 10 2007, @08:40AM (#257393)
  • This was my first Morrissey concert and I was able to get to the front two rows by the stage. It was amazing. His voice was in great form and when he first walked on stage he said along the lines of the New York Dolls' song "looking for a kiss" "When I say I'm in love, I'm not."
    Words still fail me after the concert, I'm just speechless. It was such a great show. Last night was one of the best nights in my life (I also finished up finals at CSU before the concert too! so the concert was a great way to top off the day for me).

    harlow -- Thursday May 10 2007, @09:40AM (#257400)
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  • This night has opened me eyes...It was such a surreal event. I am still not sure if last night actually happened. I was only a few feet from Morrissey and I got to shake his hand. Life is a Pigsty was AMAZING!!! The fans were more subdued than I expected but it allowed me to be very close to the stage. Aside from the guy yelling "November Spawned a Monster" in my ear at every silent moment, it was bliss...
    jeremyh -- Thursday May 10 2007, @11:33AM (#257423)
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  • Still going strong just weeks before the big 48. I think the new band made the difference. He's finally got some guys who can actually PLAY!
    David Rich -- Thursday May 10 2007, @12:08PM (#257433)
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  • No Suedehead on this tour, he just played it once so far in CA.

    I hope he plays it Sat. night in Milwaukee, but I doubt it - arghhh!
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 10 2007, @12:25PM (#257443)
    • Re:Suedehead by jerrydavis (Score:1) Thursday May 10 2007, @12:31PM
      • Re:Suedehead by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 10 2007, @01:29PM
        • Re:Suedehead by shiftlessbody (Score:1) Thursday May 10 2007, @07:16PM
  • Moz was great. Great show.

    There was one fan who kept yelling "November Spawned A Monster." over and over and over. I wanted to strangle him.
    ejames43 -- Thursday May 10 2007, @12:32PM (#257447)
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  • just got back to houston from the denver show, fairly much agree with what everyone else said, except i thought How Soon Is Now was awesoem last night, the best live performance i've heard of it.

    i got to shake his hand, and the person next to me got the first shirt he threw out.

    i also got pics and video on my camera phone.. [] for my pics [] for my review on my blog
    retaliashun -- Thursday May 10 2007, @03:47PM (#257466)
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  • Off topic but...

    Im visiting Denver this August for a wedding and will be there for a week (week of the 13th if I can recall). Anyone willing to show a fellow Moz head (wife in tow) the town? I've been looking on-line and Denver seems to be an "outdoorsey" type of place.

    We saw that the Rev will be in town during our visit but we've seen him sooooo many times that we are all Reved out!

    hope to hear from someone

    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 10 2007, @03:51PM (#257467)
  • What is merch (design and price) looking like this time around?
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 10 2007, @10:26PM (#257488)
    • Re:Merch by retaliashun (Score:1) Thursday May 10 2007, @10:32PM
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  • Fantastic show. I have quality pics, DVD snippets of several songs and copy of set list (listing "boy with porn in his sideboard") for trade.
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Friday May 11 2007, @04:01AM (#257511)
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  • If anyone has pictures of the Denver show please email to [email protected]. This is for my personal archives, I won't post your pics anywhere without asking. Thanks.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 11 2007, @10:41AM (#257528)
    • Re:Pictures by retaliashun (Score:1) Friday May 11 2007, @10:45AM
      • Re:Pictures by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 13 2007, @11:23AM
  • In The Future When All's Well
    The National Front Disco
    Lucky Lisp
    Dear God, Please Help Me
    William, It Was Really Nothing

    I really think the Maladjusted tour was better.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 11 2007, @12:44PM (#257533)
  • Anyone?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 11 2007, @08:46PM (#257556)
  • Did anyone else catch this: someone in the audience asked "What's Joe's name?" to which Kristeen pointed at HER OWN NAME on the keyboard and said, "that's Joe's name." Is she married to Joe so they'd have the same last name or was she implying that Joe's name was unimportant because she was the "star"?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 14 2007, @07:29PM (#257951)
  • Pics at

    Vids at
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Monday May 28 2007, @10:17AM (#260473)
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