posted by davidt on Saturday May 12 2007, @09:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Panic / Let Me Kiss You / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / I Will See You In Far Off Places / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / The National Front Disco / Ganglord / Everyday Is Like Sunday / At Last I Am Born / All You Need Is Me / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // Drive-In Saturday / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

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  • the show was amazing... same setlist as last night but he cracked a lot of jokes. there were rumors that Johnny Marr was in the audience again like last time. one girl next to me said she saw him smoking outside before the show, looking forward to seeing 'his old mate' perform.. i didnt see him anywehre though. i wonder if Moz knew though because of one of his comments right after how soon is now? something like ' you think he liked it?' kind of mumbling under his breath.... anyone else hear this? or see Marr?
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 12 2007, @09:19PM (#257639)
  • Unfortunately, I cannot make it to the Columbus show....
    I would hate to waste the tickets and will sell for way below face value at $50.00 for the pair. They are on the Floor, center section, row Z. Let me know!
    email: [email protected]
    Mozillow -- Saturday May 12 2007, @09:28PM (#257640)
    (User #18555 Info)
  • That run on the stage and force him to end his encore early make me mad! Other than that.... the show was amazing
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 12 2007, @09:32PM (#257641)
  • I must say good-bye.
    You'll be happy so.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 12 2007, @09:54PM (#257645)
  • It was my first Morrissey show, and it was tremendous! What a stage presence! (even got a comment on my hair from a fellow patron!) Nice to meet ya John!
    tommy -- Saturday May 12 2007, @10:03PM (#257647)
    (User #18955 Info)
  • It appears that the rumour being circulated is that Johnny Marr's cousin and long time friend has been attending several of Morrissey's shows as he is attempting to attach a 'personal letter' from Johnny to the bum of a stage invader in hopes that it can be delivered directly to Morrissey on stage.

    Sadly, due to the fan lethargy of the past few shows and the ageing of Morrissey/The Smiths fans; he has been unable to attach this letter, sealed in an ivory coloured envelope, to the bum of a stage invader.

    It's been purported that he is very frustrated and will make one LAST attempt in Michigan.

    So, please, please,please, people in Ann Arbor, do your very best, please for all of us.

    I'll update everyone once I hear anything else.
    happilly_unloveable -- Saturday May 12 2007, @10:13PM (#257649)
    (User #18821 Info)
  • setlist... (Score:2, Informative)

    straight from Mikey's hands:

    1st UV
    and half of KNEE SOMEONE
    multiple stage invaders ended that one early. the stage invaders were pretty nice. Moz picked one up and gave her a big squeeze, that was great.
    He apologized for his hair, and then apologized for 'everything, anything you can think of....'
    great show, but he wasn't as talkative as he sometimes is.....
    everybody's lost -- Saturday May 12 2007, @10:58PM (#257657)
    (User #12791 Info)
    ...a chat with you and somehow, death loses its sting.
    • Re:setlist... by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 12 2007, @11:00PM
    • Re:setlist... by thinwhiteduke (Score:1) Saturday May 12 2007, @11:41PM
      • Re:setlist... by thinwhiteduke (Score:1) Saturday May 12 2007, @11:51PM
  • he shook my hand during boy with the thorn in his side. it was...amazing. and i cried. and at the end of the show, a security guard shoved something in my face and said, "take this and don't let ANYONE see it."

    it was morrissey's shirt. and it smells so good. i got a pick, too. and the best night of my life.
    andreatobrazil <[email protected]> -- Saturday May 12 2007, @11:11PM (#257660)
    (User #17575 Info |
  • As one of the "fangirl" stage invaders, I don't regret the experience one bit. I believe it was someone on here who said that this is a once in a lifetime chance. I waited until the last song, saw an opportunity and took it. I grabbed a hug and moved on. I even got some congrats on the way out for being "ballsy" enough to pull such a stunt. (*insert multiple, anonymous flameworthy comments below about how stage jumpers ruin Morrissey shows*)

    Anyway, similar set list but a great show. The only down note? The guy that tried to steal a piece of Moz's shirt from my boyfriend. What a fan, indeed.
    grrl_afraid -- Saturday May 12 2007, @11:17PM (#257661)
    (User #18825 Info)
  • Welcome To My Cellar (Score:2, Informative)

    "Welcome to my cellar"
    -introduces band-"and I'm a pigmy elephant"
    "This song doesn't concern you"
    -after Panic - "Kill the DJ I would"

    Queen is Dead
    First of The Gang to Die
    The Youngest Was the most Loved
    You Have Killed Me
    Let Me Kiss You
    I Just Want To see the Boy Happy
    I will see You in Far Off Places
    National Front Disco
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    At Last I Am Born
    All You Need is Me
    The Boy With a Thorn in His Side
    Irish Blood English Heart
    Life Is a Pigsty
    How Soon Is Now?

    Drive In Saturday Night
    You're Gonna Need Someone....cut short

    Played Auld Lang Syne after Life Is A Pigsty
    whilst lying on the stage.
    Several unsuccessful stage attempts were made
    early into the show.
    During the encore of You're Gonna Need security
    lost control of all those jumping on stage.
    Morrissey was rushed off.

    Lyric Changes:
    (The Youngest Was The Most Loved) "Thank God He turned into a killer"
    (I will See You in far off places) "If George w Bush doesn't kill you"
    (National Front) excluded 'disco'
    (You Have killed Me) changed names to something I think maybe Sylvia Plath

    Stayed at stage entrance until about 12:30.
    Got to meet Boz.
    No luck meeting the man.
    Security was burning Nag Champa outside the
    stage door (and in the venue) because of
    fumes from the steakhouse across the street.
    SOUTHPAWmuse -- Saturday May 12 2007, @11:33PM (#257662)
    (User #3123 Info)
    Southwest six with someone like you, keep thieves hours with someone like you...
  • It was a great show! I also have a complete set list from the show. It was nice to hear some of the oldies (for us old fans) and the new tracks mixed in for a great concert. I'm very happy about that. Not happy about the newbies all trying to rush the stage at once.

    VERY upset with how the Riverside handled all of us who were waiting in the back in the cold to "maybe" see the band. When the band left, you should have told eveyone then and there! Ergggh!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 12 2007, @11:38PM (#257664)
  • Amazing show! Moz shook my hand during the "young boy, I want to help you" line in Dissapointed. Can't wait for the Chicago show!!
    forester -- Sunday May 13 2007, @12:16AM (#257673)
    (User #18958 Info)
  • I am going to have to stop reading these in England, knowing he is so far away, and reading all the comments about the grear shows is making me very, very sad. I am longing to get to see him again (3 times last year).
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @04:03AM (#257684)
  • Do you think she feels guilty? It was only a whole team of security trying to head her off and that look of horror I believe I saw on Boz's face all the way from up in the balcony. OH..scary girl...why did u do it? I wonder what it's like to storm on stage and evade all manner of security personel (it looked sort of like a football game in that instant) all for the chance to touch Morrissey if only for the briefest moment only to find that your mere touch is vile enough to force him off stage? "Please Please Please" no one touches the MOZ on Tuesday until after he sings my fav song.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @04:44AM (#257688)
  • Morticy was in rare form last night. I snatched his microphone while some dude got turned on his head by security. Rawfello caught Matt Walker's brush stick.
    Fon Du Lac -- Sunday May 13 2007, @05:45AM (#257689)
    (User #18963 Info)
  • This was my 8th Moz/Smiths show and he was outstanding. His band was awesome, and should never be maligned ever again. Morrissey looked in great shape, sounded fantastic, and no Morrissey! No need to apologize for your hair, It looked classic!! Milwaukee showed a real love for the greatest singer ever!!

    btw, congrats to the girls that made it on the stage. They were hot.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @06:56AM (#257694)
  • In the front left box sat mozzer's mum and sister. He did a short wave to them at the beginning of the show. His mom was so much fun clapping along to HSIN. She looked proud.

    Flown in for Mother's Day????
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @07:15AM (#257699)
  • #1 Large Pit Area

    #2 Great Sound

    #3 Pretty Good Crowd--Theatre floor full and 1/2 second floor. Very little PR done for this decent crowd

    #4 Beautiful Theatre

    #5 I thought Security was decent. Very chatty before show. I took the tamberine and thought one guard was going to kill me, but I passed it off to a friend.

    #6 Moz exited the front door where we all go one last look

    #7 His mom in the audience

    #8 The nice couples from St. Louis and Riverwest we chatted to.

    #9 Finally.... some decent shirts to buy

    #10 Next show... baltimore!

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @07:32AM (#257702)
  • The end of the gig was mayhem! Who was that bloke who pulled his trousers down? Name him!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @07:46AM (#257704)
  • Top Five
    1. Serbia (268 points)
    2. Ukraine (235)
    3. Russia (207)
    4. Turkey (163)
    5. Bulgaria (157)

    Bottom Five (of the 24 finalists)
    20. Spain (43 points)
    21. Lithuania (28)
    22. (tie) France (19)
    22. (tie) United Kingdom (19)
    24. Ireland (5)

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @07:46AM (#257706)
  • Johnny Marr being there.
    Johnny Marr's "cousin" being there.
    Morrissey's "mom" and sister there (and fucking "clapping along" to 'How Soon Is Now?' no less!!)
    Please move along fantasists/liars/timewasting idiots, you're very, very boring.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @07:54AM (#257709)
  • People tend to moan about not having Gary or Alain but his current band is the bollocks. If ever there was the perfect live artist, it's got to be Morrissey! I dont really care who the band members are as long as they sound as good as they did last night. Truely professional aural pleasure. And Morrissey's voice is getting better and better! This man can SING! No gimmicks, no voice-overs, just his voice: Fantastic! Perfect!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @07:57AM (#257710)
  • Outstanding! I was in the pit, about 1 person away from the stage most of the time, just left of center. He looked incredible and sounded great. The band was really on too. By the way, I thought Kristeen Young was excellent...I am puzzled by some of the negative comments over the last year by people.
    Anyways, people have already went over the setlist and what Moz said, but a couple notable points:

    - Pigsty, TQID, FOTGTD, NFD, Disappointed were highlights

    - The crowd was energetic and really into it. People did almost die when Moz threw his first shirt into the crowd. Several people were wrestling for a scrap for about 10 minutes. And why are people scolding the girls that got onstage? They didn't ruin anything, the show was already ending, it was the end of the last song.

    - When the second or third girl got onstage, Morrissey picked her up with a big one-armed hug, squeezed her, and sort of twirled her around...It was like it was his long-lost girl.It was very beautiful and sweet...I have definitely never seen him do anything like that before. Lucky gal!

    All in all, a fantastic show.
    IanCurtis -- Sunday May 13 2007, @08:20AM (#257713)
    (User #5849 Info)
  • Great to see that all of you thought that this show was "amazing" and "best ever", but for those of us who have seen Morrissey over the years...... This show was flatter than the rain hitting my head.

    My points:

    1. There is very little ability for the improvisation of the band throughout the set. The band is bored and all one needs to do is look at their faces. I was up close and looking at Boz and Jesse throughout tells you the story.

    2. Morrissey NEVER plays off the band, there is zero rapport. With Alain and Spencer the band had more of a presence in the songs. Additionally, most nights they weren't chuggng through the exact same set. And these sets were not made up of the regimented and BORING songs from Tormentors. Nothing against these great musicians, and they are ALL great, just wish that these songs were allowed to be more opened up in a live format.

    3. The middle half of the show last night Morrissey "phoned it in". The Tormentors material is simply plodding. What would be the harm in adding a dozen songs to the repetoire and inserting 1 or 2 different tunes each night?? Morrissey you have a great band, start using them to the best of your ability.

    I have a great pair of tickets for the show on Tuesday in Chicago. The band is going to be coming off a three day break and I bet the show is going to be great. I have flown all over the world to see Morrissey....


    Because Morrissey has really lost the plot when it comes to putting on a great live show. Sadly having watched him play live since the first Smiths American tour, he probably is not going to get it back.

    So for all of you who get to touch him and have him shake your hand, congrats and enjoy. For those of you looking to see a great live show..... Go buy the live in Dallas dvd and see what it could be like.

    The Grahamster -- Sunday May 13 2007, @09:45AM (#257719)
    (User #2827 Info)
  • It pains me to report that last night’s concert in Milwaukee was a disappointment. This was my first Morrissey concert--and most likely my last.

    I was second row balcony, and the sound was overwhelmingly loud and distorted. I couldn’t tell half the words, except from knowing them by heart. I surely hope that the sound was better downstairs. Sounds like main floor in the pit is the ONLY way to see Moz.


    Moz’s bus was parked about a block away from the venue--black with red swirls on the side (FL plates). And, naturally, a security guard posted outside. It looks like they travel with three buses total. The other two are blue, and someone was watching a basketball game in the back of the third one on a large screen TV when we walked by at 6:30.

    We strolled in at 8. Security was non-existent. I’m sure someone was checking bags, but I didn’t see them. Signs posted warned “No Cameras” and requested limited use of cell phones.

    Kristeen Young was feral as reported from past concerts. Yes, I’m a fuddy-duddy, but I gave it a try only to leave after three songs. Her shrieks even invaded the lobby, where one desperate woman asked us for some Tylenol.

    Sounds like the main floor sold out, but the balcony was about one third empty.

    Moz came on about 9:10 and played until 10:35.

    Shirts = 3. Dark blue (which he threw) pink, then light blue--which he left wearing.

    Those at the front of the pit were reaching over the stage to grab his hand through much of the concert. I’m surprised we didn’t have stage invaders through the entire show, as it looked like an easy hop. During Sunday, one fellow made it on stage only to be wrestled back by security, but Moz shook his hand.

    Moz, at times, seemed to be phoning it in--especially on Sunday. One song sounded completely out of key. He was tight lipped last night. The few comments posted are literally all he said.

    The band was fabulous--high energy throughout the concert. Even with the speaker distortion, they sounded pretty good, especially on Pigsty. And just why does Moz lay down on his back at the end of that song with his feet up on the drummer’s stage? Folks around me thought he was sick, but I knew it was part of the act. Honestly, it looks like he’s worn out from the concert and doing a yoga pose to ease his back. Hi thumb and forefinger are digging deep into his temples, as if he really is in pain.

    And about that rumor of his mum and sis in the audience. I was only 20 feet from the left balcony, and could easily see the two women. I’m Moz’s age, and I can’t imagine that one of those women was as old as me and the other my mother’s age. If so, they really must reveal their beauty secrets.

    Well, if you were in the first few rows, sounds like you found Moz amazing and the whole experience as life-changing. If you were up in the balcony, all you got was a headache. I tried to record the audio, but all I have is static. I’ll just have to pretend I was at the Seattle show, and listen again and again to that bootleg!
    MadisonMom -- Sunday May 13 2007, @11:26AM (#257723)
    (User #18969 Info)
  • I have a life size cardboard cut out of James Dean I'm thinking of bringing to the Chicago show. I'd like to go hand it to him at some point, maybe get a handshake or heaven help me, a hug :o) in return... if nothing else, I'll hoist it over my head in hopes he'd spot me in the crowd. What do I do with JD in the meantime?

    What are the odds security or the Auditorium theater doesnt allow me to bring it in? FAQ's say only no camera's allowed. Nothing about props. Do I chance it? hmmm.... Advice? Thx
    Corrissey -- Sunday May 13 2007, @11:30AM (#257724)
    (User #18538 Info)
    Here you'll find my thoughts and I
    • Re:"props" by shiftlessbody (Score:1) Monday May 14 2007, @10:38PM
  • I was at last night's gig, one of many (lost count, actually) over the last twenty-some years, starting with the first The Smiths' show at the Aragon in Chicago on TQID tour. I thought the show was great with the exception of a few puzzling song choices on the slow, plodding end near the middle of the set. I do agree at points his voice was a bit off, but you know, with challenging material and the like I don't expect every note to be perfect in the live setting. He looked like he was having fun, more often than not, and I can't expect him to get so emotionally into every gig that he craps his pants or whatever. I was near the back of the main floor, where a fan pushing forty should probably stay, but you crazy kids in the front looked like you were having a ball, just like I did in the front of the Aragon many years ago.

    By the way, I agree with the criticisms of Kirsteen Young. She was stunningly awful. I won't get started.
    randomanthony -- Sunday May 13 2007, @12:32PM (#257729)
    (User #18971 Info)
  • Is "all you need is me" a MOZ song or a cover?
    KeepMineHidden -- Sunday May 13 2007, @12:53PM (#257731)
    (User #18222 Info)
  • what time did the show let out, and what time did moz come on, or did the show actually start?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @02:29PM (#257735)
    • Re:When by thinwhiteduke (Score:1) Sunday May 13 2007, @07:04PM
  • please someone at the show comment on this amazing addition to the set list!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @02:49PM (#257736)
  • Great show. In my opinion the only way to have a truly great Morrissey concert experience you need to queue. We showed up at 7am only to find some Midwest regulars, namely Jeff from DeKalb. The queue never really built up through, I guess not that many people had general admission tickets.

    We were thrilled to see there was no barrier between the stage and us, we literally rested our elbows on the stage for the entire show. Moz was not so chatty but still put on a great show. Some of the songs have been on the set list, I know, but he keeps re-inventing their sound. I have never heard a better ending to HSIN, and I’m really not crazy about that song.

    We tried to spread the word that too many early stage invaders would mean an early end to the show, and everyone I spoke to agreed. I was lucky enough to get a clean handshake, and a full sleeve of the blue shirt which I worked hard for, without hurting anyone of course. After I got my piece it turned pretty ugly, and security wound up taking the remaining piece of the shirt away.

    My personal highlight was the end of the show. We were all so energized with Your Gonna need Someone on Your Side, we all had the urge to jump on stage. I feel the encore is the real time to try and get onstage, so as not to cut the set short. We are usually only luck enough to get a one song encore, tonight we got two, and even after Moz stopped singing he lingered around to entertain the stage invaders. My wife was lucky enough to get on stage. She was the one Morrissey greeted with open arms, he literally swept her off her feet and kept her in his arms for a good while. This was a dream come true for her, as I’m sure it would be for any true fan like us. I have read a lot of negative things on this site, which honestly always keeps me from posting. We are in no way new fans, we are always in line bright and early for any Chicago show. See you all Tuesday.


    P.S. Anyone have any pics of the stage invaders?
    unclevauxhall -- Sunday May 13 2007, @04:43PM (#257747)
    (User #547 Info)
    • Re:Mozwaukee by andreatobrazil (Score:1) Sunday May 13 2007, @05:35PM
    • Re:Mozwaukee by shiftlessbody (Score:1) Monday May 14 2007, @10:42PM
  • All the songs that Moz can play and he has to put us through the punishment of Ganglord and Drive-In Saturday. It just isn't fair. In his own words..Oh Well, He'll Never Learn.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @05:47PM (#257756)
  • As I perused the demographics of those awaiting the arrival of his majesty, that is Morrissey, I was alarmed by the pre-pubescent pedestrians in attendance and whether they truly would appreciate his arrival. Obviously the abrupt ending provided the MOZ with a better understanding of why "we" are considered a second tier city. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO DID NOT GROW UP WITH THE POETRY THAT IS REDEFINED BY MORRISSEY. Go home! Simply because you are now discovering this pontiff and his message, does not give you the right to interfere with the artist and his canvas. For those of who appreciate the artistry that his Morrissey, THANK YOU AND GOD SAVE YOU!!
    bmw4pa -- Sunday May 13 2007, @06:30PM (#257768)
    (User #18974 Info)
  • Does anyone know what happened to the poor kid at the front of the stage who was on the floor at the end of the night? he looked like he was in pretty rough shape, and some firetrucks rolled up a bit after the show ended.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @07:04PM (#257771)
  • I loved the show last night! The pit crowd was very nice and friendly -- except during the shirt debacle where I almost passed out -- my boyfriend (this was his first Moz show and he loved it) was able to get a part of the shirt and quickly shoved it in my pocket. When we got out of the show I looked at it and it still had the prada tag on it! We met a really nice fellow named Matt and I am glad that I will be seeing him again in Chicago on Tuesday!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 13 2007, @07:08PM (#257773)
  • Is an awesome song - you lucky Yanks - I would give my right arm to old Mozzer perform this beauty
    Shakingobscene -- Monday May 14 2007, @01:55AM (#257788)
    (User #16324 Info)
    "I hope it's not too bloody - I'm wearing my favourite pants."
  • Glad to hear all you U.S fans are enjoying the live shows! Its probably the best set list I've ever known.

    An earlier post about the Dallas show '100 years ago' and supposedly how crap he is now got me thinking..

    I've seen Morrissey 4 times and as I only really became a big fan after Southpaw, all the older shows - Smith etc I've only seen on video.

    I have to say though, the best for me was The London Forum in 1999. I don't know anything quite as 'coolasfuck' as selling out 4 nights at the forum with no record deal and no new material in sight, then appearing on stage in paint-splashed jeans and a West Ham shirt, declaring "If you've come here for fun - that will change" before rolling into the grind of 'You're gonna Need Someone on your Side.' Amazing. I came out of that gig knackered with bruises all over me. A thoroughly great night had by all.

    Enjoy the rest of the tour folks!
    dallowbat -- Monday May 14 2007, @02:42AM (#257789)
    (User #14401 Info)
  • Going cost a fortune (Iguess I'm close to the stage)...that is all...
    MozMan68 <{mozman68} {at} {}> -- Monday May 14 2007, @06:32AM (#257800)
    (User #859 Info |
    Cryin' 'bout the booty, t'aint gonna do no good...
  • After the opening act, a series a quite funny clips were shown. Does anyone have a clue the name of the singer of the very first video. It sounded French and the guy went all over the world if you remember. Anyone know the name of that? It's a long a shot...
    cozzer -- Monday May 14 2007, @06:50AM (#257803)
    (User #18979 Info)
  • Is anybody seeing flowers brought into the show? I am seeing him tonight and have up front seats. It would be nice to offer him a welcome gift.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 14 2007, @08:38AM (#257810)
    • Re:flowers by harlow (Score:1) Monday May 14 2007, @12:14PM
      • Re:flowers by Corrissey (Score:1) Monday May 14 2007, @02:09PM
    • Re:flowers by tommy (Score:1) Monday May 14 2007, @05:54PM
      • Re:flowers by shiftlessbody (Score:1) Monday May 14 2007, @10:47PM
    Anonymous -- Monday May 14 2007, @09:20AM (#257815)
  • I was lucky enough to get GA tix for the show, which was a HUGE plus. Overall, the show was pretty good but a couple of things irked me:

    Kristeen Young - my God - of this two piece, only the drummer is worth mentioning. He ROCKED, Kristeen was horrendous. Literally, my ears were bleeding.

    I was about 7 people back from Moz and it was great being so close, but at the same time, he has aged quite a bit. When he took off his shirt I couldn't help but feel bad for the guy. He no longer has the bod. that he once had and although there were some yells and screams, I was really hoping he would run back stage and put something on, which he gracefully did.
    The song list was decent, I've seen him four times now and this was the most times he played Smiths songs than in the past. It was great to hear the classic tracks. But given the number of CD's he has out, it is a shame that he does not represent his "other" CD's while on tour - I was hoping for The More You Ignore Me, Reader Meet Author, Suedehead, overall a better mix of tracks would have been good.
    I thought the band was quite good and they really did an excellent job. Boz is a great guitarist and held his own.
    I have been a Morrissey / Smiths fan for over 20 years and I have to say, his work is getting worse as time goes by. How can anyone disagree?? Just compare Bona Drag to Ringleaders....NO comparison. Sadly, I think this is my last Morrissey show. He has taken enough of my money over the past years and I will relish his early work and of course everything by The Smiths.
    He really needs to go back to his roots and observe what worked while on The Smiths and his earlier work and make some changes. Having a great Producer like Visconti is one thing, but material is what makes a producer do their thing, they are not magicians.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 14 2007, @05:25PM (#257923)
  • If you are going to a future show the first thing you should do is show up late. This way you can miss Kristeen Young. Horrible! She made me want to go home and hit my dog! I didn't.
    Morrissey on the other hand was very good. I've been going to his shows for quite some time and I have to say he's still a great performer.
    I'm not going to hold the fact that he's looking/sounding older against him. It happens. The newer songs were goodish and of course the classics still gave me chills. The usual Morrissey show antics also went down like fans rushing the stage and him tossing out sweaty shirts. All in all it was a good night and Morrissey and the band brought it to Milwaukee.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 14 2007, @08:50PM (#257961)
  • Wow, hope this got recoded.

    Moz covering Bowie, my fave 2 artists
    bowieboots -- Sunday May 27 2007, @06:40PM (#260380)
    (User #19180 Info)

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