posted by davidt on Friday May 18 2007, @09:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Panic / Let Me Kiss You / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / I Will See You In Far Off Places / The National Front Disco / At Last I Am Born / Irish Blood, English Heart / All You Need Is Me / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Drive-In Saturday / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Ganglord / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

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  • GREAT show!!
    Loved the backdrop. Morrissey sounded and looked better than ever. Band was brilliant. Many fave moments but particularly loved when he was lying on the floor and the band was playing Auld Lang Syne then there was a huge explosion of light while he jumped to his feet to the opening blast of How Soon Is Now?
    After Morrissey tossed his shirt into the audience there was a HUGE fight. From what I could tell 2 or 3 people were fighting over it and some guy who was somewhat large seemed to be knocking the other 2 people around. Security was there in an instant and 2 big guards were trying to subdue the man with little success. They finally got him to the ground after much wrestling about. Then they escorted him out.
    Other than that it was a great nite.
    I saw a few people taking pics. If you have some you wouldn't mind sharing would you please send me a couple shots?? That'd be awesome.
    [email protected]
    merboy8 -- Friday May 18 2007, @10:00PM (#258887)
    (User #19041 Info)
  • Mozzer was fantastic as were the Lads! The crowd was good too. Some tried and some succeded! Not too talkative but spot-on! Overall a great show! Set list seemed to be the same.
    mozzer644 -- Friday May 18 2007, @10:15PM (#258890)
    (User #15685 Info)
  • Moz comment (Score:1, Informative)

    Right before he sang All You Need is Me he said "This song has a lot of meaning" and then someone in the crowd shouting a song. Moz heard this and said "Good guess. I'm impressed. I'll never forget you" or something like that. What was the guess that fan made?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 18 2007, @11:32PM (#258893)
    • Re:Moz comment by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 18 2007, @11:55PM
    • Re:Moz comment by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 19 2007, @01:29AM
      • Re:Moz comment by IJustAte (Score:1) Saturday May 19 2007, @01:40AM
        • Re:Moz comment (Score:2, Informative)


          the fan shouts International playboys.

          Moz responds:
          no, but very impressive, I'll never forget you.
          Anonymous -- Saturday May 19 2007, @07:44AM (#258919)
    • Re:Moz comment by Anonymous (Score:1) Saturday May 19 2007, @07:59AM
  • Setlist!? Anyone?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 18 2007, @11:50PM (#258895)
  • There were many capturing video... any posts!?
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 19 2007, @12:11AM (#258899)
  • i was in row D. a couple times during the show, he came to the right side of the stage and i ran up to grab his hand.

    then, during the encore, it seemed like there were a ton of stage invaders. i was one of them.. i got up on stage, but as soon as i got there, security grabbed my leg and was pulling on it. so i was laying on the stage floor while they tried to drag me away, but i reached out and morrissey came and grabbed my hand for a second. then they threw me off the stage.

    anyone happen to get a picture of me? i was wearing a blue shirt and jeans (which got ripped by security).

    i don't have the exact setlist, but there were no surprises. pretty much the same as the last few shows but probably a different order.
    IJustAte -- Saturday May 19 2007, @01:46AM (#258905)
    (User #12805 Info)
  • After being a Morrissey fan since the 80's, I finally got the guts to jump the stage & made it. I ran up to Moz and stopped dead, I didn't want to scare him...(even though I'm all of 5 foot tall & 120lbs) so I stopped and just shook his hand, and he did his little bow thingy to me. I was then grabbed by Ed by my belt and brought back into the crowd back to the front row. It was amazing. I was on the left side of the stage. The crowd were really well behaved through the entire show, so security was a little lazy. 1 stage invader who jumped up early got pushed out the stage door, but everyone else just got brought back to the audience. I shook Morrissey's hand about 5 times. He was very touchy feely and the crowd were really playful towards him. He asked Julia how she was doing & then handed her the mic and she said, I'm doing good how are you? Morrissey said, I am very well (making a funny face). I was surprised I got to stand right against the security, really and no pit between the crowd & Moz!!
    mozgrrl -- Saturday May 19 2007, @06:05AM (#258913)
    (User #2393 Info)
  • Setlist (Score:1, Informative)

    Exactly the same songs and same order as Cleveland.

    Anonymous -- Saturday May 19 2007, @07:21AM (#258918)
  • Wonderful Ohio (Score:1, Informative)

    Show was the best thing I've seen since the 92 tour, this is about my 10th Moz show and it was deffo in the the top 5, crowd was decent, not crazy, not boring either. I haven't seen crazy since 92.

    TONS of stage invaders in C Bus. Seems the security was well briefed on what can go down at a Morrissey show. I think I counted about 9 or 10 invaders and about a dozen or so others who made "attempts". About halfway through the security even stopped people from just coming down toward the stage, so the aisles were jammed about 10 rows back for the last few songs, it was great.

    Morrissey shook a lot of hands and even motioned for those many rows back to come up for a quick shake and smile.

    There was a fight over the shirt, and the guy who was being a richard, got what was coming to him - escorted out.

    He was chatty, as much as any night I supposed, even once again making the joke, "not bad for the $5 dollar entrance fee".

    Song highlights for me include Pigsty, Please Please (4 invaders during this all very gentle), Panic, Disappointed, Far Off Places, I've Changed My Plea, NFD, You're Going to Need.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 19 2007, @07:57AM (#258921)
  • I want a stage invasion early so we can end the show!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 19 2007, @08:48AM (#258924)
  • We waited back venue for Moz to enter his bus.
    But the real Lynchesque moment was when we saw
    Julia alone in her rented maroon (nissan?) car with Florida plates following Moz's bus with Florida plates too. There are connections, but
    couldn't Julia be in the bus too? But I do love
    the fact that she drives herself to M-o-r-r-i-s-s-e-y!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 19 2007, @09:49AM (#258926)
  • During the intermission there were several films shown on the stage. There was one that started with a girl with long blond hair getting out of a car and ended with her getting back into the car. In between, she walked around and sang a song - it was probably in Spanish. Does anyone know what this is - what the song is - who the girl is - when it is from - anything? Thanks!
    LJ-L111 -- Saturday May 19 2007, @10:57AM (#258931)
    (User #19051 Info)
  • I had a date with the ringleader of the tormentors last night and it was awesome!!!

    I fell madly in love with Morrissey when I was 14. I'll never forget the memories I have of being tragically teenaged and confused listening to that voice. The Smiths definitely helped me through the dark times of teenage years.

    Since he recently turned 48 I was slightly worried about what kind of "rock show" it would be. Let me tell you, The Pope Of Mope rocked so hard last night! It briefly calmed in a couple moments but he lived up to every expectation I had. He sang Smiths songs (he actually looked like he was enjoying himself singing them) he also played lots from the new album as well a few rarities and covers .

    Moz looked very strapping and suave as usual, various flare collared button-ups with charcoal dress pants. When he took off his first shirt and threw it into the audience I was shocked to see what great shape the man is still in. He's still very tone with a lot of muscle definition (so yummy!)

    When I was about 24 I was going through a very difficult change in my life. I was saddened by a horrific breakup that spun me around more than twice. I had lost a great friend (I have her back now though) it was just simply a darker time than the teenage years!? One mellon-collie day I decided to go to an old teenage favorite used cd store, the fabulous Used Kids. I decided to buy Mozzer's first solo album Viva Hate and I've never looked away!?

    Towards the middle end of the show he started to sing Every Day Is Like Sunday and I lost it. And when I say I lost it I don't mean I started to cry!? It was more like this repressed teenage adrenaline that shot through my veins propelling me to rush the stage from my center row M seat. Standing there directly under that charming man he started to shake peoples hands (he had been through out the show) and I reached out and locked on to his hand in glove, I have to admit I didn't want to let go!? I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and said "you're fucking beautiful" and he made a sour typical Moz face at me and looked away shaking other hands. I was on a high I can't describe at that point!? But all good things finally had to come to a close.

    He closed with one of my favorites from Your Arsenal, You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side. Towards the end of the second to last song people were jumping on the stage left and right, so security quickly beefed up. At the end of the last song I decided I was gonna have a go at it... BAD IDEA!? Moz was to my left finishing shaking hands, taking gifts etc. when I managed to leap over two rows and make it to the stage. I had fallen down from the jump but quickly picked myself up. After possibly making around three steps I felt my hoodie being yanked back. I tried to put up a fight, I actually was crawling at one point screaming Morrissey!? (I'm a bit embarrassed now) and the beefy security guard that looked like he had had one too many trips around the buffet threw me back into the crowd.

    So that's it, that was my date with Morrissey. I hope everyone who's had a date as well enjoyed it as much as I did, minus the bruises!? Cheers to Morrissey and the band, and to you for being there, you have amazing taste in music!


    (fan of 13yrs)
    i i e e e -- Saturday May 19 2007, @11:30AM (#258932)
    (User #19052 Info)
  • so he turns 48 on the 22nd!? i got confused...anyhoo!? just checkin myself!?
    i i e e e -- Saturday May 19 2007, @11:37AM (#258933)
    (User #19052 Info)
  • incredible. i only wish i had started seeing moz earlier.
    i was in row f, and i'm quite tall, so i had a near perfect view most of the time. crazed fight broke out over the shirt. didn't see much of it, though. several stage invaders, most of whom shook morrissey's hand then were let back down into the audience. big stage rush near end of show in which i was shoved forward a few rows.
    i did get a rose which morrissey had taken from a girl, smelled, then positioned in the bass drum.
    also waited post-show with a small group of people anticipating moz coming out to get onto his bus. was a bit disappointed that he didn't come back out, but at the same time, i can't blame him for wanting to be alone and relax.
    i regret talking myself out of taking my camera inside since there was no search.
    anyone with video and/or pictures from the show, please share.

    [email protected]
    b-sideofinsomnia -- Saturday May 19 2007, @12:48PM (#258940)
    (User #18334 Info)
  • What is the bit that Morrissey comes out to? The part after the films, some voice saying all these istorical things and such? Anyone know?
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 19 2007, @12:58PM (#258941)
  • I was in the right lower box first row. His voice, spot on, and the musicians obviously have a passion for playing the music. Didn't want to jump over the box to "bum rush" the stage. Last song, my sister pushes me over the box in my dress and it is on...or so I thought. Two girls come out of the crowd and push me to the far left of the stage. I hung my head in disappointment. Then to my amazement, Moz looks at me and reaches over with his paw. He held my hand and gave me a smirk like only he can. It felt like those commercials where the star hands a Coke to the poor kid who can't play ball. My best friend and his fiance saw this from the balcony, what a night. Also, mozgrrl you were terrific, good job on that, you popped up on the stage like a bug!
    stewie80 -- Saturday May 19 2007, @01:41PM (#258951)
    (User #19054 Info)
  • What a SHOW! I've never seen him that Good and I've never seen him play such a long set! It was a dream come true, literally.
    And Boz handed the setlist to my husband! Here it is:

    1st UV
    HSIN ?

    The crowd was amazing. I was in row F, stage right, but managed to move up a touch when the lights went down. Easy to do on the aisle. The security guy by us was a jerk. My husband and I were able to pop up to the front a few times to grab Moz's hand! AH. I went weak in the knees. And I still am. The one time, during "you're gonna need", I was reaching, reaching, and Moz came straight up to me and took my hand and oh his Eyes and grin! My husband saw it and said "You got it! You got it!" I was so glad he saw that because I knew no one would believe me!
    It was paradise.
    At the end, we were able to get really close! And my husband even stood on a chair, and the crazy security guy kept shouting "Get Down! Get Down!" And my husband just threw his hands in the air and scooted down the chairs! So much so that Moz came up to him and said "Nice." and grabbed his arm for a time. Excellent.
    The stage invaders were all very nice and polite, but during the encore, our crazy security guy started freaking out, and all of a sudden, these "linebacker" guys from backstage popped out, squatting, ready to attack people who tried to get up. The invaders were persistent, as Moz said one time "See, you have to have verve".
    And at the start of the show, everyone seemed a little timid to me. But then he said "I realize you're all shackled to the floor." Everyone must be free. Express freedom!"
    Amazing parts - the percussion on Life is a Pigsty, and the lights during that song. And afterwards, Moz just lay on the floor forever, by the bass drum, as the music played, perfectly still. No one made a sound. It was an incredible moment.
    How Soon Is Now sounded Unbelievable! The guitar was unreal!
    And during The Boy With The, something strange happened. All of a sudden, looking at this man, playing this song, hearing it live for the 1st time - I had such a rush of the past, of my adolescence, confusion, teenage bewilderment, high was really a moment. And now I'm all grown up. And Grabbed Moz's Hand! Finally, a dream come true.
    My husband and I actually met each other 7 years ago in line for Morrissey tickets, for the Metro, Chicago, Feb 2000, so last night, the set, the band, the lights, getting to have that contact with Moz, even for a second, was so incredible.
    By the way Kristeen Young was amazing, super powerful and what a voice! That drummer baby Jeff was something else (in a good way!)
    Oh I could go on and on but I'll save it for later!
    Thanks for listening and hooray to everyone that was there. A great crowd, gorgeous venue, a night I'll never forget. Sigh.
    xo -coccinella..

    coccinella -- Saturday May 19 2007, @02:54PM (#258961)
    (User #17561 Info)
  • This morning my husband and I were leaving the Hyatt on Capital Square and a tour bus that looked like Morrissey's was parked outside. Does anyone know if he was actually staying there and I just missed him???
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 19 2007, @03:51PM (#258965)
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  • Does anyone know who the singer was from the first video between Kristeen and Moz? It was the guy who wore a lot of different costumes and was singing in Spanish or maybe Italian?
    tdijetta -- Saturday May 19 2007, @06:13PM (#258981)
    (User #19056 Info)
  • does anyone have footage of this song performed during the columbus encore? could you post it? like on youtube?
    Holy Name Church -- Saturday May 19 2007, @08:35PM (#258989)
    (User #14012 Info)
  • To whom it concerns, according to the TruetoYou website, Morrissey Atlanta date, onsale and presale details are as follows:

    July 20 ATLANTA, GA : Chastain Park
    Onsale 10 a.m., May 25
    Presale 10 a.m., May 23 - 10 p.m. May 24

    Presale password: GREATESTHITS
    goinghome -- Sunday May 20 2007, @04:24AM (#259001)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • How do some fans manage to get awesome seating, even when they're from out of town? I always get tickets straight away, but I usually get mediocre at best.

    Cheers for any advice!
    tirakia -- Sunday May 20 2007, @10:52AM (#259032)
    (User #19058 Info)
  • can someone please tell me what "drive in saturday" is? never heard of it.
    crh -- Sunday May 20 2007, @01:45PM (#259043)
    (User #18209 Info)
  • Hey Dudes,
    I have THE shirt!!!And it smells SO.....Sweet. I had my hands on it first.I was not going to let go.I admire Morrissey and the guy with the cool tie who brought me.This night was beyond my wildest dreams. Morrissey gave me the thumbs up and me and the cool tie drove home listening to our IDOL all the way home for the three hour cruise! We were so pumped, we stayed up all night reflecting!!Thank you so much , Morrissey
    jenteel -- Tuesday May 22 2007, @10:53PM (#259548)
    (User #19114 Info)
    • Re:His shirt by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 25 2007, @08:39PM
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