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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Panic / Let Me Kiss You / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / I Will See You In Far Off Places / The National Front Disco / At Last I Am Born / Irish Blood, English Heart / All You Need Is Me / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Suedehead / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Ganglord / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

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  • Indianpolis Setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    Moz welcomed "the girls, the boys, and the rest of you."

    We might not have got Please, Please, Please, but we did get to hear Suedehead! Moz referenced having come to Indiana (Fairmount, specifically) "about 30 years ago to film what was commonly know as a promotional film." He referenced James Dean as one who "doesn't need mentioning." "The song sounded nothing like this"

    Very chatty and good natured this evening. I think the crowd were largely into the show. We were certainly loud. As a native of Indiana, I was proud that we provided a good, receptive audience.

    There were a few lame stage invasions. A couple of people made it on stage, but just stood there looking dazed rather than go for The Man Himself.

    No fighting over the shirt tonight. Someone made a great leap for it and, I believe, got it all!

    Here's hoping Morrissey will make us a regular stop!

    The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Panic / Let Me Kiss You / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / I Will See You In Far Off Places / The National Front Disco / At Last I Am Born / Irish Blood, English Heart / All You Need Is Me / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side /Suedehead!!/ Everyday Is Like Sunday / Ganglord / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
    Phubbbs -- Sunday May 20 2007, @09:10PM (#259074)
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    Good manners and bad breath will get you nowhere.
  • This was an amazing show. Morrissey was in fine form and the band was great. I was fortunate enough to be within 10 feet of the man himself. The only downside was that Morrissey started to perspire heavily about half way through the show and a foul odor was present. Had a great time though and the band and audience seemed to be having a blast.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 20 2007, @09:12PM (#259076)
  • Good Stuff yet again (Score:1, Informative)

    Indy represetned well. Maybe not as good of a crowd as Columbus, it seemed the faithful were more than up for it.

    Cleveland and Columbus got the better setlist too, Please Please over Suedehead anyday, esp, since we all new Suedehead was coming, it sounded ok, not as good as previous shows, he just needs to play it more I guess. The beauty of Please Please is the tenderness it brings to the show and right before YGNSOYS, its proves to be a great dynamic.

    First of the Gang, Pigsty once again sounded awesome, MOZ did his bit and the crowd ate it up.

    No fight over the shirt this time - Indiana is the land of basketball and the fan jumped pretty high and snagged it. Morrissey wrapped it into a tighter ball this evening as well.

    Out of the 3 shows i went to...

    Cleveland 8.0 (best crowd)
    Columbus 8.5 (had the best closing half of the setlist and venue)
    Indy 8.0 (generally nice evening)
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 20 2007, @09:26PM (#259079)
  • I'm pretty brain fried right now but I'll do my best here...

    Setlist was pretty much the same as recent shows EXCEPT he did Suedehead (with a comment about how he had been in Indy to make the video) and no In The Future When All's Well. It was awesome, fantastic, wonderful, superb! The crowd was wonderful and I met PregnantForTheLastTime who is a complete sweetheart! :D She gave me a drum skin and guitar pick which were handed out by Soloman and a roadie at the end while I was a little bit zoned out. We saw Moz go out to his bus, and he looked VERY happy and spoke to quite a few people and shook a lot of hands.

    Ok back to the show itself - Morrissey seemed thrilled! I've never seen him not in a good mood, but tonight he seemed to be particularly happy and playful. He threw out one shirt, light blue, and a couple a few people away from me on the front row got the whole shirt! He shook a lot of hands, but not mine. :( Although I did touch his hand and sleeve when he reached for someone behind me, and I might have accidentally on purpose found my hand on his shoe and ankle once. ;)

    The band were phenomenal as always, and the sound was flawless to my ears on the front row.

    Hopefully other people will remember more than me.

    I got some pretty good pictures & here are a few:

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 20 2007, @09:31PM (#259081)
  • This was my first ever Morrissey show and I have to say that it was everything that I had hoped for. I know who Julia is, but wasn't sure what the Winnie? candle match comment to Julia was about? Anyone?

    He also seemed to have some kind of trouble with his ear piece and really didn't sing during one of the songs. He covered it up well and the front audience benefited from it with prolonged handshakes.

    All in all-awesome show-awesome man!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 20 2007, @10:22PM (#259082)
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  • please email me at:

    [email protected]

    if you would like some photos. i did my best to take movies of all the various handshaking, etc. so that people will be able to relive their moment. unfortunatly most are on my cell phone and not the best movies.

    i did manage to take some great movies of the rest of the show via a digital camera. they are huge so you'll need to contact me to find some way to share them.

    i was the one who grabbed the shirt. if you happen to have any photos of me i would be very thankful.

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 20 2007, @10:28PM (#259083)
    • Re:photos by tirakia (Score:1) Monday May 21 2007, @08:56AM
  • i thought this was the worst out of the three shows I went to (chicago, columbus, indy). Morrissey didn't seem as "into" it as he did with the other shows. And he was having some kind of technical problems, especially during the encore. There were very few stage invasion attempts, and the one guy who did make it up there didn't even try to go for Moz. He just stood there and waved at the crowd like an idiot, like he was thinking "hey look at me!" and then waited for security to come grab him. What a waste.

    In columbus, during the last few songs, the crowd went crazy, and pretty much everyone left their seats to get up front. In Indy, everyone stayed in their seats throughout the encore.

    I also thought the sound was kind of poor, but that probably had something to do with me sitting directly in front of one of the speakers with earplugs in :)

    Still a great show, but not nearly as energetic as Columbus (in my opinion).
    IJustAte -- Sunday May 20 2007, @10:44PM (#259085)
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  • The Queen is Dead
    First of the Gang to Die
    The Youngest Was the Most Loved
    You Have Killed Me
    Let Me Kiss You
    -band intro-
    I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
    I Will See You in Far-off Places
    The National Front Disco
    At Last I Am Born
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    All You Need is Me
    I've Changed My Plea to Guilty
    The Boy with the Thorn in His Side
    Everyday is Like Sunday
    Life is a Pigsty w/piano coda and Auld Lang Syne
    How Soon is Now?

    You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side

    He welcomed "the girls, the boys, and the rest of you" and said something about it being a "a cold, gray day in Indianapolis" when it was no such thing. :p He threw his shirt out at the end of Let Me Kiss You as usual and someone in the first one or two rows jumped up and caught it. He introduced the band with "Boz is our captain (I forgot what he said about Solomon), Matt is our anchor, Jesse is our cabin boy, Mikey is our lifeboat, and I am that small stretch of sand that never quite reaches the shore". Or maybe he worded that last part differently, all I remember is it made no sense. :o

    Before Suedehead he said "around 20 years I made something that is commonly called a promotional film, in this general area, in the hometown of a great man whose name I need not mention. But this song goes nothing like that one." and seemed to disappoint a few people before they realized he was actually playing it. Someone invaded the stage during The Boy with the Thorn in His Side and just stood there, didn't cause any trouble and was taken away without resisting and I think I saw him at the end of the concert shaking Morrissey's hand. During Life is a Pigsty some woman was stopped from getting up on stage, then tried again, was grabbed, but tried to pull away towards Jesse and was taken off with more force. No one tried to make it on stage at the very end that I saw, though some people tried to stand up or pull Morrissey down when he went to the sides of the stage and started shaking hands.

    It still was a good show, but the show in Chicago was better, I might even dare to say this was at times a substandard performance from Morrissey (though standards for Morrissey are quite high). Disappointed and Panic surprised me again as sounding very good, better than the originals, and All You Need is Me was another repeat highlight. NFD sounds a bit light to me on this tour, not sure exactly why I don't love it as much, it just doesn't quite feel right without a little more intensity. And You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side was still a good closer, even though Morrissey seemed to be having some troubles with his microphone and didn't seem very enthusiastic because of it.
    Kuiper -- Sunday May 20 2007, @11:52PM (#259094)
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  • So he's back to this again?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 21 2007, @12:22AM (#259099)
  • I must say, I didn't find it as good as Chicago in terms of the music itself. It was amazing to hear "Suedehead," but there were technical problems like many people said, so that kind of detracted from the overall event.
    On a personal level, though, I loved it. I was in center orchestra row A, so I had a great view and was able to run to the right side that jutted out a few times to shake his hand (four times in my life now!). Before I shook his hand during "You're Gonna Need..." I slipped off the ring I'd been wearing and held it in my right hand. Then, when Morrissey shook my hand, I transfered the ring to him. His look of surprise at finding it was priceless, but then he just made my night even better by putting it on and wearing it for the rest of the song! No idea what he did with it afterwards, but it doesn't really matter.
    Quite a few of us waited around for autographs, but instead he smiled, waved and shook a few hands before driving away in his bus. Oh well, it's understandable.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 21 2007, @05:54AM (#259110)
  • I was pretty excited to see Morrissey in my hometown. This is my fifth time seeing him.

    We were lucky to have front row tickets for the show. I admit though, this was probably the most boring Morrissey show I had ever seen. He looked fine, the band did too, but, the setlist was just okay, and of course Indianapolis audiences are always rather boring.

    I did cry when he walked on stage, and after he shook my hand during I think the Queen Is Dead, I was so zombified by that that I wasn't able to think for a bit. Now I can complete my "moz experience," and put my handshake next to my t-shirt I caught at a Metro show in Chicago.

    Regardless, he didn't seem as into it at times, he wasn't as chatty, and seemed to not be able to concentrate. He was having some technical difficulties however.

    Boz was awesome and had a lot of energy, and the band did sound great.

    I was bored to tears with "Life Is A Pigsty" and I still get totally disgruntled by hearing "How Soon Is Now?" live in his sets. I also could live without anything from Tormentors. I did like the new song though, "All you need is me" which I have been hearing on XM Radio a lot.

    It was cool hearing "You're gonna need someone on your side," since that's one of my "theme songs," per se. And one encourse? How lame is that, I've never seen him only do one. It wasn't even 11 pm!

    I tried to start the Morrissey footballer chant but no one wanted to have a part of it! There was also no banter with Moz and the crowd, which a lame.

    This show just made me think about past shows, and how I enjoyed those better. Nothing like hearing three encores and the last tracks are "shoplifters" and "there is a light that never goes out." I think you get spoiled :(

    Regardless, the stage looked cool - the lights and james dean backdrop, and it would be nice if he came back again, in the future.

    But, overall, I didn't feel the "oh mi god" satisfaction I've felt in the past.

    HOWEVER - I do have pictures up : 7600215276401/ []

    I was one of the few people who snuck in a camera. We had VIP access, and they don't pat you down. I do hear though that the Murat was very easy going about patting people down.

    I didn't use a flash a lot, but I got some cool shots!

    A group of us had a pre-party (about 30 or so people went) at the Rathskeller, across from the Murat, before the show, so there are some pics from that too.
    sarahvain -- Monday May 21 2007, @09:18AM (#259123)
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  • I had not seen Morrissey since his show at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago back in 1991. I've waited patiently for him to play my hometown, and was rewarded on Sunday night. His band was tight, full of energy, and handled the technical difficulties quite well. He seemed to be in a very chatty mood, and the crowd responded. It was great to hear "TQID", "Panic" and "TBWTTIHS". Actually, the band was playing that tune in a slight, morbid daze until the first stage intruder made his way up there. Then, they kicked it into high gear. Everyone wanted to sing him Happy Birthday, even though it's not until tomorrow. The highlight for me was "I've Changed My Plea to Guilty", probably because I have an obscene love of his "King Uncle" era. "All You Need Is Me" sounded great, and I hope the next year will bring yet another full studio release.

    If Indygirl and Veronica C. were present at the show, please let me know.
    Some Old Queen -- Monday May 21 2007, @09:28AM (#259126)
    (User #10320 Info)
    She said, "I know you and you cannot sing!" I said, "That's nothing, you should hear me play piano."
  • After spending the night with the band! LOL, no, had to drive home to Chicago after a restless, sleepless night filled with dreams of the show.

    I am PregnantfortheLastTime- met up with Claudia in the lobby just before we went in. I posted before about my ticket fiasco. I bought a front row pit seat, but the sale fell through. Stubhub got me a Row a (third row) seat instead, which I thought would be fine. Turns out there was a fence around the pit. So I desperately offered to bribe a front row pit ticketholder to trade with me, and he very kindly said that if it mattered that much to me, he would trade for nothing! I bought the guy a shirt, least I could do.

    So there I was, very front row, right at Moz' trouser hem. I could smell him. He was not foul by any means. Far from it. While I did get a drum head, and two guitar picks, I did not get to shake his hand! I grazed his hand as he shook the hand of the man behind me, but I didn't want to be rude. I did get to watch the band closely, which was fantastic, they do not get enough credit by far.

    The shirt was caught by the two people just to the right of me. He didn't throw out the tie this time! I watched him put on the ring that was given him.

    This crowd was incredible. I was so happy to how supportive they were of KristeenYoung, and how totally into the Moz show they were. It was great that the crowd responded as well to the solo pieces as to the Smiths songs. That wasn't the case in Chicago. This crowd was so much more enthusiastic. It did make me wonder: where in the ehll were all these people when I lived in Indy, when I was a freak for liking the Smiths? When I was alone and NEEDED Moz to get me through each day? Interesting.

    After the show Claudia and I scoped the building. I really, really wanted to meet Moz and thank him personally. I did get to meet Jesse, talked to him for a bit. He said they were driving to St Louis immediately and not sleeping over.

    Let's see... Moz smells awesome. Mmmm. Sad part: all the way home, I still carried the scent on me. It filled the car- to me it's like a male version of Chanel No.5, powdery and clean yet sexy. The moment I stepped into the door of my mom & dad's house, the smell was gone. I had a trace on my fingertips, but had to wash up and get ready for bed and the night was over. Not a trace on my shirt, or in the car when I got back in this morning. The spell was broken.

    That's it for me this tour. Let's hope there will be another. Godspeed all.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 21 2007, @09:35AM (#259127)
  • I had 6th row aisle seats in Orchestra Right and had a perfect view. The band sounded amazing - and I especially liked the horns (trumpets, trombone) - very cool. You could tell he was getting a little frustrated about the technical difficulties towards the end of the show. The crowd in my area were VERY into the show - lots of dancing, whooting, screaming, etc. But the BEST part of the evening for me came during the encore closer when I saw him moving to the right side of the stage. I started forward from my 6th row seat and got to the stage just as he did. I reached my hand up and me grabbed it and smiled down at me. In typical star-struck mode, all I could manage back to him was "Excellent!", and then he was on to the next person. I did see him slip the ring on - which was very cool. It was my first Moz show, and I have to say it was perhaps the BEST concert experience of my life. Awesome!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 21 2007, @11:21AM (#259141)
  • The show was awesome - party because I was able to get front row tickets!!!
    Only my second Morrissey show (and the 2nd in the same week - first in Chicago)
    I was able to touch the hand of Moz twice, but we didn't have a camera.
    If anyone has any pictures that might document my touch of grace, I would greatly appreciate seeing them.
    I was on the the far right of the stage.
    EchoMoz -- Monday May 21 2007, @04:45PM (#259202)
    (User #19073 Info)
  • what a great show! i traveled from ohio for this which was very much worth it.
    just to add, suedehead was not filmed 30 years ago, think about it, moz would have been 18!
    anyway, the video was filmed in fairmount, in. which is a lovely little blue collar town, about 15 minutes from marion, where i went to college. there is (was) a wonderful record store there called "hi fi stereo" which had a homemade plaque on the wall (in faded stick on letters)touting "morrissey was here" (sometime in 1988 or something)and had a pic of him buying records in the store. the cute little old lady (weird, i know) that owned the place accidently cropped his head in the shot, but its a neat novelty, especially when all of those places are recognizable from the video.
    this was my first moz show, though ive been a fan for years and years, and it was AMAZING. all i could have hoped for. :)
    Anonymous -- Monday May 21 2007, @07:11PM (#259244)
    • Re:great show by Twilight Error (Score:1) Monday May 21 2007, @07:36PM
  • We caught Indy after seeing the Ann Arbor show last week. The Indy crowd seemed a bit smaller but since we were right up front, it was hard to judge the level of enthusiasm. There were a few lamers sitting for much of the show but most of the people around us were pretty into the show.

    I have to agree that Moz seemed a bit off in Indianapolis compared to the Ann Arbor show. At one point he nearly ran into his mic stand and seemed startled to find it in his path. Compared to A2, he didn't seem to banter as much with the crowd or riff off comments made by fans although the Julia and Whinnie back and forth was something new.

    There also were some technical difficulties that others mentioned. It sounded like the mic was cutting out. At one point in the show, he either dropped his mic or it fell and you could hear it hit the stage. It seemed like after that, the mic was a problem. It was too bad because it took away from the quality of the show which was otherwise great. That might explain why he cut the encore short. We had a 2 song encore in Ann Arbor so we were surprised when he called it quits after one.

    The stage setup was a huge deterrent to stage invaders. The pit area was fenced off with just narrow openings at the end where you could get in or out. Those openings were being closely watched by some beefy guys who had a look that said "don't even think of trying to get on the stage". There also seemed to be more and better security than there was in Ann Arbor where all kinds of people worked their way down to the pit area and some onto the stage.

    I think all of the people with tickets in the pit were content to stay in place and just reach out and touch Moz. The people who actually got up on stage were people who got over the pit fence and then took to the stage. The first stage invader didn't even get up until half-way through the show. There was another on "Life Is A Pigsty" who was dragged off kicking without coming close to Moz.

    At the end, Morrissey worked his way out of both ends of the stage. There was a huge rush at our end where everyone took their opportunity to reach out and touch Morrissey. At one point, he cleared out a space in front of him and motioned for fans to take the stage. A couple people did so and were promptly rewarded with being dragged off by security. He almost seemed to take delight in that!

    We waited out by the bus to catch him in person and were rewarded with more up-close opportunities for photos and handshakes. I think that's more than the Ann Arbor fans got after the show. No sign of Julia's rental car following the bus tonight but I'm sure she'll be in the front row in St. Louis! Overall, being up front, it was a great show. The mic problems and short encore were bummers but otherwise, we had a great time.

    mozinmich -- Monday May 21 2007, @09:49PM (#259271)
    (User #19077 Info)
  • Indy Photos (Score:2, Informative)

    Amazing show! I actually walked past Moz in some weird corridor after photographing Kristeen Young.

    Here is a link to the photos: index.html
    photokeith -- Tuesday May 22 2007, @09:06AM (#259395)
    (User #19090 Info)
  • Does someone know what Moz did on Saturday in Indiana before his Indianapolis venue?
    Okay, It was Boz's birthday so they stayed the
    night at Jimmy's home and his relatives made
    Moz and crew a hearty and meatless breakfast.
    After Boz received best wish via internet, in the afternoon Boz had homemade Dean style cake,
    and everyone took a 15min. nap on Jimmy's bed.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 22 2007, @07:13PM (#259514)
  • This was my 5th time seeing Morrissey and just as brilliant as the first time in London for Kill Uncle back in 1991. In Indy, I was fortunate enough to catch Jesse's set list at the end of the show. Was in front row (behind pit) next to the precious gal who gave her ring to Moz. Thought you might like to see what the band called each song-- some are quite humorous:

    1ST UV

    As I was suffering through Kristeen's yelping (yet admiring her fabulous style), I would have rather been listening to someone like the Killers in Chicago '04 or a great Louisville band, Cabin: who I think would be well-liked by Morrissey fans. Nevertheless, the night was perfect. Morrissey and his FABULOUS BAND (love them!) have a way of making perfect nights.
    Regents Girl -- Tuesday May 22 2007, @07:27PM (#259521)
    (User #12807 Info)
  • Someone must have smuggled their camera in with them: 600248161953/

    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 22 2007, @10:09PM (#259542)
  • I found this website through the Indianapolis music website ( They are great photos! 7592#627996050 []

    And here are the photos I took outside before/after the show. I was right up against the fence when he came out holding my sharpie hoping he'd sign the morrissey shirt I snazzled up, and my bf was taking the pics. I ran up to the stage (left side) at the end and got to shake his hand. *happy sigh. ittneys%20stuff/shy.jpg ittneys%20stuff/onthebus.jpg ittneys%20stuff/walkingout.jpg ittneys%20stuff/thesign.jpg ittneys%20stuff/waitingonMoz.jpg

    My first Morrissey show and I LOVED it!!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @11:34AM (#259635)

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