posted by davidt on Tuesday May 22 2007, @09:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Panic / Let Me Kiss You / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / The National Front Disco / I Will See You In Far Off Places / All You Need Is Me / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / At Last I Am Born / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

setlist provided by Le Fay
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  • This show was incredible! Everyone seemed very excited and so did Morrissey. At several points in the show it was evident that he was aroused. It is great that an artist in his later years can still get juiced about playing live. Thanks Morrissey for an amazing evening!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 22 2007, @09:30PM (#259538)
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  • Holy shit.

    My girlfriend and I waited in line starting at noon, and that was incredible, although a little tiring.

    The setlist wasn't TOTALLY different, but we did get GIRLFRIEND IN A COMA! Also Please Please Please in the encore.

    Two shirts thrown out, and my friend and I got a whole cuff and some of the sleeve, and my girl got the buttonholes. A black Gucci shirt, and it smells a little like incense in Catholic Mass, mixed with a bit of perfume.

    Morrissey seemed in a pretty damn good mood, and even sang a little of "Unhappy Birthday" when he first came out. No stage crashers, but a lot of shook hands. Quite a few birthday cards made their way onstage too. It felt much more like a party than I expected.

    Pretty much one of the best nights of my entire life. Maybe you'll see me at the Uptown tomorrow? Mayyyybe.

    colinsociety -- Tuesday May 22 2007, @09:57PM (#259540)
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  • Moz came out and gave a line from Unhappy Birthday. Later he made a circle around his face and said "This is what 48 years will do to you." He received a good number of cards from fans extending their hands out. Later his band sang Happy Birthday to him, and the crowd joined in, all while Moz made a gesture of hanging himself. There was a good amount of hand-shaking on both wings, especially at the end. And hearing Girlfriend in a Coma was awesome!

    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 22 2007, @10:56PM (#259550)
  • Incredible. Once again got stlls and video from show (including crowd singing Happy B'day). Want to post but I am exhausted - Drove 8 hrs. to show. SNS22 get in touch to help ease burden. Got Boz's set list and pick. His list is notated glass for Pigsty and while playing them he even picked one of the glasses up and drank from it (funny). Check back for postings and hopefully you can make it to Austin and Houston w/me.
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @12:12AM (#259555)
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  • to have shared in wishing a happy birthday with MOZ. Seems like everyone had an unbelievable time there. I am really jealous now. Thank you to all those that went and made it just as memorable for Morrissey as he did for you. MOZ=GOD
    Lost_in_LA -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @02:01AM (#259561)
    (User #17378 Info)
  • It was an amazing night. I think he had a good birthday. :) I know I had a good Moz's birthday. Before the encore, the band led the audience in singing Happy Birthday to him, which he obviously loved even though he pretended not to want us to. He seemed genuinely pleased at the presents and cards people had for him. We both had to reach really far across the barricade and I nearly couldn't get it close enough for him to take it, but he took my card out of my hand and thanked me. Needless to say that meant the world to me. :)

    I took some pictures, but they're all a little blurry b/c I was getting squashed and jostled the whole time. But here they are if anybody wants to see them:

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @03:02AM (#259564)
  • on stage the following took part:
    ineversay -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @03:53AM (#259570)
    (User #17652 Info |
  • Does anyone have the complete set list from last night?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @07:24AM (#259594)
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      I have the set list from Tuesdays show.
      Queen is Dead/First of the Gang/The youngest was the most loved/ In the future when alls well / You have killed me/ Disappointed/ Panic/ Let me Kiss you/ I just want to see the boy happy/ the national front Disco/ I will see you in far off places/ All you need is me/ Girlfriend in a coma/ Everyday is like Sunday/ The Boy with a thorn in his side/ Irish Blood-English Heart/ At last I am Born/ I've changed my plea to guilty/ Life is a Pigsty/ How soon is now?/ Please Please/ and Your going to need someone on your side.
      A piece of the set list I got was torn, right where it would say please please...but I'm sure that was it...If anyone knows how I can post an image I could scan it.
      Hope this help, That was an AWESOME concert!
      Le Fay -- Thursday May 24 2007, @12:57PM (#259869)
      (User #19146 Info)
  • NO STAGE INVASIONS! A full concert- now that's what I'm talking about!

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @08:18AM (#259601)
  • Opened with Queen Is Dead (I lost it), and later played National Front Disco, which I've always wanted to hear live. I started listening to Mozzer in '87, just as the Smiths were calling it quits, and hadn't seen him play in over 10 years live, so to hear him sing Queen, and the other hits...this was an amazing night. Great venue too, so great. I'll have some cellphone snaps from the front of the right balcony online later today - I'll post when they're up.

    Ah, this is what it's all about.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @08:43AM (#259611)
  • "Julia, did you do any sightseeing?"

    "Good to be here in the Lou...that is l-o-u."

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @09:07AM (#259614)
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  • "Let this be a warning, (gestures to face) this is what 48 looks like."
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @09:16AM (#259618)
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  • Great show. Our photographer Todd Owyoung shot the show. Here is a link to the first photo, more to follow tomorrow. JIM
    playbackstl -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @09:36AM (#259622)
    (User #19121 Info |
  • Hi, I havn't posted anything on here in over 5 years. I live in St. Louis & went to the concert (second row balcony). It was unbelievable. This is my fourth Moz concert & I'm proud to say for St. Louis, the best by far! This is including the sold out Chicago show during the Oye Estaban tour, which he appeared happy--but last night surpassed that show by far. Those of you in the front must have been satisfied because at one point, if he didn't get your gifts & cards already, he made a point to go across the whole front stage collecting everyones gifts, all the while making this funny clicking noise, as if he were a machine, or something.
        Furthermore, he felt so comfortable that he actually handed his microphone to a girl in the front row, and a young man there too---let them say what they wished.
          In addition, I remember reading that "How Soon is Now" was not good with Moz solo band--I thought it sounded awesome.
          Also like his reference to the bar/restaurant Blueberry Hill--stating he still hasn't found his thrill on Blueberry hill, but has 2 years left to do so---lol. I guess Moz cannot picture life after 50.
        Last night was much more than I could have hoped for. Even my wife, who is very objective, said she thought it was a great show. I feel sorry for you guys in KC tonight, he has to be drained after his effort here in St. Louis. Hello to all of you & I appreciate all of your story's and comments on this site--take care, Steve.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @11:02AM (#259631)
  • Does anyone know the name of the French pop star shown in the video clip before Moz took the stage? What is the name of the song that he sung?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @11:33AM (#259633)
  • The show was brilliant! (I loved "Please, Please, Please" - after that song, did I notice a him crying or was that just for show?). Afterwards several dozen fans waited to see Moz., we waited well over an hour in a bogus line and got tipped of by a nice guy as to the real exit Morrissey would be using. We ran down there and first Kristeen Young comes out with her family and friends wearing a red whit and blue sparkling dress (not the bubble wrap like she was wearing in the show). About 10 minutes later Boz appears from nowhere with a buddy - A guy that was standing next to me in line and I got Boz's autograph. Mine was on paper and he had his own blue ball point pen. The other guy managed to get a signature on a 6 inch swatch of Morrissey's green shirt that he threw to the crowd that night. Next, about 5 minutes later, The Man himself came out followed closely with his huge bodyguard and a half dozen security people. I yelled, "We Love you Morrissey", he got a big smile on his face when he recognized someone to my left. He stopped for a hug and a few words with this person (I have no idea who it was). He made his way down the line of people (no autographs and not really any handshakes except the girl to my right with black hair got a healthy handshake just seconds before he entered the bus. I motioned for a handshake but he was being pushed in by security so I reached in and was able to grasp the top of his hand for what seemed like an eternity (it felt pretty strong, maybe he has been working out?) The bus pulled off seconds later. As I was going home (near Washington University on Skinker Rd.), I saw Moz's bus and there was a fairly long line of cars following very closely, on their way to Kansas City for the next show!)
    Great time had by all last night.
    ps. [MOZ, if you read this - we love you - but please sign some auto's for us]
    plow -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @12:21PM (#259650)
    (User #19125 Info)
  • What an awesome concert.He looked,and sounded amazing.My daughter was lucky enough to get a piece of the green shirt!You go,girl.It smelled incredibly yummy,too!!!I enjoyed it immensely!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @12:50PM (#259662)
  • The song Morissey uses before he comes on is "Imperfect List" by Big Hard Excellent Fish.
    This is the song with a woman with a strong Liverpool accent listing all the things she hates.
    it's available in UK iTunes.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @12:57PM (#259664)
    • Re:Off-Topic by robiskeen (Score:0) Wednesday May 23 2007, @01:07PM
  • t_nights_show_morrissey.php

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @01:07PM (#259667)
  • Will someone please post the setlist from last night's show?

    Had an awesome time last night, last time I saw Moz was in 1992 in Nashville. I was blown away by the Smiths songs.

    Had two drunken idiots in front of me in the balcony though!
    Sard_Moz -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @02:14PM (#259675)
    (User #19129 Info)
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      • Re:Set list! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 24 2007, @11:07AM
  • First off, I was amazed at how small and intimate the theater was. Being at a place like Madison Square Garden would, IMHO, be much worse. Moz would seem miles away, and only a few people could get close enough to see him. Here, though, even with an early entrance available through the Halo bar, some who came in through the main doors made it to the front. It was great seeing Moz so close up!

    Second, the set list was amazing, and Moz seemed to be having a great time. Constant smiles, looks to the crowd. During "National Front Disco," with the crowd singing along, Moz put on this very amused look when everyone bursted out with the line "England for the English!" I guess he found it somewhat funny that a room full of Americans could belt out that line so forcefully. His facial expressions were equally charming when he was taking the birthday cards.

    One funny part was when Moz was lying on the stage floor near the end of "Life is a Pigsty," and one of the security guards up front turned around and looked quizzically at what was going on. He seemed equally perplexed when he saw that the row in front of him...who had been quiet and polite before Moz came on...suddenly erupted into sing-alongs like "Let Me Kiss Youuuuu...Ohhhhhh" when the show began.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @02:20PM (#259676)
  • I couldn't believe how CLOSE I got to Moz. He even reached out and took my hand, but it was such a shock I can barely even remember the actual moment! Too bad the theater doesn't take a bunch of pictures when this happens and then sells them in the lobby...would have been great to have objective confirmation that it all WASN'T just a dream!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @02:26PM (#259677)
  • Best Concert I've EVER been to.
    Loved it.
    kristen838 -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @02:57PM (#259680)
    (User #19130 Info)
  • Am I crazy, or did Moz do the Nazi salute at one point? I think it was during All You Need is Me, when he was singing about destruction taking place in the world...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @03:30PM (#259686)
  • ...could some post a setlist???
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @03:38PM (#259687)
  • Are up on our site Todd Owyoung took some awesome shots.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @08:17PM (#259728)
  • Thank you for your patience. There are some real quality pics and I'm sure you'll enjoy - let me know. The link is:
    Did anyone see the sign outside the venue stating "As per the artisits request no food will be allowed in the building"? Was it to prevent a multitude of fans from bringing birthay cakes? I still have videos to publish plus pics and vids from Denver (soooooon).
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @08:18PM (#259729)
    (User #18941 Info |
    • Re:Pics by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 23 2007, @08:24PM
    • Re:Pics by sidious (Score:1) Wednesday May 23 2007, @08:53PM
  • Great show in St. Louis. I have lived in St. Louis for most of my life. It was great to see the crowd so into the show. I have been to many shows at the Pageant, and this had to be one of the biggest crowd pleasers. It was nice to hear "Girlfriend" and "Please"
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @08:19PM (#259730)
  • Happy Birthday Morrissey!! We saw your show in St. Louis Tuesday were great!! Teresa & Steve
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @08:50PM (#259737)
  • This was my first Morrissey show. It was basically the coolest thing ever, I got half a Gucci button and the tag off the black shirt. I can't wait for my next one, in Knoxville.
    sidious -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @08:55PM (#259741)
    (User #14193 Info)
  • 24 hours later and i'm still spinning morrissey records (yes, records) reliving last night. what a great show. i do think the decemerists had more crowd participation, but this crowd was great. at ryan adams you'd have thought the crowd was there to watch paint dry.

    moz do get back here, so i don't have to go to nyc or rams head to see ya!

    up next, keith urban, and then the summer looks kinda dead here.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @09:16PM (#259743)
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  • I saw someone get that set list. Please post it. Pleeeease.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @09:20PM (#259745)
  • what can be said. legend, no. saint, that's been done ... hmmm, what about "great entertainer"?! yes, i hopefully hope that morrissey will continue to the crooning ear-a lifestage of a latter day frank sinatra. yep, after seeing him last night in st. louis at the pageant. yadda-yadda-yadda ... ok here's the chronology of that night ... i decided to go to see morrissey with someone, anyone at the time, because i had an extra ticket – no problem to convince someone to see morrissey! shanee, andrea, and i blazed up I-64 (to the tune of album "world of morrissey") until we arrived on the corner of delmar and (?)skinker with happiness. into the show kristeen young sounded like patti smith with some bjorkxk.kinski ... then others he gathered near the bass drum {and jesse had to move one once near show's end} ... moz officially kicked show off with "the queen is dead", then to some neo-classics (to the hand-jives of my fellow south of the border brothers – {btw who are the "irregular regulars"?} ...... i happily lost myself when morrissey sang "disappointed" and/or "the boy with the thorn in his side" YES I'M AN OLD FOGIE! but honestly loved every bit of play that morrissey, boz, and the band (where's gary?) put into the show. i smiled and felt proud that i knew the reason i always loved morrissey's music that night. after a good sweat on the GA floor {moz said it was good to be back in the "LOU" aka "loop" and he "hadn't found his 'thrill' on blueberry hill) and "first of the gang" "let me kiss you" "how soon is now" and a shout out to julia and (english?) friend who, when given the mic stated, in part, "'s just good to see you ..." to moz who responded "he's VERY shy, VERY shy ... LOVELY! and all the handshakes to the crowd (nigh a stage invader) brought me to revelations, revelations ("this is what 48 looks like" he said at one point early on) of understanding what one's life can be amidst the noise. afterward the show (the merchandise line was too long – HEY WE HAD TO DRIVE BACK TO KENTUCKY ;)we kicked around delmar to blueberry hill and had a real midnight feast. to the car we hung a left around the backstage, waited for a moment and morrissey walked down the short steps eyes pointed downward with water bottle in hand, bag in tow, sporting a grey blazer and walked toward the tight-knit crowd of 20 or so near the bus! i felt that stun of starshine that regular folks in hollywood probably get all the time around those actor-types just hit ME! i just watched him walk to the cry of "happy birthday"s from all the peeps waiting for him and he gave a firm, 3-5 second hug to a fan and said "thank you" in that hummingly modest low-manchester accent. morrissey gave an appreciative tight-lipped (am i over adjectating here?!?) grin to everyone else, shook a hand or so and ascended up the tour bus' steps. no sooner did a lucky gal pan around and exclaim, "HE SHOOK MY HAND! HE SHOOK ME HAND! i finally exhaled and followed my comrades to the car. grinned. the end.
    Ickworth -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @09:23PM (#259746)
    (User #14879 Info)
  • I've been an enthusiastic Smiths and Morrissey fan since 1985. Tuesday's show was the first time I had ever seen Morrissey live and I must say it was certainly worth the twenty two year wait.

    I must say that Morrissey is either the biggest phony on the planet or he has a genuine, heartfelt affection for his audience and performing in general. I have to suspect the latter. I was most pleasantly surprised by his congenial nature and his tendency to speak with the crowd as opposed to speaking at us. For whatever reason, in my younger days I always got the impression that Moz was a very private individual, disinterested in the fans and driven only by the perfection of his craft (not unlike the rap appropriately bestowed upon the late Miles Davis). Tuesday night completely divested me of that impression. It was a genuine thrill to watch the man work. And the band was extremely fan friendly as they closed down the show, taking their time departing the stage and being sure to exhaust whatever supply of stage souvenirs they had available - it was a veritable shower of 'sticks and picks!

    The most uplifting thing that I took away from this show was the fact that nine of the songs he performed were from his last two albums and seven of those were from his most recent work. And they were show-carriers, not simply obligatory filler necessary to sell some cd's. The fact that he can build a show around so much new material gives me great hope that he is going to be a musical force in the studio and on the stage for years to come. Not so far from 48 myself (okay, well a "mere" nine years, anyway), I can say that Moz is certainly spry enough to keep up the pace for a good long time without turning himself into a caricacture of his former self or a museum piece for his original fans' kids and grandkids like a number of touring acts that refuse to go gracefully into that good night and be satisfied with the residuals from album sales and classic rock airplay. I am pleased to say that Morrissey remains not only relevant but downright vibrant. I look forward to his future St. Louis appearances.
    yh -- Thursday May 24 2007, @11:49AM (#259854)
    (User #19144 Info)
  • Set list has been scanned and posted above by Le Fay (thanx!).
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @01:54PM (#259882)
  • seriously one of the best shows I have ever been to...and I was front row at the Cure...I am so jealous of all the hands he touched and I do wish I had a piece of his shirt, but to celebrate my/his birthday with him is the best gift I could ever have.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @04:48PM (#259907)
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    • Re:moz by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 25 2007, @10:21AM
  • Wow. Seeing the set list. I really think this WAS one of the best shows yet, having scanned the other shows...
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @04:57PM (#259908)

    according to these pics, It is possible to see a vase with gladiolous? :)
    Very Moz -- Thursday May 24 2007, @07:21PM (#259928)
    (User #18714 Info |
  • Stupendous. Phenomenal. Definately, the best I've seen him. One thing keeps haunting me though. Who were the people shown in the clips that were played before Morrissey took stage? I recognized The New York Dolls, Brigitte Bardot, and Vince Taylor. But, who were the others? Like the first guy (the one who sang in a non-English language and changed outfits and locales, like 12 times)?... But, yes, truly an amazing show. By the way Moz, (if you're reading this) I'm the one who posted that eloquent invitation about two years ago (on the old message boards here) imploring you to come to St Louis. So....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You did not disappoint! :)
    jamoteo -- Thursday May 24 2007, @10:40PM (#259938)
    (User #19150 Info)
  • Best show ever.

    Anyone record it?

    Please say yes!
    ray_in_a_tutu -- Friday May 25 2007, @11:06AM (#260001)
    (User #18317 Info)
    • Re:wow by maria_marchita (Score:1) Friday May 25 2007, @01:27PM
  • At last they are born. I've been trying to overcome technical difficulties but here is the video. Sorry about the size and quality - I've tried, but I hope in the end you're just happy it exists. Am about to post video from Denver show there too. Will try to do better next time but give me feedback (and tech advice too).

    For vids:
    (again, for pics:
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Saturday May 26 2007, @12:28PM (#260136)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • I'm another person who was very impressed with the show. This is the third time I've seen him (1991, some other time in the mid-to-late 90's, and now).

    I probably liked this one the best, since I was able to get the setlist. The other times I've seen him, I was a bit lost by the songs I didn't know. This time, I was able to sing along to every song. My wife, who didn't not want to look at the setlist, got all jazzed only on the songs that she knew from the pre-1991 Morrissey/Smiths era.

    I was a bit surprised there were no stage jumpers. At the 1991 show, it seemed that Morrissey reveled in the people (boys and girls)who were coming up onstage to hug/kiss him. I guess it gets a bit old as he continues to tour. In any case, I guess I'm glad noone tried to get on stage, since it might have caused him to leave the show.

    I'm not gay, but damn Morrissey was smokin'. Nice to see he is getting more and more distinguished looking as he gets older. Some people (Rolling Stones) just seem to get older and scarier. Morrissey, on the other hand, just looks fantastic.

    Thanks for the wonderful show.

    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @07:54AM (#261474)
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