posted by davidt on Wednesday May 23 2007, @09:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Panic / Let Me Kiss You / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / The National Front Disco / I Will See You In Far Off Places / All You Need Is Me / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / At Last I Am Born / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

setlist provided by Back To Rockville blog - Kansas City Star review
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  • any one got any info?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @09:44PM (#259750)
  • Heard some classics: 'How Soon Is Now' and 'The Boy With A Thorn In His Side' were both fantastic. But 'Panic' lit the place up, causing myself (and many others) to sing at the top of our lungs and jump around crazily. "Hang the blessed DJ", indeed!

    Plenty from the newer albums, too. I got to hear two of my favorites from the newer stack: 'In The Future When All's Well' and 'Let Me Kiss You' were both sung excellently (Moz's "curvy person" pantomime for "someone you physically admire" and taking his shirt off for "someone you physically despise" made it much more so).

    Didn't get to hear 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out', which, for me, was a personal disappointment. But one greatly eclipsed by what I did hear and how well the show went.

    "Missouri, Missouri, Morrssouri, Morrissey, Morrissey."
    ~Morrissey (at the beginning of the concert)
    w0rstnitmr -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @10:12PM (#259754)
    (User #19138 Info)
  • He played Last Of The Famous people!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 23 2007, @10:20PM (#259757)
  • Did he really play Last Of The Famous International Playboys?? YES...whos got the setlist?!?
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @12:13AM (#259760)
  • I saw the show in Indianapolis Sunday, and KC tonight, and tonight seemed a little more energetic on Mozz' behalf. Lots of older songs, but no Please, please, please... Kristeen Young said she "wouldn't name names," but some of the (British) touring company thought they were in Kansas, not Missouri. She enjoyed this because Americans supposedly don't know their "geographics." Morrissey later asked the audience if we knew where we were, and how we'd explain it tomorrow.
    WacoKid -- Thursday May 24 2007, @12:24AM (#259763)
    (User #19139 Info)
  • I got one of the set lists and picks. If no one gets the list posted before i wake up, I will scan it in and post it for everyone.

    6 hr round trip drive well worth it.

    GF in a Coma & Last of the famous...... HELL YEAH !!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @01:23AM (#259770)
  • Hey Moz.......(and i have to believe he has someone from his staff who checks this website for him) please try to play Playboys and Suedehead at the Baltimore and Atlanta shows. They will be my last two shows of this tour! To top it all off...make the crowds go insane by throwing in....... Our Frank.
    jerrydavis -- Thursday May 24 2007, @05:23AM (#259783)
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    • Perfection. by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 24 2007, @12:28PM
  • A wonderful evening...simply wonderful.

    The show is a sonic assault from the beginning. It was one of the most efficient shows I have ever seen, no lulls. The man works. The boys in the back work. Incredible.

    Highlights: "QID" shook the building...a perfect start. "Panic" brought the crowd together in one bouncing mass. "Coma" was a bit of a surprise. "Irish Blood..." may have been the tightest song of the night--brilliant.

    Boz is a show unto himself. Those catching the next nights, watch Boz.

    Only one tried to make the stage. He didn't get far. We were a well-behaved and smelly crowd.

    Later, saw Moz's bus heading south on I-35 across the darkened prairies of Kansas.
    MrBones -- Thursday May 24 2007, @05:52AM (#259786)
    (User #19019 Info)
    "I am heavy bored."
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    • Re:KC Show by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday May 24 2007, @08:39AM
  • What a great show, I loved Morrissey playing dead near the end then launching into "How Soon is Now"... He's such a good performer with the shaking people's hands, really connects with a crowd rather than just standing there and playing music...

    The gong was a nice touch too.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @06:23AM (#259790)
  • I read on the forum he did this as an encore? Can anyone confirm??

    If Morrissey does come to UK/ Europe with this setlist I'm going to poo my pants. And yours too probably
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @06:24AM (#259791)
  • Morrissey!!!

    Saw him last night in KCMO, and he was awesome!!! I met a very cool girl next to me, and she was crying. She said she was embarrassed, but i told her how i SOBBED at Art Garfunkel, so not to feel bad.

    I dont think im weird, but to me the sexiest part of a man are his wrists and I love a nice strong looking back. Morrissey has a great back. No one looks better in a button down shirt, and we were like the old ladies at a Tom Jones concert when he took it off, and threw it in the crowd. At that moment I wanted nothing more than one of his shirts. I asked for one at christmas. my husband thought I meant a t-shirt, and i said "no, one of the ones hes worn!"

    It was nice get lost in the music again. I keep thinking this is what Christians must feel like at church. No wonder they love it. If church were like Morrissey, I'd go twice a week as well.

    -Life is a pigsty, and if you dont know this then what do you know? Can you stop this pain? Even in the final hour of my life, Im falling in love again.

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @07:28AM (#259796)
  • There was a near fight to the death for the pink shirt he threw out at the end of the encore. I have never seen such intensity on anyone's face about anything as was shown by the girl who eventually came away with it. It was as though those around her were trying to steal her baby. I had a hand on the sleave but let go when I saw the other sleave wrapping around this girl's neck. Security then sorted it out.

    Show was tremendous. Moz very chatty and cheerful. Girlfriend and Playboys were nice surprises. Love the Big Drum.
    shepvi -- Thursday May 24 2007, @07:29AM (#259797)
    (User #18637 Info)
  • I am so jealous reading all these posts just lately, so to cheer myself up, I have had a Smiths/Morrissey day all day. I have played my entire collection from around 8.30 this morning and still going. I am on "The Queen is dead" right now. So in a way, I am with you all who have had the pleasure of seeing the great man live on this tour. Tonight I will watch my "Who put the M in Manchester" DVD to round the day off perfectly!! It's the closest I will get until his return back to England.
    dbowie -- Thursday May 24 2007, @08:54AM (#259816)
    (User #16745 Info)
    I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.
  • The Queen Is Dead
    First of the Gang to Die
    The Youngest Was the Most Loved
    In the Future When All's Well
    You Have Killed Me
    Let Me Kiss You
    I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
    The National Front Disco
    I Will See You in Far Off Places
    All You Need Is Me
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    Every Day Is Like Sunday
    The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    At Last I Am Born
    I've Changed My Plea to Guilty
    Life Is A Pigsty
    How Soon Is Now?
    Encore: The Last of the Famous International Playboys
    You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @09:03AM (#259818)
  • Either your all getting better at posting your revues of each show, or Morrissey is getting better with each show! The revues coming through are simply awesome.
    Thank you to all that have made us, who are unable to attend, very happy (or jealous).
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @09:04AM (#259819)
  • Disregard the set list at the top of the page. "Suedehead" was not performed.

    Does anyone know who the young man was who spoke on the mic and said something to the effect that he had "to fly back"?

    Did anyone catch the line in "You Have Killed Me" about Anne Sexton?
    MrBones -- Thursday May 24 2007, @09:34AM (#259820)
    (User #19019 Info)
    "I am heavy bored."
  • Great show

    However, Suedehead was not played

    The Rockville article lists "I am the Sun and the Air (sic, should be heir)" and then "How Soon is Now" as though they are separate songs but not Suedehead, so the listing on the site may be just an oversight, but it wasn't part of the KC show.
    kc -- Thursday May 24 2007, @09:53AM (#259823)
    (User #19137 Info)
  • International Playboys, the last tour it was played live?
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @09:57AM (#259825)
  • This was my first show - and what can I say, but that it met and exceeded my expectations from start to finish! I couldn't be happier with the set list, and LOTFIB was absolutely incredible! I've been singing the song to myself all day. The only point of interest I would make regarding the performance of playboys was that the funky keyboard/synth solo part in the middle sounded a bit unrehearsed,it was an attempt, but fell short of hitting the mark. Moz even turned around and looked at the keyboardist and then back at the audience with a confused look on his face. I think they played this song by the overwhelming request for it in prior shows.
    We heard Sunday, We heard TBWTTIHS (which was absolutely brilliant!!)
    The only drawback to the show was the KC crowd. I've never seen a lamer bunch of fans in my life - and Moz was having his way with them, saying such things as "do you really know where you are? do you really know why you're here?" and "we're thrilled to DEATH to be here - no really, we're thrilled to DEATH!! (sarcastically). All in good humor, but nonetheless, a shot across the bow of the lame hillbilly stooges that looked at my t-shirt and were like "the smiths?" who are the smiths - this show's for that Morrissey feller.

    Does anyone have any kind of transcript from the beginning of the show where that british/indian accent guy was saying things like "piss off Professor Cromwell" and then went into a diatribe on all things despised? I thought that was an absolutely brilliant and artful way to begin - completely unexpected, as well as the film shorts between the opener (who unfortunately people in the crowd were rude to)of the Latin variety show in German. It was total WTF but delightfully entertaining in a way that would only make sense at a Morrissey show.
    Mozorium -- Thursday May 24 2007, @11:51AM (#259856)
    (User #19145 Info)
  • I heard the soundcheck for the show last night while I was in line for the KC show yesterday. The band sans Moz ran through "Disappointed", "Let Me Kiss You", "Playboys" and a song that I didn't recognize with a prominent accordian line. A couple of minutes later I heard the band with Morrissey run through "All You Need Is Me" and "Playboys" and well as this song I didn't recognize. It sounded great with his vocals, and the accordian sounded. I only remember the chorus kept mentioning the word "people". I'm not sure if this was a brand new song being soundchecked or perhaps a cover, but I just thought I'd drop you a line to keep an eye out for something new in a future setlist.

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @02:49PM (#259887)
  • Perhaps someone will remember the exact words used... but this is what "I" remember as witty banter between songs

    "Do you know where you all are?"
    "Does anyone know that you are here?"
    "What are you going to say about this tomorrow?"
    Hierophant -- Thursday May 24 2007, @03:45PM (#259894)
    (User #11726 Info)
  • Ok... so my good friend and I drive a number of hours to get to the K.C. show... we go in toss back a few cocktails to numb ourselves from the drone of Kristeen Young's noise.....

    We move into the GA standing area with cocktails in hand.....we push our way up to the front.....then they break into the opening drums of The Queen Is Dead and its on like Donkey Kong....

    Long story short......we make through packed body to body... Moz even comments that we "Stink" LMAO...... so they throw the set lists out at the end and my friend goes berserk and dives on the pile of people to get a copy of it for me. 30 seconds later he comes back with one of Jesse's guitar picks... He commented that if the shirt would have been thrown 3 steps closer we would be going home with that too. Its so nice to have a friend who is a bulldog to get you some of the nice items.

    Anyhow he asked me to post the set list for all my morrissey friends.... i.e., you lucky bastards. So here it is. [IMG] er1469/MozSetListKC006.jpg[/IMG] If you cant see the setlist, i posted it in the downloads forum.

    Hopefully the bootleg of this show will surface. There was a guy who had a video recorder rolling for at least 1/2 the show before security got out into the sea of people. Hopefully he got away with the video and will post it.
    Security checks were WEAK.... no pat down, no wand, just empty your pockets.... Security guys were their standard jerk-off selfs.
    Gotta run.


    P.S. Please, Please. Please was replaced with Last of the Famous at this show.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 24 2007, @05:07PM (#259912)
  • Is it true Moz joked between songs:

    What does a mathematician do when he's constipated?

    He works it out with a pencil.

    southside locos
    pelon reporting: (or slide rule)

    work it out tough guy !!!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 25 2007, @11:42AM (#260006)
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