posted by davidt on Saturday May 26 2007, @09:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / In The Future When All's Well / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Panic / Let Me Kiss You / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / The National Front Disco / I Will See You In Far Off Places / All You Need Is Me / Lucky Lisp / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / At Last I Am Born / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

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  • Great show! There must have been about 5000 people. I think it was a sell out. The band was tight. Two people made it to the stage at the end of the show. 5 stars!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @09:31PM (#260201)
  • Why do such pricks show up at Morrissey concerts drinking a butt load of beer and making a prick of themselves. Couldn't you really just go to a grade school and bully some 4th graders on the playground and still feel a man.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @09:54PM (#260207)
  • Wow !!!

    Incredible !! Don't believe all the haters!!! Yes, he only played a few songs "you" wanted to hear but it was Moz for crying out loud.

    He subbed the lines "I still don't know what drugs are" instead of "I did'nt even know what drugs". (for the song tqid)

    He cracked a joke saying, "One of the major problems I have with G W bush is his opposition to same sex marriage." He then said said something to the effect that, "after all his father was in a same sex marriage". Ouch, my repub friends probably did not like that one.

    Thanks Moz !!! Come back soon !! See you in Houston in two days. Counting the minutes !!

    ATX -- Saturday May 26 2007, @09:54PM (#260208)
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    • Re:atx by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday May 27 2007, @02:37PM
  • for now:

    Robbie, you're going to have to find somebody else to throw gigantic grandma panties at Moz.

    otherwise, thumbs up from the gallery standing near the merchandise stand!
    suzanne -- Saturday May 26 2007, @09:55PM (#260209)
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    I scare dead people.
  • Last night I didn't get home from the Dallas show until 12:30. I guess you weren't rained out - that would have sucked.
    Gucci Baby -- Saturday May 26 2007, @10:09PM (#260210)
    (User #19168 Info)
  • pretty nuch the same set list, last of the famous was moved to the 3rd song, lucky lisp was inserted back.Overall VERY good show. he said this is a song some of you may know from a rather large album I had some time ago called Bona Drag, and went into lucky lisp. made comments about GWB and SR being married to a man....
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @10:20PM (#260212)
  • My bf was able to snag me a piece of the yellow shirt that Moz threw into the crowd, it was pure luck because that group fighting over it was crazy! It smells heavenly, does anyone know what kind of cologne was on it?
    alicia_a -- Saturday May 26 2007, @10:24PM (#260214)
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  • Moz put on a great show. Although, Kristeen Young is a bore. Let me rephrase that.. her screeching was horrible. Pure torture. Moz could do MUCH better for an opening act.
    Volite -- Saturday May 26 2007, @10:38PM (#260217)
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  • Great show. His voice was perfect.
    It was the earliest start to a major show I've ever seen. He hit the stage at about 9:15 pm. I got there at about 9:10, whew!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @11:05PM (#260220)
  • This is my first post to this list. Just back from the Austin show and must say I'm overwhelmed. (2) shows this week (I was in St. Louis also) and Morrissey just inspires me. Moz and I are about (3) months apart in age and his vitality on stage at this age is a sight to behold. Mind you, I don't consider 48 "Old", but I know there are certain things that don't work as well as they did 20 years ago. Good for you Moz, this soon to be 48 year old thinks you look great.

    Interestingly, I saw very few people my own age at either show. And now thinking back on the SXSW show last spring, it was the same thing. But maybe the over 40 crowd go back in the balconies, I don't know for sure.

    But the fact that Moz draws in a significant younger age group is a good thing. It shows the value of his writing and how he can truly make an impact to anybody with ears and a brain.

    Like many other commenters here, I am not crazy about Kristeen Young. Just not my taste. But I respect her. She (like Morrissey I think) stays true to her art. This is what an artist should do. So while not my thing, she has my sincere respect.

    I saw many people taking what looked like excellent quality digital photos of the show tonight. I hope some of you will post them here or someplace else. I would like very much to see them.

    ceh0951 -- Saturday May 26 2007, @11:24PM (#260222)
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  • long time Moz fan; first time seeing him live.

    The show was amazing... Moz is still a great showman. Not as mind blowing as the live DVD performance but, well... it was kinda hot out there... i don't know if i could have mustered teh energy to perform.

    The girlfiend and friend stood waaay in the back so i made friends with Shannon, Bridget and (guy I can't recall name of— sorry). Really nice people.

    Anybody got a set list from this one?
    fingernail -- Sunday May 27 2007, @12:06AM (#260224)
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    • Re:setlist? by suzanne (Score:1) Sunday May 27 2007, @12:13AM
      • Re:setlist? by fingernail (Score:1) Sunday May 27 2007, @10:11AM
  • Pics are up at:

    Will have video up tomorrow at:

    Hope you enjoy!
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Sunday May 27 2007, @12:06AM (#260225)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • what can i say? i'm already humbled in trying to write this because I already know that Abrahan (palare) is going to have a story 10X more interesting than mine. how do i know this? i don't. I didn't even have a chance to meet him at the show, but it's Abe we're talking about. he's now under pressure of having to live up to the fact that he met morrissey at his house once, met him again nearly 2 years later, and had Moz remember his name. It's probably a given that Abe has either a piece of Moz's shirt or got a good 3 minute handshake.

    Anyway, most of my show experience was not what you would call exciting. i had unexpectedly bumped into some acquaintances and hung out with them the evening. They were hoping for something other than veggie fare at the food stands. Not having been to the backyard in 4 years, I had no idea that you could buy snack kind of food. Also, the ambience of the place has been totally destroyed by the mall that was built behind it.

    Anyway, the people i was with chose to hang back from the stage, mostly because they are courteous and the guy is tall and didn't want to block the view. However, I'm not bothered by it. I could watch the show and divorce myself from the lunacy that the pit instills in a person.

    The people I was with did have this bit of commentary about KristeenYoung: she doesn't attempt to interact with the audience. as the guy said, "they might as well be practicing in their garage."

    As for the rest of it, i'm sure you are only reading this far because you are looking for dribbles of what Morrissey said or did.

    When Moz introduced the band, the biggest cheer from the crowd was for Boz (Morrissey introduced him as "old faithful"). It was large enough that Moz repeated the part about him being "old faithful" again.

    Only one shirt was ripped off. It was on cue during "Let Me Kiss you"

    They had to restart "All you need is me" because Jesse dropped his guitar. Morrissey said he should be forgiven because "he is young."

    Moz said something about "a sharp wind just blew in from Lubbock" and "came through San Antonio." One of my compadres asked "does morrissey know what town he's in?"

    Moz indeed cracked a few jokes about GW. First he said, "Bush is mistaken because he believes he is president!" and then he said GW "doesn't support gay marriage, but he should since his father and mother live in a same-sex marriage."

    Later on, when Julia was given the mic, she said something to the effect of "i agree with you about George Bush" which was a total waste. If the mic had been given to me, i think my one comment would have been "when are you going to rip off your next shirt?" as that's what i paid money for, but i admit to being a loose cannon like that.

    Morrissey was dancing around a bunch at the beginning of the show, and so this might be the most active I've ever seen him. He also shook a bunch of hands which is something that never happened at any of the previous shows I had been to.

    Only one encore. The crowd was behaved enough to basically wait until he said, "good night!" and start to leave the stage before they started piling on for a stage invasion. one lucky guy got a hug from moz!

    anyway...hmm. so, when is this whole thing going to be repeated again? next year? 5 years from now? this stuff never happens when one expects it, and most of the time it never happens soon enough.
    suzanne -- Sunday May 27 2007, @12:10AM (#260226)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • 05/26/2007 setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    the queen is dead
    first of the gang to die
    the last of the famous international playboys
    in the future when alls well
    you have killed me
    let me kiss you
    i just want to see the boy happy
    the national front disco
    i will see you in far-off places
    all you need is me
    lucky lisp
    everyday is like sunday
    the boy with the thorn in his side
    irish blood, english heart
    at last i am born
    i changed my plea to guilty
    life is a pigsty
    how soon is now?
    you're gonna need someone on your side
    palare -- Sunday May 27 2007, @12:32AM (#260228)
    (User #152 Info |
    where the world's ugliest boy became what you see...
  • I think the evening was aesthetically perfect. Light dewy water sprinkles and much closer to the album version of PIGSTY can one get? :)

    The Venue was layed out so everyone could find a comfortable place to hang out. I was starving so I tried the Buffet in the inside restaurant (how cool is that!) and I was very pleasantly surprised at the amount of good NON MEAT entrees. I love pasta and cheese and my favorite was the green beans with squash/zucchini. I don't like croutons in my caesar salad. After my meal, I was so happy I could care less if Moz sang well or not! :) I loved him for forcing me to eat my vegetables! Thanks, Daddy Moz!

    K said that the audience were very well behaved and that she didn't believe they were clapping because they liked her music...but her voice is OPERATIC. Does she really need a microphone? I'd describe her as a cross between OPERA, PUNK and 60's GO GO. I think her energetic performance and style was great for an opener OR a main act (she just needs a bigger band and a horn player and she's set to rule the world!) She asked the audience in the pit area if they felt like "livestock" or "deadstock"...that made me think of woodstock, I laughed.

    There's a lot of pros and cons about having a strip mall by the Backyard. The pros are you can hang out in A/C areas before the show. The cons are mainly for the venue because if any restaurants/bars open up they'll compete for sales. Personally, I don't go to a concert venue to eat and drink, but since the backyard is WAY OUT it just made sense for them to have those amenities. It does make it feel more HOMEY and like a REAL backyard which is probly why a lot of you are railing against the strip mall.

    While I'm on a controversial note, I guess I should mention something that made me want to leave the show. I don't mind artists having a point of view and expressing it (especially if I agree with it) but I really, really, really don't like rudeness. I think the comment about BUSH SR's marital relationship was in poor taste. It's definitely not something one should say in a crowd where there could be BUSH relatives. I mean, we're doing our best to try to welcome Moz to Texas and he throws out that comment? ACK!
    Sure he's rented the venue and can set certain rules for us like "no meat" but that doesn't give one the right to preach at us. Oh, and the Dixie Chicks were so NOT WRONG in being ashamed of coming from the context of where they were playing, it was OK to say that. I've been overseas and there's a lot of preconceptions people have about N. America. And when you have people representing ANYWHERE is a piss poor way...well, you should be ashamed. I understood what she was feeling.

    Now back to Moz and what he was feeling...he didn't like the fact that his movie screen blew down and his intermission music stuck...but WHO CARES? How many people in the audience actually KNEW that there was supposed to be a movie or more than 5 songs for the intermission? How many people DON'T like hearing some songs over and over? There are people who go to concerts simply to listen to LIVE MUSIC! Unless the band was MIMING the whole time, I think we got a GREAT live performance. Also, he seemed in a really poor mood because he didn't hit some notes and mentioned NOT having the Smiths behind him. Why mention that? I'm sorry he was in a poor mood...and I forgive him for screwing up cuz of it!

    Thanks for not cancelling, Mr. Daddy Moz!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 27 2007, @01:15AM (#260230)
  • Which songs?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 27 2007, @06:43AM (#260240)
  • Thats one hell of a set list , some absolute crackers.
    simply smiths -- Sunday May 27 2007, @08:40AM (#260257)
    (User #18935 Info |
  • This was by far one of THE BEST shows I have ever been to. Moz and the band had great energy as did the crowd. I loved the outdoor stage!

    Morrissey, you are the best! Thank you.
    mozlover91 -- Sunday May 27 2007, @09:03AM (#260260)
    (User #19174 Info)
  • who let the wolves out?

    The best show ive seen in my entire life
    That fella needs a medal
    I'm thinking about raising from the dead to write more shit

    Good on ya Morrissey and all your high brow mates
    (Still makes me larrf)
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 27 2007, @09:32AM (#260271)
  • He mentioned San Antonio! Hell ya! Thanks Moz for a great show!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 27 2007, @09:34AM (#260273)
  • Hi, Did anyone catch video of Morrissey dedicating Everyday is Like Sunday to Priscilla? There is a small clip of the tail end of it by Mozzery on You Tube, but I would be eternally grateful if I could see the whole thing.

    Thank you in advance!
    kathode -- Sunday May 27 2007, @10:26AM (#260285)
    (User #19175 Info)
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  • see video At:

    FDR <[email protected]> -- Sunday May 27 2007, @01:25PM (#260308)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • What Ever Happened to `I HAVE FORGIVEN JESUS ?`

    One of the greatest most thought provoking heartfelt songs Morrissey has ever written/sung!

    Its lyrical and musical excellence puts it in the league of the elite!-. .... no one else agree ?????

    BRING IT BACK MOZ,PLEASE ? + Cum and see us on Cromer Pier !!!
    winston -- Sunday May 27 2007, @02:25PM (#260314)
    (User #19178 Info)
  • This is it. Morrissey's last ever tour. He would never EVER in a Million years do anything as cliched as a tour to be advertised as his
    "Greatest Hits Tour". But this is it - A Morrissey "Greatest Hits Tour" in a disguise.

    This is his way of saying Goodbye to all of his fans in the UK, US & Europe.
    I mean C'mon, he has been touring for well over a year now and there is no way in the world that he'd ever do the same again.

    So people, be grateful you've seen, heard and touched the man as there is no-one else like Morrissey.

    This is his way of bowing out.

    Take it from me.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 27 2007, @02:39PM (#260317)
  • Is our Big Arturo still in the crew! Oh, he is a gent!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 27 2007, @02:53PM (#260321)
    • Re:Arturo by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 28 2007, @05:42PM
  • First of all, I just want to say that I agree with Morrissey about the Bush coments but...... Only in America can someone from another country get on stage and totaly bash the current president and his parents. I mean can you imagine an American performer going to England and bashing their priminister???? No American would ever do that. That's why I love it here so much!!!!!! Americans just don't care. I'm not from here but I got here as soon as I could. God bless America!!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 27 2007, @05:00PM (#260358)
  • probably the best show i've seen on this current tour. the crowd was definately energized and Moz was in great form, no cut outs from the mike, didn't seem tired at all. he came out on stage around 9:15 wearing black trousers, black jacket, yellow shirt and maroonish-red tie, and was done by 10:57. after he threw the yellow shirt out into the crowd he came back out in a black shirt. everyone fairly much sang along with the majority of the songs. last of the international playboys, everyday is like sunday, how soon is now, etc... it was very reminiscent of the Move On festival.

    Moz made comments about how his james dean screen fell, and how the cd they play with the intermission music wasn't playable. one thing, before the Imperfect List started, while whatever cd they had playing, the last song to play before Imperfect List was Moz's No One Can Hold A Candle To You

    i thought the comments about bush and bush sr we're amusing and while some may think they were appropiate they follow true to Moz's form of being critical of govenment leaders.

    the venue was great. i was quite happy it was an outside venue even with the threat of rain and the flooding that has been going on in the area in the past few days. i was up in front again, but i wans't able to get any pictures this time, camera phone battery died, though i did see numerous people with cameras and it did appear that Moz was posing for pictures.

    i only saw one stage jumper at the end, and Moz pulled him up on stage and put one arm around him.

    the set list has been fairly much the same, minus I>Ganglord & Please, please please, let me get what i want, which i was hoping for again.

    also the same lyric changes in i'll see you in far off places can't remember much of any other lyric changes, there were a couple songs where he added one word.

    i'm eagerly looking forward to the houston show on monday night.
    retaliashun -- Sunday May 27 2007, @06:06PM (#260373)
    (User #18938 Info |
  • This was totally a last-minute adventure as I made the plans on Tuesday - WELL WORTH THE TRIP!

    My ex-girlfriend moved here to lovely Austin, TX last Fall and this was a perfect opportuntiy to visit her- and see the MOZZER!

    The Backyard is a GREAT place to see a band- and the weather fortunately cooperated- only a few misty sprinkles until AFTER we got on the shuttle bus to parking after the show- then it really came down for a bit!

    Morrissey was in fine form and we were treated a longer-than usual set due to pre-show glitches with the intro videos and music- fine for us as we were all treated to a couple "extra" bonus songs :^)

    It was awesome meeting fellow Moz fans from all over the country- I will post the pix from our "meet-up" afterward at Kerby Lane (cafe) in the tour photo gallery when this sketchy wi-fi connnection is more stable- special thanx to "Treygar" and "Appleblonde" for putting that together!

    Gawd Bless Texas hehehe

    - and VIVA MOZ!



    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • The Backyard show couldn't have been better for me. I touched his hand, almost had my shirt ripped off by security during the stage invasion, met some regulars and some newbies, and fell further in love with the most amazing vocalist.

    I've been a fan for years, but this was my first time to see Morrissey. Before the show began, I met and took photos with some band members. Apparently they love Old Navy. Boz especially likes the underwear ha ha.

    I chose my spot near an opening in the barrier and next to Julia, who was very kind and appreciated the flowers that we brought for Moz.

    The show began with Kristeen Young, which was torture. This was soon forgotten when Morrissey appeared. Because I was lucky enough to get a spot in the very front, during In The Future When All's Well I made it close enough to touch his hand.

    Who is Pricilla? I would love for Morrissey to dedicate a song to me.

    Pigsty was just breathtaking live. Every song was great really, but I was so happy to hear Boy With A Thorn In His Side since that was the first Smiths song I ever heard.

    After the show, I went to dinner with some others who met the band with me, some that invaded the stage, some that got some of the yellow shirt, and some that are just good people from this forum. It was great to see a friend from LA and to meet others. It was one of the best nights ever, and I can't wait to see Morrissey again.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 27 2007, @07:47PM (#260396)
  • You know it is truly easy to recognize how the fans these days that attend the show aren't true music fans. I'm tired of hearing about how awful Kristeen Young was. I didn't love her, but I enjoyed listening to her and the drummer played his heart out. I have heard many people compare her to Tori Amos but I disagree. To me she has combined several artists and made it her own thing. I hear early Roxy Music, dark Nico, Dead Can Dance, and others with lush beauty layered within the madness. One could even argue that Viva Hate and Bona Drag are extremely comparable in the way the music was written. I am serioiusly disenchanted with the fans. Where have all the true music fans gone? By the way, Morrissey fans stopped the flower thing in 1992 when Morrissey smashed them on stage repeatedly. And fans aren't chanting the football hooligan MORRISSEY chant anymore.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 27 2007, @08:12PM (#260401)
  • Awesome show.
    I was in the second row in the middle, And my boyfriend was the one with the bleach spot in his hair, biting the shirt to tear it apart.
    And to the guy with the orange hair that was about 6 1/2 feet tall, thanks for the bruises.
    I'm 5'2 and I was trying to hold on to the barricade to keep my balance and that guy and his girlfriend with the stupid hat with the apples on it tried to knock me to the ground.
    I got a whole sleeve of his shirt and the button holes.
    So I'm happy no matter what.
    Bianca -- Sunday May 27 2007, @09:21PM (#260407)
    (User #19182 Info)
    • Re:Love. by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday May 28 2007, @11:58PM
  • This was my first Moz concert, and all I can say is that he totally blew me away! Seeing him live was a surreal moment that lasted about a minute or two. After that, he felt like an old friend dropping by for a visit. He was chatty, upbeat, and almost whimsical at times.

    The outdoor venue was great and thank God it didn't rain. The music from Life is a Pigsty truly fit the overcast, and sometimes drizzly conditions. If I had to pick one song, Everyday is Like Sunday was the high point for me. Absolutely beautiful.

    During the encore(you're gonna need...) Moz/Boz did a short pose, and I was reminded of how long they've been together, and how long we as fans have journeyed alongside. Truly a moving moment for me.
    SirMoz -- Sunday May 27 2007, @11:31PM (#260429)
    (User #19183 Info)
  • you can check out my entire longwinded review at...
    Anonymous -- Monday May 28 2007, @06:09AM (#260452)
  • Does anyone know how to download YouTube videos of this concert onto a disc?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 28 2007, @01:24PM (#260495)
  • 16 years of longing to see my love, up close and personal...You have far exceeded any expectation and have truly left a mark! No one I mean no one holds a candle to you.

    forever yours...
    13madvirgo -- Monday May 28 2007, @05:03PM (#260525)
    (User #19113 Info)
  • I had to laugh during "You Have Killed Me" when Moz referred to Tony Franciosa. I smiled and thought, at least I know who Tony Franciosa is! Figured you have to be 48 to remember him. 1970's TV actor.
    ceh0951 -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @10:13AM (#260636)
    (User #19172 Info)
  • This was a great show altogether. Kristeen Young was great,she is an amazing performer. Morrissey of course was amazing. The crowd had so much energy. I have to say that this is the best live version of the band. I know this does not get said very much. They were on fire all night, feeding off of each others energy. They were not all static as in the very recent past. I know former band members are missed,but this version is perfect. The songs sound much louder and chaotic live then any video recorded and on DVD (which make the songs sound clean and calm.) Pefect setlist, not to long or short.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @12:58PM (#260676)
  • Does anyone know the music played before Moz got up on stage?? There was a song played, my friend said it was Nancy Sinatra, but I don't know.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 30 2007, @05:51AM (#260778)
  • I remember in 1992 when I met him at Record Rack He was promoting his "Your Arsenal" album. He seemed to like the city (of course it was a bit different then). I think Houston was 1 of 4 stops in the country he made for an autograph signing. Don't mean to blog on the Austin page, but we have to wait until after the show before we can use the Houston thread. Enjoy the show!!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 28 2007, @10:12AM (#260470)
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