posted by davidt on Monday May 28 2007, @09:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / You Have Killed Me / In The Future When All's Well / Disappointed / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Let Me Kiss You / I Will See You In Far Off Places / The National Front Disco / At Last I Am Born / That's How People Grow Up / Girlfriend In A Coma / First Of The Gang To Die / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // Panic / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

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  • The Queen Is Dead
    First Of The Gang To Die
    The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
    In The Future When All's Well
    You Have Killed Me
    Girlfriend in a Coma
    Let Me Kiss You
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    The National Front Disco
    I Will See You In Far Off Places
    SOme People Never Grow Up???? (something like that)
    Please, Please, Please Let me get what i want
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    At Last I Am Born
    Life Is A Pigsty
    How Soon Is Now? //Encore
    You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
    Anonymous -- Monday May 28 2007, @09:46PM (#260557)
  • of beer, or coke, or empty cups (especially on stage at the band) then you and your whole family and everyone you love should be horribly beaten and mutilated and wiped off the face of the Earth. Twice during the show some jackass tosses a drink onstage. Then a group of dipshits in front of me toses their empty cups forward. Seriously, what kind of idiots do you have to be to do this?
    Anonymous -- Monday May 28 2007, @09:53PM (#260559)
  • First of all fools threw two entire drinks from the back onto the stage. I was next to the sound board and someone SOAKED the entire board with a beer, the sound guys were flipping started to mess up the speakers but ther got it fixed. There were a bunch of really drunk mexican guys next to me that kept screaming NOOOOOOOOO and OOOOKKKAAAYYYY!

    As far as the show itself;
    He was amazing, I think better than austin.

    not in order
    last of the famous
    you have killed me
    boy happy
    at last i'm born
    everyday is like
    girlfriend in a coma
    brand new song(forgot title)I think it may have been the first tme they played it.
    how soon
    national front
    please please please
    first of the gang
    life is a pigsty
    you're gonna need soneone on your side
    let me kiss you.
    i'm sure i forgot one or two

    two people made it onstage, one guy that didn't reach moz and at the very end one girl hugged and kissed him, then security tried to grab her and ripped her shirt off as she tried to run off stage.

    tons of people throwing cups/beer/getting on shoulders.
    Three shirts into the crowd

    Anonymous -- Monday May 28 2007, @10:07PM (#260561)
  • the show was beautiful I was even moved to tears, but when the show ended the staff were escorting the crowd to the exits of course people decided to buy t-shirts well, I was one of those people, but the ws this annoying black guy w/ a mega-phone yelling in my ear to leave that the venue was closed we started arguing and he kept harassing and continued to yell so close to my ear while I was waiting inline to get a shirt I was upset that I opted not to get a shirt and leave. Verizon must hire the nothing but down town crack heads. But it was a small torture compared to the beauty moz brought back into my life.
    Pepe <[email protected]> -- Monday May 28 2007, @10:44PM (#260568)
    (User #7783 Info)
  • The opening act was reminiscent of what I sound like do Tori Amos at Karaoke but Morrissey was great! He shook hands with the fans and chatted with the audience even though 1/2 of them were screeching bansees heckling at will and behaving like they were at a metal show.
    The other 1/2 were true Morrissey fans, singing every lyric, swaying happily and 2 boys made the traditional run accross the stage to kiss his cheek before being pinned down by security.
    He took off his shirts and threw them to people 3 times as well.
    He played new and old and really really old unexpected Smith's gems.
    Ill upload rough short video soon!
    It was fabulous!
    GirlfriendSheila -- Monday May 28 2007, @10:45PM (#260569)
    (User #19185 Info)
  • Our beloved Moz handed us his whole shirt!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 28 2007, @11:52PM (#260574)
  • Before I get to the goodies I'd like to say a few things. Recently fans have complained about hearing HSIN and I felt that we should be grateful just to be there. Unfortunately I am beginning to feel the pain. It is because of the fans at the show. I grow tired of hearing how a person has been a Smiths fan since childhood but then follow by saying that the last Morrissey album thay purchased was Bona Drag or Viva Hate. Yhis was especially apparent in Houston. The last two albums have been phenomenal and there were many others before so get caught up and stop having an orgasm when Everyday is played. You've become drive-by fans. Although I met many cool people I am dissappointed in you Houston. Two drinks cups thrown onstage? If he were to bypass you next time you only have yourself to thank!

    I have 72 pics up and ready at:
    Click on the pics to enlarge.

    Security shut me down so I have limited video. I was able to atleast get the entire audio of a new song "That's How People Grow Up" (first time played I believe). Will try to post soon but I have a plane to catch. It will be up on:

    I will be out of the show circuit for the time being due to work but please give me feedback.

    FDR <[email protected]> -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @12:25AM (#260578)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • The Queen is Dead
    The Last of the Famous International Playboys
    I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
    You Have Killed Me
    In the Future When Alls Well
    The Youngest Was the Most Loved
    Let Me Kiss You
    I Will See You In Far-Off Places
    The National Front Disco
    At Last I Am Born
    That's How People Grow Up (NEW SONG)
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    The First of the Gang to Die
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    The Boy With a Thorn in His Side
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
    Life Is A Pigsty
    How Soon is Now? /encores
    You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
    Abrahán Garza
    Houston, Texas
    palare -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @12:54AM (#260580)
    (User #152 Info |
    where the world's ugliest boy became what you see...
  • Video ready (Score:2, Interesting)

    Downloaded vids. Again go to

              Includes the audio for the new song "That's How People Grow Up". Would this be the first recording?

    Love you guys and see you soon.
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @01:11AM (#260581)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • Uhh, that was incredible. I squeezed my way to the front and enjoyed every second of that show. I witnessed many concerts in Verizon (formerly Aerial) theatre. This was the best. And what better place for Moz to debut a song than the city where a citizen thereof issued a death threat, canceling his last tour show.

    "Thats How We Grow Up" is about growing up, gaining wisdom, in the Morrissey form. Non-linear, experience over instance, conflict creates intuitive.

    I may be thinking too much into it. Then again, some of his sweat hit me during the show.

    Étudie toi à te présenter approuvé de Dieu... exposant justement la parole de la vérité

    Great show.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @02:08AM (#260589)
    • magical sweat by artful dodger (Score:1) Tuesday May 29 2007, @09:04PM
  • the new song, "that´s how people grow up" is really great, I love it, thanks a lot to the guy who uploaded the track to youtube.

    Here is the audio with some enhancements, hope you all enjoy it.
    gonzax -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @05:51AM (#260600)
    (User #10749 Info)
    • Re:new song! by Toaster (Score:1) Tuesday May 29 2007, @08:26AM
    • Re:new song! by goinghome (Score:1) Tuesday May 29 2007, @02:47PM
  • Thanks to the folks in the Forum for uploading the new song. It does have a classic feel to it, and the sentiment is lovely.

    He broke his spine???!!!
    Anaesthesine -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @06:00AM (#260602)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • The show was amazing!!!! Needless to say that the Houstonians or rather some of them need a freakin enema! Note:If you ARE in any ga section you will get pushed so when,you get pushed don't intentionally spill your drink on the person next to you out of malice.

    Why would you throw cups on stage and even start fights?!? The Austin show different vibe, attitude, and feel.The people there are exert positive energy constantly and respect performers.

    I have to say Morrissey killed it he was amazing. I do agree with the poster who said "If Morrissey was to pass through Houston on the next tour I wouldn't be surprised."

    I think there were tapers at the show so hopefully we can have a Houston live bootleg soon! I will post it when and if I get a hold of it.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @06:36AM (#260605)
  • Morrissey was on fire last night! It was an incredible show. I won't waste this blog talking about the less than with no social skills who were yelling out horrible things and throwing beer on the stage. I thought Kristeen Young was excellent...a cross between Tori and Bjork. I thought she was great! Morrissey was amazing last night. The set list was excellent (I got an actual set list after the show!) I took a picture of that and of Morrissey but I am not sure how to share them on here. I was in the front dead center directly behind the cool and lucky fans who got Morrissey's shirt. They had seen him three times on this tour already. Amazing show! Amazing energy!
    BusterMoz -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @09:29AM (#260628)
    (User #18558 Info)
    • Re:Amazing! by Slink (Score:1) Tuesday May 29 2007, @02:52PM
      • Re:Amazing! by BusterMoz (Score:1) Wednesday May 30 2007, @08:57AM
  • Actually analysing the setlist, which is pretty much all I ever do, it's really quite amazing.Much better and longer then the one he used on his 30 date tour in england, I am jealous of you janks.

      The new song is also brilliant, I'm looking forward to hearing more and his next album(if they are there)

      Before you do the new album come and do a date in my hometown of Cockermouth(North England, 30 miles from Whitehaven, which you've been to, as have I), so that I can get the best of both worlds.

    This should be the place that you should play, i'm sure they'll be very accomodating.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @09:33AM (#260629)
  • The Queen Is Dead
    The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    You Have Killed Me
    In The Future When All's Well
    The Youngest Was The Most Loved
    Let Me Kiss You
    I Will See You In Far Off Places
    The National Front Disco
    At Last I Am Born
    That's How People Grow Up *new song
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    First Of The Gang To Die
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
    Life Is A Pigsty
    How Soon Is Now?
    You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

    a really good show despite the small problem with their sound board when it got soaked with beer. Moz seemed quite rested after the day off from austin, though i think overall the austin show was better.

    Moz and the boys took the stage about 9:15, the band in khaki trousers, white long sleeve shirts with the sleeves rolled up and black bowties. Moz in his black trousers, black shirt, black jacket. i only remember two shirts thrown out into the audience, though someone posted that he threw three shirts. i also only remember one stage jumper and that was during the boy with the thorn in his side.

    before they started TQID, Moz said into this mic, 'Charles Nelson Riley'. after TQID he asked us "Is it safe?" and when the crowd replied 'yes', he replied back "well too bad."

    after disappointed he asked us "you're not saying that to be nice?" and after the crowd yelled back, he replied "well that's a shame"

    before the new song, he told us "thank you for the applause on this drizzly, dank, yet perfect evening. in the industry we have one of those things that are called a new song" and launcehd into That's How People Grow Up and afterwards said "and for those that can't bare something new" before he lauchnged into GIAC.

    he also commeted how it is a "priviledge to be on the Kristeen Young tour." along with asking Julia "how does the world revolve today?" to which julia replied that that was a very profound questino and that all she knew that it was a perfect time and place to be in the world today.

    Moz also mentioned it being memorial day, and that we and residents should remember those 'conscientious objectors."

    when he came out for the encore, he told julia "so you see julia, from my limited experience just as the night winds down people get friskier."

    there were a few lyric changes, the usual one in Far Off Places,

    in Irish Blood, English Heart he sang i have been dreaming of a time when, americans are sick to death of republicans and democrats

    in YHKM visconti is me, anne sexton you've never heard of, & i have entered nothing, and Obviously, nothing enter me

    the rest of the lyric changes were slight, maybe one word additions to a song.

    the crowd tended to be very laid back to very energetic, and alike the other shows a mix of younger fans and older fans. it looked like one group tried to start moshing during IBIH. though overall it seem the crowd was more happy with the smiths songs.

    andy rourke was dj'ing at the club next door, went and talked to him after the show. he said the whole reunion rumors that circulate are just that, and the main sticking point in any get together is mike joyce. moz, marr, rourke had no problem with the idea of it.

    all together it was a great performance from Moz and the band. Boz looked like he was having fun, along with the walker brothers.

    if i had it any complaint, it was all the cellphone cameras/video that was taking place. since i'm on the short side it's hard to see sometimes in GA and there was one girl in front of me that kept her camera phone up in the air to were all i could see was Moz on her fone. annoying. as much as i appreciate the pics and vids people get, it shouldn't be your ownly purpose in going to a show, instead you should be concentrating on the artist, not on what kind of pic you can get.

    retaliashun -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @10:12AM (#260635)
    (User #18938 Info |
  • Nice one.. ...your friends and your foes would rather die than have to sleep with you...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @10:32AM (#260641)
  • Good song, if not dissimilar to many of his other "pop-rock" moments.

    But the title is really, really poor. Especially by his standards. It just sounds so clumsy. I hope he changes it.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @11:21AM (#260654)
    • Re:New song by Corrissey (Score:1) Tuesday May 29 2007, @08:32PM
  • First time ever seeing Morrissey, and it was fantastic! More than makes up for the cancelled YATQ show- this was worth the wait.

    retaliashun did an excellent job of rounding up the noteworthy quotes, so here's just some my random impressions:

    - I *think* that the missiles being hurled by the douchebag in GA were water balloons rather than cups of beer. I could be wrong, but they certainly looked (and splattered) like them from my angle. My heart sank when I saw the second one hit Mikey's rig (during a never-before-heard song, no less). I would've been supremely pissed if it would've interfered with the new song- or any of the others for that matter.

    - As far as "That's How People Grow Up" goes: great, great tune! I was really looking forward to hearing "All You Need Is Me", but getting to hear a brand new song more than made up for it. If the quality of the new material remains as good as these songs, I think the next album's going to be killer.

    - Love the way the drummer wailed on the gong and the giant cymbal during NFD and HSIN. The way LIAP segued into HSIN (with, I believe, a piano version of "America The Beautiful" serving as the glue) was epic. Oh, and as previously noted, the piano melody in NFD is a great touch.

    - Hearing the YATQ songs live really spiced them up for me a bit. "At Last I Am Born" sounded beautiful live.

    - The poor girl that made it to the stage during the encore got a nasty fall! After hugging Moz, she appeared to either be trying to dodge security or make her way over to the drummer, but she tripped and landed on her face. The security guards hauled her off and I could see them keeping her down beyond the right of them stage.

    - Morrissey tripped while walking off stage at some point. Wish I could remember which song it was after- he seemed like he barely dodged a fall himself.

    - At the end of the show, he reached into the crowd to shake someone's hand, and someone (guy or girl, can't remember) tried pulling him into the crowd. After he freed himself he hauled ass backstage. Great way to end the show, although it seemed to spook Moz more than anything else.

    All in all: Wonderful! Better than I could've hoped for. Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @11:44AM (#260661)
  • I have a video for Everyday is Like Sunday, The Boy With A Thorn On His Side, Irish Blood English Heart, Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, Life Is A Pigsty, How Soon Is Now and some photos. I will finish uploading them in the next 24 hrs I dont think i have time right now.

    Sorry about not raising my camera but I was afraid that security was going to take away my camera and sorry about the singing too. Not all my fault since everyone around me is singing, haha.

    Amazing concert

    ***Look for username: TheMex on youtube

    Everyday Is Like Sunday

    The Boy With The Thorn On His Side
    Oasisfan -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @12:20PM (#260667)
    (User #19194 Info)
  • Austin was kinder, and felt more joyous (Houston-why must people fight so?), but I got to touch Moz at the Houston show. I feel very very blessed, and I never realized how short my arms are until that moment b/c he really only got my middle finger. ha

    At first I was behind Julia and in front of an adorable boy, but I eventually moved beside Julia. She is quite nice!

    I'm still in disbelief about all of it. I couldn't have asked for more. And a new song on top of all of it?! Wow...just wow.

    I really hope to get some video or pictures from people that were in my area. In the Austin show I was behind the people with the San Antonio signs, in front of Boz. I really should have talked to the people around me b/c they all seemed fantastic. I was just so in awe that I lost all my social skills. :)

    Now I do believe I need some Morrissey lyrics as a tattoo...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @12:51PM (#260674)
  • Well after the Austin show I attended I go in for another helping of a Moz show. The band again had so much energy in their preformance. A few variations in the setlist was a nice bonus( nice to have heard a debut of a new song.)

    The only problem was the crowd. Not so good and all around sucked. Sorry Houston. I've been to other shows in Houston before and the crowds are always the same. Boring. And kids leave the sidekicks at home, they are distracting when your trying to see the show and the damn thing is lit up and in the way of watching. If your not there to see artists perform go home and text all you want!!! It seems some people were just there to say they have seen Morrissey, probably not even heard much of his music.

    Also to the rude people in the crowd saying things to Kristeen Young, you should not have been there,such disrespect. I know some people were only there for Moz but at least watch the opening band and have some CLASS.
    I notice Moz fans (in particular the older ones) were completely writing Kristeen off without having ever heard her music. Do you just listen to Morrissey and not expand your musical horizons? I would think Morrissey fans of all people would have good enough sense to have already heard of her, if you check out new music. Of course not everyone would like her music,but at least check it out. She is an amazing performer,songwriter, indie artist. I know why MOZ loves her. Rant over. People open your minds. Morrissey is not the only songwriter in the world.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @02:22PM (#260683)
  • Regretfully, my site for pics will be down until June 1 (Pacific time U.S.A.). It's only 2 days. Check back then - there is a good one of Moz getting on the bus. I will also then add pics of actual setlists from 7-8 shows. Sorry!

    The site was
    Click pics to enlarge
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @03:17PM (#260698)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • i truly cant wait for june 8th. HOLLYWOOD BOWL. looks like a better set list than what he played the last time he came round with YATQ stuff.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 29 2007, @09:12PM (#260752)
    • Re:can't wait by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday May 29 2007, @09:23PM
  • so far. All the best songs he's played on this tour in one show(minus "Suedehead" but who is expecting that one again, really?)

    Here's hoping he keeps it up for the East Coast shows...
    Darth Vegan -- Wednesday May 30 2007, @01:24AM (#260766)
    (User #19076 Info |
  • We were FRONT ROW CENTER for this amazing experience and I wanted to share with you a couple of pics I took. Enjoy!
    BusterMoz -- Wednesday May 30 2007, @09:01AM (#260790)
    (User #18558 Info)
  • Here you go...from FRONT ROW CENTER! Enjoy!

    "Please Please Please" the whole song

    "Girlfriend In A Coma" clips

    "Panic" clip

    "How Soon Is Now" clips

    "Everyday Is Like Sunday" clip - again, sorry for the angle.

    Morrissey flirting with the audience!

    "Let Me Kiss You" and him on the floor by the drums is coming soon!

    BusterMoz -- Wednesday May 30 2007, @10:14AM (#260798)
    (User #18558 Info)
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 31 2007, @10:47PM (#261091)
  • Instead of a COMPLETELY fake setlist, you figure you'll keep 'em guessing by throwing in a few red herrings, for fun.

    I get it.

    That's great, you're a true artist, a master of subtle sarcasm. A regular Bob Newhart...

    Fuck off.

    The Bicycle Tragedy -- Monday May 28 2007, @09:41PM (#260556)
    (User #18769 Info)
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