posted by davidt on Thursday May 31 2007, @11:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / You Have Killed Me / In The Future When All's Well / Disappointed / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / The National Front Disco / That's How People Grow Up / At Last I Am Born / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / I Will See You In Far Off Places / Irish Blood, English Heart / All You Need Is Me / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

setlist provided by Albert
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  • setlist (Score:1, Informative)

    Awesome show!

    “The Queen is Dead”
    “The Last of The Famous International Playboys”
    “You Have Killed Me”
    “In the Future When All is Well”
    “Girlfriend in a Coma”
    “Let Me Kiss You”
    “I've Changed My Plea to Guilty”
    “The National Front Disco”
    “That's How People Grow Up”
    “At Last I Am Born”
    “I Just Want To See The Boy Happy”
    “I Will See You In Far-off Places”
    “Irish Blood, English Heart”
    “All You Need Is Me”
    “The Boy With the Thorn in His Side”
    “Everyday is like Sunday”
    “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want”
    “Life is a Pigsty”
    “How Soon is Now?”


    “First of the Gang to die”
    “You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side”

    - Albert
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 31 2007, @11:44PM (#261095)
    • Re:setlist by Anonymous (Score:1) Friday June 01 2007, @01:00AM
  • We waited for 2 hours after the show and the coolest thing happened we were waiting for autographs and he totally snubbed us, no time of day, just straight to the bus .. that's so Morrissey and why I love him ... This was the best concert aof my life and the best setlist!!!!! Hope everybody had an awesome time!!! AND he played Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want ... I can die now !
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 31 2007, @11:57PM (#261096)
  • The show was awesome; Moz sounded great and the boys played tight. They sported tan slacks and blue shirts. Moz was very personable with the “naughty” crowd as he described it. The venue was about 80% capacity.

    One thing I have to caution everyone about is ass-wipes at Ticket Master; they overcharged me for my seats and if it wasn’t for the staff at TCC I would have never known. It’s all-good though, I talked to the event coordinator and he’s hooking up free tickets to next show of my preference. But I’m still going after TM.
    elgandy -- Friday June 01 2007, @12:22AM (#261100)
    (User #18315 Info)
  • When Morrissey had his "do you have anything to say" session with the front of the audience: person: "angels have no gender (sex?)", response: "how do you know?"; young lady: "will you marry me?", response: "no, you're too old."

    Upon receiving a book he hardly glanced at, Morrissey said: "I've already read it, of course, but you can never have too many."

    Significant change in lyrics to irish blood: republicans & democrats, instead of tories and labour. He also changed "council house" in "all you need is me" to "welfare house." small detail, i know......

    Came out in a natty suit - blue blazer and trousers with a effulgent red tie in a windsor knot. Couldn't make the colour of the 1st shirt due to lighting, but the 2nd was a dark number and for the encore, a gorgeous sky-blue one. The lads looked sharp in bright medium brown trousers and french blue dress shirts.

    Boos to his pre-encore comment "by the time we're in Phoenix, you'll be asleep."

    Kinda made a boo-boo at the opening of "You're Gonna...", but recovered in style, naturally. He began the first couple verses in first person, but immediately switched back to perfect form.

    A LOT of great merchandise, unlike last he was in Tucson. Had the plain "Morrissey" in Gothic print tee in black with white lettering; a white tee with Moz accented in cyan (nothinng on the back); a brown/choclate tee - the best, imo - with a lovely foto of our man and "america 2007" on the top of the back. two dark grey shirts that were quite decent with i cannot recall what on the back. probably just "Morrissey". None of the shirts featured tour dates. Other merch: belt buckle and money clip. Sorry ladies, but I dont' recall the merch for you all, but it was certainly attractive.

    On a side-note: Kristeen Young put on a strong performance and a large contingent of the audience actually showed for her and gave her very respectable applause. I saw very few leave during her act. She made a comment about her last time in Tucson having been when she ran away from home at age sixteen with a 35yo radio dj! She also asked if anyone spoke Portuese for some reason....

    Another quip: when Julia, I believe, asked how he was he said: "i'm absolutely, wonderfully....okay."

    Bless you Morrissey for making a prematurely old 26yo very happy.

    -npmbysshe, because moz-solo isn't recognising my log-in
    Anonymous -- Friday June 01 2007, @12:39AM (#261102)
  • This was truly the best I've ever seen MOZ. I loved the setlist. The crowd was just so so. Not the most excitable bunch.
    Does anyone recall the comment made before Disappointed? It was something about the youngest you'll ever be. Just curious.
    See you in Phoenix!
    Anonymous -- Friday June 01 2007, @01:35AM (#261105)
  • Thats one hell of a set list , some absolute crackers.
    simply smiths -- Friday June 01 2007, @05:06AM (#261110)
    (User #18935 Info |
  • I am very disappointed in the show from last night. The whole venue was pathetic: there were only maybe 500 people tops and the entire balcony was closed off. At one point I wondered if it might be better to sleep on the empty seats around me! The crowd seemed disinterested and I thought I was watching a strange freak show, way past his prime. It was more Bobby Darin meets Robert Smith, although at least both of those artists have talent! The songs were a bad attempt of touching some part of the past, or maybe Morrissey just needs the money. Don’t waste your time or money on this very feeble attempt of a has-been (who wasn’t very well known from the start!). I think having a steak dinner with George Bush would have been more pleasant. People were leaving early, some even walking out. Don’t bother crossing the street even with free tickets to see this pathetic has-been. Worse I have ever seen.

    Anonymous -- Friday June 01 2007, @08:52AM (#261125)
  • i spoke to the very nice lady at the concert representing nederlander productions, and she said, more or less, that the poster-signging hadn't been gotten 'round to. didn't say why.

    she said that she had spoken to the two radio stations present - kfma and "the mountain" - and that there would be some sort of give-away on the radio in the very near future. so look foward to having to listen to five hours of hilarious tucson morning show programing to have a miniscule chance at one of those gorgeous things.

    side note: the local gentleman who took the photograph for the poster happened to be with her and said he was "extremely proud" to have been chosen.

    sorry for not having posted this last night. i was quite fatigued.

    Anonymous -- Friday June 01 2007, @10:34AM (#261139)
    Anonymous -- Friday June 01 2007, @11:24AM (#261141)
  • Hello,
    I was a lucky one who had a photo pass to last nights show. It was a great great! experience, and I will also be photographing the next show (Phoenix). When I return home to Los Angeles, on Sunday I will post the photos. There are some really nice photos in the bunch. My website is I should have the photos from both shows posted on Monday. I will repost on the "General Message board"once I have done so. CHeers in advance!
    Anonymous -- Friday June 01 2007, @12:06PM (#261147)
  • screw the setlist, I just wanna know if Swallowneck was there?
    Anonymous -- Friday June 01 2007, @12:23PM (#261150)
  • Hope you had fun AZmozfan!
    Arizonagirl -- Friday June 01 2007, @12:46PM (#261153)
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    Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels. -Faith Whittlesey
  • I travelled out from Philadelphia and will be hitting the rest of the West Coast shows, and then some East Coast ones when I get back home.

    The show was fantastic - I had row K but moved all the way up into the first row of the pit - the security was very lax.

    The venue was very good. Besides moving up, they let anybody who had a balcony seat move down. They allowed people to re-enter the venue (first Morrissey show I have ever been to with ren-entry). The sound and lighting were great. The outside of the venue was beautiful - many lights and fountains and such. Also, there was no barrier. And after the show we just walked to the backstage loading area. They allowed us to just hang out there. So about 15 of us waited right next to the bus. Morrissey finally came out but just went right to the bus. The busdriver was nice enough to let a young girl onto the bus to check it out(I was jealous). I tried to snap a picture but wasn't able to. But, I did get a bunch of pictures from the actual show. I will post them all when I get home.

    Finally the show itself was so enjoyable. One of the better setlists I have seen from him. The Boy With the Thorn In His Side sounds amazing live. You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side didn't sound quite as good. Morrissey handed the mic into the crowd, and to more people then just Julia.

    At the end one of the new songs somebody tried to invade the stage. After her, somebody else ran on. After her, a little boy ran on but ran past Morrissey and tried to steal his tambourine (or it may have been something else) but Arturo caught him.

    Nice seeing my Morrissey friends and meeting some new ones - see you guys in Phoenix tomorrow.
    Joe Benzon -- Friday June 01 2007, @05:10PM (#261163)
    (User #12767 Info)
  • MM is on DL tonight. Repeat of 5/1 show with Tobey McGuire.
    IMO, JM's still 'has' it & looks cool doing it, but I prefer the charming SPM.
    Anonymous -- Friday June 01 2007, @08:38PM (#261173)
  • Morrissey simply has one the the most distinctive voices in music. Getting to see him in such proximity was almost surreal. I must admit that the Tucson crowd was rather lame (schools out), but i benefited from that. Several people around me got handshakes, myself, just as he reached towards my hand, he pulled back and gave the quintisential MOZ "oh well, maybe next time" look. There were quite a few stage crashers (mostly women), The band sounded great, Boz was in front of me during most of the show, he is one classy fellow. Watching him rip the famous HSIN twang gave me goosebumps. Can't wait for PHX, I'll be right in front again, I wouldn't miss this for the world. I hope he plays (just this once) My Love Life for Phoenix, considering he drove a Rolls convertible down one of the most cracked out areas of Phoenix for the video!
    Anonymous -- Friday June 01 2007, @10:43PM (#261179)
    • Re:My Elvis by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday June 01 2007, @11:25PM
  • Any sightings of Morrissey outside the shows?
    How's Julia?
    Any other interesting Moz news?

    Anonymous -- Saturday June 02 2007, @12:46AM (#261183)
  • who's Julia I keep seeing mentioned?
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 02 2007, @09:55PM (#261216)
  • This was one of the best Morrissey shows I have been to. So what if the balcony was closed off and he did not sell out that only added to the excitment of the show. It was not crowded and going row 15 to walking up to be 2 people deep from the stage was ideal. He is not put on a great theatrical show but he is a awesome entertainer and his voice is untouched by so many so called talented people today. oh yeah...i was pretty happy cause i caught Boz guitat pic. :)

    the next stop was phoenix
    anaya -- Sunday June 03 2007, @10:31PM (#261350)
    (User #19246 Info)
  • I was there with my husband, and two kids, Claire age 7, who got to shake Morrissey's hand twice and was let onto his tour bus! Mikey age 11 who also got to shake his hand and was able to get on stage. I was truly disappointed that he didn't hug Morrissey or shake his hand but ran right for Moz's red tie which he wanted to get so that I could have a souvenir of him. His heart was in the right place, so I forgave him. My husband, Felix took off his belt buckle of a crown and handed it to Morrissey. When Morrissey saw what it was, he bowed his head down to him as in saying thank you to him. And I had made Morrissey a bracelet made of blue glass beads with two crosses on it that I put in a sheer black pouch. My husband had me up on his shoulders so I could give hand it to Morrissey. He saw it and said "aww" before he recieved it from my hand. It was the best moment of my life! Now my heart is full.

    We are mentioned in the article on Morrissey in the Arizona Daily Star, Saturday June 2.
    Thank You Albert Ching.
    julie -- Monday June 04 2007, @10:08AM (#261506)
    (User #18545 Info)
  • and here they are...Photos are posted on my website at:
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @09:46PM (#261701)
  • The Tucson show was great, I hear alot of people on here complaning about other shows on this tour as well as this one. I saw him in'92 I think it was, on The kill uncle tour, at UCLA in Los Angeles, by the third song the crowd was so out of control, the rest of the show was cancelled. I saw him at the Hollywood Bowl a couple of years later and my seats were so far back, I could hear the people 5 rows behind better than I could her the band ( the sound was terrible). The Tucson show was the 4 time I have seen him and by far the best. Absolutely worth every penny I spent for the tickets. It's Morrissey for god sakes, I can't wait to see him again. So people complaining about only getting 15 songs and no encore, deal with it, he is human, even though us fans tend to raise him up and he deserves it. I wouldn't have made it through high school without The Smiths, that band changed my life and still has deep meaning to me today, as well as Morrisseys solo albums. I'm 35 and I never got to see The Smiths, but I am so thankful I've gotten to see him the times I have. I have yet to get close to him, as I would love a hand shake or just a quick contact with him.Front row seats are in store for the next show I goto. Morrissey is an amazing artist and song writter, and as long as he's been making music, he still puts out amazing material. Thank you Morrissey.
    sinewav13 -- Tuesday June 05 2007, @02:42AM (#261743)
    (User #19274 Info)

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