posted by davidt on Saturday June 02 2007, @11:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / You Have Killed Me / In The Future When All's Well / Disappointed / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / I Will See You In Far Off Places / The National Front Disco / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / That's How People Grow Up / At Last I Am Born / Panic / Irish Blood, English Heart / All You Need Is Me / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

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  • This is the first Morrissey show I ever went to! I was supposed to have 10th row seats but I got lucky and I was the very front and center!!!

    During I Will See You in Far Off Places, I outstretched my hand and Morrissey kindly pushed everyone else's hand out of the way, pointed directly at me, and grabbed my left hand! It was a dream come true!

    The crowd was rowdy especially when Morrissey was singing his encore. I believe 4 people made it up on stage only to be thrown off by security. 3 shirts thrown (maybe 4 I can't quite remember), lyrics changed in many songs, and above all a WONDERFUL show!!! I hope I can go to another someday!

    Oh and if any of you were there, I was the short blonde girl with a brown morrissey shirt on, at the very front, linked with my cousin's arm. The best day of my life!!!
    liveandbreathe -- Saturday June 02 2007, @11:10PM (#261218)
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  • Is what he said after he played All You Need Is Me.

    He added Panic to the setlist.

    Jesse accidentally messed up and threw his cymbal during At Last I Am Born.

    When he introduced the band, Jesse got a better pop then the previous 3 lads. Morrissey said something to the effect of "it shouldn't be that loud." When he got to him he said "and then there's big fat me."

    It was a big venue and looked pretty full. Security wasn't too bad, a lot of people crowded the area right in front of the stage.

    There wasn't many people attempting to invade the stage until the last song. During The Boy With the Thorn In His Side a guy jumped for the stage and was pulling on Morrissey's leg, causing him to stop singing.

    Onto California next, see you's there.
    Joe Benzon -- Saturday June 02 2007, @11:12PM (#261219)
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  • What A Show! (Score:2, Informative)

    I just got back, and I'm absolutely thrilled. I managed to place myself to the right of the stage (facing forward) and in the front row. During "In Far Off Places" Morrissey came over, knelt down and we shook hands. He muttered something, but I could not hear it. I thanked him and promptly released his hand. The people around me were so cool. They all mobbed me. "Holy shit! He shook your hand!" There was an attractive girl with black hair next to me who was going to her first Morrissey concert. A Morrissey fan since '92. At the end of show I remarked, "Well, your not a virgin anymore." Sweet girl, but alas this thirtysomething is married with children.

    I loved the lyric change in "At last I Born." He sang,
    "Look at me now,
    From fat little child,
    to spectral hand,
    to Claude Brasseur
    Oh-who the hell is Claude Brasseur?"

    Yes, he played songs from ROTT, but this just felt like a Greatest Hits tour. I know there is general disagreement. But being there, the Rott songs went over well, but the place was a sing-along during the rest of the songs. He did play both of the new tunes. "All You Need Is Me" is terrific. The other so-so.

    THANK YOU MOZ. I listened to your music for so many years. I told everyone I knew I'd get a handshake, and as always you didn't disappoint!!

    Viva Morrissey!
    Mozaroma2007 -- Saturday June 02 2007, @11:30PM (#261221)
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  • Set List (Score:1, Informative)

    Here's the set list from the show:

    The Queen is Dead
    You Have Killed Me
    In the Future When All's Well
    Girlfriend in a Coma
    Let Me Kiss You
    I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
    I Will See You in Far Off Places
    The National Front Disco
    I've Changed My Plea to Guilty
    That's How People Grow Up
    At Last I Am Born
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    All You Need is Me
    Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
    Everyday is Like Sunday
    The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
    Life is a Pigsty
    How Soon is Now?

    The Last of the Famous International Playboys
    You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 02 2007, @11:52PM (#261224)
    • Re:Set List by dh (Score:1) Sunday June 03 2007, @08:02PM
  • My friend and I were two of the kids to get on stage during "You're Going Need Someone on Your Side"! We are hoping someone has photos or video of it. It would be greatly appreciated!!!!


    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 02 2007, @11:52PM (#261225)
  • We were amazed at this performance. How Soon is Now?- Was the GREATEST live song I have ever seen with the lights drums and guitar!! Would have love to hear Alma Matters but thats ok! I could have done without all the people jumping on stage- one guy got caught in Morrisseys mic cord- that is not cool! WHAT A SHOW!!! YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS MAN!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @12:15AM (#261226)
  • no words can express how I felt tonight. Moz playing my home town was just the beginning. This actually was my first show since Oklahoma last year...Jimmy Kimmel last month not included. And it was my first time seeing Moz perform QID, Panique & TBWTTIHS. I've been feeling down lately & it was good to feel so happy for a few hours. Gracias Morrissey! Morrissey talked quite a bit but my memory is not very good...but I do remember after introducing the band, he said about himself...I'm the fat one! He also mentioned Whataburger, Republicans, Democrats, George Bush & gave the mic to Julia & Greg. I hope to see you again soon Moz...Vegas? South Carolina? Te quiere mucho Morrissey!
    Az Moz Fan -- Sunday June 03 2007, @02:39AM (#261228)
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  • I've never been in such a serene audience! The venue sucked, though, and I have no idea WHY my sweet Morrissey was stuck in a retirement community theater. But it was an unbelievably fantastic show, I loved every moment of it! I've loved Morrissey since I was 11 so this was a total dream for me.

    Who was that opening act? I have never heard anything like that before and I hope to never ever hear them again.
    Pipola -- Sunday June 03 2007, @06:20AM (#261237)
    (User #19235 Info)
  • What a fun night. Got to the show early and first walked behind the venue to see if I could get a guitar signed. Saw the tour bus and equipment bus--made the mistake of asking a security gaurd if I could get an autograph-who prompty but politely told me I was not supposed to be back here( I knew i should have walked over to the bus first and tried that avenue--oh well nothing ventured nothing gained..Put my guitar back in th car and then went inside--thought it was kind of funny with all the senior citizen voluteers-who by the way were also very nice. Great tour shirts lots of choices for this show..Bought two shirts and then went and put them back in my car--this was a first a venue that let you in and out...Went back in and got to my seats--as soon as I sat down I noticed Julia up talking to a security gaurd--I went up and introduced myself--she was very pleasant and anwsered my dumb questions of how many shows she has seen--I asked her why she wasn't back staqe and she said it was more fun being in the crowd and it was about showing support..She asked me my name and shook my hand--she was really genuiely a nice person--Julia if you read this it was almost as fun meeting you as the show--but not quite :). Kristeen young was great--she came down and signed some autographs and ansewered some questions while they were clearing her equipment...her music is great I recomend buying the CD --I told her I liked the dress she wore this time vs the green one I saw her wear in Pasadena she laughed and said she thought she wore the same one. Then when the videos started I got right up front dead center--I was in between a latin guy I think from riverside-he threw the black bandanna to Morrissey and two really cute high school kids a girl and her brother--I was the guy in black glasses with a purple lucien pellat skull tshirt). Then the fun really started--I have never been up front in any show I have ever been to but amazing is all i could say to you-- I touched Morrisy at least three times but during the encore he full on shook my hand. People were very polite in the pit at least 4 people apologized for all the pushing--the only time it got a bit out of control was during the first shirt audience toss--people really get into that - and then at the end people were wooshing all over the place to get on the stage--I notice Morrissey had a yellow band aid on and it looked like his arm was bugging him a bit--I guess when you have people pulling at you it can get a bit ouchy..At the end of the show one of the secuirty gaurds gave one of the setlists to the girl next to me she was so happy it was really cute...Had a great time and it was a great show...
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @08:23AM (#261245)
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  • Wow What a difference! The lively crowd made all the difference. The crowd in Tucson was half asleep. The band sounded great. MOZ sounded great. An unforgettable night!
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @09:49AM (#261250)
  • After a good night's rest, I thought of a few more tid bits from last night.

    Security entering the venue was very loose. I saw loads of cellphone cam's, and I'm sure someone must have taped the show. I'm kicking myself because on the tickets, it read, "No cameras, search required." So, I left mine in the car. From my vantage point in the front row, I didn't see any major gaffs (or minor). The band sounded absolutely great. I've given Morrissey's supporting cast a hard time in the past; however, this group has really come together and they simply kick ass live. I hope Alain is still part of the writing process but as presently constituted I prefer this group. Again, they were AWESOME!

    Another lyric change in Disappointed:
    "Your friends and their phones would rather die than have to sleep with you!"

    Best Morrissey show I've seen, albeit only my fourth. I hope someone has a soundboard recording or a good quality audience recording. The band is firing on all cylinders and this is certainly a bootleg one would want to hear!

    Mozaroma2007 -- Sunday June 03 2007, @10:51AM (#261260)
    (User #19214 Info)
  • It's so great that he added Panic back to the list, I hope it'll be the same tonight because I'm going. I'm still terribly undecided about the whole camera thing. Basically does Morrissey himself like cameras or not? I don't want it to get confiscated, and I don't know what the security is like at the venue I'm going to. Anyone else going tonight?
    city_lights -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:31AM (#261268)
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  • Btw--how long was the concert?
    city_lights -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:40AM (#261269)
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  • 'Twas a great concert, I was one of the unfortunate ones who was asked to be shown a ticket at the front stage before Morrissey came on stage. I didn't really belong up in the front but still, it would've been nice if security had let me be. Once I got back to my seat, which was midway in section 4, the show started and I was seriously just three inches out of my section on the walkway when a security gaurd told me to go sit down. I just moved an inch and the security gaurd in a harsh tone said "THANK YOU".

    After a while I moved back the two inches to get a better view of Morrisey due to the fact that there was someone taller than me in front. The same security gaurd came over and told me to move back again but this time said something to the extent of "GO BACK TO YOUR SPOT AND STAY THERE." I'm sorry but some of these security gaurds have a stick up their asses.

    Other than that...great show. God damn security.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @12:17PM (#261273)
  • Having not been to a concert in ages (due to a social anxiety disorder that is brought upon, regrettably, by inhaling and exhaling in the company of others) I decided to forego my fears, brave the crowds and attend last night's concert...I've never seen Morrissey perform live before and, contrary to the gushing posts on this site, didn't really know what to expect. It is, sadly, very typical to be disappointed seeing someone you admire "live" for the first time. You often wonder to what extent their vocal prowess, range and energy are a result of the little goblins who control the knobs in the recording studio. That said, it has been a rare experience in my life to witness the kind of talent, raw talent that leaves you scratching your head in sheer wonder. You know the talent of which I speak? I am not talking of technical virtuosity. One might as well become sexually aroused listening to a robot play the fiddle or bring themselves to the brink of orgasm greasing their brain cells with the vegetable oil secreted from the boob tube during something as horrific as “American Idol”. No, I mean the kind of talent, mixed with soul that makes you feel as if being trapped in a drab black and white world of fleas and flies your entire life you suddenly round a corner and see a technicolor peacock trumping hell with its beauty like a royal flush? When I was nine years old my father took me to see Elvis Presley...the next year he dropped dead (Elvis, not my father)...I still remember, even though he was bloated and prone to ghastly theatrics (karate kicks, capes and heavy weight championship belts) the quality of Elvis' voice is something I will never forget. I am a hundred and three now and the memory, I tell you, is just as clear as ever. The only other performer I witnessed live who had a voice that made me feel like I had been killed and was listening to a beautiful ghost willing us to return to life was the jazz vocalist Mr. Jimmy Scott. I wonder how many Morrissey fans know of Jimmy Scott? The two could not be further apart culturally: one an intellectual stick of dynamite from Manchester with a velvet knife for a tongue, the other a black, ex shipping clerk from Cleveland born with a strange disease that makes him sound so androgynous he is often mistaken for a woman. And yet, there is an emotional authenticity in their singing that just goes straight to the core...
    The show was unforgettable, not for any clique-y, fan club, MOZ IS GOD, silly was unforgettable because here at long last is a man, an artist moreover, who has the capacity and skill to convey deep emotional truths, anxieties, traumas and that rare, ever so rare sense of triumph that goes into being a human person in this weird, wild and wretched world...

    Though your eyes will never read these words, Mr. Morrissey I do, in my own small way, salute you for cutting through the overwhelming mediocrity and stupidity that summarizes much of what passes for "entertainment" here on earth and reminded us that all is not lost...yet...
    M. VON ROKITANSKY -- Sunday June 03 2007, @12:58PM (#261279)
    (User #19239 Info)
  • your thoughts
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @01:54PM (#261287)
  • Moz of course is like no other, he was on point and having fun at the crowds expense during times but very emotional when it came to certain songs. The band was very good, and there were a few miscues that were overt and easily noticed by the crowd. But they filled the music with good spunk.
    Phoenix and the surrounding cities, I am sorry, are like an armpit full of garbage. The venue was located about 45 minutes outside of Phoenix proper. It was located in a mall type setting which other than the concert seemed to be bare bones, almost like a ghost town. The people working the show had an 85 or older prerequisit. Many of the seats of the venue were curtained off to make it seem less empty than it really was. Of the seats that were available, not even half were filled before Moz took the stage. Toward the end of the show the place seemed 3/4 full. I don't know why people such as those in Phoenix complain about Mozza's weight when 90 percent of those attending are fat and ugly. Regardless, it was easy to rush to the "pit" area, but the crowd was boring. It wasn't until Moz was leaving that people decided to "go for it." Two guys got on stage and others tried but failed.
    Playboys was the highlight. All You Need is Me is a great song. I remember Moz introducing this song in Sparks as "Our new single." Let's see if this song sees the light of day as a release.
    San Diego looms near, it surely will not sell out being a 10,000 person venue. Nevertheless, outdoor fun in close proximity to the one and only Logan Heights.
    Happy Mozzing!
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @04:01PM (#261307)
  • Close to Pheonix, Suprise or Sun City. For a semi-stranger to these parts I was happy just to make it for opening bell..3/4 full..where do people park for sold out shows?...Old people checking tickets(good)...same old people not understanding a word of your northern accent is not so clever, they were old enough to remember the beatles arnt they? One elderly checker looked at me like "what the f did he say", but anyway, just a blimp on the radar.

    My eyes are buggin out at the some earlier comments of Rowdy crowd etc...I was 5th row,to the right facing stage and no one was dancing and I mean NO ONE...the people to the right of me sat down the entire show...NEVER MOVED...not once...there were lots who just stood there not seeming to know what was going on until a song at least 15 years old was sung...secruity did not help by insisting those in attendance stayed in their seats even during the encore! That aside Moz was in fine form. He was chatty and was in a good mood for the most part.

    I thought of some of the ladie's who post on this site during the first Moz shirt removal as a young women in front of me was visibly moved by this act, having her friends fan her furiously as she appeared to be on the verge of fainting! If she was messing around and just faking she deserves an oscar....I couldnt help laughing and thinking if Mrs Woolf,Corrissey,Dbowie or miss liverpool were in her position would they be on the verge of fainting at Moz and hise bare torso?? I must say that Moz is looking good though, I can understand the swooning and speaking from a staunch hetrosexual background, married for 20 years, there is no doubt that Moz is a handsome devil.

    I thought the setlist was fine and after finally sneeking into the pit I had great time. After having seen Moz over 60 times now Im still not jaded or worn out by it all and its fun to watch those who are witnessing Moz for the first time, A young lad behind me kept shouting for "playboys" I turned and told him you cant have the punchline before the joke, I think he knew what I meant. The two final songs were worth the admission, good things come to those who wait and at that point I was reminded of why we are alive! A beautiful thing! A young women in front of me gave Moz a coin during the final song(its always a little surreal to see Moz three feet away)and Moz looked at it, raised his eyebrows and pocketed it...was there any significance to that coin or did you have nothing else and just wanted to connect in some way?..if you are reading you will know, just seemed odd. A good show and a decent setlist better than some previous tours(97),sad to see so many empty seats but looking forward to Las Vegas next week, hoping for a full house and another great night.
    Foster88 -- Sunday June 03 2007, @04:55PM (#261311)
    (User #17605 Info)
    I have spent my whole life in ruin's, because of people who are nice.
  • ganglord????? that song was awesome and now its gone. hopefully he will play it for the Riverside show
    Morrissey_girl09 -- Sunday June 03 2007, @06:56PM (#261325)
    (User #18959 Info)
  • Hi,

    I was at the show last night, and it was magical! I've seen Mozzer many times in concert, but it seemed he was in a particularly good mood last night. Very friendly with the crowd, smiling and happy. It was lovely.

    My review is located here [] if you would like to read it.

    Thank you!

    Jadis White
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @07:03PM (#261326)
  • This is from the Arizona Republic newspaper. Here's the link....

    Scroll down till you see CONCERT REVIEWS. It has a short review plus photos.

    Az Moz Fan -- Sunday June 03 2007, @08:13PM (#261338)
    (User #1326 Info)
  • Morrissey still has charm

    Michael Senft
    The Arizona Republic
    Jun. 3, 2007 12:00 AM

    Take our Morrissey quiz.

    Forty-eight-year-old rock stars shouldn't make young girls swoon. They also shouldn't play concerts dominated by a new album that has received zero airplay to a rapt audience. But Morrissey proved the exception on Saturday, June 2, at the Maricopa County Events Center, giving a charismatic performance with enough nostalgia to satisfy old fans while still showing his musical vitality.

    The back quarter of the former Sundome was blocked off, but the rest of the cavernous theater was full of pompadoured Latinos, emo kids and aging Gen-Xers who wore out their copies of the Smiths' Meat Is Murder in high school, all worshipping at the altar of the morose Mancunian.

    The less said about opening act Kristeen Young, the better. Suffice to say that PJ Harvey and Kate Bush should get royalties for her stealing their acts. Between her set and Morrissey's, a series of odd videos were shown, from vintage footage of Moz's idols the New York Dolls and James Dean to Brigitte Bardot and drag queens.

    Despite his dour public persona, Morrissey was in quite high spirits at the show, joking with the crowd, even asking a couple fans at the front of the stage how their day had been.

    After years of ignoring it, Moz has fully embraced his legacy with the Smiths, playing several tunes from their catalog during his 90-minute set. In fact he opened with the classic The Queen Is Dead from the 1986 album of the same name. The song still possessed the power it did 21 years ago, even if it took three guitarists to capture the fury of Johnny Marr's playing on the original.

    From there Morrissey alternated between solo tracks from his latest album, Ringleader of the Tormentors like At Last I'm Born with Smiths classics like Boy With the Thorn in His Side. He also sprinkled in a few older solo tunes like Disappointed and the apocalyptic Every Day Is Like Sunday, an emotional high point of the show.

    Irish Blood, English Heart, from his 2004 album You Are the Quarry, drew a strong response, especially when he changed the lyrics from "The English are sick to death of Labour and Tories" to "The Americans are sick to death of Republicans and Democrats." The song also resonated with the legions of Latino fans at the show, some of whom wore shirts proclaiming "Mexican blood, American Heart."

    But it was the Smiths songs that drew the biggest shrieks. Next to the two times Moz took off his shirt, that is. The crowd sang along on the "Hang the DJ" chorus of Panic, and swayed to the sultry Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.

    The climax of the show was Life Is a Pigsty. The centerpiece of Tormentors, the song built to a noisy conclusion, with Morrissey sprawled on the stage, legs propped on the drum riser. As the cacophony rose the keyboard player started plunking out a mournful version of Auld Lang Syne before the rest of the band exploded into the show-closing How Soon Is Now?

    This may be sacrilege, but its hard to imagine the Smiths' signature tune sounded better 20 years ago.
    Az Moz Fan -- Sunday June 03 2007, @08:18PM (#261340)
    (User #1326 Info)
  • no one has mentioned his opening comment-to paraphrase..."this is a bad experiment gone horribly wrong!" i imagine it was in reference to playing in a retirement community. (house-hunting perhaps, moz? lol!) he is hysterical in his own understated way. he was definitely in a good mood. great show!
    dh -- Sunday June 03 2007, @10:27PM (#261348)
    (User #19242 Info)
  • show was rather was a little tight and checked tickets for people trying to get close to the pit. luckily i talked a security guard into letting me in and i was 4th back from stage. I am always so amazed and never disappointed when I see Morrissey. He has an amazing voice and his wacky faces are priceless. He is a league all his own and will allways be an icon to me. The only thing that really floors me, I went to the Tuscon show 2 days before too, is all of the older people in the audience. I am 30 and have been a huge fan for a while but i have seen a lot of white haired people easily in their 50's taking up space. i guess he spans all ages
    anaya -- Sunday June 03 2007, @10:37PM (#261352)
    (User #19246 Info)
    • Re:Good show by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 04 2007, @09:07AM
  • If I remember correctly you guys are from Salt Lake City, right? Anyway, I thought one of you might enjoy this. If you go to the link below from the Arizona Republic newspaper, there is a review of the Phoenix show & if you also click on the "photos" of the show, there you'll see one of you reaching out & holding Moz's hand. Thought you might enjoy that. I believe you can buy that photo from the newspaper as well. Goodluck. AzMozFan
    Az Moz Fan -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:53PM (#261391)
    (User #1326 Info)
  • Although I was initially ambivalent about seeing Moz in AZ (only other Moz AZ show I saw was Tempe 99, rest have all been in L.A.), I really enjoyed the vibe and atmosphere of last night's show (although the venue did kinda suck). Moz really was in proper form and, judging by tonight's San Diego reviews, in a playful mood. I thought the pre-show clips were a nice touch, from the East of Eden outtake footage to the Brigitte Bardot musical clip. A great visual amalgamation of all of Moz's influences. I do want to commend the crowd. Other than the drunk old men we were initially surrounded by, the crowd for the most part was good, although not as rabid as the L.A. fans (which I guess is a good thing). Overall, possibly one of my better live Moz experiences.
    chestrockwell -- Monday June 04 2007, @12:21AM (#261404)
    (User #19251 Info)
  • The "Sun City Bowl" was old but I thought a great place to see a show. I would go back. The "older" people at the front taking the tickets were nice and friendly. The sound was great and the fans were "in to it". I really hope this will not be the last time I see him but if it was it was worth it. Thanks Moz you will always be number one with me.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @10:15AM (#261507)
  • there is alot of commentary here about old guys at the shows. I am an old guy (though younger then moz). I saw the smiths first while living in england as a teenager. I saw them five times and waited in line for hours to see them sing one song on a tv show most people inthe usa dont even know. I have followed along with morrissey since that time. Now somehow i am viewed as an old guy, not really welcome by many. I personally find the mix of people at the shows i have been to very refreshing. Cant we all just enjoy morrissey and his music
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @01:46PM (#261605)
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  • So I Am a Big Morrissey fan, and as a teenager was sorta in love with him!!! I grew up in the 80's and 90's and listen to both The Smiths and Morrissey! Now my daughter is 15yrs old and has this infatuation with him too! Oddley I didn't know this until about a year ago! So her and I went to see him on Saturday and it was the best Damn Show I have been too!!!!!! I thought the tickets were a little pricie at first after the show I would of paid more for them in a heart beat!!!!!! It was the best of bothe worlds to see Moz live and enjoy a Saturday night with my 15yr old and we have somthing in common and it was great!!! I Just want to thank him for giving such a great show the lights, the sound, the band, his voice everything was perfect!!!!!!!!
    80's Girl -- Monday June 04 2007, @03:06PM (#261632)
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  • What an amazing night. First, let me give you a little Moz history of what my concert experiences have consisted of:

    My first show was many years ago when he played at a theater in the Hiland Theater in Albuquerque, NM 1997(?). It was pretty mind blowing, as it was just second concert I had ever been to in my life. I was really far back in the theater, so Moz was really tiny and I could mainly only take in the music. overall a rather nice concert, but nothing too outstanding. (the drive back to El Paso was beautiful - a snowstorm was making it's way through and it lightly fell down on the drive back :) )

    Second show (if you can call it that) was at Club Rio in Tempe back in 1999
    *start of show*
    I was able to sit behind the stage before Morrissey got on. I'm not really sure what happened, but I had one to many cocktails out on the patio and when Morrissey came out of the corridor and started walking up the stairs to the stage, I lept over the table I had been sitting on and rushed towards him. I gave him this great big hug (no I didn't tackle him down) to thank him and show my appreciation for all that he and his music have done for me and how he has been a part of my life. He was quite surprised by his facial expression which I will remember till the day I die.. a mixture of "Eeee Gad!" and "Wow, the show hasn't even started yet and look at this!". An instant later I was in a headlock by what seemed to be a 400 pound ox and completely torn off of Moz (I wasn't hugging him hard.) I was immediately dragged, IN FULL HEADLOCK POSITION, all the way around the stage and around the dance floor to the front of the entrance and thrown out (I don't remember if they threw me on the floor or what, I was in such a daze!). It was a bit excessive as I'm about 145 and like 5'10", but yes, I know security is hired for a reason and they did what they are hired for... it was still worth the action and I'd probably do it again if taken back to the same show. The security guards at the front proceeded to tell me that I was on private property and that if i didn't leave then they would call the cops and have me arrested. I went next door to use the phone and called a friend for a ride home.
    *end of show*
    Did anyone standing near the front of the stage see me hug moz? It was maybe 2 or 3 steps up so I'm not sure how much was visible (if at all) to the audience. I would absolutely KILL for a picture of it!

    Third show was supposed to be in Las Vegas, but it was the one that was cancelled because of some accident or back issues with Alain White?? Foiled again!

    Fourth show in Sun City Arizona! I will be the first to say that I was very excited that the show was in Sun City. *ducking the bullets* I'm probably a bit partial since I live in one of the new developments just north of Sun City, and it only took me about 12 minutes or so to drive to the venue. I thought that the old staff (or volunteers with too much time on their hands) were extremely pleasant. There was no ATM in the theater and when the lady couldn't figure out how to press the button to scan my tickets out of the building for re-entry she just said "go ahead and come back here and I'll let you back in." She was very nice and we come back through her line and amazingly she remembered us and let us back inside. There were other people who I saw walk right through by the attendants, or uttering words "I just went out for a smoke" and were let in without checking for tickets. I grabbed a water and my friend got a beer and we made our way into the main area to find our seats. Staff was extremely helpful and took us right to our seats. I was lucky enough to snag some great seats in row g, then again I'm not sure how lucky I was when the bill was just under $140 for both tickets. The opening band (sorry can't remmeber the name even though I looked for it on my ticket and on the Maricopa Events page) was finishing up their second to last song and we sat down. After she finished her last song everyone seemed to like what she was pla

    mexifelio -- Monday June 04 2007, @03:51PM (#261643)
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  • and here they are...Photos are posted on my website at:
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @09:40PM (#261700)
  • It has taken me a couple of days before I could post as I had to reflect and see what really stood out about the show in Phoenix. Well first off the show was nowhere near Phoenix and the drive to and from really wore me out; not so much to drive to but the drive home and the multiple freeway closures as I tried to make my way back to the east valley really was agonizing.
    The venue was too large. In theory my seats were closer for this show but the stage was father away than at Celebrity Theatre. Security was nonexistent where we sat and I guess it was tight at other places. I never had to show my ticket once I entered the concert. I could have moved closer and I probably could have made my way up to the stage but by then there was a bunch of people up front. Plus it may have been me but did anyone else have to wait 25 minutes in line to purchase a drink?
    I’ve got to point out that I over memorized the set list too, so much that the surprise factor was completely zero. I was like, “oh, he’ll open with TQID and end with YGNSOYS, plus other than the exact order of the songs all the songs played were mostly anticipated. The only surprise was he didn’t do Lucky Lisp and rather he did the new song they recorded in Houston. The reason I think this may have detracted was because in 2002 when Morrissey played Phoenix (in Phoenix) at the Celebrity Theater it was the first US date and nobody had a clue what the set list would be. Plus then with Maladjusted being the previous newly released (97) I really didn’t know what to expect. So to me the 02 show meant more to me than this one.
    Enough of the contrasting and comparing the two shows, this show was excellent. I think the highlight or the moment that really sticks in my mind is how beautifully the entire band performed the song Life is a Pigsty. The big drum, the faint sound of rainfall, the lighting and the execution of the lyrics really made me take notice of this beautiful song. It’s been a main focal point of the entire concert for me.
    Also, we met some really cool fans before the show and hung out with them as we all tried to win the autograph poster the Edge was giving away. Adam (one of the winners of the poster) and Benny it was our pleasure hanging out with you before the show. See you at the next one.
    YoungLonigan -- Monday June 04 2007, @11:05PM (#261718)
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