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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / Ganglord / The National Front Disco / Let Me Kiss You / All You Need Is Me / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / Disappointed / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Everyday Is Like Sunday / In The Future When All's Well / I Will See You In Far Off Places / Girlfriend In A Coma / First Of The Gang To Die / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / You Have Killed Me / That's How People Grow Up / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • 'Los Angeles, you are too hot'

    [ wonder if HE played FOTGTD, cause he dropped it the last few shows']
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Friday June 08 2007, @11:06PM (#262516)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • I cannot wait to hear the reviews on this show! Awww I bet he was in top form!!
    mozluv -- Friday June 08 2007, @11:14PM (#262517)
    (User #973 Info)
    "guilt by implication by association"
  • For not being there.

    What did I miss?

    Anonymous -- Friday June 08 2007, @11:27PM (#262519)
  • OK. Love Morrissey. And the H-Wood Bowl show promised to be awesome. Yes, I had Ramp Box seats (gimp section) but some worker charged me $20 to get into the exclusive 7th row pit. After the third song (honestly, don't remember), I rushed the stage and was kicked out immediately. I do remember falling on my knees and prostelating to the man, the myth, the moz, and seeing him grin at me before security roughly pulled me off stage. I was threatened with arrestment (ala P. Hilton) but was let go after a half hour. I tried to get back in but security was alterted to my presence. Oh, well, hope my premature rush incited the fans and helped make this an awesome concert. I've seen him twice before and didn't mind sacrificing the show if it made for a better experience. Moz is our poet laureate!
    jickweez -- Friday June 08 2007, @11:29PM (#262520)
    (User #10747 Info)
  • Two encores. Ended with There Is A Light. Security in the pit were cunts. They added two more rows in front of the front row at the last minute. He was in a great mood. Show was being filmed by a pro company for something that seems official.
    Anonymous -- Friday June 08 2007, @11:52PM (#262523)
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  • Had the most amazing time watching Morrissey live for the 60th time. He started with "Queen is Dead" and ended with "There's A Light That Never Goes Out". Surrounded by some old and new friends I witnessed greatness. A night that will never be forgotten.
    skinneemonkey -- Saturday June 09 2007, @12:01AM (#262524)
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  • OMFG!!!! new live dvd coming out soon!!! this show was recorded!!

    i saw mikey talking with jose from the hooligans before the show.

    kristeen said that the arizonians were going to attack california...? (i dunno, i think she's strange)

    everyone will remember the name andrew. lucky kid!

    i'm still in awe!! i've got to upload my pics before i ead of to las vegas later today.

    (g, sorry we couldn't meet up.)
    ella-reflex -- Saturday June 09 2007, @12:07AM (#262525)
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    Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free...
  • This show was not as rad as his show in Fresno where I got to be just a few feet away from him, but it was better than his Wiltern show where something seemed off. The lead guitarist sounded too loud and shrill from where we were standing.

    Sexy Moz stripped off his shirt 2 or 3 times. "Life is a Pigsty" was awesome. Actually, most of the songs he played from Ringleaders were great live, even though that's not his best album.

    He dissed Echo Park, but I think he was just teasing. He called it "scrawny." I was so glad to see all of the Latinos singing along to everything, it was such a great vibe.

    Sometimes I really don't get his song choices, yikes. I think 1/3 of the songs made our whole box go "Why is he playing that?" But that's the gamble you take when you go see any band.

    The man is amazing. I think it's true, the people who say his best relationship in his life is with the audience...
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @12:12AM (#262527)
    • Re:Good Show by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday June 10 2007, @12:50AM
  • For the first time in 15 years, and sells it out again - which I believe is 17,000. He commented early about how he had been invited back and addressed all the fans young and old saying he was truly grateful.

    First of the Gang to Die was brought back to the setlist, as well is There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. He played his regular 2 song encore, and I thought it was over. But he stepped back up to the mic and said something like "Let this be how you remember me by" and went into the classic. After the lyrics ended he walked to stageright and smiled for a bit. He motioned a question about if he should take off his shirt or not. He did and threw it to the crowd before leaving. That was his second shirt, the otherduring his normal spot in Let Me Kiss You.

    He remarked about how The Hollywood Bowl was the hippest spot in town, except for The Cat and The Fiddle. Another comment about the venue was how many legends had played there. He listed a few and the closed his thought with "" which got a huge reaction.

    When he introduced the band he made note how Boz had been there the longest. Solomon was next, and he was introduced as the newest. When he ended at Mikey, he got deemed the least important.

    There were a little over 10 stage invaders, mostly during You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side. Among them was Australian professional skateboarder, Dustin Dollin.

    A brilliant night, a show that I think will be talked about for years.
    Joe Benzon -- Saturday June 09 2007, @12:55AM (#262532)
    (User #12767 Info)
  • "I Changed My Plea to Guilty" was the best song all night....
    "freedom is waisted on me...."
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @01:16AM (#262537)
  • i posted them on my myspace blog as "Live at the Hollywood Bowl". i have video also, but i'm to tired to mess around with that right now.

    up next for me is vegas! see everyone there!!!! []
    ella-reflex -- Saturday June 09 2007, @01:18AM (#262538)
    (User #13859 Info |
    Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free...
  • Morrissey looked and sounded extremely good. I knew he had sold out the 17,500 seat venue, but figured that a good portion of those tickets were scalped and that some of the seat would be empty. But the whole place was packed with everyone from all different walks of life. It was amazing to take a look back(I was in terrace) and see everyone on their feet and belting the songs out along with Moz. Blacks, Latinos, Anglos, Asians...Why can't everyone get along outside like this outside the venue? I think Moz sang three songs for his encore. Just when we all thought it was over he totally blows everyones mind and goes into There is a Light!! I cried like a little girl. No shame here. I am sure someone will chime in with the complete setlist as I am in shock as to how great this concert was and a beautiful venue. I want to thank all the fans that attended. Everybody there was awesome and came w/o any drama, just wanting to have a great date with the man we all love. One note, the first chick that got on stage held onto Moz with both hands and feet and the security had a bitch of a time getting her off. I am just glad she didn't ruin the show for the rest of us.
    Lost_in_LA -- Saturday June 09 2007, @01:22AM (#262539)
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  • How did the people in the pit get those tickets? I have tried different avenues to see if there were any pit tickets available for the Bowl and got "no" answers from everybody. I really wanted to be in the pit but security to it was tight.
    Lost_in_LA -- Saturday June 09 2007, @01:31AM (#262542)
    (User #17378 Info)
  • Bought my tix for the gig 24hrs prior, popped $302.45 on two pit/pool row 7, as soon as Moz came out, my girl and I stuffed our popcorn under our seats and rushed the "exclusive" two front pit rows, dead center infront of Moz. The whole night, was AWESOME!! He was in superb form, superb, he kept chatting with the fans right infront of me, he gave the mic to the chick in front o me, twice. I had a letter, I wanted to hand to him but, he couldnt find the right time to get it. A LOT of fans kept jumping on stage right in the spot I was at. Me and the other guy nearby help several fans jump on stage. At one point some guy was real aggressive in his quest to get onstage that he shoved my gf very roughly, the security came and yanked him out, Moz looked over to my gf to see if she was ok. Pigsty was stunning, the lights and rain effects during the song totally captured the mood. Morrissey had the 17,00 plus fans eating right out of his hand. He was very talkative, and friendly with the crowd. At the end of The Boy with a thron in his side, I shouted out "Brilliant Morrissey BRILLIANT" and he looked at me real quick smiled and rolled his eyes shyly. He spoke to Julia and asked if we could understand what she said. Some one tossed on stage early in the gig, a Tshirt that read in old english lettering, MOZ KREW, he then tossed it in to the crowd and I caught it. I dont recall what song it was but, he knelt right infront of me for a few seconds, so I tossed him my letter and it landed right next to his shoe, he started to get up and he put it in his hand (YAY!!!!)he then took someone elses and put them on the drum kit stand with the rest of the stuff poeple tossed at him. He tossed out a few shirts. He did two encores. Early in the gig, he said," play the Hollywood Bowl and you can play whatever you feel like" And I think he launched into FOTGTD, which he hadnt been doing on the tour. National front disco sounded orgasmic, I could see Morrissey spray out spit (lol) as he delivered most of his lyrics with true feeling and conviction, marvlous. Hes not moving as carefree as he used to but, then again hes not 28 anymore. He looked absolutely hunky in his first, I think it was, not too sure but, Cavalli suit. There were serveral cameras all round the stage. At the end of the gig, I spoke to a cameraman, and he said theres a live dvd coming out this fall/winter, and that thats why they were recording the gig. I was great, because in between songs, while hes waiting for the band to tune up for the next tune, you see Moz, just kinda being "normal" waiting round, and as soon as he hears the first chords, he goes into "Moz" wonderfull. Boz an Co. were on point, Jesse's a stallion on stage. This definitely turned out to be a wonderful night, memorable. I loved that he started telling the crowd how many legends have played the bowl, and how he cheekily included himself! VIVA Moz!!!

    Getting an 8th to smoke at the show= $60
    Parking at the bowl= $18
    2 Pool/pit tickets= $302.45
    Feeling Morrisseys spit while he entertains 17,000+ fans= PRICELESS!!!

    I took pictures. I'll post them later or if you want some post your email address and I'll fwd you some.
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Saturday June 09 2007, @01:32AM (#262543)
    (User #7276 Info)
    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!

    Moz in top form here in SoCal! Me and the boys are still buzzing from the gig. Sold out crowd, 3 songs in the encore. I don't think I can add much else that hasn't already be said other than to note that:

    He did 6 Smiths songs:
    The Queen Is Dead
    Jim Rome -- Saturday June 09 2007, @01:47AM (#262547)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • the show was great. Moz was so smooth. looked dashing in his white suit to start and ending in his blood red shirt. the image of hime with the hollywood bowl spotlights going into the stars [reflecting in the resevoirs] of hollywood was beautiful. set list is pretty much the same, but 3 encores! he was really trying to do a good show - realizng it was a big event and he was being filmed. was chatty with the crowd. asked julia what was next and she replied 'i wanna see the boy happy'.. moz was very nice when he 1st came on thanking his old fans, and new ones. i didnt like kirsten young - a little annoying... i was surpised though that the intro woman talking sounded exactly as during the YATQ tour. also, even though i LOVE the songs, surprised to hear Everyday and also TIALTNGO. Awesome to hear Ive Changed My Plea, live as well as Pls pls Pls. everyone loved hearing his political comments on G Bush during I will See you in Far as well as Repulicans and Democrats in IBEH.

    The crowd was the usual, low class, Ghetto crowd. I laughed when Moz sang in Ganglord "get your fat ass back to the Ghetto. Get your scrawney ass back to the Ghetto". LOL. Seriously some major fat asses. but its not the fat asses which were bad - its the ATTITUDE that the fat assed men and women have. so goddamn obnoxious. there were some ghetto style people next to me in front and behind, screaming drunk, talking during his songs, just acting so immature and assanine. you know what i mean folks? Notice i havent used any ethnic references here - but cmon - we all knwo who the punk trouble makers are 99^ of the time at Moz shows. it makes me wonder if these people even understand anything Moz is singing about? do they have any grace, kindness, sensitivty? just hollering like it is a damn rodeo.

    i know this is NOT a kind and sensitive comment, but i was so irritated when i was trying to enjoy my show... i was hoping some would fall and trip and break a kneecap or 2 or a few people would get into a gang fight and kill each other. in fact, it would be great to have half the punks dissapear permanently. i would rather have the entire place filled with gays than ghetto style assholes. please die in a car accident tonite.

    the sad thing is there are a lot of other people who will get stereotyped becasue of the stupidities of some of these people..

    anyways i divert. Moz was wonderful!
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @02:01AM (#262553)
  • looks like he's got a new record label...sorry can't say which one.

    my life is complete...he was 5 feet from me backstage. Talked to Alain Whyte and Mikey Farrel. Thanked mikey for There is a Light.

    Moz Angeles for damn sure!
    mr_slickmode -- Saturday June 09 2007, @02:02AM (#262554)
    (User #19318 Info)
  • Queen Dead
    Last of Famous
    National Front
    (gets fuzzy here, NOT in order)
    Let Me Kiss
    Boy w/Thorn
    Every Day is like Sunday
    Irish Blood
    All You Need Is Me
    First of the Gang
    Just Want to See the Boy
    I Will See You Far Off Places
    That's How People Grow Up (new single for Best of)
    Life is a Pigsty
    How Soon is Now

    ended with:
    Please, Please, Please
    You're Gonna Need
    THERE IS A LIGHT !!!!!!
    mr_slickmode -- Saturday June 09 2007, @02:06AM (#262556)
    (User #19318 Info)

    Saw Alain Whyte and his lovely girlfriend Brittany about 20 feet away from us and said "hello" - he looks and sounds great and in fine spirits!

    I could not get my camera in for the show- but I did for the unnoficial "Moz After Party" @ Tempest: /33aescd []


    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • please,please,please .....
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @06:04AM (#262583)
  • Sitting through Kristeen young is absolute agony!! Why is She Still Around??? Do You Think Morrissey and her Have A little Something More Going On??? Cause She Really Sucks ... BAD!
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @07:09AM (#262590)
  • This was my 4th Morrissey show (the last time I saw him was sometime around 2000). This was [i]easily[/i] the best of the four.

    The show was exceptionally long for a Moz show (2 hours+). He played a great range of songs and the crowd was fantastic.

    Only negatives about the show were (a) the opening act was god-awful and (b) the security guards looked to be a bunch of ex-gang-bangers who were hoping to rough a few people up.
    JoelWhy -- Saturday June 09 2007, @07:46AM (#262600)
    (User #10516 Info)
  • I was truly disappointed when they showed that sign someone was holding up on the monitors - "Take me out two night" - I hope that doesn't make it on the DVD. I cringed when I saw the grammar error.
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @08:32AM (#262607)
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  • I found the whole show a bit too cabaret. And while the band was in top form technically (especiall the drummer; the best he's ever had), I found them to be a bit soul-less. I can't help feeling that they are a pack of touring session musicians.
    I know, his voice was great... yada yada.
    And his setlist could have been improved... yada yada.
    That's the way I felt. Cabaret and hired backup band.
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @09:57AM (#262622)
  • YES! YES! YES!!!
    YES! YES!

    I'm really hoping this show will be out on DVD. Really *the* best out of maybe 10 shows I've been the last 18 years since the very first I went to, which blew my mind away. It was like the first time...

    The crowd gave back so much (and his majesty returned) and toward the end of the show/encores, Morrissey was very openly touched.

    Welcome home, Moz.
    romeogirl -- Saturday June 09 2007, @10:06AM (#262625)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • I was in the pool section, and there were these totally ANNOYING guys who kept jumping the second barrier trying to get on stage. At least two of them made it on stage already, but they were trying to get on AGAIN! Why can't they just calm down and enjoy the show? Security had to keep coming over and dragging them out of the front of the pit OVER and OVER again. They should've been kicked out. It was really distracting. Then these other idiots were so busy taking pictures with and talking on their cell phones the whole time. I mean, can't you wait until the show is OVER to call all of your friends and tell them about the show?

    I don't care if people go crazy and jump around and sing or even try to get on stage, but those people talking on cell phones in their LOUDEST voice and those guys trying to to get on stage and throw signs at their friends are just so annoying and low class.

    End rant

    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @10:07AM (#262627)
  • r148804.htm
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @10:41AM (#262638)
  • last night was my 6th show this tour and i was a little disappointed. the traffic was crazy and for that i am glad i moved from the l.a. area. all of the shows i have been to i have been in the pit but this show i had section F1. the crowd was great lots of singing, dancing, and obviously happy fans. on the monitors he looked truely happy. i am just so mad that i missed there is a light. i was so upset it too me 1 hour to 9 miles on the 101 and i left the show early to avoid the traffic headache. i could kick myself now. well on to bakersfield where i am positive it will be another fantasic show
    anaya -- Saturday June 09 2007, @10:52AM (#262642)
    (User #19246 Info)
    • Re:6th show by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 13 2007, @11:38AM
  • I've seen Moz live before, I even made the now legendary "Live in Dallas" show, but I have to say the musicianship far surpassed any show I have ever seen of his. The band was in top form, the light show was brilliant and Moz's vocals were great. I do have one question...has security at Morrissey's shows increased to deter fans from rushing the stage, or are people less inclined( or older ) and do not want to risk being roughed up? It is nice to be able to enjoy Morrissey in all of his brilliance rather than the show being unexpectedly cut short, due to a mass of people wrecking the stage. I also noticed Moz is definitely more interactive with the audience than I ever remember. It seems he has been humbled by the longevity of his career and is truly greatful that he can pull off venues like the Hollywood Bowl. It seemed he really enjoyed performing for the crowd last night and you have to believe playing at the Hollywood Bowl was a highlight for Moz himself. I overheard some girl behind me after the concert complaining, "he didn't sing Death of a Disco Dancer, he didn't sing Last night i dreamt..." I wanted to turn around and tell her to shut the F up. I guess she thought she was at the Smiths reunion tour?! Moz never played a Smiths song on tour for the longest! I was just happy to hear the Smiths songs he did play. You give some people an inch...
    mozfan73 -- Saturday June 09 2007, @11:03AM (#262643)
    (User #17795 Info)
  • During his last song, "There is a light that never goes out" he came up to me and gave me his hand, he kneeled down a little and i kissed his hand. He smiled and kept on singing. Best night of my life!!!
    surf_lis -- Saturday June 09 2007, @11:45AM (#262647)
    (User #12977 Info)
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    • Re:Kiss by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday June 09 2007, @12:58PM
  • sitting there with my mom, who got me the tickets for my 18th birthday present. the show wasn't starting - there was just some pre-recorded voice speaking insults on the the PA system. I heard 'aids starter', that was the last straw, i got up on my two legs and screamed "MOZ!", took a breath, "MOZ!", took another breath, "MOZ!". I could hear the other people on the top deck beginning to cheer, whistle and clap. Usually i'm shy to speak my mind, but asking for Moz was impeccable logic so I didn't let up. "MOZ! MOZ!" I was beginning to feel desperate, i could hear it in my own voice, but the crowd continued support. Then it happened - for 34,000 eyes to see, the lights brightened and the man in white came on stage!

    The ball was rolling for an amazing show, he opened up with the queen is dead. Not until he sang it did I understand the statement he was making. My interpretation was that the queen is dead, and we've been free to do what we like this entire time.

    I remember him saying "It'll only get more dangerous from here on out", at the time I felt he was saying it to me for shouting his name over the insults he provided.

    He was true to the words he has written years ago. On let me kiss you, he spoke of someone you physically admire - and in his boldness, he ripped off his button up shirt and the crowd went wild. He smashed the ice with his sheer openness.

    I had been standing since i stood up, everyone else was sitting, and then Girlfriend in a Coma came on. People around me began to stand up and dance around to the music! Surely we were at a music concert, why not dance? It was quite an experience.

    After a track or two, I decided to decend to the base of the mountain, to get a better vantage point. I ran down the steps, each one bringing me closer to the stage. I reached the top of the terrace boxes, from which i watched a song or two. Then I went to the far left, and found a path down the hill. I spotted a cameraman filming around the corner of the terrace boxes. I continued down the hill, and saw that there was only a white rail and a shrub separating me from the terrace seats. so I hopped the rail, and jollied down to the row between the terrace and garden boxes. This is where Moz began singing "Thats how people grow up", the lyrics I felt like booing because dreams don't need to die. And then as the song dragged out, Moz went on his back, legs above head, back on the drum platform, and played dead.

    He brought himself to his feet again and played Life is a Pigsty. Again, after singing pessimism, he fell to the floor as the music dragged on. He must've been there for 20 seconds, it was getting ridiculous, I shouted "This charming man!" with the passion of a tourette's patient, and with perfect timing, he sprang up and the epic guitar riffs of "How soon is Now" began wailing throughout the Bowl. The crowd roared, though soon enough, the song was over. The band took off their instruments and walked off stage.

    "Encore!" and "MORR-IS-SEY" were repeated throughout the venue, and the band returned for an encore in under 30 seconds!

    And then it happened - The most beautiful Moz/smiths track began to play, Please Please Please, Let me Get what I want. This is a song I would put on repeat on long car rides, on the record it has the most beautiful stringed instrument solo, which was substituted by a horn player. It was the same song that touched me through the headphones of an ipod on a drive back from vegas two years ago. Seeing the animation on Morrissey's face on the large screen as he sang words older than me was unforgettable and true.
    It was really a stunning moment.

    After hearing that, I couldn't care what the next song was, in fact i can't remember it. But the final song was a fantastic smith's tune - There is a light that never goes out. I take the lyrics as a resolution to fate turning any single way and taking us in the middle of our journey. "If a double decker bus, crashes into us" "I'll die by your side, such a heavenly way to die". The verses to thi
    Skyjog -- Saturday June 09 2007, @12:47PM (#262655)
    (User #19321 Info)
  • This was my 16th show seeing MOZ through the years. By far this was truly one of the greatest shows this LEGEND has performed. Cheers to the awesome crowd/fans, the venue, the crew, the band and last but certainly not least MORRISSEY.
    moz2k -- Saturday June 09 2007, @01:31PM (#262664)
    (User #226 Info)
  • Can anyone tell me the name of the British performer who appeared (doing the Twist) in the video clips before the show? He with the Moz-ish hair? Great NY Dolls footage, BTW.
    Brandoland -- Saturday June 09 2007, @01:53PM (#262672)
    (User #19323 Info)
  • This is a longshot, but can anyone ID the artist and song title from the first video clip during intermission? From an old French musical I believe. I've become obsessed with getting a copy of this song! Great, quirky video montage, undoubtedly from Moz's personal collection.

    Great show. I shall never see Moz again for what can possibly top seeing him at my favorite venue? :-)
    inkling23 -- Saturday June 09 2007, @02:19PM (#262677)
    (User #19324 Info)
  • Stop taking your shirt off!
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @02:33PM (#262681)
  • Saw these 2 actors at the show. In Garden boxes just a few in front of me. It blew me away that they are Morrissey fans, but made me extatic! Michael Rosenbaum Got up on a chair and was waving his arms around singing Please Please was awesome!

    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @03:50PM (#262694)
  • The Bowl is just a rotten place to see a show, Almost everyone has a rotten seat. Even the $150 Garden Boxes required binoculars.

    This was just to stroke his own ego. He should have done 5 nights at the Roxy and give his LA fans a treat instead of freezing them cold,overpriced and unconformable Hollywood Bowl
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @03:52PM (#262696)
  • The anticipation for Morrisseys arrival is heightened by the fact she is so mediocre !

    Don`t you think Moz knows this ;-)
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @04:06PM (#262700)
  • the setlist up top is very different than the one in the bootleg. so either one is wrong. just pointing this out.
    colinsociety -- Saturday June 09 2007, @04:28PM (#262706)
    (User #18880 Info |
  • I am lucky (& I suppose old) enough to say I saw the Smiths in 1985 @ the Tower Theater in Philadelphia. At the end of the show practically the entire crowd rushed the stage for the encore (GOD I wish I could remember what it was). Those were the days ...

    Although much more calm and a lot less intimate, this show was still among the best I've ever seen. Yes, the tix were pricey (I'm not even going to admit what I paid for front row garden box) but to me it was well worth it. The Bowl is a magical place and Moz is a well-deserved performer to grace its stage. He sounded absolutely incredible, the band is as close to perfection as it gets, and shirt or no shirt - you can all continue to debate that one but the truth is, the man's still got it!

    So looking forward to the dvd! The camera was on my friend & I for a bit so who knows ... hopefully we'll make the cut.

    I posted some pics on my myspace - please check 'em out!

    Looking forward to Bakersfield tomorrow night!

    doney86 -- Saturday June 09 2007, @04:52PM (#262710)
    (User #19327 Info)
    It was dark as I drove the point home.
  • This has to be one of the best Morrissey concerts in a long time. I was at the bowl 15 years ago and he out did himself. The enery of the crowd was optimal and charged with genuine appreciation. Yes, me and my brothers sang with Morrissey on a few old songs, to the annoyance of bad attitude people around us. It was a cultural thing for us to sing along. Most will never understand. As far as those bad bad people who rush the stage. It's a tradition and sign of affection for our hero. Stuffy people really are only upset at their own angst.

    Anyhow, its was fabulous. Hope to get on the dvd with our Morrissey chant during the interviews.

    Hector's brothers from the eastside. Hector is not dead, by the way.)
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @05:11PM (#262715)
  • The Queen Is Dead
    Last Of The Famous International Playboys
    The National Front Disco
    Let Me Kiss You
    All You Need Is Me
    The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    In The Future When All Is Well
    I Will See You In Far Off Places
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    First Of The Gang To Die
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    You Have Killed Me
    That's How People Grow Up
    Life Is A Pigsty
    How Soon Is Now? /Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want /You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side //There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    I wish I had a way to be there, but I'm 2000 miles away.
    Glad I could help though, hopefully the DVD is out fairly soon.
    colinsociety -- Saturday June 09 2007, @05:38PM (#262719)
    (User #18880 Info |
  • Well well Morrissey was in top form at The bowl. Is this true that this shwo will release as a DVD? Awesome would that be eh!? I really enjoy the show the best performance of How Soon Is Now was the best redention I have ever seen since the gig at Glen Helen Pavallion. The set list was a amazing The show was longer than usal. Thanks MORRISSEY it was a great show.
    Mozz2007 <reversethis-{moc ... } {yneerbyenahs}> -- Saturday June 09 2007, @05:40PM (#262720)
    (User #18907 Info)
  • Living on a beggarly student's budget, I had nosebleed seats in the back, and I have to say the sound was just abominable from where I sat.

    It truly sounded as if someone was playing the Smiths on an old "boom box" when he opened with The Queen is Dead.

    Did anyone else in the poor seats find the sound simiarly bad?

    I got used to it as the concert went on, but it made the whole concert less enjoyable than it could have been..

    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @06:05PM (#262727)
  • Oh one more thing I forget something. Ana and Heather you lovely two ladies. It was nice talkin to you on the way of the bowl. Ana thank you for holding my arm that was sweet of you. Hope to see you again.

    Mozz2007 <reversethis-{moc ... } {yneerbyenahs}> -- Saturday June 09 2007, @06:12PM (#262728)
    (User #18907 Info)
  • During the pre-show prerecorded voice (thick Irish female voice, was it Sinead O'Conner?)there were certain obviously inflammatory words and phrases being spoken, one of which was "AIDS Inventor". Can anyone else confirm what I heard? And also, does anyone have a written format of that entire sequence of words and to cite the source of where it came from? I am fascinated and would like to know more.
    charisma -- Saturday June 09 2007, @06:36PM (#262731)
    (User #19328 Info)
  • and Tori Amos. I like Tori better.
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @07:57PM (#262738)
  • lol did anyone else feel the urge to pop Ms. Young's dress? the Bubble dress

    a wonderful show, drove me to tears!
    he has that profound effect on me!

    also my aunties first tiem ever going to a concert and she was so happy that it was Morrissey who popped her concert cherry!

    congrats to her!
    Mozzy_Girl -- Saturday June 09 2007, @09:00PM (#262744)
    (User #15480 Info)
  • Does anybody know the full lyrics to "All You Need Is Me"? Also, I can't seem to find it anywhere to download.
    charisma -- Saturday June 09 2007, @09:49PM (#262752)
    (User #19328 Info)
  • Here is the URL to the track played before the concert which I thought was grand: viewAlbum?id=28511902&s=143441

    Check the thread under "AIDS Inventor" for the story behind it.
    charisma -- Saturday June 09 2007, @09:58PM (#262755)
    (User #19328 Info)
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