posted by davidt on Saturday June 09 2007, @11:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / Whatever Happens, I Love You / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / In The Future When All's Well / Let Me Kiss You / That's How People Grow Up / The National Front Disco / Ganglord / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Panic / Irish Blood, English Heart / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / All You Need Is Me / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / How Soon Is Now? // The Queen Is Dead

setlist provided by no one in particular and Crashing Boar
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  • Whatever Happens, I Love You was played at this show. And the setlist was rearranged rather a lot.
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 09 2007, @11:11PM (#262771)
  • Morrissey said before they played the song from World of Morrisse. Boz played clarinet during it. First of the Gang to Die was played again like last night at the Bowl.

    The venue was in the lower levels of a casino. It was a nice place and the sound was above average. He sold it out.

    During Please, Please, Please he had a new lyric change. He has been changing the one line to Please, please, please let me have who I want this time. He replaced "this time" with "tonight."

    He also said something like he had to be on his way because he had a date at midnight with a mortician.

    There were lots of flowers being thrown throughout the show. I was the first to attempt to invade during the one song encore (The Queen Is Dead). I madeit on stage but was greeted by Arturo right away, who shoved me off stage into the arms of the floor security who escorted me to the side. The security mared my hand with an x and walked me past police officers. He didn't explain why, but I was under the impression that if I tried it again I would be arrested. That was just the start of the chaos. After that, about 10 or so people tried but nobody was fully successful.

    Last show of the first leg tomorrow in Bakersfield. See you guys there and then it's back to Philly for me.
    Joe Benzon -- Saturday June 09 2007, @11:22PM (#262773)
    (User #12767 Info)
  • THE setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    yes, this is really it....

    [1] First of the Gang To Die
    [2] The Last of the Famous International Playboys
    [3] Whatever Happens, I Love You
    [4] You Have Killed Me
    [5] Disappointed
    [6] In the Future When All's Well
    [7] Let Me Kiss You
    [8] That's How People Grow Up
    [9] National Front Disco
    [10] Ganglord
    [11] Everyday Is Like Sunday
    [12] Panic
    [13] Irish Blood, English Heart
    [14] The Boy With the Thorn In His Side
    [15] You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side
    [16] I Just Want To See the Boy Happy
    [17] All You Need Is Me
    [18] Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
    [19] I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
    [20] How Soon Is Now?
    [21] The Queen Is Dead

    p.s. more comments to come for those who care

    -NOIP and Crashing Boar

    no one in particular -- Saturday June 09 2007, @11:28PM (#262777)
    (User #16463 Info)
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  • The smokers ruined the show for me, I am sticking to only seeing shows in Italy and California where they have laws against such uncouth behavior!
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 10 2007, @12:45AM (#262791)
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  • So you people who follow him around the country; are you stalkers or fantastic fanatics? If I were Morrissey, I would be scared.
    charisma -- Sunday June 10 2007, @12:58AM (#262794)
    (User #19328 Info)
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  • Pics are now up at my mac site. Click the link below and click the pics to enlarge. Cheers to the Brtis Andy and Jan who flew in for the show and also got married - you got Moz to perform at your reception! The setlist was mixed up and his energy was exceptional. Will work on posting vids, give me feedback.
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Sunday June 10 2007, @01:38AM (#262796)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • try this:
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Sunday June 10 2007, @01:41AM (#262797)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • Great to see him bring back more and more old favorites to the set. First Disappointed and I've Changed My Plea, then Last Of The Famous and now Whatever Happens!

    By the way, over at the forums [] we are compiling a Morrissey/The Smiths Top 100 [] by rating every song, on a daily basis. We're at H now, today's song is another Boxers b-side: Have-A-Go Merchant.
    Feel free to join in!

    houdini72 -- Sunday June 10 2007, @01:44AM (#262798)
    (User #15859 Info)
  • I heard them sound check this song in Dallas! You lucky people got to hear it... I am so jealous.
    baronvonmoz -- Sunday June 10 2007, @01:44AM (#262799)
    (User #17710 Info)
  • There's an excellent,very hard to find version of Still Ill, recorded during a bbc tv appearance in early 2006, posted on, available for download. I hope you like it. The quality is excellent and I think it's better than the Smiths version.

    ps it's awesome that he played Whatever Happens I Love You...
    The Bicycle Tragedy -- Sunday June 10 2007, @02:03AM (#262802)
    (User #18769 Info)
  • His words (Score:3, Informative)

    GOOD LINES (as usual)

    arrival on stage: "Are we ready to rant and rave?"

    before Whatever Happens: "You do realize, don't you, whatever happens, I love you"

    between Whatever Happens/YHKM: "Call it experimental jazz or call it whatever you like to; I won't be offended"

    before In the Future: "I have a very pathetic dream...very pathetic; it's called in the future when all's well"

    after In the Future was lead-in to band introduction: "You are about to witness a bomb fired from a cannon"
    "Boz Boorer"
    "Solomon Walker"
      [then he quipped, calling someone "Charlie Brown" (I think a stage hand?)], then
    "Solomon's identical twin, Matt Walker"
    "Solomon's identical triplet, Mike(y) Farrell"
    "Nobody's Child, Jesse Tobias"

    after Let Me Kiss You, "On the 25th of this month, we'll appear on your David Letterman show where we will sing this song": and then whispered garbled sounds into the microphone (funny) and then launched into That's How People Grow Up (THPGU)

    after THPGU: "Just give it time; give it time"

    between National Front Disco/Ganglord: "So you see, it's a very sophisticated, very sophisticated evening"

    following YGNSOYS: "You're gonna need someone on your side, however, it doesn't mean you're gonna find somebody; it just means you need somebody"

    intro to All You Need Is Me: "I would like to tell you something that's extremely humorous, all you need is me...but on the other hand, you might not"

    just after HSIN (before exiting the stage ahead of the encore): "I wish I could stay, but I have an appointment at midnight with the mortician"

    Ganglord: similar to at Hollywood Bowl (as per yesterday's post about it)
    "get your fat ass back to the ghetto", "get your scrawny ass back to the ghetto", and then "get your scrawny, miserable ass back to the ghetto" (was very lmao here)

    IBEH: "I've been dreaming of a time when Americans are sick to death of Republicans and Democrats"

    PPP,LMGWIW: "let me get what I want, tonight", then later "let me have who I want"

    special thanks to Crashing Boar for rescuing my pen from a near sudden death halfway through. =)

    and i'm not sorry for being a nerd

    no one in particular -- Sunday June 10 2007, @03:42AM (#262807)
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  • Until we've time to upload some of the videos we captured, here []'s a slide show of some of the frames captured during this song. Enjoy!
    alainsane -- Sunday June 10 2007, @04:45AM (#262811)
    (User #460 Info)
  • I come back here to find the most worthless scum posting here, with the most trivial posts i have ever read, congradulations are in order for you David, the looneys have finally taken over the shit covered asylum.

    Tedious pricks

    freeyourself® iseeyou
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 10 2007, @05:09AM (#262814)
  • It seems the rat has crawled back out of it's sewer.
    For the 357th time, the creature making posts on this site, and signing them "freeyourself", "Paul", "iseeyou", or in any other way attempting to impersonate me, is only doing so because he thinks it upsets me.
    In actual fact I LIKE to think of him STILL obsessing over me after all this time. It amuses me greatly to think how impoverished his life must be, that trolling me on a low rent website takes up so much of his time.
    The fact is, I NEVER sign a post and draw attention to myself, as the owner of the site deletes any posts he even suspects are mine.
    What is irritating is that there are those using this site who STILL think this clown is actually me.
    I'm sure he will get great comfort from this.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 10 2007, @08:15AM (#262828)
  • Morrissey rings are very loose...
    fixmefixmefixme -- Sunday June 10 2007, @10:10AM (#262851)
    (User #19213 Info)
  • Anyone see this? ssey%20picks%20grave_1033535

    I swear as I have predicted - this guy is going to commit suicide before he's 50.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 10 2007, @10:27AM (#262855)
  • Here [] Due to Google's downsampling, your best bet is to watch it at no larger than original size. Alternately, if you have the Koepi build of the XVid codec (Google Koepi and XVid to get it), you can watch this Megauploaded version of the song [] in its original dimensions. 88 Megs. Video quality: C Audio Quality: B. Performance: obviously an A.
    alainsane -- Sunday June 10 2007, @11:10AM (#262860)
    (User #460 Info)
  • Video clips available at:

    FDR <[email protected]> -- Sunday June 10 2007, @11:24AM (#262864)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • Kate Bush she will never be.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 10 2007, @02:24PM (#262895)
  • Its always strange to go a gig in a casino. Making the walk past the blackjack tables and the video poker machines I couldnt help thinking about whether or not it would be a good idea if Moz did an Engleburt, Tom Jones or Wayne Newton and played there all the time. We come to him instead of waiting for him to come to him to us! Sounds good? Sounds good until walking passed the people trying to get position to get picked from behind the velvet rope for the playboy club/bunnyranch/mansion/whatever...saddest thing you will ever set eyes on, ok lets get this over with, we passed and shook hands with the Moz lookalike, nice bloke but good luck if thats a career choice, my Benny Hill impersonating gigs were a disaster...its a tough game.

    A beautiful theater is the pearl, great sound, a few empty seats but mostly full crowd of inksters,oldsters,quiffers,latino's,the gay,the straight and the cellphone addicts...same crowd as Barry Manilow really...without the flowers!

    Moz brought back First of the gang and ganglord, dropped pigsty, flipped Queen is dead from opener to closer and put playboys in the second spot...I liked the Moz mid song ad libs "get your scrawny ass back to the ghetto",during HSIN circles his face and sings "look at my face, all my hope has gone", after the I know you and you cannot sing line in TQID snarls "oh yeah, oh yeah", loved the grunting during playboys and the "Im being censored" comment, hated the people who WILL NOT STOP TALKING, SHUT UP AND YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING, you might enjoy the show a bit more too! To the people necking during the show, whats wrong with an old fashioned handshake or a high 5? I dont want to be subjected to looking at the tongue of your mealy mouth's, really, get a room. There are plenty available in Vegas. None of these things could spoil another wonderful night in the company of our silver tonged hero and as I left I thought maybe it wouldnt be so bad if Moz played Vegas as a mainstay, then I saw the playboy line again and thought again! On to the next one, June 30th for this stalker when Moz plays Broadway...well,almost!
    Foster88 -- Sunday June 10 2007, @02:56PM (#262899)
    (User #17605 Info)
    I have spent my whole life in ruin's, because of people who are nice.
  • I know he still played The Queen is Dead, but him moving it to last makes me nervous. It's probably in my top three favorite moz/smiths songs of all time and I really hope he keeps it for the east coast dates! WE LOVE THE QUEEN IS DEAD, MOZ! KEEP PLAYING IT!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 10 2007, @03:18PM (#262903)
  • yes, agree with others, the Pearl is total class. posh and beautiful. fun hanging around drinking by the bar during Kristeen, watching all the characters emerge in from coming down the stairs, heckling amongst ourselves (and one recruit)

    was a little disappointed that pigsty wasn't in there. was really looking forward to it, as it was also excluded for the one gig i went to last year. two more chances at it now for this here stalker. ;)

    Faves: Disappointed and Boy with Thorn (no words do justice...)

    oh, and morrissey didn't offer the microphone to anyone that i could see (at least not a one spoke, if he did!). he did direct a remark to julia but didn't catch it.

    p.s. thank you las vegas airport for free wireless what with all these hours i've had to kill.... :)

    no one in particular -- Sunday June 10 2007, @04:15PM (#262910)
    (User #16463 Info)
  • Ran into Boz and his wife before the show at the sushi restaraunt in the Pals....very cool dude....nice couple
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 10 2007, @05:45PM (#262921)
    • Re:boz boorer by ThinkOfMeKindlyLV (Score:1) Sunday June 10 2007, @09:00PM
    • Re:boz boorer by Foster88 (Score:0) Sunday June 10 2007, @10:28PM
  • Someone from the right side of the stage kept throwing condom balloons on to the stage. I remember seeing 3 in flight. I don't know if there were more then that.

    Morrissey gave whoever was throwing them a strange look, and at the second balloon he asked them why. I don't know if he ever got an answer.

    If it was to get his attention, you most defintley got it.

    It was stupid and funny at the same time. A great idea in the end.
    ella-reflex -- Sunday June 10 2007, @09:14PM (#262939)
    (User #13859 Info |
    Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free...
  • if anyone finds a red digi camera with lots of morrissey pics and videos on it...dont bother letting me know.

    Anyway, had a terrific time and loved the mix of songs. Crowd was great and sang along and morrissey was in great spirits and looked marvelous.
    andrea_464 -- Sunday June 10 2007, @10:19PM (#262946)
    (User #18789 Info)
  • So, my first time posting here but saw this and decided I would add some comments.

    I loved the set. I was so happy to be able to see Morrissey after liking him for so long. It was very surreal being there.

    Did anyone see that fight for the shirt on the right side of the stage? How about that little guy who got tackled on stage? That was very interesting. We commented about it to the bodyguard who body checked the poor kid. He just smiled really big.

    I did see a guy get his record signed and all the condom balloons. I wasn't on the floor, sadly. I was, however, in the first row of the seating in the centerish. I had a nice view and was able to see everything.

    I teared up right when he began singing. As lame as that may sound. I kind of wished his sang "There's a Light That Never Goes Out" because it is one of my favorite songs. Although he didn't, I am very, very happy he played "Everyday Is Like Sunday". Bah! I like a lot of the songs, I wasn't disappointed at all.

    The look-a-likes and the quiffers were very interesting. The only thing that was kind of scary were the drunk people after the show throwing their drinks on the floor while cursing. :)

    I really, really had a good time. The Pearl was beautiful. I would go to Vegas and see Morrissey again in a heartbeat.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 10 2007, @11:46PM (#262970)
    • Re:First time. by realitybites (Score:1) Monday June 11 2007, @01:37AM
  • Last night, I saw what should have been an unqualified success. It had all the makings of a great concert: a beautiful venue, wonderful acoustics, and a near-capacity audience. Yet I sensed (and contributed to) a general sense of distractedness. Beside me, two gentleman kept flipping open their cell phones, swigging beer, and doing other than watching Morrissey. On the floor, there were numerous couples groping each other, including one who throughout the show swung a fistful of glow-in-the-dark necklaces and who actually faced away from the stage during "Everyday Is Like Sunday." A myriad periscoped cell-phone cameras all trying to save for later something best tasted in the now. So many people trying get things into Morrissey's hand...or at least onto the stage. I, too, was very distracted--instead watching other people, gauging the general energy of the crowd, scribbling notes onto my arm, and checking that my camera still had Morrissey in frame--instead of enjoying every note of his wonderful performance. I hold up as proofs of general listlessness the lack of a sustained, intelligible Morrissey chant (the first time I've not heard or participated in one in four tours). The encore cheering was lackluster and uninspiring. No one made it onto stage, despite the low stage, the narrow gap, and the average number of guards. I'm not chiding anyone more than myself. Next time (if there is one), I'm leaving the camera and pen at home.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 11 2007, @12:04AM (#262972)
  • I agree. Why waste good time clicking away on the digital camera or video-recording a shakey bad quality video for u-tube that is of no use to anyone other than tease Morrissey fans worldwide that you were there and they were not.
    It's not even about appreciating the performance anymore with the endless chatter on the cellphones and the multiple picture taking of each other in front of the stage WHILE THE PERFORMER IS PERFORMING!!! (this was at the
    Hollywood Bowl). It's rude and obnoxious and sometimes people get away with murder. If I were enjoying an Opera or Symphonic Orchestra and someone was acting that way, the entire room would gasp with horror and, hopefully, the offender(s) would be promptly escorted
    out. I know with the cellphone cameras why some people would feel compelled and it would be impossible to control hundreds, thousands of people from using their digital devices with a handful of security but I am talking about
    people taking out digital cameras and digital recorders and unabashedly taking multiple pictures one after the other WHILE chatting rudely and obnoxiously on the phone (how can they even hear unless they are just talking withoutlistening and doing everything they can to make their friends jealous). Also, the ticket says: NO CAMERAS!!!!! and certainly as common courtesy to ALL, STOP CHATTING/SHOUTING ON YOUR CELL PHONES DURING A PERFORMANCE!!! Text message if you must and just enjoy the show. And the old ugly lecherous guys are not fun at all to be around, I get a bad vibe from them, they are not Morrissey fans, they are there because somehow they scored a ticket and they just want to score some drunk chick that can't stop endlessly shouting in her cellphone and clicking away at the camera and it is just sickening.
    charisma -- Monday June 11 2007, @01:56AM (#262996)
    (User #19328 Info)
  • OK- PregnantfortheLastTime here-

    Each show I've been to has been a different experience. Chicago was a cool, remote box seat, with me dancing alone. Indy I had the amazing brilliant, first row pit with no barrier experience. This time, I was in GA, one body off the barrier, getting squeezed and shoved and nearly trampled in the shirt melee. I cold barely see Moz, stuck as I was behind a cute guy with very crispy hair, and another guy whose shoulder I'm sure I abused (sorry man). Best of all, just as in Indy, I found someone to stand close to- hi Mike. Did you grab my ass? Is that what you were apologizing for? Frankly I didn't notice in all that crush. But thank you for watching my back! I needed it.

    For some reason (could it be all the alcohol, dyou think?) I developed a minor migraine halfway through the show, so there were twice as many flashy lights for me as for everyone else. The show was awesome. I just wish I could remember more of it...

    I took my camera in in the front of my underpants. I was wearing a little black dress, and didn't get patted down, nor did they check my purse. However, I handed purse and camera off to my DH who was up in the third row just behind me when I saw the kind of crush I was in for. I was in heels and all. Glad I did, I needed my hands to stay upright. And DH, NOT GETTING IT, didn't bother to take any pics. Matters not, would not have worked since I didn't have my big SLR and good lenses.

    I was so very tempted to go up- I thought they might not be too rough on a chick in a little dress- no way could I pose any threat. So at the very end, I started shouting to the guys around me, "Send me up!" and started scrambling, but I don't think they heard me.

    I don't even know what else to say- this was a show I experienced in my bones as much as with my eyes and ears. Now I know what mass hysteria is all about.

    Let's see.. I was just near the second shirt fracas. Used all my strength to not go down- that was a fierce one- I guess the shirt wouldn't tear, they started sticking their heads up and asking for a knife. I did get to use the crush to scoot forward half a body. Didn't help much though. All the sudden there were a guy and girl there who hadn't been there before.

    I want another. I don't know if I can manage it. Grr.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 11 2007, @09:20AM (#263040)
  • I happened to see Joe Escalante (from The Vandals, The Sweet and Tender Hooligans, and Indie 103.1) the morning after the Moz show at mass at Guardian Angel Cathedral on Las Vegas Blvd. Of course he was in town for the Moz show, kudos for making it to church, especially on holiday in vegas.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 11 2007, @09:50AM (#263047)
  • After the nightmare in S.D., Morrissey has redeemed himself again in Las Vegas. So, for those that chose not to see him again, may want to change their mind. It was a very intimate and sophisticated venue. He put on a great show. "Whatever happens, I love you" was beautiful. I was really hoping to see the transition from Pisty to HSIN, but he didn't.

    Fave: Please, Please, Please let me get who I want tonight.

    Deep down inside I was wishing for this too. :(, peace & harmony...well maybe in the next world...
    poetrylover -- Monday June 11 2007, @11:30AM (#263068)
    (User #18707 Info)
    With loves, and hates and passions just like mine...
  • Moz sang this verse at Ventura and The Pearl. It had me cheering all night long! Well I wonder what The Hooligans thought about that slap in their faces?
    "Irish Blood, English Heart"
    el taco -- Monday June 11 2007, @07:59PM (#263168)
    (User #3065 Info)
  • Does anyone know the music that was played before Kristeen Young did her set? There was some great music played. I think one of the songs was Sparks... Any help would be great!
    Valse -- Thursday June 14 2007, @05:30PM (#263592)
    (User #19386 Info)

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