posted by davidt on Sunday June 10 2007, @11:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / You Have Killed Me / In The Future When All's Well / Disappointed / Let Me Kiss You / That's How People Grow Up / The National Front Disco / Ganglord / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / All You Need Is Me / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Lucky Lisp / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / How Soon Is Now? // The Queen Is Dead

setlist provided by Joe Benzon
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  • Just got home. Great show. Moz was at the top of his game.He announced that he will be performing live on David Letterman on June 25th. He also played his version of "Stand by your man". All in all... it was a very enjoyable set.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 10 2007, @11:16PM (#262961)
  • Same set as Vegas minus Whatever Happens, I Love You and Panic plus Lucky Lisp.

    Two successful stage invaders and two shirts thrown into the audience.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 10 2007, @11:21PM (#262964)
  • Girlfriend in a Coma was played.
    AEversW -- Monday June 11 2007, @12:13AM (#262973)
    (User #19344 Info)
  • The venue was not sold out. I would say there was about 1200 to 1500 in attendance.

    The lads came out and they all yelled things like "Lights, camera, action!" into the mic one at a time.

    1. First of the Gang to Die - There was a lyric change to "and he stole from the rich which is you, and the poor which me, and the very poor.
    2. The Last of the Famous International Playboys
    3. You Have Killed Me
    4. In the Future When All's Well
    5. Dissapointed
    6. Let Me Kiss You - He threw a shirt into the crowd. My friend Mike caught the entire shirt. Only a few buttons were missing from when Mozz ripped it off.
    7. That's How People Grow Up - Beforehand he announced again(like last night) that he will perform on the David Letterman show on June 25th.
    8. National Front Disco - I got a full on handshake during the song.
    9. Ganglord
    10. Girlfriend In A Coma
    11. Everyday Is Like Sunday
    12. The Boy With the Thorn In His Side - I told myself at the beginning of the show that I was going to get on stage during this song. He started it, and I went for it. I got on the side of the stage and just went for it. I hurdled over the lights and sprinted towards him. I gave him a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. I had him in my grip for a good 2 or 3 seconds before Arturo pulled me off. The other security guard gripped me back of the neck very hard and forced me to run off the stage. I was led to a short back hallway where I was handed off to the venue security. They led me back into the venue and were pretty lax. Another guard came up to me and demanded to see my ticket. It was a pit ticket. He said that they normaly kick people out, but he would let me stay but not let me back in the pit. He was blunt but not rude. Many people high fived me. The owner of Rockit Records came up to me and took a pic of me for their website.
    13. Irish Blood, English Heart - Before this song, he said "I am your humble, humble servant." He changed "the English are sick to death of labor" to "Americans are sick to death of Republicans and Democrats."
    14. All You Need Is Me - Before he said "From the blind(I think it was blind) to the ridiculous, all you need is me.
    15. You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side - A little boy was let on stage. Morrissey knelt down and posed for a picture with him. He then took his hand and led him back to the crowd. There was a second shirt thrown.
    16. I Just Want to See the Boy Happy - Beforehand he commented "Julia there's a lot of children in the crowd...and they're all mine." During this song a girl in a sirt invaded the stage and jumped on to Morrissey and wrapped her arms and legs around him.
    17. Lucky Lisp
    18. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - In the song he says "Lord knows it will be the first time" and then repeats it. Instead of repeating it he said "Tonight" six times.
    19. I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
    Mikey's solo piano into into
    20. How Soon Is Now? - There was one stage invader, but he got caught by security pretty much as soon as he got up. He put up a fight and was able to get a handshake.

    21. The Queen Is Dead - He came out before the song and said "Very astute, very astute." There was another stage invader who met a similar fate as the previous one. A little girl was brought up on stage. She was up on the stage earlier in the set too, but I forgot which song.

    There were some other things I remember, but can't place where in the set they were. I blurred together all my thoughts from before I hugged and kissed Morrissey because I was in awe.

    Wen he introduced the band he said "Here are the boyfriends in a coma." When he got to Jesse and Mikey he mentioned that they were standing on their x's.

    He stopped in between songs and said "I have to ask you a question. This is the last show on the first leg of the tour. Will you be attending more? He passed the mic into the crowd to a gentleman who answered "a little bit, yeah." Mozz got the mic back where he then turned to Julia
    Joe Benzon -- Monday June 11 2007, @12:27AM (#262977)
    (User #12767 Info)
  • Bakersfield (Score:1, Informative)

    Just got home from the show. What an amazing performance by Morrissey. That man never lets me down. The crowd was older and pretty calm.

    After the intro music finished the band came on stage and said lights camera action into the mic.

    Morrissey " Do you really think you'll pull through? "

    1. First Of The Gang To Die
    2. The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
    3. You Have Killed Me

    Morrissey " Thank God Im A ______ Player "

    4. In The Futre When All's Well

    Morrissey " So Let Me Guess You Just Happened To Drive through Bakersfield And Asked Yourself Well Can I Take It? "

    5. Disappointed
    [During the song a 5-7 year old litttle girl got on stage Morrissey held her hand and walked her around for about a bit]

    Morrissey " The Boys In Colour Are Boz Boorer, Soloman Walker, Matt Walker, Standing on his X jessie tobias, Standing on his X Michael Farrell And uh..[Loud Cheer] Please Please Please Too Much Attention So Little Time "

    6. Let Me Kiss You
    [Morrissey throws Shirt Into Crowd]

    Morrissey " Well I shouldnt Remind You To Be Out Of The House On June 25th We Appear On The David LEtterman Show and We Sing This Song Called Stand By Your Man

    7. Thats How People Grow Up

    Morrissey " Thats How People Grow Up Just Like That Exactly "

    8. The National Front Disco

    Morrissey " its The End Of The First Leg What Do You Think Of That Julia ? "
    Julia "Im Looking Foward To Seeing You Again "
    [Morrissey hands the mic to the crowd]
    Dumb Guy " Vote For __________ "
    Girl " Morrissey For President[ Loud Cheer]

    9. Ganglord
    [Morrissey Hands Mic To Crowd]
    Girl " thank You For Touring"
    [Morrissey Was Given A Good Looking Man About Town Towel Which He Tucked Into His PAnts And Let It Dangle In Front]
    Girl " When Is Your Next Single Coming Out? "
    Morrissey " WouldYou Really Like To Know? Well I Got No Idea "

    10. Girlfriend In A Coma
    11. Everyday Is Like Sunday

    Morrissey " Thank You"

    12.The Boy With A Thorn In His Side

    Morrissey " I Am Your Humble Servant "

    13. Irish Blood English Heart

    Morrissey " From The Sly To The Ridiculous All You Need Is Me

    14. All You Need Is Me
    15. You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
    [During The Song a 5-7 Year Old boy Was Let On Stage Morrissey Knelt Down And Hugged Him While Singing The Line " You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side"
    [Morrissey Tosses Second Shirt To Crowd]

    Morrissey " Julia So Many Children In The Audience And Thier All Mine"

    16. I Just Want To See This Boy Happy
    17. Lucky Lisp
    18. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
    19. I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
    20. How Soon Is Now?
    [Morrissey Lays On Ground With Crotch In Air Then Goes Off Stage]

    Morrissey comes back on stage with abnd and bows before the crowd.

    21. The Queen is Dead
    [During This Song The Same Little Girl Got On Stage Again]

    End Of Show.

    There was 2-3 stage invaders One looked like jesus the other practically bear hugged Morrissey and piggy back rode him.

    There some stuff I missed Couldnt hear what Morrissey was saying at times.


    Anonymous -- Monday June 11 2007, @12:55AM (#262983)
  • This was only my fourth show of the tour (I attended the there Pasadena gigs), but I can confidently say this was the loosest and best I’ve seen Morrissey in years. I think a lot of that to do with a “This is Bakersfield, a minor market, and there’s no press so let’s let it all hang out” attitude. Plus, it was the last show of this leg of the tour—even Boz was dicking around with security during the songs.

    The venue was small, but wide—sort of like a high school auditorium. As a matter of fact, my cousin-in-law who lives in Bakersfield told me the local high schools hold their graduation ceremonies in the hall. About two-thirds of the seats were full and about 75 percent of those were Morrissey fans. The other 25 percent were local yokels from Bakersfield who came to see the traveling freak show. I was front row orchestra, right center, immediately behind the one-foot concrete slab that separated us from the sunken pit.

    As the band took the stage, they each took a turn at the microphone before they retreated to their instruments. Each one, starting off with one of the Walker brothers shouting, “Lights,” then Jessie shouted “Camera,” Matt yelled “Action,” and so on repeating the words until Boz shouted “Action,” (I believe). They were all wearing the same outfits they wore at one of the nights at the Pasadena show: The white Triumph motorcycle riding school t-shirts with white trousers. Morrissey came on with a black suit, black pants and I believe a black shirt. They started off with “First of the Gang,” “Last of the Famous Int. Playboys,” and from what I remember, pretty close to the same set list as Vegas.

    The two new songs, “That’s How People Grow Up” and “All You Need Is Me” are amazing rockers, and I’m the biggest pessimist there is. With the right producer, these songs and the rest of the new LP could be like “Your Arsenal.”

    The crowd was enthusiastic, but incredibly crude—I couldn’t figure out if it was because they were from the Bakersfield area (which is a pretty downtrodden town which breeds mouth breathers) or if it was just dumb kids acting dumb. Examples: throwing junk at Morrissey, pushing and shoving girls half their size, etc. Also, I encountered a fact Mexican girl in the orchestra section as well—I wonder if this is the same one that others have mentioned from previous gigs.

    There were also two memorable stage invaders: the first one was by a rather large, milk-fed local who ran stage right, gave Moz a quick hug from the back and ran off during “The Boy with the Thorn.” He would have gotten away unscathed, but he got cute, raised his arms in the air and played to the crowd. Just then, Moz’s big Hispanic bodyguard pummeled him in a half-nelson and into the wings. The other was a petite girl, dressed sorta like a French whore with a lacey black tutu and black spiked heels. She came stage left, locked her arms and legs around Morrissey and clamped on. By the time she was pried off, even Moz was wincing and pushing her away.

    Another odd thing was that he brought up two children on stage with him at two different times: One girl about 10 years old, and later in the show, a boy, about 4. I counted close to 10 or so kids under 10 years old, including my five-year-old daughter.

    He was somewhat chatty. Mentioned the Letterman appearance, mentioned something about how we all ended up in Bakersfield, introduced “Whatever Happens, I Love You” as “Stand by Your Man” and chatted a lot with the crowd (and yes, Julia was in the front row (how in the fuck does she get that seat every fucking time).

    Long story short (I know, too late), this was one of the best shows I’ve been in ages—for some reason, much more fun than the Pasadena shows. The band seemed to be having a better time, Morrissey was in very good spirits and all over the stage, and the venue and its sounds was crisp and crystal clear.

    Side note, does anyone know what that handkerchief said? The one that he pulled out from the crowd and tucked into the front of his pants?

    PS: Kristeen Young was insufferable.
    eugenius -- Monday June 11 2007, @12:58AM (#262984)
    (User #1665 Info |
    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • Just as it was in Riverside, I have a vastly improved opinion of Bakersfield thanks to His Mozness gracing it with his splendid presence!

    I was the one who handed him the blue "hankie". It wasn't exactly a hankie, though Moz wiped his face with it. It was a tea towel that I made. It had the ROTT "M" logo with an equals sign, then "GOOD LOOKING MAN ABOUT TOWN." I hope someone took a good photo of Moz wearing it tucked into his trousers.

    When Moz asked, "And when I say ghetto, I mean...?" and handed the mic to me, I was somewhat dumbfounded. I should've said something smartass like "Weed Patch" or "Fresno." I was actually gonna say, "West Hollywood." But I just said I didn't know and would he please tell us. Then I babbled my thanks about his touring and my question about when he would release his new single -- which I lurve!!!

    It's hard to say which was better -- Hollywood Bowl or Bakersfield. Both were extremely exciting, and I had excellent seats for both. At one, I got to go to the vip afterparty and talk to th'Lads, including Alain Whyte. Saw Moz there, too, but I didn't want to bother him. There were too many unpleasant people pushing to get at him there. At the other, I was closer to the stage and well, you know!

    If only Moz had been at Buck Owen's Crystal Palace, then I could definitely say!
    Mel Torment -- Monday June 11 2007, @02:25AM (#263001)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • Sorry (Score:1, Informative)

    I was all the way at the front of the stage right in the middle and I feel that I gotta apologize to everyone there for saying "Ann Coulter For President" when Moz handed me the Microphone... it was completely inappropiate.
    Sorry, if I offended anyone(including Mozzy) I just wanted to say something unconventional and completely random.....He didn't look like he appreciated it....ooooops!

    Also thank you Ricky for selling me that PIT ticket.... I got to caress Moz face & hair and feel his spit on my face a couple times...You rock!

    The full-figured girl next to me with a nice digital camera better post some of those great pictures she took.....please.

    The little Boy who went up on stage with Moz was so cute.... I hope some has a shot of Moz with the kid. It was an absolutely adorable moment.

    DAnn Coulter
    Anonymous -- Monday June 11 2007, @03:11AM (#263005)
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      • Re:Sorry by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 13 2007, @12:14AM
  • Greatest Hits Tour, 2007:

    You Have Killed Me 30
    Disappointed 30
    Everyday Is Like Sunday 30
    Let Me Kiss You 30
    The National Front Disco 30
    How Soon Is Now? 30
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy 30
    The Queen Is Dead 30
    The Boy With The Thorn In His Side 30
    You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side 29
    I Will See You In Far-Off Places 28
    Life Is A Pigsty 27
    Irish Blood, English Heart 27
    All You Need Is Me 27
    I’ve Changed My Plea To Guilty 26
    First Of The Gang To Die 25
    In The Future When All’s Well 25
    Ganglord 23
    Panic 20
    The Youngest Was The Most Loved 19
    Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want 19
    At Last I Am Born 15
    The Last Of The Famous International Playboys 12
    Girlfriend In A Coma 11
    Lucky Lisp 11
    That’s How People Grow Up 10
    Drive-In Saturday 6
    Suedehead 2
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 2
    Dear God, Please Help Me 1
    Whatever Happens, I Love You 1
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Monday June 11 2007, @09:22AM (#263041)
    (User #4231 Info)
  • She is my daughter.. I got 1 fuzzy picture. ANYBODY, have her in any of your picures?? please, send pics to [email protected]
    I saw all 3 pasadenas, the 2 Sparks, 1 ventura and last night. I got 2 solid hand shakes last night,, he danced w my DAUGHTER,,
    Morrissey,, I thank you w all of MY heart.. Eddy
    David the wind blows -- Monday June 11 2007, @09:22AM (#263042)
    (User #19089 Info)
  • Did he play it or not? One post says it wasn't played & another says he played it, but introduced it as "Stand by your Man". Could you kindly clarify? Thanks.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 11 2007, @09:24AM (#263043)
  • was at the show last night and it was ok. i know kristeen has been getting a lot of harsh words but after seeing her 6th time she has grown on me. she is really not that bad. she does remind me of tori amos. Moz was in a great mood talking a lot and i though maybe glad he is done with the first leg of the tour. I thought the kids were really cute that went on stage with him. and his comment to Julia about there being a lot of kids in the crowd and they were all his.

    the only thing that i was lmao about was the outfits the band was in. i was waiting for them to breakout with "wake me up before you go-go" and i was wondering if Moz was going to rip open his shirt and be wearing and white CHOICE shirt underneath :)
    anaya -- Monday June 11 2007, @09:54AM (#263048)
    (User #19246 Info)
  • to the girl in the blue striped shirt with the bag that got to touch morrissey's hair!

    who ever you where you should know that you are beautiful beyond belief.

    Broderick -- Monday June 11 2007, @11:12AM (#263062)
    (User #18522 Info)
  • sand diego show sucked but not really, hollywoood was awesome, bakersfield was the closest i got to the man and the show F&^ken rocked morrissey's ass cheecks..All i have to say is " lucky lisp " omg aha! last nights show ended my ADVENTURE w/ MORRISSEY..that's it im broke but was worth all the pennies in the world aha

    Viva Morrissey!!!!
    Hesaid -- Monday June 11 2007, @12:16PM (#263084)
    (User #12049 Info)
    I know what will make u smile tonight...
  • At the end of the show Moz was tossed a book from the right, frount of the pit. Moz picked it up lokked at it and seemed pleased and impressed as he glanced at the area from which it came. What was it and who tossed it?
    Anonymous -- Monday June 11 2007, @01:25PM (#263109)
    • Re:The book? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 11 2007, @02:11PM
    • Re:The book? by Titchy (Score:1) Tuesday June 12 2007, @01:37AM
  • Did he do the montage of opening films in Bakersfield? I caught the New York Dolls, and the James Dean, but does anyone know what the latin dancing in German was from? And perhaps a run down of the opening films set list?
    Did the 'Imperfect list' run in front as well?

    Anonymous -- Monday June 11 2007, @02:19PM (#263119)
  • Pics are now up! Click link below and click images to enlarge.

    Did get pic of boy who got on stage (unfortunately, not the best quality).

    Will work on posting videos now - some of which are really great!

    Sorry this took so long. Post comments and enjoy.
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Monday June 11 2007, @04:27PM (#263136)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • The show was amazing...Morrissey was on his game

    I get upset that i cant catch a break to hear him perform "there is a light...."

    anyway...amazing one yet...i feel quite lucky
    Morrisseygal89 -- Monday June 11 2007, @04:29PM (#263138)
    (User #15643 Info)
  • At;

    Great intro clip

    Letterman announcement into new song That's How People Grow Up (most of song in clip and it is video also this time).

    The most incredible clip of a girl running up to Morrissey, leaping and then wrapping her legs around him during Boy Happy
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Monday June 11 2007, @05:36PM (#263147)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • I took my 11 year old son to his first MOZ concert, he was speechless. We drove out to Bakersfield from Riverside County and every mile driven was worth it to see Morrissey.
    MEMSTER76 -- Tuesday June 12 2007, @11:31AM (#263246)
    (User #19367 Info)
  • of an absolutely fabulous show from the front row. They're not quite as good as FDR's but a few aren't too shabby.

    Sad since
    I know it's over ... no more shows for me I'm afraid. Happy to have gotten to go to 3 this year (Pasadena, Bowl & Bakersfield).

    The posting keeps putting a space between the "b" and "o" in Rabobank in the link below .. just delete the space ... can't figure out why it's doing that ... sorry! obank.html
    doney86 -- Tuesday June 12 2007, @09:25PM (#263310)
    (User #19327 Info)
    It was dark as I drove the point home.
  • Not mine, it was found on flickr: 0cc2fd.jpg?v=0
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 12 2007, @10:09PM (#263317)
  • To the fat girl who insisted on standing on top of the break between the pit and the orchestra level. Go on a diet next time before you decide to block everybodys view. The security flashed lights in your face hundred times, but you still insisted on being a rude selfish being and blocking the view by standing up on the step (even though you could see perfectly because you were in front). People like you are vile. Be considerate please. P.S. you were NOT SEXY, fatty.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 13 2007, @12:35AM (#263329)
  • How do you think the band is going to spend their two week vacation?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 13 2007, @08:38AM (#263371)
  • I got some great photos at the Bakersfield show (including ones of Moz with the little boy if you are looking for those) as well as Vegas, San Diego, and Phoenix.
    All are here: 157600315246110/ (remove all spaces.)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 13 2007, @09:12AM (#263380)
  • What have you done with it Moz ? - I HAVE FORGIVEN JESUS !!!?
    Anonymous -- Friday June 15 2007, @01:57PM (#263692)

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