posted by davidt on Tuesday June 26 2007, @07:30PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Ganglord / The National Front Disco / Let Me Kiss You

setlist provided by have_a_go_adam. The planned setlist from an anonymous person
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  • ooh i am first! show was canceled. :/ wonder how it looks for NH tomorrow....
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @07:33PM (#264810)
  • It's really a shame he had to leave...

    You could tell his voice wasn't right from the start.

    I hope he will really be back and honor these tickets!
    the national -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @07:34PM (#264811)
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  • I think he sounded fine really. and I think the heat was probably a bigger factor than his voice. The songs he played sounded great and I was surprised that the normally lazy Boston crowd was into it. Of course when he walked off stage everyone acted like a proper Mass-hole and booed him. I guess that means more room for people at the rescheduled show since you all hate him so much now.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @07:37PM (#264813)
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  • what song(s)? did he play? im sorry for you guys in MA, hopefully he'll be back. im surprised he didn't cancel more dates on this tour....
    morethanfashion -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @07:41PM (#264816)
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  • The Queen Is Dead
    The Last of the Famous International Playboys
    You Have Killed Me
    The National Front Disco
    Let Me Kiss You

    Slightly out of order.
    HideOnthePromenade -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @07:43PM (#264817)
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  • I flew in from Denver for this gig so obviously I am pissed off that he didn't come out and take the time to explain the situation. Rather he sent out a stage hand to do it for him. This was unfair to the fans and pretty weak in my opinion...........with that being said I have to believe he was really in a state of bother. The energy was really good and I thought the songs sounded as good if not better than the Denver gig. I believe he will re-schedule and play an even better gig. Lets give him the benifit of the doubt. Now I have a JetBlue flight to catch back to Denver.....its expensive following Moz around.
    Kelrock -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @07:48PM (#264819)
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  • His voice was definitely off from the get-go so I really believe it was a voice issue, not the heat.

    I'm sure there is going to be some sort of announcement/explanation soon, most likely through

    let's see what happens...
    the national -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @07:56PM (#264827)
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  • This a very sad evening. Hope he will re-schedule, otherwise I have to go back to Germany very depressed!
    mozzalisa -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:01PM (#264829)
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  • This by far has to be one of theo worst horrible Morrissey shows I have attended. The Greek show obviously being the worst one. I flew in from Los Angeles hoping to catch a great show with a different kind of crowd, and I must say I was disappointed with the Boston crowd it just didn't have the same energy as a west coast show, I'm not even talking about a Los Angeles show but just west coast in general. The Reno crowd had so much more energy than this crowd. He sounded good from the get go, but did make a reference to the David Letterman taping and the studio being about 30 degrees and tha6 affecting his voice. I truly hopes he reschedules soon and doesn't cancel Northampton, or Philly as I have tickets to both shows. Get Well Mozzer. . .
    BoyRacerX -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:09PM (#264830)
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  • lost his voice (Score:2, Informative)

    Morrissey said during the concert he cracked his voice last night during Letterman performance because it was very cold in Letterman's studio.

    Tonight in Boston it is really hot, which would normally help a singer's voice but his voice was already damaged from the night before. when a singer loses their voice it can come on in an instant and after that their voice has to be rested for at least a couple of days, not even talking.

    i feel really bad for the guy, he must be devestated.

    btw, people were told to check within 24 hours to find out when it will be rescheduled ...
    nels0n -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:09PM (#264831)
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  • I think the voice failure might have to do with the "artic climate" he complained about from David Letterman's show...He was mentioning a voice crash or crack or something like it. Anyway, I am happy - no, half happy - to have seen the myth in person and to be able to sing along with him those mere 6 songs. I hope we get another make-up show, but you know, if it depends on waiting for his voice to come back...

    I was more disappointed with the reaction of certain disgusting people, just saying "I hate Morrissey". I'm sure he really did not try that hard to make himself hated...
    Mrs. Woolf -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:12PM (#264833)
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  • He could have came back out and explained himself. If anyone thinks he doesn't owe that to his fans, then they must be brain dead. If it wasn't for fans, he wouldn't be who he is after all. I knew something was wrong because he was straining and his voice was cracking. But damn, I never thought this would happen. I think he could have just carried on and people would have loved it regardless.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:12PM (#264834)
  • Morrissey, hope you to get better soon
    mozzalisa -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:25PM (#264838)
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  • Hope to see you tomorrow.
    mis anyos mozos -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:27PM (#264840)
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  • Could someone tell me what time Moz came on stage? Thanks.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:42PM (#264843)
  • Moz also sang the Meow Mix theme song.

    No wait, he's just a giant pussy.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:43PM (#264844)
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    see the right hand side
    show is canceled
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:43PM (#264845)
  • Morrissey has proved to be nothing more than the tired pop stars he sings about....... nothing to convey......
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:43PM (#264846)
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  • wow. that's all i can say. i feel bad for the guy, but i definately feel as though he could have at least addressed the crowd himself. i have a feeling there will be no rescheduled date.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:48PM (#264851)
  • this is julies home town i believe

    what i seriously want to ask is, does he lead every song in with the same nonsensical rant now

    something like...i havent heard this for years, neither have you

    actually that was too up to date
    im cleverer than him

    the fifteen others were

    talk about getting paid for old ropey sayings
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:49PM (#264852)
  • What I don't understand is why so many keep bringing up the song, "That's Life." After EVERY show on this tour it's played. Yes, it was ironic and felt like a slap in the face (I felt the sting of irony when the Stockton show was stopped). Still, this song has been played after all of the shows on this tour, why does everyone feel the need to make it so personal?
    ShynessIsNice7 -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @08:58PM (#264858)
    (User #18269 Info)
    ~The saints smile shyly down on you...~
  • for it to count contractually as a concert, and he doesn't have to come back and tickets do not have to be refunded.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @09:01PM (#264862)
  • The signs that said something like:

    "No meat will be sold per request of the artist."

    Morrissey had enough clout to stop meat sales.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @09:04PM (#264864)
  • I drove all a very long distance to see this show and I was more than disappointed when he cancelled it. Obviously, he knew his voice was not in top notch condition and he should have had the decency to cancel it before everyone sat there in the blazing heat. He didn't even have the integrity to tell the audience himself, no apology, no nothing.

    His voice sounded fine to me. Maybe it cracked once or twice but that is no reason to cancel a gig. Quite frankly, before he cancelled the show he made some snarky comments about how comfy our seats must be and he snapped at the audience for not letting him finish a sentence. He chastised us for not being enthusiastic and then when we were, we annoyed him. I cannot believe an artist would treat his fans with such disrespect after we paid $50 odd bucks to see him.
    cultchick -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @09:06PM (#264866)
    (User #19435 Info)
  • Moz has to save his voice for the big show in NYC now. He cant afford to sound bad in the big apple. Too bad for all you sox fans, but keep looking on here for how great he sounds in yankee central yeah
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @09:09PM (#264869)
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  • We saw Morriseey at the Orpheum 10 years ago and he pulled the same *hit. He walked off the stage after THREE songs. There was no reason given.
    He is an over the hill prima donna. I'll listen to his CDs but I will not waste my $$ again to go see him.

    He is full of *hit that he lost his voice. He was just done for the evening. When he was on Letterman - he only sang one or two songs - not a entire concert - so I don't want to hear that the "cold" studio hurt his pipes.

    Instead of making a request that no meat be served - how about we all show up with sides of beef and throw them onstage if he ever shows up in Boston again - which I HIGHLY doubt he will do.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @09:28PM (#264887)
  • I went to see him a few years back in DC, and the show was fantastic. Being a fan, I spent $115 to see him with a friend. The commute, the heat, the money - thought all was worth it, but then it happened. If he at least came out and said sorry, I think people would have reacted better. This way, we were just left hanging waiting now to see if he'll reschedule, if we'll get a refund, or neither... Sucks!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @09:48PM (#264891)
  • man i hope this s/o/b has the respect to re schedule this so called show. i didnt wake up at the butt crack of dawn to get tickets just so i can hear 5 songs. im sure that i speak for alot of us when i say these tickets were not cheap and we dont make the money that he makes to go throw around. im gonna give him the benefit of the doubt ,but that doesnt mean im gonna wait forever. i would'nt be surprised if he would cancel cause it was not cost efficient. it would not be the first time a big act has decided to screw the little guy. im not holding my breath.
    crasrok -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @09:52PM (#264893)
    (User #19436 Info)
  • Well...I scheduled myself off from work for this evening and both my husband and I took tomorrow off so we could catch both shows. Finances are tough right now, but we will never miss a Morrissey show. It was a long ride for us and then standing around in the heat was uncomfortable. I'm disappointed as well...but all we can do is trust he could not carry on and will be back. In spite of the disappointing evening...our carload played Morrissey the entire drive home and we were belting out his songs like we were still at the show; he charged us up pretty well.

    I didn't notice many "Mass Holes" either...first the crowd seemed to think it was a clever joke, then when the lights came on, everyone stood gaping in disbelief. A few screams here and there of bitterness, however people seemed to carry on after the announcement of honoring the tickets. People were clearly disappointed, but I think anyone would be in this crowds matter where they are from. I hope he gets better, and he can attempt to grace us with his presence again. Truly disappointing....
    Lady Queensberry -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @09:57PM (#264895)
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  • What a travesty!!

    I told my wife that I had a feeling that he would cancel his show mid-set. I was right...! I have been listening to Morrissey when he was with the Smiths in the mid-late 80's and solo career faithfully. So please, spare the excuses for him. He has a history of canceling shows. Perhaps, the Boston show was not a sell out show, and we were at his mercy for it. Nevertheless, we suffered the consequence(s) for whatever reason. I am not criticizing Morrissey, per-se just the outcome of the show. This just totally sucked! Shame on you Stephen...
    Quinto Sol -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @10:05PM (#264899)
    (User #19124 Info)
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  • The MAN's busy with his third leg since ROTT came
    out, he's 48, from a sunny 2 weeks off to a different climate .
    He just caught a light flu or something like that,you know that can happen.
    Be happy you saw HIM at least 20 minutes or so,
    he cancelled a few shows here and there in the past, and we were only left devistated and with an unused ticket.

    Morrissey cancels gig in every Tour, learn to live with it, it's hard if it happens to you, but
    we all had that experience

    remembers 1995
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @10:08PM (#264903)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • think about it.. if he came back out after leaving the stage suddenly.. do you think the already angry crowd would nod their heads in understanding and walk away quietly, wishing him well? hell no. happy morrissey fans can be scary and violent enough - angry ones? forget it. he's smart to send someone else out to give an explanation. he cares about us. he doesn't tend to pull this kind of shit anymore without a good reason, so just accept it.
    allikazoo -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @10:26PM (#264914)
    (User #10277 Info)
  • Here is what happened.

    You see the setlist...

    By the time he got to Ganglord his voice was almost gone. He was WAY off. His voice was really cracking a lot. Still pretty rough during National Front Disco. He was a little better during Let Me Kiss You but it was just not right.

    He took his shirt off during that song at the standard place. He then left the stage.

    Boz's guitar tech called Boz over and whispered in his ear. While the band was getting ready to play the next song they were just sort of fiddling around. I could see someone from Jesse's side of the stage wave his hands downward as if to say "Slow down."

    At this time I said I thought the show was going to get cut short. I didn't think by that much but I already was saying songs were going to get dropped from the setlist. It was obvious.

    Then I saw someone coming on stage towards the mic and I knew it was over. He announced it and that was that.

    A lot of people were mad but I wasn't. I payed a lot of money to have front row and I'm sure he would have kept going if he could have.

    I looked out on the crowd and I didn't see any empty seats. The place was totally rocking. It was actually more lively than the last night at Pasadena. The weather was perfect.

    Morrissey's instrument is his voice. If you sing when your voice is off, you only make it worse. He had to protect it. Am I Disappointed? Very. I am also hopeful that he will reschedule the show although that is typically not something he does.

    As far as the rest of the show goes, the band was dressed in tan vests and trousers with maroon button down shirts.

    Moz was dressed in a baby blue shirt and navy blue trousers. He ripped his shirt off and there was a pretty big scrum for it between rows 1 and 2 in the middle of the stage.

    That early in the show there were no stage invasion attempts. Security looked pretty lame but the barrier was about 4 feet high and the stage was about 4 feet away and 5 feet high so you would have to jump pretty far to make it.

    Morrissey did shake hands with a bunch of people, including myself. First on Boz's side, then in the center of the stage.

    Lyric changes were pretty standard for what is on this tour. During Disappointed he didn't sing "No I've changed my mind again" similar to the Kill Uncle tour.

    The band sounded great. It was interesting to watch Solomon Walker close up. He switches between fingering and using a pick depending on the song, which was something I didn't know.

    Regarding letterman, he said that he did the show and the tempature was 30 degrees below freezing. "I could understand 29" and something along the lines of, "I know that if I crack, either emotionally or vocally, I'll be forgiven."

    He introduced the band and said Boz was dressed in his own clothes. The girl next to me kept gabbing during this point so I missed a lot of but when he introduced Solomon he said, "On bass" and grabbed the end of the bass and said, "That's this thing here" or something of the sort. Then he tapped the microphone on the kick drum and said something like "On God's first instrument, Matt Walker" and after I missed what he said about Jesse and Michael he came to the microphone and said, "And I'm... I'm just in the way."

    He also asked if anyone knew who walked the streets of Boston in the past.. he said, Anne Sexton. Name dropped Julia at that point.

    One other thing I noticed, when he took the stage, it was before sunset and with the top 2 buttons down on his shirt, he looked like he had a pretty good tan going on.

    If his voice didn't give out, and it truly did, it was going to be an unforgettable show.

    As for Kristeen. I like her drummer. I just don't see how you can have a gimmick like hers and expect to get anywhere. She needs to front a real band. Add a guitarist and bassist. She can still play keys if desired but this thing she is doing now wil l never catch on.
    bored -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @10:56PM (#264917)
    (User #8415 Info)
  • I cried when MOX arrived. I cried when he left. SPM does this, he is MOZ. I hope he feels better, but I feel completly let down. I waited far too long to see him. I am sad.
    claymaiden -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @11:42PM (#264923)
    (User #19439 Info)
  • Cheer up, people. Yes it sucks that the show was cut short but think about the stories it'll make. You would never have looked back and said "hey remember that great concert he played where all of the songs were exactly the same as every other show on the tour?" At least the cancellation makes for an interesting evening, something to bitch about over coffee or beer later, with friends...

    I'm sorry Morrissey left early. Clearly, after all this time on tour for the album, and after a decent sized break between the North American legs, he wouldn't have cancelled unless he had to. Have some faith.

    Anyway, at least you got to see Kristeen Young. To me, that alone is worth the price of admission.
    35 minutes with her..well,I wouldn't say no.

    The Bicycle Tragedy
    The Bicycle Tragedy -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @01:51AM (#264940)
    (User #18769 Info)
  • Newsflash morons. HIS VOICE HAD GONE!!! And you want him to come on stage and apologise. what should he do, use sign language? Ungratful idiots.
    anotherordinaryboy -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @03:41AM (#264949)
    (User #16076 Info)
    Let me get my hands on your mammary glands....
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  • Surely Morrissey would have known there was a problem with his voice before going on stage? And that singing would just make it worse, lead to a bad gig, and effect later dates? If so, shouldn't he have just cancelled and rescheduled, thus avoiding angering people who've paid a lot of money to see (and, indeed, hear) him?

    Just a thought..
    Lipski's Ghost -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @04:29AM (#264953)
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    • Re:Croak by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 27 2007, @05:16AM
  • "He's only human and he needs to be loved, just like everybody else does". I was at the show last night and lets just say that "he tried not to cancel the show, but its a no win situation in the end for everyone." Put it this way: If Elvis Presley {the King himself} came to your town to do a show and he was sick, would you still want him to perform? Would you still want to go see him if you were going to see a half-ass show? Would you want all your precious newspaper reviews of the show to say that "he sounds horrific live and he should really think about retiring from the stage?" NO! So why does everyone piss and moan and think that Morrissey is super human? He cannot get sick because he owes me this show because I buy all of his CD's. Well, I hate to clue you in on this but, he does not owe anyone anything. The man got sick! So get over all of this baby babble and grow the f uP.
      I understand how emotional fans get when the one person that sleeps under their pillow with them everynight has to {God forbid} take a night off. I understand that you payed good money for the tickets and you waited long enough for this show to finally come. I understand how much boasting that you do on a daily basis when trying to convert a non-Moz fan into a diehard such as yourself. I also understand how the dedication you give in defending Moz's good name sometimes borders on demented, but you still carry on the good fight until the day you die! But what I don't understand is, why you would not put all of that energy into telling yourself that telling yourself that "I hope he is feeling better and I will see him when he does the make-up show which will be fantastic." Morrissey fans are dedicated, but they also run hot and cold. If you decide to take Morrissey as your personal savior, do not throw stones at him the minute he is not feeling up to par. Back him up just like you would your best friend. Also remember, he bleeds just like you and I do and he does NOT cancel shows for the hell of it. He is a professional entertainer just like you are a professional fan. Now act like one.
    Paneeks -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @05:24AM (#264958)
    (User #13051 Info)
    "A beach is a place where a man can feel, its the only soul in the world thats real".
  • I know how upsetting it was for everyone but I think we need to realize that Morrissey loves to tour, loves the interaction with the
    audience as he stressed in his most recent Q & A and would have soldiered on if possible but that may have jeopardized even more dates and
    impacted more people. And I just don't think he'd ever want to disappoint anyone in this regard if he could help it. I was up close and he just
    didn't seem himself from the outset. Thought the highlight was the opening song TQIS where he seemed at his strongest. But he
    did seem to be fading as the night went on - even his shirt toss could barely make it past the 1st 2 rows; though it did produce
    some of the evenings strongest passion as this young woman in the 1st row held on determinedly to the shirt as a few guys
    tugged from row 2. Nice ending as she was the one who ended up with it and then she proceeded to share portions of it with some of those around her. But I for one will grant Morrissey the benefit of the doubt here especially seeing how
    he cancelled his next show also; however some make up dates would seem in order.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @05:58AM (#264962)
  • For anyone wondering, the reason I booed, and the others booed, was for several reasons, none having to do with our loyalty or love of Moz (or lack of) as some have claimed. For me, it was obviously that we booed immediately when the song "That's Life" played immediately following the house lights going on, that lame unclear announcement that the show was over, an announcement not made by a band member, but by some random stage crew kid.

    We were not booing Morrissey AT ALL we were booing the poor choice of song, the crappy delivery of the message, and the fact that our beloved hero disappeared and we all had to go home.

    From where I was sitting, I thought he looked great, sounded great, and seemed to be enjoying himself, so at first, I had my deer in headlights WTF? face on.

    I don't recall "That's Life" ever being played at the first song post show, I always thought it was "I did it my way". Maybe I just never noticed... But that song was a horrible choice.

    I just want to make that clear.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @06:25AM (#264969)
  • Shut up. Really. Most of the people there were too concerned with beer and trying to look cooler than the next person anyway. Major pose-fest going on there. The booing was outrageous. Don't be suprized if Moz doesn't reschedule..especially since all of you douchebags were so sympathetic to his situation. Sure I was disappointed when the show ended, but life goes on. I feel for the people who travelled great distances to go to the show...but really...these things happen. Let's all hope he gets well soon.Screw the beer drinking baked bean eating naysayers.


    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @06:46AM (#264973)
  • the immense amount of whinging cos of a bad show-out come the knives frorm "the fans". Would you have rather he struggled through a set painfully with his voice getting worse throughout? That he do permanent damage to his voice? At least a re-scheduling was announced but NOOOOOOO that isnt it enough for his loyal "fanbase". Jesus Christ, you people are too quick to jump to a complaint....and "Thats Life" being playerd just sounds a bit like Moz's usual humour...but "fans" Im sure you picked that up....
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @06:54AM (#264974)
  • okay. if you weren't there. stop posting messages to "get over it". if you were there and are still being ridiculous, just shut up. no one wants to hear that. we're disappointed, but you need to just shut up for now.

    more importantly, does anyone know when is going to be posting anything about a reshedule or a refund? they said to do it within 24 hour but i haven't seen anything.

    also i called ticketmaster this morning and they had no idea. they thanked me for informing them and i suppose now they're having a long dicussion with live nation.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @06:56AM (#264975)
  • I'm not glad the show was cut short last night, but I am glad that he didn't stay on stage and struggle through the rest of the set. I think I would've been more disappointed to hear some of my favorite Moz songs either changed to spare his voice or cut out of the set all together because they were too hard on his voice. I would much prefer to see him when his voice is 100% so I definitely do hope he reschedules.
    I'm also very glad that I left as soon as the lights came on so I missed the booing. I think that would've made my night a lot worse!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @07:28AM (#264990)
  • Well, now that I am fully awake, and the odd mix of exitement and disappointment passed a little, I can describe what I absorbed from the show yesterday. OK. It was hurtfully disappointing to see Morrissey leave so immediately, without a clear warning. I was so dumbfounded and hurt by his sudden vanishment... Seeing him was so special it felt like Joan of Arc having her first mystical contact with God at 13. I was so thrilled and then so shocked I couldn't feel anger. I was a few seats away from the stage when the cancelation was announced, but I still walked up to the stage (after enough of the disappointed audience disbanded) to observe the drums, the message in it. Then the James Dean background. A little before that, a very strong torso ran away nude as if it had been a fleeting vision... I guess Morrissey is always going to be a surreal vision to me, but I garantee you I don't hold up such a standard for anyone else. The strange thing is that he seemed to be looking directly even to those who were, like me, on 12th row; but he never went to the side of the audience I was in - only the opposite side and the center. What can I say about this? That I paid nearly 90 dollars, and he didn't even bother to alternate sides? That he doesn't have a consciousness for my money's worth? I'd be right, but I'd feel a little bit of a cold merchant in saying so. The audience seemed to have had that long awaited euphoria they were keeping for that moment he would appear, like a graceful swan, in blue, and glide through stage like in water. But it is a Bostonian audience, very keen and conscious on their money's worth, how much it should deliver and it was virtually impossible to find a single person with arms up or, if not dancing a frantic twist, at least bouncing a bit. There was one skinny guy wriggling like a sleepy worm standing up, and a guy that would pick up one arm as Moz cautiously tried the side I was in. I picked both arms, but I can't do all the cheer leading work by myself, so Moz turned away going to the other, perhaps less stiffened, side of the stage. It's not that he is not loved here, it's that love, here, is more uptight for the sake of good taste. "I am living in the wrong place", I concluded, but, you see, I have English blood, but a Brazilian heart. I wanted to find even if one person smiling and unwinding enough to make friends to a stranger, to someone else than the partner they decided to share gossip and beer with. Summarizing, I was both disappointed with the frigid New English audience (according to my standards) and with the abruptly terminated show. I know the alleged cause was the voice, but Morrissey is very sensitive to crowd reception, and, even if he never left any show after six songs just because the crowd wasn't unanimously screaming and jumping, he likes warmth, and explicity that one with a Latino touch, and it wouldn't surprise me if all that immobility cracked his mojo for singing. Let me tell you: New Englanders, or northeners are so stiffened that not even all that heat took that psychological chilly feeling away.

    After her performance, Kristeen Young, was croched, slowly rolling up a cable from her keyboard. She seemed melancholic like a loosing team. When she entered, it was the opposite: she just came right in, waved her little porcelain-like hand because of the heat, and started off, as if she didn't care about all those empty chairs, and few people chatting and looking at her occasionally with a condensending laughter, as if they were patiently tolerating the foolishness of a little girl playing a star. To me, she had something of a Piaf in her: she looked so tiny, so frail, and yet she had that power emanating from her voice, singing as if her life depended on singing itself, at least more than on all the population on earth. I felt a little englishly bashed when, during "Mixed Kids", she twisted, making her sixtiesh style, translucid and short white little dress go up, show her buttocks. But, oh, she was just reminding me of that film version of Wild
    Mrs. Woolf -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @07:29AM (#264991)
    (User #14157 Info)
  • sey_concert_postponed.html
    nels0n -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @07:50AM (#264998)
    (User #19432 Info)
  • sorry, correct url is: sey_concert_postponed.html
    nels0n -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @07:53AM (#264999)
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  • the correct url has no spaces ...

    nels0n -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @07:58AM (#265000)
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  • for the record, last night Morrissey came on stage at 8:45pm, opening with The Queen is Dead, and left the stage at 9:15 pm.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @08:14AM (#265003)
  • Well, the show started off great with a nice version of "The Queen is Dead" which surprised me for one, having the show start off with a Smiths song. Now I wasn't up in the front but in the middle, however I was close enough to the stage to hear and see everything going on clearly. After Morrissey walked off, I was unsure as to whether this was a joke because of the song that was played after as others have noted. I think it's rather crass for people to accuse the Boston audience of not being enthusiastic enough, as it seems that most of those people probably weren't at the show or are Morrissey elitists. I'm not a close follower of Morrissey's solo career but I'm as big a Smiths fan as anyone; the bottom line is if it wasn't Morrissey, simply walking off the stage without any sort of apology or acknowledgement wouldn't be acceptable and it was certainly the most unprofessional and impersonal thing he could do in regards to the fans I saw actually enjoying the concert. What also adds insult to injury in my eyes is the fact that Morrissey clearly knew how uncomfortable the seats were and it's hard not to look back and wonder if comments like these were meant to heckle the audience for whatever reason ("lack of enthusiasm" I guess? I also just remembered someones comment about there not being an empty seat in the house, the show was clearly filled but in my row there were at least 6 or 7 empty chairs so I don't know if that validates for people Morrissey's sensitivity to "warmth" or "crowd capacity"). The main thing for me is, I was not old enough to grow up listening to the music of The Smiths when it was being made or for the majority of Morrissey's solo career. Morrissey is one of the few people I would feel compelled to see in a big arena and hearing that he does this casually without much remorse for the people who genuinely would've stayed whether or not he sounded like a toad is quite heartbreaking. No one, not even Morrissey can take away what his music means to people even by cutting his gig short under questionable circumstances. It's a shame though that for people like me who couldn't see the man in his prime are left scratching are heads, wondering what his loyal following are making such a fuss about. (Note: Kristeen Young played a nice set. Very skilled player and although audience reception was mixed, she certainly made an impression. I'm not sure if I liked her songs although there were a few that I'd like to hear on record. She does need a full band though I'd agree, or at least a bassist/multi-instrumentalist.)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @08:49AM (#265010)
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