posted by davidt on Monday July 23 2007, @08:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / All You Need Is Me / In The Future When All's Well / Whatever Happens, I Love You / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Let Me Kiss You / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Irish Blood, English Heart / The National Front Disco / Disappointed / I Will See You In Far Off Places / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Girlfriend In A Coma / At Last I Am Born / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // The Last Of The Famous International Playboys

setlist provided by Jesse P
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  • so what happened???? how was it?
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @08:04PM (#269421)
  • Or so say my texting buddies.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @08:09PM (#269423)
  • Setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    Setlist in correct order:

    Acapella Intro
    The Queen is Dead
    First of the Gang to Die
    You Have Killed Me
    All You Need is Me
    In The Future When All's Well
    Whatever Happens, I Love You
    The Boy With The Thorn in His Side
    Let Me Kiss You
    Everyday is like Sunday
    I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    Please Please Please Let Me Get What I want
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    National Front Disco
    I Will See You In Far Off Places
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    Girlfriend in a Coma
    At Last I Am Born
    Life is a Pigsty (w/ Auld Lang Syne)
    How Soon Is Now?
    Last Of the Famous International Playboys

    Jesse P
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @08:42PM (#269426)
  • Great set list! A mix of Smiths classics, new songs and Moz hits. The band was loud and energenic. Security took control so there was no concert ending invassion. BEST SHOW EVER!!
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @08:50PM (#269427)
  • It was right of Morrissey to dismiss shaking the cunt's hand who kept calling him 'daddy' and 'kitty'.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @09:09PM (#269430)
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  • In the last race in NY, the 9th race, I think Morrissey had the winner. - he really is a good capper. I mean there was no way that the horse Celine was going to get second , they had Celine in the race to get first - they weren't settling for second. I hope Morrissey cashed out big at the window or wherever he played. Where's the wire? Where's the wire? -- Yesssssss.

    I love you Morrissey.

    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @09:14PM (#269431)
  • Morrissey is soooo adorable-- the ways he talks, sings, looks, and everything he says about Madonna is also too adorable. I mean you just look at him and listen on that video and you could just want to wrap your arms around Morrissey -- because because he is soooo cute on it. And what he said about Madonna and her kid is spot on accurate. Actually I think Madonna also reportedly had her kid swinging from a tree recently. Her kids swing from trees - what kind of bloody L mother is that.

    I love you Morrissey... I love you, I love you ,I love you, I love you

    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @09:34PM (#269434)
  • show was great. the band and man sounded wonderful. fake black eyes were top notch.

    i jumped some wall thing and rows of chairs to get to the front. i cried. i smiled. i wanted to spit in the eye of those fans who, well, should have stayed home. i lost my shoe, but got to hug moz.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @09:38PM (#269435)
  • i somehow dropped my tickets in the parking lot, and thought there was no way i was getting them back. so while i was just about to buy new tickets, i asked if anyone had perhaps turned the lost tickets in, thinking there is no way i was getting them back. but there they were, someone was nice enough to turn them in, so it really made my night.perhaos it was someone one this board, so thanks alot!
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @09:40PM (#269436)
  • amazing of course but did anyone notice the person who caught the last shirt? he made this epic dive, snatched it in mid-air with hardly anyone else around him and ran off to some fictional endzone. i also tried to trade two cigarettes for the setlist this lady had who i encountered in the parking lot. dear lady, if you see this ive got a good picture of you and your souviner if youre interested
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @10:09PM (#269445)
  • My review:

    Got to the show around around 8pm and waited before going in. Heard Kristeen go on so I stood out in the side area watching her set......amazing voice. Will have to listen to some of her stuff.

    Got into "PIT" area. I had 4th/last row tix on left side. When I went in around 8:50, there were maybe 2 rows of people at the stage. I sat at first but noticed no one said anything if you moved closer. So I picked a spot to the left and chatted with one of the security guards (nice guy) and some fans (I think one girl said she was 16!). Not but 2 minutes later here comes frat boy & friend (overheard a name of Brian or Ryan). B/R was cool but buddy was 2 fisting beers and seemed to have had many in the parking lot. Proceeds to act friendly to security (I could read security guy's face....."please stop talking to me dude, you are hammered"...."along with you'll only be trouble later" which came to fruition). Frat boy proceeds to muscle his way in front of the crowd. The show starts and not but 2 songs in he's yelling and tries to get onstage to says exit stage left. Halfway thru the show he comes back in.

    At one point I yelled to Moz "Show some love to the left side of the stage" and he heard it and came this point, frat guy, who's been yelling all night proceeds to grab the mike Moz stuck out and babbles incoherently. The look on Moz's face said it all. At that point he got really vocal and wouldn't stop with the "kitty" or "daddy" comments. It go so bad that security came up behind him and asked him to leave (as well as an English roadie basically telling him to shut the f up from side stage). One of his last comments was "Come here you fruitcake" to that tiime people had enough of his act and started yelling at him to stop and he shut up.

    As for the band, wow.........really tight. I thought Moz sounded great. He made a few witty comments about the security not letting the PIT area fill up but that lasted about 10 minutes into the show, a stage rush then ensued. I hope the 2 girls that I was pushing on in the front row on the left (one girl got on stage!) are OK.

    Highlights for me:
    -Pigsty: amazing
    -HSIN: how can you not like that song?
    -TBWTTIHS: band did justice to the original version
    -LOTFIP: great close with a few stage rushers!

    -Sometimes it doesn't pay to move up.......Moz's last shirt went right to the seat I was supposed to be sitting in (DOH!) but I have moved closer to stage. The kid to the left of me got a drumstick and the couple in the front got a setlist at the end from the one security guard (Spanish guy)

    Glad I got to see Moz again....and I hope he comes around again soon. My thanks go out to Moz, the band and crew for making this tour happen!!
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @10:20PM (#269446)
  • Well, like this Twilight Zone is mmmm while it’s not as good as a lot of them because even though Rod Serling is a genius, this one is ok really.. There was a commercial but now the man who can read minds is on, it’s like he became a psychic and can read minds because because of the coin.

    I don’t understand people have to fight for the rights to get Morrissey shirts; he just very gently with no fight got it to me and everybody was so nice around me -- one guy even said just let her have it and everybody let go and he was so nice. That was one of the sweetest things anyone has done for me because I ended up with the baby blue completely intact except for half of one sleeve that as promised the other nice guys that I would give them some because they let go. I really want to know the name of the cologne on this because even after I washed it, the cologne still lingers especially around the shoulders. Morrissey must put a lot of it around the shoulders and it’s like mmmmm so beautiful. There really are some nice Morrissey people out there, maybe.

    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @10:44PM (#269450)
  • Absolutely wonderful show.

    First of all, it was beautiful in Philly - a very cool, clear summer evening. The venue was a bit of an eyesore, but it was lovely up on that hill, watching the sunset over the city.

    Morrissey was 100% on. The crowd was large and enthusiastic, with much dancing, waving of arms and whooping. Early on he pointed out a gap between the pit and the orchestra, where no one was allowed to stand "If people stand there, Philadelphia will fall to it's knees, and the sheriffs will kill themselves" It was quickly filled in.

    Moz was soooo chatty, I cannot remember all that was said. He thanked all of us who "came out, went back, and then came out again" or something like that. He seemed genuinely moved by the warm reception. He passed the mike to the crowd a few times, and had a very spirited give and take. My favorite moment was when he received a garbled message, looked completely non-plussed and said, with impeccable timing and a shake of the head "onwards!"

    There were many successful invaders toward the end, especially during the encore - men and women. Morrissey managed to wriggle out of most of it, but there was one big fella who planted a kiss and jumped away. Morrissey then stated "I am loved." It was very sweet.

    The band, as is often stated, was very tight, and I LOVED the bruises - HOT!

    Over all, The Man could not have been any warmer, more engaging or charming. He whipped the mike, yelped alot, and looked particularly splendid in that linen-colored shirt. The only caveat is that his voice sounded a wee bit tired in parts. Not bad, just a bit raw. When he needed it, it was there - "Boy With the Thorn" "In the Future," etc., the falsettoes and noodling were top-notch.

    One negative thing (there always has to be something). To the hater who was standing in front of us, talking loudly through the whole set, and yelling nasty things at the stage: Morrissey cannot hear you. You only annoy folks around you, and you are more of a pompous ass than Morrissey could ever be. He even wrote a song for you - "All You Need it Me" (which sounded fantastic, by the way).

    It should be obvious to all of you haters, cranky "journalists" and catty reviewers that Morrissey is having, and always will have, the last laugh. The Man I just saw was on top of the world, practically falling over with glee (really, they almost fell over when they bowed).

    Thank you, Morrissey, for an incredible night.

    Onwards! - to the final night in AC.
    Anaesthesine -- Monday July 23 2007, @10:53PM (#269452)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
    • Re:Glorious by goinghome (Score:1) Tuesday July 24 2007, @12:13PM
  • After all the drama throughout this tour, I finally got to see Morrissey, for the first time. As soon as Morrissey came on stage I got all choked up and started to cry. I couldn't even sing along to the first song because I was speechless and couldn't believe I was actually seeing and hearing him.
        My boyfriend and I had box seats, but I convinced him to move down front. This helped alot when everyone rushed the stage because I was able to get right up front behind the pit. An amazing amazing time. Worth the wait and better than I could have imagined. I can't wait for tomorrow's show at the Borgota!! Anyone who wants to try and get on stage with me let me know!!

    PS- hi to the three boys who tried to take a picture of my Morrissey tattoo- you were funny.
    geekycheeks -- Monday July 23 2007, @10:54PM (#269453)
    (User #19465 Info)
  • the night couldn't have been better. I got there a little eary and it seemed as though the venue would be about half full..and then about ten minutes before he took the stage it was as if by cue everyone came rolling in and the place (given there was a fence around the back rows) filled up completely. The entire front of what seemed like fifty rows was standing the entire show. The energy level was high. I believe they took the stage somewhere around 9:30pm and played for about 1 1/2 hours. Same video montage as in previous concerts. I believe brown shirts and black trousers for the band. Two shirts one after Let me Kiss You and How Soon is Now before the encore Last of the Famous. Crowd well behaved. A few stage invasions at the end. All met with applause and a few with security guards. One guy made it on the stage, quick hug and then a dive back in the crowd. Good for him. No concert ending tackles just loving hugs from adoring fans. The cherry on top.

    If I had to do it again, I would have gone myself and been in the front. It is the only way to truly experience having Morrissey in front of you. I am sure many people will post about "how the front was won", so I will leave it up to them. Similarly the set list, as there were no new songs performed outside of what has been posted from previous gigs. He was in great form and truly enjoyed himself. Everyone was into it the entire time.

    The crowd was welcoming to Kristeen. She played several songs and seemed to enjoy herself. Not my cup of tea, but her belief in herself and her music will win her a number of fans and for that it is easy to see why Morrissey sees so much in her.

    Like many here, it would have been great to hear a few more songs from V&I or YA (lost ur gonna need) or my personal favorite...Maladjusted, but it seemed like the crowd could have carried the lyrics during NFD, Dissapointed and Every Day is Like Sunday. He expressed regret for the postponement of the concert, but at that moment it wouldn't have mattered if it was a year later. Everyone knew that we were lucky to have him and the band there.

    Pigsty and Far off Places were my Rott favorites as I find the clarity of a live performance brings out the strength of these songs. It was also great to hear my moniker sung during Pigsty as I spent quite a bit of time selecting one that meant something to me.

    No grilled meats per Morrissey's request, but there were shrimp wraps so that was a little perplexing. I'm not quite sure where one draws the line when it comes to vegetarianism. I am sure a few of you have thoughts on that. It was amusing to be standing next to the food stand watching one person after the next try to order the steak sandwich off the menu only to be told that it wasn't to be had. All I have to say on this subject is better a vegetarian than an alcholic ;-)

    That mandatory bathroom break during All You Need is Me but then right back before the next song started. Everyone was friendly and in good spirits...a great night had by all and now to sleep.

    evennow -- Monday July 23 2007, @11:00PM (#269454)
    (User #17371 Info)
    an empty sets me free
  • Wonderful show all around - still don't understand why people bother to get front row tickets and then proceed to just stand there and stare. Don't even get me started on the fuckface that complained about us wrestling for the shirt. You're front row at a Morrissey show - all bets are off...anything can and will happen.

    Anyway...all my dreams came true thanks to my friend who caught the shirt and then gave it to me.

    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @11:09PM (#269455)
  • great show. I was a little worried, because the sound was ass during "The Queen is Dead" and took about 3 or 4 songs to get straightened out. But he delivered. I got teary eyed beginning with "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side." He was in great spirits, talking in between almost every song, was really funny tonight. My friend got on stage and hugged him. I will do so tomorrow in AC. "Every Day is Like Sunday" and "Girlfriend in a Coma" sounded stellar. Admittedly, I was let down by his performance of "National Front Disco"...I was so stoked that he was playing it on this tour, but I felt it was lacking tonight. I agree that "Life is a Pigsty sounded great tonight-the "Auld Lang Syne" finale they added to it, right into "How Soon Is Now"-what a fantastic finisher. "Last of the Famous..." as the encore was tits. Definitely a great show. Can't wait til tomorrow!
    Darth Vegan -- Monday July 23 2007, @11:33PM (#269458)
    (User #19076 Info |
  • It will be too bad for me if You're Gonna Need...isn't restored to the set list for A.C.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @12:19AM (#269460)
    • Re:Dropped :( by Darth Vegan (Score:1) Tuesday July 24 2007, @12:35PM
  • Wait was the intro TQUID or Panic?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @03:32AM (#269467)
  • yay one more show in the US then he's back here , would they just hurry up and give us the dates for the uk tour so that we start planning our transport , hotels and shit.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @03:48AM (#269468)
    • Re:great. by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 24 2007, @07:48AM
    • Re:great. by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday July 24 2007, @07:38PM
  • First off, let me say that Moz was fantastic. This was my first time seeing him live and he certainly didn't disappoint.

    That said, it's now time to gripe about the Mann and some of the people there. I was in the upper balcony. There's a walk way that divides the upper balcony and the lower balcony. In that walk way, there are a few sets of seats, I guess their for handicap or whatever, but their just boxed areas cut into the walk way. Two "gents" decided to sit in them, which completely obscured the stage for myself and a good 4 rows of people behind me. After about 4 songs my wife and I went to go find other seats. Who's at fault, the guys who just found great seats or the Mann for it's poor design? Wherever I sat, I sat down so that anyone behind me could see the stage. The audience in the balcony stayed seated, so I wasn't about to stand up and block someone's view. I only wish others were this considerate.

    Another flaw is the terrible acoustics in that dreadful place. Kristeen sounded like nothing more than high pitched moaning with the way her voice was destroyed by the canopy. Moz's pipes faired a little better, I guess his tone cuts through some of muting echo a little better. However, it was near impossible to understand him when he was just talking.

    I went to the Mann about 13 years ago to see a show and swore I'd never return for these same reasons. I returned only to get my Irish blood hot again, and now my heart is full :). I just pray that Moz plays the Tweeter Center next time. The acoustics are much better, even if neighborhood is a pigsty.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @04:33AM (#269475)
  • Forgot to mention that the "heckler" who was yelling "kitty" and "daddy" mentioned that he's going to Borgata 2night. Hopefully he sobers up be4 then.

    To all who are going, enjoy the last leg of the US tour!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @05:04AM (#269479)
  • The show was absolutely fabulous !! Moz was very candid, a lot of conversing with the audience, shaking hands and quite a few got up on stage as well. This show was a bit longer with a great set list. The version of "Life is a Pigsty" was fantastic, very long ending which went right into "How Soon is Now?" It was truly heaven for me and Moz is God!! Can't wait for tonight at Borgata!!
    lindaleigh69 -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @06:09AM (#269494)
    (User #19527 Info)
    uNruLy GirL
  • After the disappointment of the cancelled MSG and PNC shows, I got 2 tix for the show at the Mann. My friend and I drove from Staten Island and let me say this was my favorite Moz concert ever! I still get a smile on my face when I think about it. I catch at least 2 shows every time Morrissey has a tour that hits the East Coast. But I felt like all the stars aligned for once and it made a picture perfect show.
    First off, I've read some bad things about the venue, but I kind of liked it. The amphitheater was all wooden inside and had a nice, rustic feel. The weather was amazing...there was a downpour of rain the entire day, but on my drive down, it cleared up and when I arrived it was clear and cool outside. My tickets were Orchestra B/Row I had the aisle in front and no heads obstructing my view. And I've heard complaints about the accoustics, which I guess is natural for an outdoor venue, but where I was, the sound was spot on!
    We had some delays, but managed to walk in at 8pm on the dot, quick bathroom break and stop to the snack counter. (Btw..I absolutely love that Morrissey managed to make the venue not sell meat products! The look on some people's face when they ordered a burger and were informed that instead they had veggie burgers and grilled tofu and portabello sandwiches was worth the price of admission! LOL)
    I've heard bad things about Kristeen Young, but I liked her. She is definitely unique, as evidenced by the WTF looks of some people in the crowd. But her voice is sick, she plays the keyboard like she is possessed and just has such a distinctive, quirky presence that I found her sort of endearing.
    And now, onto the Man. Queen is Dead is the perfect opener. It rocked the place and I was amazed at just how tight the band sounded. A lot of times in the past, his band has been a bight light or tinny, but they have a huge rock feel know that really works. Morrissey's voice was spot on as usual and he was in a great mood, throwing in witty one liners into songs, making jokes, growling, grunting, whipping the microphone and basically putting his all into proving he is one of the best on-stage performers alive today. When he is 'On', his presence is unparelleled...and last night, he was ON! The setlist, though the same as other shows on the tour, is really well balanced for once. Smiths/earlier solo/ROTT...and it works real well.
    The crowd seemed to really appreciate his performance and helped add to the energetic, light-hearted feel of the entire show. Some stage invasions at the end, people diving through the air for his shirt, and singing at the top of their longs.
    Overall, a truly magical night and one that I won't forget any time soon.
    BTW...if anyone manages to get a CD recording of this show, please let me know. As I really want a copy of it to remember this night.
    esheh195 -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @06:10AM (#269496)
    (User #3115 Info)
  • Moz's comment last night- for all of us that are "staying strong in the face of.... chronic adversity..."

    for anyone else on the left side of the stage- did you feel like he was speaking directly to us? I needn't say (again) what likely caused this comment to be made... i just want my comrades and friends from last night to know that Moz knows...

    roll on to A.C.- you guys have fun, i will be there in heart and in spirit.
    Aunt Charlotte -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @06:17AM (#269499)
    (User #15843 Info)
  • Not the best Moz show I've seen, but even the borderline ones are special.

    The crowd was pretty subdued. I thought security was going to have a much bigger problem than they did with people trying to get on stage.

    I must be getting old - the fans reacted more to newer material like "Irish Blood" than they did "Girlfriend" or even "Disappointed."

    "Pigsty" was epic however and the piano adds a really nice touch to "National Front Disco."

    I was very pleased to hear the underrated "Disappointed," "Please Please Please" and "Girlfriend," but what was a real surprise was how well "At Last I am Born" translated live. That was fantastic.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @06:24AM (#269501)
  • Loved the show. Loved his quips. Was he drunk? I feel like there was a lot of slurring going on...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @06:26AM (#269502)
  • Can someone tell me what the deal with bags is? Can I bring a small one in or should I not bother?


    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @06:34AM (#269504)
  • Anyone going tonight? I need a ride from Philadelphia.
    christina7382 -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @06:38AM (#269505)
    (User #19722 Info)
    • Re:Borgata by vauxhall and me (Score:1) Tuesday July 24 2007, @06:58AM
    • Re:Borgata by mitchell1273 (Score:1) Tuesday July 24 2007, @08:02AM
  • hey all:

    i run (The Music Slut)

    Here's my review & photos from the gig: nn-center-now-my-heart-is.html

    chokedamp -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @07:10AM (#269511)
    (User #19723 Info)
  • Gotta say at first things seemed bleak but the sound finally kicked in after about 3 songs and Moz did the Mann justice. The Mann is a terrible place for a show. It is like being inside a giant fishbowl. Really looking forward to tonight where the quality of sight and sound is a thousand times better. Just hope all those annoying comps are not in the house. If you see any seniors asleep in their seats just push them to the side. They won't even notice.
    mitchell1273 -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @08:06AM (#269529)
    (User #19724 Info)
  • Wow! What an experience. This was my first time seeing Morrissey...I'm only fifteen and I've been a fan since I was thirteen.

    Starting off with Kristeen Young - she wasn't QUITE as bad as I had expected, albeit I did get somewhat of a headache...some of the keyboard parts just pierced my eardrums. That's not to say that neither she nor her drummer has any talent. I just think that they'd fit in better in a smaller venue with a different band...I don't think that most Morrissey fans were too keen on her stuff. Less than half of the venue was filled for her, most people were just waiting outside. Others were sitting, bored.

    "Onwards!" I liked the videos that were played after Kristeen and before Morrissey made his appearance. Where does Morrissey find these things? I can just imagine him sitting down and enjoying each of the clips. Wonderful. I may sound totally goofy, but before Morrissey even came on I felt pins and needles in my face and legs. When he finally came on I was all choked up...the accapella he began with was very charming. (Soon enough the numbness in my face and legs went away, mind you.) I was overjoyed when I heard the beginnings of The Queen Is Dead (I see up top that Panic is listed as the first song, but Panic wasn't even played at this show. The first song was definitely TQID.) Needless to say, I was squirming in my seat for the first two or three songs, jumping around a little too much and being a bit too emotional.

    I rather enjoyed the venue's openness even though it was all roofed, and I loved Morrissey's joking around about how Philadelphia will EXPLODE if the space between the pit and the orchestra seats was that point I (with many others) rushed the aisle to try to get up there. I unfortunately didn't end up in the pit but did have a comfortable standing seat right in front of the barracade between the pit and the orchestra. Even though I had no chance of a handshake with the man, I was much closer than my row 11 orchestra seats. You could tell that they don't usually have such 'crazy' concerts at the Mann Center...for the most part it must be pretty tame.

    Everything was great...I would have enjoyed it if he played some more older songs, I think he did a bit too much off of Ringleader of the Tormentors. The new Paris song was started off with the sound of a motorcyle vrooming. The crowd seemed to be singing along the most to Everyday is Like Sunday. I was surprised that not that many people got very excited about Girlfriend in a Coma, even though it's never been one of my favorites. I adored Life is a Pigsty and how it segued into How Soon is Now?. There was sort of an Auld Lang Syne keyboard part in between. I enjoyed the horns and the hand crash symbals. The intro for I Will See You in Far Off Places was superb instrumentally. Morrissey did a lot of humorous lyric-twisting, too. He seemed to be in very good spirits the whole time.

    As has been said, the whole band seemed like they really enjoy being and playing together. In the encore, they all came out with their arms around each other's shoulders. The band was dressed in brown button downs. One or two people got onstage before the encore, but as soon as they played Last of the Famous International Playboys, at least 8 people got up there. If I were in the pit, I definitely would have tried! Three shirts were thrown throughout the show...the last shirt thrown was about 20 feet away from me and a teenage boy managed to snatch it and run away from a few others who were chasing it...he even rolled over the barracade. It was cute. I saw him after the show holding the shirt in his jacket and donning a wide grin. 2 or 3 setlists were given out as well as a handful of guitar picks. I almost got a pick until a girl next to me grabbed my arm and blocked me... I have a bruise now. But no whining!

    I could keep going, but I'll stop now. I'm just so so so glad that Morrissey got to reschedule this stop. I hope that there are more Morrissey shows in my future.

    -Mary Jane

    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @08:44AM (#269538)
  • I was in the balcony last night (financial reasons), and I was very disappointed with the crowd! I seemed to be surrounded by older people who just wanted to sit and stare, or young people who obviously had a) never been to a Moz concert or b) are only semi-fans. I attempted to stand up at one point, and was yelled at to sit down...NO ONE was standing up there! I obliged, and even when I moved a little in my seat I got weird looks. I also had some way too cool "hipster" kids behind me constantly yelling for Smiths songs, and questioning every move he made - "why is he taking off his shirt?", "Why is he talking so much between songs?", "Who is Julia, his wife?", and on and on. They then proceeded to talk during all the recent songs. I guess you get what you pay for, and it was a shame because the concert and Moz were AMAZING! I just wanted to turn around and ask why they even bothered to show up if they know nothing about the man or his music. Can't wait to see you in AC tonight Moz!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @09:05AM (#269540)
  • Loved, loved, loved last night's show - drove up from DC for it and so happy I did. The energy was high, band hot and Morrissey was feeling it and sending it back (I noticed a few slurs, too though that I was curious about).

    Just looked for a review on the Inquirer and saw this - what a laugh:

    Dan Gross | Fans: Moz not 'Charming Man'MORRISSEY didn't make any new friends at Tattooed Mom (530 South) Sunday night where the singer refused to sign autographs, take pictures, or even speak to fans while he had a couple of drinks at the upstairs bar.
    The sadsack Smiths singer played the Mann Center last night and plays Atlantic City's Borgata tonight. While Moz fans are known to be obsessed, the mopemeister from Manchester certainly chose a poor spot to try and go unnoticed, as there are Smiths records on the bar's jukebox, and the rocker bar is a place he should have expected to be mobbed by fans.

    As word of Morrissey's presence spread, bar security told patrons the upstairs was closed for a private party. Earlier Sunday, the singer picked up a Pat Kilroy LP at Repo Records (538 South), where he paid with a $100 bill. According to, Morrissey was approached by a fan on South Street, where he denied being Morrissey and expressed disbelief upon learning there was a Morrissey karaoke party which was to be held at the North Star (27th & Poplar) after last night's Mann Center show.
    LucasT -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @09:14AM (#269542)
    (User #16225 Info)
  • i am so upset with the mann center. i am not familiar with philadelphia, as i live near new york city. according to the directions on the mann website, it says to take I-95 to 676. well, if you are from the new york city area, I-95 is the NJ Turnpike. i tried taking the turnpike to 676, which never meets up. i passed the PA turnpike, but i thought i'd hit 676. it never happened, and i had to cross the delaware memorial bridge and come back up and around to get to the Mann. i didnt get there until about 10:40 or so. when i finally got to the Mann, i could hear last of the famous being performed. i felt like i could cry. i didnt even get to go into the show. i had 7th row seats, center. i was looking forward to this show for a very long time....i havent seen morrissey in over 15 years....(anyone remember when he played at the Roxy in NYC? i was there)
    i don't think complaining to the Mann will get any results. they should really add directions to their site for those coming from NY and NJ.
    i was so upset....what was supposed to be a great night turned into a really horrible evening.
    nice meeting some of you folks outside of the gates after the show. at least i have atlantic city tonight....
    see you there, tina!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @10:42AM (#269558)
  • Enjoy the pictures! illy-mann-center-723.html
    Kanoshiro -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @12:12PM (#269573)
    (User #19497 Info)
  • hows the new song "I'm throwing my arms around Paris" is it upbeat is it slow and morose, please tell. I hope Moz isn't talking about throwing his arms around Paris Hilton, Moz doesn't deserve genital warts.
    Mr. Blonde -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @12:56PM (#269582)
    (User #19341 Info)
    I like cheeseburgers, I really do
  • "It's just a shirt."

    Runner up: "Onward!" (In response to some blathering drunk to whom Morrissey gave the mike.)

    I have seen Moz in many venues before, including the Mann about 13 years ago and the Electric Factory about 10 years ago. I'm only a few years younger than SPM.

    Last night's show was very, very good, but not the best one ever. Acoustics at the Mann are generally dreadful, but that's not his fault. A few numbers were a bit down tempo from the albums and that seemed to take the steam out of the crowd at one point. Where were the flowers? Don't fans do that anymore?

    But in the end, a Moz show is always a great event -- he's a great showman with a wonderfully bitter/melancholy persona. It was well worth the wait!
    westegger -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @01:24PM (#269587)
    (User #19730 Info)
    • Re:Flowers by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday July 25 2007, @05:14PM
  • Here is more from the Mann show: her-returns.html
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @01:25PM (#269590)
  • Sorry. The link was broken up.

    Here it is. []
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @01:31PM (#269592)
  • I was way back there in the distance, however, my GF & I loved the show! Moz played every song i was hoping to hear & he sounded awesome! This was the first show of his i'd went to & i loved it! He played a few songs i didnt recognize, but not many.


    HSIN: obviously, probably because of "Charmed", more people knew this song now then before that show & it got the best response from the crowd.

    TNFD: up til HSIN, this song got the best response & Moz walked off stage after the lyrics were done!! the band was just amazing at the end of this one.


    the opening act, whoever she was, had a wonderful voice & the drummer was probably better then she was, however, the mic was too loud & it was just annoying!

    all in all, my GF & I loved the show...she wants to have his child now! ha ha ha
    buzz -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @06:27PM (#269647)
    (User #19733 Info)
  • front row.. morrissey held my hand.. it was amazing. thank you thank you thank you. i will never forget that night for as long as i live.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @09:01PM (#269675)
  • 0070725_Morrissey_at_the_Mann_Center.html
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @05:16AM (#269741)
  • Link to Philly show article in NY Times.
    This may have already been posted (sorry, if so) work (4 letter word) doesnt allow me surfing time to figure that out! r.html?_r=1&adxnnl=1&oref=slogin&adxnnlx=118539383 7-UXgoQqj6cf6pNguw6FCFgQ
    Corrissey -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @01:23PM (#269875)
    (User #18538 Info)
    Here you'll find my thoughts and I
  • One of Moz's security guys(not Arturo) threw a stage invader back into the audience and really hurt someone in the audience. The security guy with the goatee- I think his name is Eddie. I believe it was one of the "irregular regulars" that got hurt. Hope she is okay.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 25 2007, @10:04PM (#269981)
  • "Morrissey!!"
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 26 2007, @10:11PM (#270098)
  • Does anyone know if there were posters advertising the gig like those from Hollywood Bowl or NY MSG (or any posters infact) inside or around the venue, or in Philly.

    Ive got a friend who stays out there, and im thinking of getting her to go down to the venue and see if she can grab me a poster.

    Anonymous -- Friday July 27 2007, @11:12AM (#270136)
  • And it was great. I haven't read all the comments so I'm not sure if this was mentioned, but I recall he did seem to thank everyone for putting up with the postponement/cancellations. Something like: "Thanks for coming in the first place, going back home in the second place, coming back again in the third place" etc. etc. Irish Blood, English Heart really wowed me for a song I was getting sick of, and Please, Please, Please was done really well. I was looking forward to the National but was kind of a letdown.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 31 2007, @07:58PM (#270456)

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