posted by davidt on Tuesday July 10 2007, @08:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / In The Future When All's Well / You Have Killed Me / Irish Blood, English Heart / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Let Me Kiss You / All You Need Is Me / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / That's How People Grow Up / Disappointed / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / At Last I Am Born / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / The National Front Disco / I Will See You In Far Off Places / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // The Last Of The Famous International Playboys

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  • His voices sounded great for starters, the Tennesse Theatre is beautiful, crowd kinda laxed at times , but not too bad. Two stage darers, one girl successful got a big hug during how soon is now, closed with international playboys , he threw two shirts, i had a great time and it was only a four mile drive to downtown historic Knoxville. We had a great time.
    gmcguire -- Tuesday July 10 2007, @08:13PM (#267559)
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  • Amazing show, as always. Was VERY talkative and interacted with fans a lot, passing around the microphone and taking gifts.

    Here 'tis (you'll need your decoder rings):
    BAWN (at last I am born)


    onward, onward!


    BelowTheWaterline -- Tuesday July 10 2007, @08:21PM (#267563)
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  • This was the first show I've been to where I've ended up with my face buried in my folded arms on the stage trying to stop laughing hysterically at a conversation between Moz and my friend standing next to me. :) My friend had a gift for him, and when he came over to take it she began explaining what it was. He asked her if part of the gift was her CD, and she said no, it a booklet of her design work, and she told him to look at the picture on the cover. He wasn't looking at it to her satisfaction, so she said LOOK AT IT a couple more times. Moz had no idea what she wanted him to do to prove to her that he was looking at it enough, apparently. Finally he said I AM! At this point, I'm a little fuzzy b/c I was collapsed against the stage laughing so hard and I couldn't look at either of them, but I think she said YOU BETTER! (be looking at it - she meant) At that he said "I've been threatened in Knoxville!" :D

    He looked and sounded fantastic. He's definitely back!

    -Claudia2006 :)

    PS.... does anyone have this incident on video? My friend would like a word with you!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 10 2007, @09:02PM (#267574)
  • His voice was great in this beautiful ornate theatre.

    I have always just wanted to just thank Morrissey for getting the New York Dolls back together. I held up a sign from my front row behind the pit seat which said "New York Dolls fan since 1973, Thanks Moz". He read it (with some difficulty) and by God he acknowledged it. It made my night.

    I love Morrissey but I'll always be a Dolls fan first.

    It was a great show. Better than Austin but not as goos as St. Louis which for me was the best show I saw.
    ceh0951 -- Tuesday July 10 2007, @10:21PM (#267594)
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    • Re:Knoxville by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday August 03 2007, @01:12PM
  • i had orchestra tix with my gal, but walkin in, this guy said he had front row center for sale. just wondering what he'd want, i asked, and he didn't even know who morrissey was. face value. front and center, mere inches from the man! he grabbed my hand twice, and i got to give him a gift...a "fake" tennessee drivers license with elvis on it. he said, "whats this for?", and i actually got to talk to him through the mic, and said something to the extent of, "so you can drive in tennessee". then he noticed it was a "elvis" license, (noted the resemblence!), and put it in his pocket. i swear i never thought i'd be that close to the man himself, and even managed to get the setlest after!..its late as hell, and i'm still a'floatin! all around....superior!
    sammyramone76 -- Tuesday July 10 2007, @11:10PM (#267601)
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  • i had the best time of my life...this being my first morrissey show and he exceeded all expectations. he sounded amazing!!!! I successfully snuck up pretty close to the front for two songs until the very tight security spotted me and ushered me back to my seat. Kristeen Young was fabulous. i have no idea why everyone gives her such a hard time. she is definitely one of the most talented female artists i have seen in awhile. i met Boz ...had my picture taken with him. Met Jesse too. who told me that he knew me. which turned out to be pretty interesting. i got a bad tip off ;) from someone who told me Moz was coming out in 20 mintues and i waited in vain for him for AN HOUR!! shame on you. but it was ok. i got to meet a lot of nice people standing outside and got to talk to Arturo. my nite was wonderful! i hope everyone else had as good a time as i did!!!

    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 10 2007, @11:33PM (#267605)
  • the comments of the last several weeks are so different than these ones about knoxville. People seemed to have a great time. I say good for them. while others in nyc and Joysey complain about being ripped off, some nice tennesseans were having a great time. way to go knoxville. Moz please schedule more shows like this one and less in big east coast cities
    sheffield2 -- Tuesday July 10 2007, @11:49PM (#267608)
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  • Some of you wrote that he was very talkative. Can you remember any of the things he said? I think that's the best part of your reviews (and thanks for them by the way)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 11 2007, @08:10AM (#267660)
  • This is the first time I've seen him live since Atlanta 1997. I was NOT disappointed!! It was seats were close (but not as close I wish). He was very energetic and talkative. Amazing setlist. His voice and the band's music were flawless, in my completely unbiased opinion :)

    And, I caught a drum stick!

    Also got Boz's autograph...sadly Moz never came out that door.
    kelliface -- Wednesday July 11 2007, @10:58AM (#267684)
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  • Remove "You're gonna need someone on your side" from the setlist above. It was on the printed list in brackets, but wasn't sung- just before Pigsty, Moz conferred with the band, apparently instructing them to skip it.

    More later... I'm editing photos.
    PFTLT -- Wednesday July 11 2007, @11:03AM (#267687)
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  • was that a young morrissey doing the twist? fogive my ignorance, but who was the stoner in the last video?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 11 2007, @11:05AM (#267688)
  • What time does Kristeen Young go on? Morrissey? How much time between their sets?
    missionrock -- Wednesday July 11 2007, @02:54PM (#267730)
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    • Re:Show time? by gmcguire (Score:1) Wednesday July 11 2007, @05:19PM
  • First I have to say, after seeing Kristeen Young for a second time, I finally 'get' how amazing she is.
    The theater was small and beautiful, with a lot of empty seats. I think he expected us to be a quiet bunch, and was quite surprised at our loud reaction to him. "So much drama for a Tuesday night!" He said at one point. For the size of the crowd, we made a lot of noise, and he was pleased.
    This was my tenth show over the past 21 years, and he just gets better and better. Some songs seemed a little slowed down, maybe for his voice, but he sounded great from start to finish. The highlights for me were PPPLMGWIW and LIAP. LIAP has turned into my fave of his live...just amazing.
    At one point he, after passing the mike around to fans, he said "Anyone else?!" He seemed to enjoy hearing what we had to say. At another time he said to the very happy fan who gave him a necklace, "You drove all the way from Kentucky for this?!"
    bcbc23 -- Wednesday July 11 2007, @03:33PM (#267734)
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  • After singing All You Need Is Me, he said something like "the songs that people choose to sing say alot the person" and then he said something like "and you have to agree that most people are pretty boring."

    I feel like I butchered that... can anybody help me out? Can anyone else who remembers this comment correct me?

    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 11 2007, @04:28PM (#267742)
  • I'm absolutely delighted to read such a great response to a Mozzer gig after the last fortnight of cancelled gigs and illness. Having made the long trip to New York from Edinburgh to see Mozzer, I was sick when he cancelled. But it's so heartening to hear such an enthusiastic response to him, I know I'll see him soon... Glad t hear you're better Moz.
    JohnnyMunro -- Wednesday July 11 2007, @05:57PM (#267753)
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  • I was very fortunate to have pit tickets and the show was awesome. Never thought that I would have the privilege to speak to him on the mic and for him to answer. Moz sounded especially great, the rest did him good. By the way did I say that he took a necklace that I had made for him and held my hand while singing How Soon Is Now. Big Love all the way from Louisville KY Moz.
    Kentucky-Den -- Wednesday July 11 2007, @06:04PM (#267754)
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  • I'm just posting because I've been so dead tired. I slept a couple of hours last night and I was surprised I got that much sleep.
    I've waited 21 years to see Morrissey and he finally came to my hometown!!! And just a few weeks before my birthday also!(thanks to the girl in the Smiths T-shirt and your lovely dark haired friend for the early birthday wishes! I hope you have a great birthday on the 22nd and it was wonderful to meet you both!).
    I was told that he was going to sing "most of his slow songs" as the general manager at the Tennessee Theatre put it, but I was really excited to hear such a great variety of songs, and especially TQID.
    I was supposed to sit in Row C, but that night they talked to the tech person and they bumped me up to front row, and I was right against the barrier about 20 feet from The Man himself.
    He really outdid himself, making sure that everyone from every possible angle could see him. I did not hear any problems with his voice, and with songs like TBWTTIHS that had some high notes, I would've noticed it. He really delivered on every song.
    He threw 2 shirts out in the audience, the last one just above my head!(if the person that caught this shirt is reading this, I will pay top dollar for a piece of this shirt. Please email me @ [email protected]. Thanks!)
    A big thank you to the pretty blonde woman beside me during the show, who made it possible that the record that I brought for Morrissey made it to him! Even in my Jazzy chair, I'm too short to throw or hand over anything! Also, thank you to the two other people, the one that passed it on down, and the person who held it up to Morrissey's outstretched hand! Thanks for helping me you guys!!
    Thanks to Jerry(I hope I didn't get your name wrong! I was nervous as you know...a psycho woman! lol)who sat with me before the show and bought me the beer(I'm sorry I couldn't drink it due to my back and dilantin meds)and talked with me and calmed my nerves a bit. You were easy to talk to, I'm very shy around strangers. My email is above, tell me about the next Pretenders show!

    Thank you, Morrissey, for coming here and making it a wonderful night for me! Tennesseans love you, and this one has loved you for 21 years!

    Also, Morrissey is much better looking in person. I do not mean it as a backhanded compliment, even though it might come off as such. I do hope that the rest of you first-timers that have never seen him get to see him'll be blown away!
    Sorry for all the rambling, I'm still tired and still in a Morrissey trance!
    girlafraid33 -- Wednesday July 11 2007, @06:32PM (#267762)
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  • I desperately wanted a programme as I do not look good in concert shirts(I look like I have no waist and my boobs look weird in them), and I could not find any. We asked the woman at the merchandise stand if there were any, and she said that they did not have any for this show.
    Does anyone have a programme from any Ringleader tour concert? Obviously I can't get one here, so from any city will do.
    girlafraid33 -- Wednesday July 11 2007, @07:07PM (#267764)
    (User #14185 Info)

    It is not a drag queen much to some peoples disappointment.
    TheevesHours -- Thursday July 12 2007, @06:20AM (#267792)
    (User #19449 Info)
  • I just got this email (however I also had tickets to MSG so I thiink ((I hope)) they just got the dates wrong.
    I cant go through another cancellation


    Thank you for contacting StubHub.
    Morrissey on 7/14/07 has been cancelled. We're offering a full refund to buyers who purchased tickets for this event. To receive your refund, return your tickets to the address below by 7/26/07.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 12 2007, @08:22AM (#267802)
  • First Morrisey show. Unbelievable. His ownership of the stage is unmatched.

    His self confidence & arrogance was hypnotic. I literally could not stop staring at him. My wife is also now in love with him. :)

    adam knoxville -- Thursday July 12 2007, @09:00AM (#267805)
    (User #19606 Info)
  • I attended the Knoxville show on Tues night, and it was my second "Morrissey sighting". I had the great fortune of seeing him at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville in 2004 for the YATQ Tour, and it was life-alteringly incredible. He still has it, and then some!

    His voice was incredible...hitting all of the high notes with seemingly zero effort. it was beautiful, and I had a wonderful time. My husband and I drove down from Nashville, and the whole experience was memorable. We listened to Bona Drag, Your Arsenal and Ringleader in the car on the way down, stopped at the Downtown Grill & Brewery before (and after) the show (their stout is amazing, btw). The interior of the Tennessee Theatre was astounding! so ornate and surreal. When we arrived, Kristeen Young was playing, and I have to say I was blown away! I had been hearing negative reviews of her performances, but she was awesome and a really great opening act for the Moz.

    Our seats were great (although I longed to be in the security-tight front few rows that got so much attention from Morrissey during the show, lucky devils!). I probably made an utter fool out of myself for jumping around, screaming and dancing like a little girl to some of my favorite songs of his. Some of the songs even brought tears to my eyes because I was like, "my god, I can't believe he's singing THAT one, and I'm hearing it live for the first time ever!" it was wonderful.

    I would say the highlights for me were Life is a Pigsty (unbelievable!), At Last I Am Born, Disappointed (I loved being a part of the "audience" part of the end of the song, shouting "NO!" and cheering when for years, I've always gotten a kick out of the sampled audience he used) and Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want. Heck, I'd seen How Soon Is Now live in 2004, but this one might have blown that performance away! So amazing, and I was thrilled that he came out on stage during Imperfect List again. It conjured such wonderful memories from the 2004 show...the excitement of anxiously anticipating him emerging onto the stage with his wonderful and talented band under the cloak of that ominous, ethereal voice coldly reading off the "imperfect list".

    God, it was just great, and I wish I could relive it again and again. I feel so lucky to have been able to see him twice now and to have had this great experience in Knoxville. I hope we all made him feel very welcome and loved there and that he will someday return to Tennessee! Viva Moz!
    ambersan <[email protected]> -- Friday July 13 2007, @05:25AM (#268006)
    (User #12788 Info)
  • By far the best night of my life. Moz and the band sounded excellent. I was fortunate enough to get 2nd row seats (not pit) with my dad, who also had a great time. The first stage invasion was hilarious, as the guy had been wasted and yelling before the show even began. I would've killed to have been able to have touched him. I was so jacked up adrenaline that when I got home I didn't fall asleep until 7 am!
    Anonymous -- Friday August 03 2007, @01:26PM (#270553)

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