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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / Irish Blood, English Heart / In The Future When All's Well / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / Let Me Kiss You / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / All You Need Is Me / At Last I Am Born / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / First Of The Gang To Die / That's How People Grow Up / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / The National Front Disco / Whatever Happens, I Love You / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // The Last Of The Famous International Playboys

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  • how was it?
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 12 2007, @08:03PM (#267956)
    • Re:how was it? by thatlittlebroad (Score:1) Friday July 13 2007, @10:13AM
  • Hi Morrissey? How are you? You're keen! I like you. You're neato! Want to be my friend?

    Anonymous -- Thursday July 12 2007, @08:05PM (#267957)
  • I am seeing him Saturday

    Please put Panic back in
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 12 2007, @08:09PM (#267958)
    • Re:Panic? by drboy809 (Score:1) Friday July 13 2007, @06:53PM
      • Re:Panic? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday July 20 2007, @04:45AM
  • Pay $30 and 5 minutes later I am SITTING FRONT ROW!!!! Take that suckers! Half the songs were great the other half pretty much sucked (I yawned a few times). His new band is fair. He needs to retire after this tour, he was really tired after each song. FRONT ROW!!!!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 12 2007, @08:20PM (#267959)
  • Clearwater set list (Score:2, Interesting)

    Imperfect List
    The Queen is Dead
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    In the Future Whwn All's Well
    You Have Killed Me
    The Youngest Was the Most Loved
    Let Me Kiss You
    Girlfriend in a Coma
    Every Day is Like Sunday
    All You Need is Me
    At Last I Am Born
    The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
    The First of the Gang to Die
    That's How People Grow Up
    I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
    National Front Disco
    It's You I Love
    Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
    Life is a Pig Sty
    How Soon is Now?
    Encore: Last of the Famous International Playboys

    Great show!!! Two stage invaders were stopped by security, but a girl in a black & white striped shirt hugged Moz during the encore, to much applause. This was my 3rd Morrissey show, & it was definitely the best.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 12 2007, @08:36PM (#267961)
  • The above setlist is accurate except "It's You I Love" should read as "Whatever Happens, I love You."
    Ironic, because after that song he said "that is off the album that none of you bought."
    After "All you need is me" he said "that song - all you need is me - is scheduled for release in (dramatic pause) - 2012."
    neal -- Thursday July 12 2007, @09:13PM (#267966)
    (User #799 Info |
  • Great show! The set list is a blur to me. Pretty much the same that's been played this tour. The venue was great - a really small theater, very small, great acoustics. I thought the crowd was kinda lame. I was surrounded by middle aged people who knew nothing about Moz. I suspect the theater sells subscription packages for all their performances, which would explain the non-fans. The crowd was very polite, though. They even applauded Kristeen Young, who in my opinion should have been booed off stage after her first song. Moz was in excellent spirits. He was very chatty and friendly with the crowd. At one point he handed his microphone to a woman in the front row who proceeded to tell a story about her daughter being 3 the first time she saw Morrissey, and now she's 21. The woman went on and on, and poor Moz was too polite to take the mic back. When the crowd started booing, the woman said "wait I'm not finished," at which point a roadie ran across the stage and yanked the mic from the woman's hands. The crowd went nuts! At another point Moz gave us a history lesson about Ruth Eckerd. He said she was a suffragist (not a suffragette) who was hung following a bout of PMT in the 70s. I think he made it up. For me the highlight was Everyday Is Like Sunday. The First Of The Gang To Die got messed up because Moz was too busy shaking hands to sing the first verse. He never got back on track after that and sort of ad libbed his way through the rest of the song. It was still good though. He did a very strange thing at the end of Life Is A Pigsty. He sort of curled up in an upside down fetal position while leaning against the drum riser. He stayed motionless in this position while the keyboardist played Auld Lang Syne. From there they went into How Soon Is Now, which was my other highlight of the evening. I've been hyping this show up to myself for some time. I won't say it was the best concert experience I've ever had, but I certainly wasn't disappointed. Overall, it was a good experience, which is all I can ask for.
    munkedukr -- Thursday July 12 2007, @09:35PM (#267969)
    (User #19492 Info)
  • Great show…reminds me of the first time I saw him in 97 in st pete…same type venue and all the ushers were old people with their white shirts and bow ties and vests on….we even passed a table with about 5 cakes on it and the women standing behind them proudly like they made them.
    This was my sisters first Morrissey show, which in a way is funny because I got into the smiths by stealing her ‘strangeways’ tape…I continued on and she stopped listening. Saw a few friends at the show. We were in the 7th row behind the pit and the last 2 seats in the row which meant that we were constantly letting people by…we saw the same 4 people go in and out about 6 times during the show..i can never understand that..i want to get my $s worth…but that’s just me.

    Good banter with the crowd….made a comment about who ruth Eckerd was…said she was a suffergist that was hung in the 70’s…I think she actually passed away last year and if im correct I believe she was a philanthropist and the wife of the man who started Eckerd drugs and also had the college in st pete named after them…he handed off the mic to the crowd and after the first time probably shouldn’t have continued doing so.

    A decent choice of shirts but at $35 and $40 each im getting past the needing a shirt from every show I go to. Also had a Morrissey belt buckle for $20 that I got earlier this year from for a bit less.

    This was my 11th show, 12 and 13 are coming up and I’m even more excited now.

    Wishing I had got tickets to the boca show as well now
    baggytrousers -- Thursday July 12 2007, @10:12PM (#267975)
    (User #1357 Info)
  • Front of stage! 5 handshakes! 100 pix soon! Love, Jay
    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
    • Re:Amazing ! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday July 13 2007, @03:09AM
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    • Re:Amazing ! by Mud (Score:1) Thursday July 19 2007, @02:22AM
  • SPM,

    Seeing you perform the following songs on 7/21 would be amazing.

    "I'm not Sorry"

    "You Know I couldn't Last"

    "America is not the World" ...They're beautiful songs for a small, intimate venue. Please, please, please. :(

    oranjpekoe <[email protected]> -- Friday July 13 2007, @05:35AM (#268009)
    (User #19383 Info)
  • This was my fifth time seeing Moz and it was the best time. Venue was wonderful and the band was incredible. Moz was on fine form, great word changes..for example, in "Please, Please...he said "please let me have who I want". And it was so wonderful to hear live songs I had never I hadn't seen him in ten years!!

    Anonymous -- Friday July 13 2007, @06:28AM (#268013)
  • Went to Pasadena, Oakland, Hollywood Bowl, and now Clearwater. This was the best one by far.
    He was in the finest of form. Singing was first rate, seems to have shaped up physically, enthusiastic, sarcastic and humorous as always, and very kind to his fans.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 13 2007, @06:44AM (#268017)
  • last night's show was fantastic, except for the lame woman who tried to promote her business when moz handed her the mic. i'm surprised he let anyone else have a go, but the second guy did much better. it would have been better with a more energetic crowd, but hey, we all know how the crowds around here are - lame. the show itself was fabulous. moz was clever and on as always. that band is impressive, particular mr. keyboard/trumpet/accordian/trombone/guitar player. lord, where did moz find him?!
    Anonymous -- Friday July 13 2007, @07:32AM (#268023)
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    • Re:the moz band info by maryII (Score:1) Saturday July 14 2007, @12:59PM
  • I uploaded a pic of the actual setlist to the site, as well as a picture of the first shirt he threw to the crowd. Hopefully they show up soon. I ran into a fellow who happened to snag both of them - very lucky...but he was very kind and let me take some virtual souvenirs with my cameraphone. If you're reading on here, sir, thank you again.
    neal -- Friday July 13 2007, @10:28AM (#268043)
    (User #799 Info |
  • My boyfriend and I had a great time last night! It was our first time seeing Morrissey, and we were not disappointed. I think we could've done without the man in front of us yelling every two minutes, but overall it was great. Does anyone know what the no bottlecap rule was about? We eventually decided that it was to keep people from throwing them at the opening act. =] It looked like it took Morrissey a few songs to really get into it, but it was a good show. I have been to 5 or 6 shows at Ruth Eckerd and this by far was the best.
    Mika -- Friday July 13 2007, @10:32AM (#268045)
    (User #19612 Info)
    • Re:Great! by ola (Score:1) Friday July 13 2007, @11:43AM
      • Re:Great! by Mika (Score:1) Saturday July 14 2007, @05:20PM
        • Re:Great! by ola (Score:1) Sunday July 15 2007, @12:01AM
          • Re:Great! by Mika (Score:1) Sunday July 15 2007, @04:41PM
            • Re:Great! by ola (Score:1) Sunday July 15 2007, @11:13PM
  • Videos are now up at:

              Interesting show. It seem the crowd didn't know many songs and it was depressing. On the other hand the performance was exceptional. At one point a girl jumped on stage and Moz turned to Julia and said, "see, somebody cares." Then I decided to put the camera away for a while and danced and sang my ass off to support him. I was embarrassed since I am from Tampa. I made several comments to Julia to apologize for the crowd.
              I have had several discussions with members about how Moz might feel about videoing because when he looks at me it seems as if he might be scowling. I like the momentos and sharing but I would respect his wishes if I knew difinitively. During First of the Gang To Die he turned and looked at me while he sang "and he stole from the rich and the poor and the not very rich and the very poor" while pointing at each of his bandmates.
              Some vid a little erratic but there is one point where he hands the mic to a girl who babbles endlessly while Moz stands befuddled. Finally the mic is grabbed from her and given back to Moz. During the band intro he gives Jesse the last name Walker instead of Tobias. Is the band going to be called Morrissey and the Walker Brothers on the next tour?
              Will work on posting some excellent pics but having trouble with .mac page so check back.

    FDR <[email protected]> -- Friday July 13 2007, @12:13PM (#268055)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • I made the 20 hour journey from Manchester to the concert in Clearwater Fl ( Thurs 12 july )and it was the best decision i have ever made. After seeing Morrissey last at the "Who put the M in Manchester gig", getting no closer than 20 rows back, i stumbled into the Ruth Eckard hall just as the Mozmeister entered the ring. I CASUALLY strolled to the front row, stood directly infront of the mic, and proceeded to snap a few crafty photo's off. Ten minutes in, shirt off, launched into crowd, and into my sweaty waiting palms. Unbelievable. On the downside, some songs didn't quite hit the mark, but overall,the band were tight, Boz Boorer was on form, and morrissey was within spitting distance. Job done. And just to cap it off, i was handed a setlist by the new bassist with some pretty funny changes to their titles, including the boy with the porn by his side. I will upload pics of the shirt and playlist when i get back to manchester. promise.
    DazSumner -- Friday July 13 2007, @01:44PM (#268074)
    (User #19119 Info)
  • He turned up, blew the entire theme tune to Coronation Street through a kazoo, then left - without an encore..... A let let down to be honest.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 13 2007, @05:00PM (#268099)
  • Morrissey please come to New York City. I'm still in a state of shock. I cant believe it. I was so disappointed when i was told the day before the concert that it was canceled. I will do anything to see you, Please Morrissey dont make me hate you because i love you so much and you are my biggest inspiration. I'm on denial, i havent even returned the tixs.

    Please come to the Big Apple. I wont give up.
    See you later Morrissey:-)

    drboy809 -- Friday July 13 2007, @06:57PM (#268111)
    (User #19580 Info)
  • This show was great. The band and the man himself sound wonderful and the new album is a treat. I'm the first girl who did a stage invasion--didn't get in the hug, but did make it to the middle of the stage before I was lifted by my shoulders. He looked right into my eyes with such empathy when they grabbed me. Amazing! Anyway, does anyone have pics or vids of this happening or of his comment immediately following?
    jeunefille -- Friday July 13 2007, @08:16PM (#268116)
    (User #19615 Info)
  • Most of us are. The shows are amazing, the crowds are awesome, the venues are diverse. His bus tour of the US has to be enlightening, humorous, and a bit frightening. I've seen more than a few shows, and I'm always fascinated as I have a beer and watch the locals enter. I hope those who follow so closely behind each route are no more than fans, he's truly a blessing to those who hear the words.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 13 2007, @09:10PM (#268118)
  • Is anyone planning on meeting before or after at Universal City walk?
    DOUGH2GO -- Saturday July 14 2007, @12:21PM (#268138)
    (User #13981 Info)
  • Is anyone else getting suspicious?
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 14 2007, @12:48PM (#268141)
  • My day started early. I live in New Tampa so that means on a good day without traffic it's a 45 minute drive to Clearwater...but when you live here you know it's NEVER a good day. So, I left around 3:45pm. The traffic was a mess. Along the way some elderly redheaded woman stopped and asked us if this was the way to St. Pete...and we told her to follow the road to Clearwater...but...she continued driving straight instead of, she went the wrong way. And we felt SO bad she was driving in the wrong direction. Anyway, I got there at about 4:50pm. I waited outside until 7pm for them to open up. While outside Boz walked out front in a rather sharp looking silver suit. I shook hands with him...nobody else seemed to notice it was him but me...I guess it was because he has lost quite a bit of weight. Anyway, he was really nice and went back around to the back where the tour bus was.

    I sat inside and waited for Kristeen Young to come on, expecting the worst...but was wonderfully surprised. I actually fell in love with her that night. She was amazing. Her set lasted for about 45 minutes and I wished it would have lasted longer. The crowd was very approving of her...and she deserved it. She's so sweet and nice. She kept making little jokes...sometimes they were inane...sometimes they were flat out funny. She made a reference to the seats in the auditorium referring to them as a "Weapon of the color turquoise. You may not be aware of it now...but someday you will be"...that was quite inane...but I did like her comment about "This song is off an album called 'Breasticles...*crowd laughs*...What? Is that funny?"...she also said "This is a song off our new album 'Orphans'...but you won't find it anywhere"...she really was a pleasure to hear and the crowd gave her a long and well deserved ovation.

    After Kristeen was done the roadies came on stage and started rearranging the stage. Meanwhile there were little films being projected on the screen. Morrissey's choice of videos ranged from "cute" to "extremely annoying". In particular, one of a redheaded woman in a dress singing the "12 Days of Christmas" but it being about alcohol. It was REALLY annoying. I wanted to kill someone.

    Anyway, when the "Imperfect List" started everyone stood out of their chairs and began to cheer and clap...from this moment on for the next hour and 45 minutes everyone stood. Morrissey finally came out and took the stage...dressed in a gray/black suit, a yellow shirt, and with a tambourine in hand, he went into "The Queen is Dead". With the exceptions of the lyric changes it sounded close to how it did on the Smiths live album "Rank". Morrissey commented about how "You won't find me played on American television or played on American radio. And I take that as a compliment". He then nearly immediately broke into "Irish Blood, English Heart"...annoying me slightly with the lyric change "I've been dreaming of a time when American's are sick to death of Republicans". But I quickly forgave him.

    After the song wrapped up he greeted the crowd and said something along the lines of "It's lovely to be here at Ruth Eckerd Hall....and we ALL know who she was don't we?" Then he turned around to Boz and laughed and Jesse started strumming out the opening to "In the Future When All's Well". After the song was done Morrissey went on again about Ruth Eckerd saying "Some of you may not know this, but Ruth Eckerd was a famous suffragist. NOT a suffragette. Some people think the word is suffragette. But it isn't. Only uneducated people say suffragette. Anyway, the word is 'suffragist'. And Ruth Eckerd was a famous suffragist. And she was hung...*pauses* after a bout with PMT...*pauses*...and this was all in the 70's...*pauses*...but, that's Florida for you!". In case you don't know, PMT means the same thing as PMS.

    If any one doesn't REALLY know who Ruth Eckerd was I'll tell you. She is the wife of the founder of Eckerd Drugs and Pharmacies. She was basically the Betty Ford of Pharmacies. And she didn't die in the 70's from a hanging. Sh
    Viva -- Saturday July 14 2007, @01:12PM (#268144)
    (User #19620 Info |
    Kewpie is a cunt and everyone knows it...
  • Aside from the annoying lady that got her 5 minutes of fame the show was fantastic, thank you to the second person that got the mic and give a better perspective of how we feel about MOZ, "we will follow you 4ever" Ray [email protected] Tampa, Fl.
    rayme11 -- Sunday July 15 2007, @12:11PM (#268248)
    (User #19628 Info)
  • Review. Great show and great fun. Thank you for this website, it was helpful in my preparation for the show.

    RE Hall. Very small setting and very non-rock oriented. Very polite crowd. Clearwater is a little old (it is Florida). Not a really wild crowd. A wine-sipping crowd. (Morrisey told a funny joke about RE Hall)

    Morrissey was funny, personable and entertaining. His opening act was very attractive, but not very good. Too bad. And what is up with the annoying videos and music prior to the show? It hurt my ears.

    I loved the 4 guitar setup. His backup band is really good. And really loud. They switched guitars, played horns, accoustics, cymbals, bass drum, -- very impressive. But why are they dressed like waiters ??? (Maybe I don't want to know.....)

      And please stop giving the mike to the audience.

    All the Smiths songs - Great. All the solo songs - also great. Good set list. Encore and I'll never forget How Soon is Now? Show stopper.

    Enjoyed it very very much. I've waited decades to hear the Smiths and Morrissey. It was great/fantastic.

    Morrissey - The stripping is something that should be left for the professionals (Mons Venus comes to mind).

    Thanks for the show. Please come back to SW Florida anytime. Go vegan!
    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2007, @07:30AM (#268335)
  • i was the girl in the black and white striped shirt who managed to give moz a hug during last of the famous...
    i know i am late, (just got home from the florida gigs) but does anyone have any photos or video of the encore?
    any evidence would be greatly appreciated.
    black eyed suzanne -- Monday July 16 2007, @11:26AM (#268376)
    (User #12606 Info)
  • This show was amazing. Completely blew me away. Moz please make sure to keep the Tampa Bay area on your tour list always. You have some very devoted fans there, and despite what some posters wrote, I know you were feeling the love that night! {I say "there" instead of "here" because I now live in the NYC area, grew up in Clearwater, and knew I'd have a better chance of getting a good seat down there than at Madison Square Garden. Lord knows that was the best decision I ever made!)
    colouroflead -- Saturday July 21 2007, @01:09PM (#269105)
    (User #19664 Info)

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