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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / In The Future When All's Well / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / The National Front Disco / Let Me Kiss You / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / All You Need Is Me / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / First Of The Gang To Die / I Will See You In Far Off Places / That's How People Grow Up / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Irish Blood, English Heart / At Last I Am Born / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

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  • how was it??? tell us already!
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 14 2007, @08:04PM (#268174)
  • Isn't that where the anthrax first hit?
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 14 2007, @08:05PM (#268175)
  • ..."she" will have plenty to say! Especially since she is actually Morrissey!
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 14 2007, @08:06PM (#268176)
  • Will have something for us as soon as she sobers up!
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 14 2007, @08:27PM (#268181)
  • Just Got Back (Score:2, Informative)

    I caught the full shirt. Here's the setlist straight from the sheet:


    Fingal -- Saturday July 14 2007, @09:27PM (#268184)
    (User #6356 Info)
  • Moz should never play in south florida again,these scumbags don't deserve to be in the same presence as him.

    They only cared about was drinking cheap alcohol all night and chain smoking,i saw a group of people passing around a damn joint during Let Me Kiss You.

    I spent most of the time on my tip toes trying to look over the assholes standing on chairs and throwing their beer around.

    Besides the crappy people,Moz was wonderful as always.

    To the well behaved individuals,thank you!

    Anonymous -- Saturday July 14 2007, @09:33PM (#268185)
  • Although it was very hot and he was obviously feeling it, the man persevered. I fear he didn't drink enough water and is perhaps somewhere nursing a horrible dehydration headache right now. The sound was what you'd expect from an outside venue; the opening number, The Queen Is Dead, was pretty abyssmal, but things improved steadily after that. It's not the best show I've seen, but considering the heat and venue, a solid performance. More later.
    dizzy flipper -- Saturday July 14 2007, @10:22PM (#268187)
    (User #18036 Info)
    "Yes. I refuse to alight."
  • basically, after a lifetime I still love this guy. For the art and unreason. But mainly for the art. Remember where you came from. Salud.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @01:44AM (#268195)
  • Sound was loud and great for an outdoor venue. Vocals were spot on. The humidity probably helped his voice a bit. The new songs were actually quite good. Excellent show, although I wish he played a few more songs!
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @06:09AM (#268203)
  • ...and unfortunately will be be unable to perform in Orlando this evening. His doctor has precribed warm salt baths and soothing creams, so he should be 'back in the saddle' for Tuesday evening.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @07:45AM (#268207)
  • After 20 years, I finally get to see the MOZ in action.., It was Great!! the live sound was incredible and the performance very unique. This is what I expected...
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @08:05AM (#268210)
  • The concert was great! It was very hot and humid and he said he was born in dirty Manchester and he wasn't sure how he'd hold up with the heat. That if he should die there on stage, just "carry on without me". He soaked through 4 shirts in no time flat but he kept going. Voice was in great shape, the man is beautiful. There were defintely some rude people about, but he played in Boca Raton. What to expect? Boca Raton is not an accurate representation of FL. It's a wealthy area. Lots of new money people who are very snobbish and uppity. The plus side was it made it very easy to get up front- just 2 people in front of me to the barricade from the stage. There were the true Moz fans and as we all reached out for his hand, on getting back to our little standing spots there was a round of "Are you ok?" between us. GREAT CONCERT!
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @08:12AM (#268212)
    • Re:Boca Raton by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday July 15 2007, @08:32AM
      • Re:Boca Raton by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday July 15 2007, @09:45AM
  • He's not Alain, but I have to say I was duly impressed. He can really play. It was great to see Boz.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @08:16AM (#268213)
  • Someone has already provided a handful of dashing photos of the show here (remove any trespassing space from URL), and the crowd look keen - ?gallery=317950
    goinghome -- Sunday July 15 2007, @09:56AM (#268227)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • The link below will show you pictures of the Boca Raton concert: ?gallery=317950

    (take out thta space before the ? mark)

    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @10:02AM (#268228)
  • My apologies. Here it is correctly.... ?gallery=317950 []
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @10:06AM (#268230)
  • I don't know about anyone else, but I've never seen such an act. The only good thing was the beat provided by the drummer. My God, what was she doing to that poor keyboard? And then the voice, I couldn't tell if it was her natural singing voice, or if she sang in a constant falsetto. She lends a "Twilight Zone" kind of feeling, and the best part of her performance was when she stopped the assault on us.

    I read this horrific article about her today in which she says "I think we have been doing quite well. People tend to concentrate on the negative, and the (negative) comments get blown up much bigger, a lot more than the positive. I also believe ... that people who start off negative about us, we win them over. A lot of it is that people who love Morrissey so much really hate anyone who is close to them. I mean in proximity, not even in a friends way."

    Er, give us a break.

    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @10:45AM (#268234)
  • Unlike most on this site, I do not have the luxury of comparing this performance to let’s say, any of Moz’s California shows, likewise, you will not hear me say anything like- ‘can’t wait to see you in Philly', please play ‘There is A Light!’ His performance in Boca Raton will be my one and only Moz show on this tour. For Shame!!! I know. I’m hoping all these retirement rumors are unfounded and I will get another chance! One has to make a living after all.
    Anyhow, I had mixed feelings about Mizner Park as the venue. Although it’s just a ten-minute drive from my house, Mizner Park is the epitome of Boca Raton’s ultra-snobbish jet set. Not to mention the fact that it is an outdoor venue in the Middle of JULY! Compromised sound and miserable heat! I really don’t know what Moz’s tour manager was thinking here. Seriously, the guy must not have taken the South Floridian humidity factor into account.
              Morrissey, himself, apparently did not take the SoFla heat that seriously either. He came out on stage donning a spiffy suit and tie. After a brief cordial hello, Moz and his boys ripped out “The Queen Is Dead” Since I peak on this site from time to time for set lists, I was anxiously expecting to hear the legendary Smiths song played live! It met, and exceeded all my expectations. Although he’s no Johnny Marr, Boz Boorer’s lead guitar is not that shabby! And, I don’t know the name of Moz’s touring drummer, but he played that pulsating drum intro relatively well, although they could have been just a tad bit more aggressive. The pounding drum intro of TQID really makes or breaks the song. Moz then smarten up on “LOTFIP” and tossed his jacket and tie aside. On “LOTFIP” I was impressed by Moz’s ability to hit those falsettos, after all these years.
    I also noticed how similar the stage set up was from You Are The Quarry tour, apparently Moz likes his gong. I only noticed the gong two songs into the set because, even though I was sitting in the 4th row, some drunken fatty was standing up on her chair completely obstructing my view. For whatever reason the entire row in front of me consisted of people who would have fit right in an a Journey concert, with their beers swinging and cell phones up and open (instead of the lighter cliché). However distracting they were, Moz’s on stage bravado kept me focused. Somewhere between “In the Future when all’s well” and “Disappointed” Moz finally comment on the extreme heat, saying something along the lines of – him being from grimey Manchester and not being use to the heat. He was wearing this black shirt that was completely drenched, front and back, probably dripping sweat.
    Although I wish “The National Front Disco” would have rocked a but harder it was a great add in the set. I’m glad the Moz has inserted more from Your Arsenal, my personal favorite from the Moz solo catalog. Then he sang one of the best tunes from YATQ -“Let Me Kis You” which was stellar. That was followed by “Girlfriend in a Coma” which was an unexpected treat for me.
    Then there was “Every Day is like Sunday” which felt rather tired. He should remove that from the set list, it just sounds old and played out. “The Boy with a Thorn…” was also somewhat lackluster, something was just lacking in the guitar riffs for me.
    “Please Please….” showed that Moz can still put in the extra melodramatic kick here and there. It was very nicely transitioned into “Irish Blood”. I was unexpectedly surprised with “Life Is A Pigsty”. On the album, it is one of those tracks that I skipped right by, but Moz’s over emphasis and candor just won that song over for me tonight. “How Soon Is Now” another played out number from his repertoire, sounded fresh and edgy on this evening. And the encore “You’re gonna Need Someone….” although not as edgy as I would have liked but still spectacularly sung by the Moz.
    The one missing ingredient in this show, the stage invaders? I’ve been going to Moz shows for 10 years and cannot remember a stage invader free night? The security really needed to mellow out.
    Alex_In_a_coma -- Sunday July 15 2007, @11:48AM (#268242)
    (User #19623 Info)
  • Boca Raton was an odd choice for someone with such a following, but the location really doesn't matter.

    He did an excellent set of songs despite the humidity which would fatigue anyone. Which concert could you possibly go to that sells only vegetarian food? Maybe the only negative is that he didn't comment as much as I'd heard before, but still was funny. I am curious what note someone gave him from the audience mid-concert, because he really took the time to read it from end to end.

    As far as I'm concerned he will never age and his music only continues to get better and better with each new release!
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @12:21PM (#268250)
  • I truly have no complaints!i was surprised to see his whole new band.besides Boz and Moz,the rest of the guys looked like young guys fresh out of University.but they played very well and put on an excellent show.i felt kinda bad for moz,he was sweating his ass off.he went through like 5 shirts.much respect for him,it was HOT as fuck.i was front stage and loved it.i lost my voice singing to every song!the only negative thing that occurred was some old bitch standing next to me with her niece bitching the whole time saying that Morrissey was the devil and he's satanic and shit.grrrr.....people like that need to get fucking SHOT!godspeed,to Moz on the rest of the tour!
    Fernissey -- Sunday July 15 2007, @06:14PM (#268281)
    (User #19632 Info)
  • ...did Morrissey look into any retirement communities? Because he should really hang it up.
    The Bicycle Tragedy -- Monday July 16 2007, @01:15AM (#268308)
    (User #18769 Info)
  • I love the people that just complain about the smallest of things. It was a great show, there was a good crowd (at least around me everyone was really friendly). He played a great set, and was very animated. We only had one incident in which a guy tried to run up to the front where we were, and tried to push everyone out of his way to get up. We took care of that pretty quickly by telling him "Too late," and giving him a quick elbow to the throat. If he would have been nice about it, we probably wouldn't have cared. We just had to give him a dose of Hialeah. The venue does suck though, in the middle of Boca with tons of snobs and their picnic baskets. Moz and Boz were great.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2007, @05:46AM (#268322)
  • What did he say? Were there any comments between songs or as intros?
    I don't care about comments about the crowd and who did what in the seats.
    Tell me how he performed and what he said if you are going to bother to review a show you were at.

    That's what I try to do when I'm lucky enough to get to one and post on here.

    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2007, @07:47AM (#268338)
  • First off, the show was amazing!It was a hot, sweaty and grueling night for the ol' Mozzer... Nevertheless, he delivered the best performance a man can do in such scorching heat. The set list was perfect (see above) and boz was on top of his game.

    I have all Morrissey's one liners on video (thanks to my wonderful wife) and i shall post the youtube links soon! He was in a chatty mood, much was said.

    i think he opened the show saying, "You know,i should be teaching logic at Yale"

    i got a backstage pass thanks to my BFF BEE did an amazing job looking like a cute small school girl which got the attention from apparently someone connected to bass playing for Peter Bjorn, which was also friends with Morrissey's band...he was super nice and gave her a backstage pass (more like a round tuff sticker with Morrissey's face on it. It said after party on it and a typed date on the bottom) and so we took turns backstage...morrissey was long gone by the time i got there but the entire band was really down to earth, and Boz was just really nice...amazing show, amazing night...

    will post pic and vids soon!


    It seems Morrissey's Dressing room sign said, "El Jefe". Which means "The Boss" in spanish. Thought you would like to know that.

    EL JEFE -- Monday July 16 2007, @11:36AM (#268381)
    (User #19641 Info)
  • I don't care about the band -- I don't care about Kristeen Young -- I am happy that Mike Gross is back playing at High School dance marathons and in the local malls. All I care about is Morrissey. Btw, whoever called Morrissey Satan should have their teeth knocked out to make them uglier than they already are. Morrissey is more like an angel you idiot -- and Morrissey is beautiful, true, adorable, and the most compassionate man you'd be lucky enough to know. I find it appalling that after getting from the airport to Boca right by the Mizner, I was starving and was on a quest for a restaurant that served no meat. I mean, with all of the posh little boutiques, restaurants, stores and so on, after walking around for about an hour, I couldn't find ONE place that served vegetarian food. So I had to resort with no sleep and starving after approximately a 3 hour flight to a Papa Johns which I initially passed by. But then ended up there and got pizza with extra cheese. It is unfathomable that these places all served meat, within walking distance anyways. I didn't go into the Mizner straight up from the airport because I had to go on a quest for liquor and matches. It took me like 40 minutes to get a book of matches in Boca straight up by the Mizner. So finally after eating my Papa Johns with extra cheese and no meat ….. naturally, I was on the borderline of dehydration. Got an ice cold Pepsi several minutes before Morrissey went on. Took my codeine for my cough and then ran up to the front within minutes of Morrissey getting onstage. It was so hot, it was like the hottest night I ever experienced in my life. After several songs, the large Pepsi was no longer in existence in my hands and I thought I was going to drop to the floor on the verge of dehydration. Thank you God that security brought out numerous bottles of water for me -- or I probably would have been dead. But then again if I died at a Morrissey concert while seeing Morrissey -- then that would have been like -- if I had to die now, well that would surely be the way I want to go. But somehow I'm still here, as usual, and it was like I was a plant that needed to be watered. So then after all the water was splashed on me and in me, I popped up back to reality to see my star - Morrissey, in his most beautiful performance; as usual. He was looking fantastic and the show was the most memorable and passionate one I've been to recently. I know this sounds incoherent, but I think the cough syrup. But it is all true -- it all happened and it was well worth it.

    Signing off for now

    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2007, @12:21PM (#268396)
  • First off, it was a great show. But, I can't believe that I saw the man perform at an "upscale" faux-Mediterranean freakin' shopping mall... it just seems so -- I don't know -- "inappropriate" and uncool. It was a pleasant enough venue, in a Stepford-Wives sort of way - extremely antiseptic - it's the sort of place you'd expect to see Kenny G or someone like that. Anyhows, the banal setting didn't really distract from the great performance. It did bring out a bunch of shopping mall frat-boy types who were more into their beer, Blackberries, and smokes than paying attention to the actual show... but that's South Florida for you.

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the cool beginning, when the lights went down with the voice(Moz's?)-over on the sound system reciting a list of adjectives which I assume were read from press stories and reviews of Morrissey. Nice way to begin the gig. Can't decide if I liked the 2004 Miami Beach show or this one better...
    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2007, @02:36PM (#268432)
  • This was another great adventure!

    We arrived for soundcheck and all of the band except Moz was playing so I got to do the ultimate Karaoke by singing the vocals to "International Playboys" and a few others as nobody in the band was singing at all... It was open air so just outside the venue we could hear them perfectly!

    The show was great. We had front row reserved swats but all that was blown to hell as the crowd rushed up and your assigned seats meant nothing as a "pit" was instantly created once Kristeen Young ended. I have to say she has won me over. Her songs have grown on me now and she is very sweet in person. We got to meet her after her set in Clearwater and she is the best!

    Andrea got on the rail and I was right behind her for this show.

    Moz was drenched within minutes in hot open-air venue so halfway through TQID it looked as though he had just taken a shower in his clothes. Andrea's friend Mathew caught the full shirt he threw into the crowd. There was a 5-foot barrier for this show so only a handful of people could reach to get a handshake from Moz. AWESOME SHOW!

    Cheers from the library in Florida- back in Moz Angeles Wednesday!

    100's of iix when I get back!!

    Viva Moz,

    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • Leslie Gray Street, "10 Reasons You Shouldn't Miss Morrissey at Mizner Park," Palm Beach Post, July 13, 2007, Sec. TGIF, Pg. 16. Online []

    Although it's not part of my official Top 10 of the things I'm most looking forward to about Saturday's Morrissey show at Mizner Park Amphitheater, the thing foremost in my mind is whether our man Moz is still under the weather. After all, he's canceled several shows in the past few weeks because of a horrible throat problem that called for rest from his luxuriously melodramatic vocals. But his people have assured me that he'll be front and center in all of his beautifully self-referential glory.

    So assuming that the former Smiths singer is all rested up and ready for us, here are the 10 things I most want to see:

    1. What he's wearing: I saw Morrissey two years ago at Miami Beach's Jackie Gleason Theater, and he looked like Bryan Ferry's melancholy cousin, his dapper suit eventually drenched in sweat and his tie unloosened like a lounge singer. Dee-lish.

    2. You Have Killed Me: Imagine a bombastic, exciting classic James Bond theme song. Now imagine throwing a blithely accusatory tale of hurt into the mix. Now you get the gist of this single from his latest, Ringleader of the Tormentors.

    3. Odd fan behavior: At the Jackie Gleason show, folks kept flinging themselves at Moz as he crooned, like crazed Beatles fans, only to be plucked off of him and away to wherever they take stage crashers. And yet they kept on flinging.

    4. The set: Last time, there was a huge lightbulb sign that spelled out "Morrissey." If you've got the chutzpah to put your own name in lights, you know you bring it.

    5. A happy Morrissey? According to a fan on, at his Columbus, Ohio, show in May, the man has become relatively upbeat -- "Is it my imagination, or has Morrissey started taking anti-depressants? He was jovial and smiled throughout the concert." Hmmm.

    6. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want: This showed up on a recent playlist from the Hollywood Bowl, posted on the Web. This is my favorite Smiths song. Please, please, please let him, let him, sing the song that I want this time.

    7. Last of the Famous International Playboys: Another song off that Hollywood Bowl playlist, it's about two depressing real people -- British gangsters and twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray. I'm not sure why. But it's awfully good.

    8. How Soon Is Now: I am so psyched for this show, with all the Smiths songs! I love some solo Moz, but I'm wanting to reclaim this thing from the Charmed fans. See, I've already waited too long ...

    9. Irish Blood, English Heart: I like this song because its angst is channeled into an open-eyed, angry pride that embraces both parts of his heritage.

    10. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out: I do not actually want to have my great love realized by dying by their side in a double-decker bus accident. But I do love this song.

    - - - - -
    Leslie Gray Streeter, "Upbeat Morrissey Sparks Love Fest Of New Hits, Gems," Palm Beach Post, July 15, 2007, Sec. C, Pg. 7. Online []

    "For someone who was born in smelly old Manchester, this old climate is ... hot," Morrissey politely explained, sweat already beginning to soak his elegantly graying temples after the third song of his set at Mizner Park Amphitheater Saturday night.

    "If I drop down dead, continue on without me. I know you will."

    Moz, as he's known to the faithful followers of his solo career and his previous association with The Smiths, must have known that was unlikely.

    In fact, the metal crash bar and roped-off stage entrances hinted at what most fans already knew: Morrissey fans are so unwilling to go on without him that they usuall
    have_a_go_adam -- Monday July 16 2007, @11:30PM (#268504)
    (User #15505 Info |
  • And Morrissey turned always millions just so --, just so he wouldn't have to be in the same room as you -- HA. That's sooooo funny. Listen Mike Gross - you are a pig -- the kind of "plant" that is utilized like in wrestling - mmmmm. You are just useless -- Mr. Gross - sent to wrestle like even though you really can't just like the pig that you are Mike Gross.

    Then, then there are beautiful lovely plants -- like the ones grown outside that are here for good, true, lovely purposes - that are here for the right reasons - Deep, good, and true purposes.

    FYI - Mike Gross and your spawns - many words have different meanings - here.


    And so on …..

    I love you Morrissey and God Bless You.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @07:23AM (#268536)

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