posted by davidt on Sunday July 15 2007, @08:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / In The Future When All's Well / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / The National Front Disco / Let Me Kiss You / Girlfriend In A Coma / Everyday Is Like Sunday / All You Need Is Me / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / At Last I Am Born / That's How People Grow Up / I Will See You In Far Off Places / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / First Of The Gang To Die / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

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  • I bet the show wasn't Goofy. I am just happy to be first - no real substance.
    Dagenham Dave -- Sunday July 15 2007, @08:10PM (#268291)
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  • Ok, Morrissey was in great voice and the sound was really good and the crowd was loud. Awesome. But when did it become innapropriate to dance on the general admission floor? The area i was in had myself and 2 other people dancing and assholes around us just wanted to stand still. A couple of people were trying to start fights with the other two people who were dancing. Come the fuck on! I can't imagine having fun at a rock n roll show by standing still. Buy a fucking seat or stand in the back if you want a passive experience.
    But the show was really, really good, and the crowd was appreciative. I might have to make the trip to Jacksonville in addition to hitting the last show in Atlantic City that I already have plans to go to. My vote is for this show over Clearwater the other night. And one guy got on stage but didn't make it to Morrissey before being hauled away!
    robbanks -- Sunday July 15 2007, @10:11PM (#268295)
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  • Morrissey vomited on stage, poor guy. Must be the anti-biotics and codeine
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @10:19PM (#268297)
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaargh my comment didn't go through... here's an attempt at reposting:

    I spent most of my time between the stage and the audience.

    Overall, his voice was great, but he seemed a bit tired. I don't know if it was "him," or a combination of the band's performance. The reason I say this is because the songs were played so slow. Ironically, the band seemed a lot more energetic while playing the newer songs -- makes sense though (no explanation needed).

    Two more factors could play into it. One, the sound was very low. You could talk on a mobile and still hear them play -- In fact, I did that. (I know it's rude, but it was an overseas call that I had to take.) Two, the crowd didn't seem too enthusiastic, sure, they cheered when he took his shirt off (three times I believe), but no one seemed to really know the lyrics to any of the songs (aside from the first few rows). Morrissey talked to a couple of fans who obviously go to everyone of his shows, and they got a hold of the microphone, etc... which is all good and dandy, but people really weren't into it.

    I looked like an idiot dancing and singing, mainly 'cos people seemed so out of place that they didn't know what was going on. I am not a bad dancer, and this isn't a subjective comment here ;)

    Any questions, just ask


    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @10:37PM (#268300)
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  • I had a good time, and caught a pick, too :). I cannot believe he went through so many shirts- but it was hot as hell in there. Good playlist, too!
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 15 2007, @10:45PM (#268302)
  • I agree with the people who say dance or get your fatass to the back. If you're going to just stand there like a robotic Al Gore, then don't get mad when passionate people who actually listen to the music start dancing and jumping around to the songs. Get a life!
    and loose some weight too!

    D Licious -- Monday July 16 2007, @12:18AM (#268305)
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  • There was no throwing beer or being crazy...which is great!

    But there was no action!!! No dancing, singing or even stage rushing. I haven't seen Moz in 10 years but what gives?

    He was awsome 2. The best I have heard his voice ever! He talked to the crowd! He was in a good mood!

    I got to hear Girlfriend in a Coma LIVE!

    Too bad noone seemed to care...If your not up to seeing a Rock Legend Live....stay at home!

    badger -- Monday July 16 2007, @12:40AM (#268306)
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  • You are officially the new Bob Dylan. Only, instead of being the spokesman for a generation simply deemed obnoxious, the generation you speak for is not only obnoxious but culturally irrelevant, as well. Hooray!
    The Bicycle Tragedy -- Monday July 16 2007, @01:20AM (#268309)
    (User #18769 Info)
  • ...did I waste 16 years on this pretentious, bloated, one-trick-pony?
    Thank God for life's little awakenings.
    The Bicycle Tragedy -- Monday July 16 2007, @01:23AM (#268310)
    (User #18769 Info)
  • he played the same songs as in boca raton but in a different order. can't remember though, was in the front when he threw out last shirt and several fights broke out. this was my third show and orlando had the worst crowd of people
    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2007, @04:11AM (#268317)
  • yeah, that seems to be the surprising downside to most Moz shows...his main fanbase are now too old to be as wild as they where back in the day. No offense, but Im twenty and the last time two times I saw the man I was desperately trying to keep near the front where their was a bit of life because the rest of the venue was filled with 40 year old men with annoyed looks on their faces, standing rigid with arms folded. And Im a fan of "old school" Moz-I much prefer his early stuff to Quarry or Tormentors-particualarly Your Arsenal and Bona Drag which his concerts are filled with- and I assumed that when a Smiths chord was struck the crowd would go wild-but no dice. In fact ,in Manchester of all places, when I gave an enthusiastic cheer at the start of Dissappointed I got several looks of "whats he so excited about?" from punters both young and old. And this is even in contrast to the crowds of 2004-I barely survived his last gig in The Point! I dont mean any of this as an insult, but thats what happens-the days of Live In Dallas are long gone and the only concert where I experienced the kind of enthusiasm seen in Smiths shows was at a Greenday concert I was begrudgingly dragged to!
    RockLobster800 -- Monday July 16 2007, @07:05AM (#268330)
    (User #19445 Info)
  • ....the show was great...
    the band perfect....HIS voice ...fantastic
    Was up on the balcony and enjoyed every second...
    the show was very close to being sold out...the crowd was great......
    comments:..........said he was being backed up tonight by alien ant farm...which was funny as hell..moz such the jokester...then something about the murder rate in jacksonville is too low...and how he and the band was going to get beat up by a bunch of school girls...
    some more banter was said..cant remember right now.....all and all great show and worth every penny!!!
    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2007, @07:37AM (#268337)
  • i doubt Moz came out and barfed his guts out i mean cant he wait untill the shows over to consider bolimia lol one hate me
    Hesaid -- Monday July 16 2007, @08:47AM (#268348)
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    I know what will make u smile tonight...
  • Caution venomous snakes in area….a sign from one of the I4 rest stops.

    Where to start, with dinner: Meat was being served in the Hard Rock restaurant, however, per MOZ’s request, NO meat would be sold in the Music Hall nor outside the venue, Universal Studios, Hard Rock Cafe.

    Julia got asked about breakfast “It was good” “American corn flakes”

    The Hard Rock was completely sold out. The venue completely packed. Overall Moz was in great spirits, seemed to be very humbled by all the Morrissey chanting, yelling and screaming. Moz worked hard that night, never seen him sweat so much before and it was hot, FLA in July hot, hot as hell, and most people in the audience just smelled bad.

    Moz’s voice was at his best, you could really hear all the silly lyric changes: “PLZ Let me have what I want”,” FOX news hands them stardom”, a remark about Bush in Far off places, ect, ect.

    Moz gave a very proper introduction of the band staring with Michael, and ending with loud cheers for BOZ. The band also in high spirits rocked their hearts out.

    Moz did not play "Whatever Happens, I Love You" sad,:( since the song was great in Clearwater.

    The high point of the show was Life is a Pigsty, followed by How soon is now, where personally I believe it would have been great if MOZ could had squeezed in Jack the Ripper after HSIN, but at this stage of the show the group of fans next to us where on their 3rd joint of night and nothing really matter at that point expect the encore: You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side was fabulously delightful, left me springing and bouncing the hole way home....and so thank you Morrissey for making every day like (yesterday) Sunday.
    Alfax -- Monday July 16 2007, @09:15AM (#268351)
    (User #13931 Info)
  • just returned home to nyc from the first 3 florida shows. they were all amazing. i was the girl at the clearwater show in the black and white striped shirt who managed to get on stage and hug morrissey! anyone have pictures or video?
    any photographic evidence would be greatly appreciated.
    black eyed suzanne -- Monday July 16 2007, @09:57AM (#268360)
    (User #12606 Info)
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      • Re:moz hug by black eyed suzanne (Score:1) Monday July 16 2007, @12:37PM
  • Has anyone noticed the number of comments has dropped as he travels across Florida? After Knoxville, it's been pretty anti-climatic. We can't even get a setlist! Nearly 20% of FL's population is over 65 and there are a lot of transplants & tourists. So...Orlando?! C'mon. Plus it's so close to Clearwater!, why?! Seems like the crowd would have rather seen their hometown boys, Nsync! I'm still scratching my head why he played 4 dates in the state --could've returned to the East coast for a couple of gigs. (sorry to rub salt in the wounds) I can't help but think the Moz & the boys were down cuz they were feeding off the crowd -and starving. Any comments about Jeb Bush? Any lyric changes in Panic you know, "hang the blessed chads"? -kidding- Well, at least we know there was some fan base, albeit small, and that cutie 'black eyed suzanne' was in attendance. Jax has got to rock harder, y'think?
    Corrissey -- Monday July 16 2007, @11:13AM (#268371)
    (User #18538 Info)
    Here you'll find my thoughts and I
  • the show was great.. was nearly in the first row in front of the stage.. until some broad who brought her 11 year old casually walked in front of us, when i asked her what she thought she was doing she tried to say talking to her friend.. my boyfriend and i then proceeded to talk about what a good night it was to pickpocket and other general things you don't want to hear when your handbag is hanging behind you.. soon after she turned around and apologized for being a cunt.. and said how much her snotnose kid wanted to see moz.. zzzzz.. i could really give a shit.. so then we were second row but were still taller than those in front of us so it worked out fine..

    some horrible woman named 'kristeen young' opened up for him. which i, along with i'm sure most of the crowd, couldn't understand. the music wasn't complimentary (if that was the point) and she certainly didn't gain any fans at this show. she finally got off after about 6 or 7 songs and then eventually moz made his way on stage. 2 1/2 hours of amazingness. i was pretty stoked and knew every song by heart and apparently seemed to be one of the only people throwing my arms up, dancing and singing to every song.. alien ant farm as his backing band, i didn't understand at all but they did a good job.. my boyfriend got me a pick and setlist (and much to our amusement, no one tried to fight him for either), which i'd much rather have than a $35 t-shirt from the YATQ tour..
    he played how soon is now, which was a bit of a bummer because after one more song, they were finished and i would have loved to have heard there is a light.. although, disappointed was great.

    the night ended perfectly once all the meatheads in front of us started fighting to get a drumstick (lets not forget this belongs to someone who plays in alien ant farm) and knocking the cunt from earlier's kid into the barrier bar and having to get pulled over, while her mom lunged after her, unfortunately not slipping in her stilettos. and resulting in the bouncers carrying off one meathead dude and some blonde with bad tattoos.

    overall, it was worth all my anxieties beforehand and left us pretty speechless. and then it was time for another jameson.
    jenngnm -- Monday July 16 2007, @11:20AM (#268374)
    (User #19642 Info)
  • Why hasn't anyone posted a setlist or even a semi-articulate review yet? Sad.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2007, @11:34AM (#268379)
  • All the people that claim to be huge fans and the only ones in the crowd who know the words and then you go on about Alien Ant Farm??
        Are you really this dumb?
    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2007, @12:20PM (#268393)
  • set list:

    The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
    In The Future When All's Well
    You Have Killed Me
    Let Me Kiss You
    Girlfriend In A Coma
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    All You Need Is Me
    The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
    First Of The Gang To Die
    I Will See You In Far Off Places
    That's How People Grow Up
    Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    At Last I Am Born
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    Life Is A Pigsty!
    The Queen Is Dead
    How Soon Is Now?
    The National front disco

    encore : You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

    the show was purely amazing!! Morrissey was outstanding, better than ever! the show was great the crowd was great. I think that a lot of the previous posts regarding the show where writen by some people who most likely didnt attend the event personally.. because the crowd was singing to every song, had their hands up in the air and chanted for morrissey.. we even got an enchore after chanting morrissey for 12 minutes, it was great!. Kristeen young was also good, seeing her live was cool, although many younger fans were immaturely chanting for her to get off stage, i for one dont understand these people - just shut and bare it, you did pay for admission am i right?

    the only downfall i would say was the snotty morrissey fans who thought they were the loins of the god and ended up cutting in line as well as the fact that the line was re-routed about 4 times, first due to being on the wrong side of the hard rock property & using the chairs they had available, weather conditions (100+ degree heat and rain storms (thunder included) [where as the whole line had dissipated to take cover] as well as 2 new lines started by 21 & over ticket holders, all access passholders and regular ticketholders (those under 21).

    pre-show: Although I did meet a lot of great fans, i felt some of their dedication stuggled. the downfall was when a magical list was generated and re-done to cater the fact that one guy was standing in line for about i dunno what turned out to be like 30 people in the end. Even though he seemed like a genuinely friendly man, he failed to realize how many people were stepping all over him, merely acting like his friends so that the all said people, could come back right before the show, start to socialize and cut in when there were people who like me that got there at 8am, withstood the harsh weather conditions for 14 hours- thats a fan, and what? it was worth it. all while the said fans were gone the whole time (completely disappeared -just about the whole time, like 10 and a half hours of the ordeal) going to the bar to drink and various places as well as going back to their hotel rooms to fuck around and change clothes beacause they got sweaty and wet, meanwhile comming back into the re-routed line at the end.

    insight: morrissey never vomited on stage, there was one person who had a laser light who security was on the hunt for, one guy who ran up on stage to get thrown out by security fast, about 3 people throwing ice cups and one threw a james dean postcard to the stage, one guy who had a very heated argument with one of morrisseys roadies regarding him smacking the tattoed chick earlier and the guy who punched the little girl in the eye over a set list.. (over a piece of paper?) who ended up being attacked by security.

    not to mention how "tight" the security was that night. three metal detectors were brought out and a table, where each ticketholder had to place all of their contents for further inspection as well as (more towards the end..) cell phones and umbrellas had to be checked in for pickup later. A hard rock employee had warned us about the tight security and about how the other employees were handling the meat-free meat-sensor policy for the day. (pretty much saying how morrissey was such a diva)

    if anyone has any photos/videos from the show could they please share or contact me?

    i didnt get a chance to take any because i was in the front row and security was very anti-camera photos.
    mozziphany -- Monday July 16 2007, @12:53PM (#268403)
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  • when he said the alien ant farm thing, it was merely a joke.
    mozziphany -- Monday July 16 2007, @12:56PM (#268405)
    (User #19643 Info)
  • just because everyone is looking for this

    orlando setlist and pick []
    jenngnm -- Monday July 16 2007, @02:01PM (#268418)
    (User #19642 Info)
  • why are so many people worried about how everyone else enjoys themselves?

    morrissey has been my favorite singer for many years, and i've been to 6 of his shows, as well as hundreds of other bands' shows. and for the most part, i prefer to stand still and enjoy the performance. i don't see why i'm not allowed to enjoy a concert without dancing to the music. when you go to movie theaters or symphonies, you don't see people jumping around or anything.

    i personally don't care if anyone else wants to dance (as long as it isn't so obnoxious that it interferes with my ability to enjoy the show), but i don't see why people get so bent out of shape over other people's choice of standing still. i mean, do you go to the concert to watch morrissey, or do you go to the show to judge everyone else?

    but as far as the whole "if you're going to stand still, stay in the back" argument, that just seems backwards to me. if you're more interested in just listening to the music and dancing to it, it makes sense to stay in the back. and the people who are more interested in watching the performance should be able to stay in front where they have a better view. right?
    IJustAte -- Monday July 16 2007, @03:23PM (#268443)
    (User #12805 Info)
  • Morrissey sounded great..... and i also got the privilege of shaking his hand 3times....all-n-all it was a good show, cant wait to see him this Tuesday in jacksn...... if anyone has any photos of the event and wont mine sharing a few, it would be greatly appreciate....hit me up @
    ThisHooligan -- Monday July 16 2007, @04:09PM (#268451)
    (User #19648 Info |
  • Outstanding show!

    This one had plenty of drama, though...

    We were the first to arrive at 8 AM - crazy!! The line got moved around a few times and so we had to quickly find a way to try to please everybody and be fair to those that has already waited so we made a list. That led to politics about who would hold the places in line, etc. but in teh end it alll worked out and instantly once Moz stepped out you forgot you hadn't slept in days and adrenaline took over!

    FANTASTIC SHOW! We were on the rail again (hate the barricades though) the fans we have been hanging out with (the "irregular regulars") have beena joy to spend time with inline and post-shows. Most have followed the entire tour so Andrea and I didn't feel like we really belonged because we have only seen a few other shows (she in East Coast and me in Moz Angeles) but we all have really gotten along great! Last night one of them had been upgraded to a incredible Penthouse suite at their hotel so we all gathered their and it was surreal to look around and see many of the ultimate of fans from all over the world just chatting away- and yet without having Moz performing in front of us! Thank you C for the invite ;^)

    On to Jazx tomorrw!

    Cheers from the library in Florida- back in Moz Angeles Wednesday!

    100's of iix when I get back!!


    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • Does anyone know how to get the recording of what played right before Morrissey and the band came out? Not the opening band, the intro for Morrissey. Thanks.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2007, @06:07PM (#268471)
    • Re:intro by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday July 16 2007, @07:41PM
    • Re:intro by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday July 16 2007, @07:56PM
  • Their Smiths dvd has come in at number one.
    They showed footage of The Smiths and both rourke and joyce said they would be pleased to reform if Morrissey and Marr were willing..
    i know its blah but im thrilled theyve made a few bob out of this dvd
    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2007, @09:18PM (#268493)
  • I had a terrible time at the show. Morrissey was great, better than I imagined he would be (I knew he wouldn't be like his younger days, but he was even more exciting and playful than his 'M in Manchester' DVD). But what about that crowd? They were obnoxious. Is that typical? There's a debate on this board about dancing vs. standing. One person said people are too worried about their "spot." Okay, if my "spot" is not important, then why do you keep trying to take it, then shove me when I finally try to take it back? Why does your "dancing" always lead to the front row?

    I got to see Coma live, but I didn't get to hear it. There's singing along, then there's screaming the lyrics as loudly as possible. I understand the enthusiasm, but you shouldn't scream like that when the volume is that low, and there are people's ears directly in front of your mouth. I don't know how Morrissey sounded that night, nor did I catch any of the lyric changes, but I'll never forget how the people behind me sounded or their lyric changes. They even sang the ad libs. What the hell?

    I can't handle the dancing, because it's not dancing, it's shoving in an attempt to weasel one's way into the front row. I can't stand the singing along because it's screaming along. I don't care how you enjoy the show except for when it infringes upon the people surrounding you. People need to respect the people surrounding them, especially because Moz attracts such a varied crowd.

    Morrissey though was great. Full of energy, seemingly happy, and he sounded great on the songs where people didn't know the words (like the new one, or some of his b-sides). In fact, I wish he played a whole night of b-sides. I would have loved to have been able to hear him and enjoy the show.

    This was my first Morrissey show. He doesn't come to FL often, and I can't afford to see him everywhere else. So I have to ask: Are all of his shows like this? One woman I talked to said they had first row seats at a previous show, but hordes of fans stood in front of her. I never thought Moz would attract such rude people. I haven't had this kind of experience before and I've been going to shows all my life. It breaks my heart to think that my first Moz show was ruined by those who claim to be his loyal fans.

    Anonymous -- Monday July 16 2007, @11:34PM (#268505)
  • I've made it to Clearwater & Orlando and will be in Jax tonight, since I live there. I know at heart I'm an idealist and most people are dicks, but if everyone were respectful and instead of trying to bully one's way to the front or scream fanatically in a futile attempt to get Morrissey's attention (I'm sure he appreciates your patronage but I SINCERELY DOUBT, no matter how cute you may think you are, that he wants to be your special BFF) then perhaps people would ALL enjoy the show.

    Dance if you want, but don't be obnoxious (knowing the lyrics to every song and having been a fan for 15 years, I tend to dance and sing along...I sing quietly mouthing the words, so as not to be a dickhead, and I do dance but I never flail...i stay in my unless you choose to slick up against me then you won't be affected.) People should have fun, be enthusiastic but not a fuckhead. Enjoy yourself but don't spoil it for others. You're not the only one who ponied up money or traveled a great distance to see him.

    I do, however, think one should have to pass a test where you at least know the words to...I don't know...5 songs before you're allowed down front!? No offense, but as someone who really enjoys and KNOWS the music, and DOESN'T get to be one of the elite who travel the globe chasing him to every show, it'd be nice if I could be perhaps closer to the stage then the guys in front of me (esp. since I'm on the short side) who seem to be nothing but steriod-filled neanderthals who came with their girlfriends (who also don't know more than 3 songs...) and only recognize "How Soon Is Now?" and THEN decide to flail wildly to it--still not knowing the words, mind you--like they're the biggest fan that's ever hit a show.

    Sorry...had to get that out. Bitch session complete.

    In all seriousness, though, PLEASE be respectful of those around you and have a good time (whether you dance or not...) and if you do dance, which is perfectly fine to do (please...god damn and sing along...i feel like the only fucker out there who knows the words....) just try not to be a psycho flailing asshole or loudly scream the lyrics. There is a happy medium, kids. Okay? Okay. ;-)
    Amy Beth <[email protected]> -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @05:15AM (#268518)
    (User #477 Info)
  • Hey...does anyone know how to get tickets to see the show tonight in Jacksonville? Ticketmsater is no longer selling them and the venue says they dont sell ticksts there! The show is not sold out according to Ticketmaster! I need 3 tickets. Please email me if you have any ideas or if you have extra tickets!
    [email protected]
    Mozillow -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @07:07AM (#268534)
    (User #18555 Info)
  • Just came across this on a funny celeb-bashing site "pink is the new blog". They are kind to Moz, tho :o)

    Scroll far down, he's nestled between Jessica Simpson and Madonna. Poor guy ;)
    Corrissey -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @08:27AM (#268540)
    (User #18538 Info)
    Here you'll find my thoughts and I
  • A few people have said the crowd wasn't all that great on Sunday night but from where I was sitting (in the balcony, admittedly... I've done my share of waiting hours and hours for a great spot up front in general admission) the crowd looked incredibly energetic... anytime they flooded the house with light there were hands waving, lots of people dancing and enjoying the music. There were a few people in my row and the row in front of me that seemed more interested in getting up to go to the rest room or the bar every two seconds than watching the show, but the pit down below looked pretty lively from my vantage point. Maybe it was different standing down below though. I had never seen Him in any other city other than Boston where I used to live, and he was adored there, but I thought the Orlando crew did well and made him feel appreciated.

    On another note though, I have to say that his shows are the most predictable ever. I went with my husband, who was a Moz virgin and only a casual fan, but he was nice enough to agree to get the tickets as an anniversary gift, and I was able to tell him pretty much exactly what songs would be played, how many songs, that there would be only 1 encore, etc. Crazy! I wish Moz would spice things up a little, keep us guessing, maybe do 2 or 3 encores some nights or throw in some obscure track just to keep us on our toes.

    But anyway, it was an enjoyable show overall, He looked good, sounded good, and the band seemed really into the songs. My husband is a musician and he really thought the band was quite tight, better than musicians Moz has used in the past. Mike Pharrell is a great talent being able to play several instruments.

    Come see us again soon Moz! :)
    sisterpuff -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @10:28AM (#268547)
    (User #10566 Info)
  • Be bold SPM. Sing more from "You are the Quarry".
    oranjpekoe <[email protected]> -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @12:43PM (#268574)
    (User #19383 Info)
  • Myrtle Beach ticket holders:

    Let's make SPM's experience in SC the best yet!

    Everyone is a Morrissey fan for different reasons. If you TRULY are one of his fans, you'd admire and share his perspectives. You'd really LISTEN to his music. He's grown as a person. Why can't some of you? Sadly, some who listen to his songs only with their ears never even get to benefit from the wisdom and Life long lessons echoed throughout each one. Hearing about disrespectful people at his shows is sickening. Why go if you're not really interested in his music? I think being rude, selfish, and harmful towards others for all the wrong reasons is the opposite of who SPM is.

    People in the States simply value Life differently from people overseas; many Americans will never be able to value HIM (his worth as a human being) and this becomes more apparent with the feedback I see others giving on his shows.

    If you can't handle alcohol in public like an adult, then don't be drinking. It's not fair to ruin everyone else's night. If you're intoxicated to the point where you can't even "interact" with SPM's performance, then you simply need to leave.
    oranjpekoe <[email protected]> -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @12:46PM (#268576)
    (User #19383 Info)
  • does anyone know what cologne morrissey wears??

    i noticed that they had sprayed something on stage right before he came on (it smelled great!) and after my b/f shock his hand it smelled the same. does anyone know what it is?

    also i was wondering if anyone knew some of the clips they showed in the videos inbetween kristeen young and morrissey, .. right before morrissey came on.. i am particularly interested in the first one they played with the spanish dancing (mariachi >?) and the video towards the end with the french girl with the blonde hair singing along.. anyone know?

    i would appreciate it, thanks!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @06:47PM (#268626)
  • This was my first time seeing the Moz play live. I was definitely not disappointed. The crowd was decent. Orlando people don't dance at shows! It's been proven by me, I go to shows all the time, and most people seem to just stand and stare, and look obnoxious. I got confronted a few times, and even threatened, but I figured I was not gonna let anyone ruin my date with Morrissey, so I ignored them and kept dancing.

    The setlist wast beautiful. So was he! I caught a piece of his black shirt, and it smelled amazing! I was more impressed the next morning when I looked at the buttons on the shirt and read GUCCI on them. Geez, talk about making the big bucks.

    I had an amazing time!
    MisterE -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @05:32PM (#268822)
    (User #19668 Info |
  • This was my first time seeing Moz and just hearing Everyday is Like Sunday made it excellent...I was close to tears at the end!! I though the crowd was good...I heard people sing along, especially during the Queen is Dead and Playboys. He seemed in good spirits and I saw him smile(I'm not kidding)and I remember him saying something like "this the best a Sunday can offer" or something along those lines.When he threw his shirt (first one..the pink one), I was right there and saw the whole thing, I even got a small piece..thanks to this girl that was close to me. It smelled delicious. I was throwing my hands in the air and cheered and dance a little bit especially in the more rocker ones (You have Killed me and Irish) but I try to not bother anybody else!!(I'm sorry if I did) I did yelled "I Love You Morrissey" in between a song and this guy next to me looked at me and I think he laughed...whatever.Anyway it was my first concert and I am so glad that it was my idol...Morrissey. If somebody has videos(I saw them camera phones) or photos...please share. www.myspace\camilainacoma
    Moz needs to come back to Florida in the future!! the page it says that Future was played second, but in reality iyt was You have Killed Me was.
    Camilla -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @06:47PM (#268833)
    (User #19671 Info)
  • A few concert going tips: don't be "that guy" that wears the shirt of the artist you've gone to see. We're all there to see the same person. You're not going to impress us with your Smiths tee. Also, leave your laser pointer at home. The James Dean backdrop on the stage doesn't need your little ball of light bouncing off its forehead. And if you're tall, be considerate to the shorter people.

    Opener Kristeen Young took her vocal cues from Kate Bush and Cyndi Lauper, and took the latter's fashion sense. The award for "best use of the plastic from a six-pack holder" went to her. She pounded her keyboard with ferrocity and needed a replacement brought out after she broke two keys. "You went to church on Sunday, and now you're at a seedy rock and roll show," she quipped.

    In between set changes, a projection screen played clips from an obscure Spanish musical, the Musik Laden performance of "Looking For A Kiss" by the New York Dolls, a drag queen's lip synched rendition of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," a Bridgett Bardot number and the wardrobe tests of James Dean and Dick Davalos from "East of Eden." Morrissey definitely wanted the crowd to remember his passions.

    Beginning with The Smiths classic, "The Queen Is Dead," the set was an ecclectic mix of classics from the era of Moz. "Disappointed" did not disappoint, as Morrissey dramatically ripped his shirt off towards the end, sending buttons flying out into the crowd and middle-aged men scrambling to retrieved his discarded shirt. Morrissey looked like your favorite uncle at Christmas time. I fought the urge to scream "nice pants."
    Other highlights of his set included "The Boy With A Thorn In His Side," "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want," the majestic "Life Is A Pigsty" and a modernized take on "How Soon Is Now," repleat with a kettle drum outro.

    Boz Boorer, guitarist for Morrissey's band longer than Johnny Marr, laced the set with soaring solos and dazzled the crowd with his skill playing glasses of water for a percussion effect on "Life Is A Pigsty."

    Morrissey did a sing-song "ha ha" to the lone male fan who attempted to hug his idol. The rather large Samoan on the side of the stage made sure his attempt was unsuccessful. Forcefully.

    "We are who we are," Morrissey said pointing to his five-piece backup band. The crowd lived up to who they were, singing along to every word and letting Morrissey dominate their lives for two hours.

    jumpstreet <[email protected]> -- Friday July 20 2007, @06:15PM (#268992)
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