posted by davidt on Tuesday July 17 2007, @08:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / You Have Killed Me / In The Future When All's Well / Disappointed / Girlfriend In A Coma / The National Front Disco / Let Me Kiss You / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / That's How People Grow Up / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / The Last Of The Famous International Playboys / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / First Of The Gang To Die / All You Need Is Me / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by robert
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  • so my sources tell me he played a new song...something about arms around paris or something.

    also, there is a light was the encore! nice setlist changes!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @08:19PM (#268643)
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  • It was great to see him again! I thought he sounded great even though he was dying from the stage heat! He did the usual songs and even did "There is Light That Never Goes Out" which I thought he wasn't doing. All and all a great show.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @08:20PM (#268644)
  • Great show (Score:2, Informative)

    but he wasn't really feeling it. Skipped at least 2 songs on the setlist, including "Irish Blood" and "At Last I Am Born". Complained many times about the heat, sprayed himself with a mist bottle between songs.

    New song debut tonight: "I Want to Wrap My Arms Around Paris".

    TIALTNGO as final encore

    Boz was really into it, probably to get the lifeless crowd into the show. Next time around, the FL Theatre would be much better instead of the Shriners gymnasium tonight!
    robert -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @08:24PM (#268647)
    (User #95 Info)
  • Fantastic show.. My first time seeing Morrissey live, and he debuted a new tune ("..Paris..")! I must admit though, I was quite embarrassed of my hometown of Jacksonville. The majority of the crowd was unresponsive. My friends and I were dancing and freaking out, and most of the others were staring at him as if they couldn't be bothered with his songs. At one point he said to the audience, "I bet you would like me to play '99 Luftballoons.' In fact, you'd probably applaud that even more." Ouch! It's true, most of the crowd did not know any solo Morrissey, they were just waiting around for "How Soon Is Now?". Argh! Regardless, we had a blast, and Morrissey was, of course, brilliant.
    p.s. I was not expecting "There Is A Light..", based on the previous setlists on this site. Does anyone know if that was a last minute change? Thanks!
    snowbot -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @08:39PM (#268650)
    (User #19655 Info)
  • My life is complete. It wasn't the best show in the history of the world, but dayum! It's HIM! He came back- how long has it been? The last time he played Jax for Vauxhall was 93 or so and I don't know about you, but I wasn't allowed to GO! So I am thankful that I've seen him. I am thankful that he will remember being so HOT that the A/C couldn't contain it.
    Love and thanks for this night- a great birthday present from my love who is far away.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @09:00PM (#268653)
  • So during TIALTNGO almost made it on stage. Much nicer crowd than at Orlando. I stepped on a girl on my way up to the stage and for that i apologise. Perhaps she will be satisfied by the fact that I sustained quite the shoulder injury on the way back down into the crowd.

    A young girl, as in 10 years old or less managed to get on her daddy's shoulders and Morrissey came over and shook hands with her while looking genuinely bermused.

    Incidently, Kristeen Young was very, very good this evening, and for that she deserves credit. No broken keys for her tonight. Well done all.
    dictatorhall -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @09:29PM (#268659)
    (User #8230 Info)
  • Morrissey on Al Jazeera?
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @09:50PM (#268661)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
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  • thanks in advance
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @10:26PM (#268665)
  • First of all, this was only my second Moz show after being a fan for 15 years, so I'm just thrilled to have been there. The venue was a strange one, but fairly small. I don't think it filled up, but I was surprised at the number of "real" fans there.

    Please don't believe any griping about the Jax crowd. Maybe because I was near the front of the stage (on Boz's side), I didn't get that the crowd wasn't into it. People all around me were singing and dancing throughout. All those around me were predominantly polite, there to see Moz in all his glory and enjoy the night (with the noticeable exception of two bee-otches who tried forcing their way to the very front, but forunately were sent away in a huff). My apologies to the two guys in front of me I kept leaning on when Moz came to our side of the stage for handshakes, by the way.

    Yes, the setlist was somewhat changed since the last few shows, and evidently we were the first to hear the new song "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris," a treat for the super-sweaty crowd. It was incredibly hot in the venue.

    Kristeen Young was good--strange, but good--despite some guys--this being the home of Lynyrd Skynyrd-- shouting "Freebird!" between her songs.

    A few random comments (I'm paraphrasing best I can from memory): "Do you think there's a Jacksonville Shrine Auditorium in Morrocco?" "Here I am, here you are, there's the lights and this beautiful carpet up here, god knows why..." "Oxygen, please!" "I think I'm going to pass out. And you'd better all get that on your electronic doo-dads." "I'm sure if I stood up here and sang '99 Luftballoons' you'd be just as happy. Or even more so!" "Max, can you put the lights on the crowd? Ok....that's enough, hands down!" "Do you think the father of your child is...(then he introed the band members)Or you could be completely horrified and find out it's me!" "Please say something nice, anything, to take with us to Birmingham."

    I'll probably think of more later. Moz sounded great, looked great, if incredibly sweaty (ok, maybe he looked even better all sweaty). He tossed two shirts into the crowd, my friend got pieces of one and game some to me (thanks, Rhi!). Highlights were probably The Queen is Dead, Every Day is Like Sunday, How Soon is Now, First of the Gang, and There is a Light. Huge props to the band, especially the mutlti-talented Mike Farrell.

    Lots of people were using cell-phones cameras, so if anyone's willing to share, please
    help a technology impaired sister out! All in all, a great show in every way.
    beesknees75 -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @10:27PM (#268666)
    (User #19656 Info |
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  • Here are some crappy pictures I took. We were almost right behind the barrier center stage but then moved later. We have the collar of the black shirt thanks to a very nice guy in a red polo in front of us ;)
    That really made my night, and it's true, Morrissey does smell really excellent and wear Gucci shirts.
    This was my first Morrissey concert and it was excellent, save for a few wankers. I'm ecstatic. 57600879175207/
    nicolepnewhouse -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @10:29PM (#268667)
    (User #19657 Info)
    • Re:Pictures by maryII (Score:1) Thursday July 19 2007, @12:09AM
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  • boz plays the clarinet in the new song, which moz dedicated to the regular irregulars. i thought it was a really sweet song and hopefully he'll play it through the rest of the dates.

    the band and he both sounded great. he missed a few lines, but it seemed the heat was getting to him a little. he asked julia if there any a/c in the venue.

    "there is a light..." was such a surprise. when the band sound checked it, i thought it was possible that he'd play it but had my doubts. and to get a handshake in that and another of my favorite smiths songs...the night couldn't have been better.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 17 2007, @11:22PM (#268675)
  • I would like to know the setlist before I leave for Birmingham tomorrow. That'd be great. I'm surpised no post of it yet. Thank you. Can't wait 4th & 5th show this tour!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @01:07AM (#268682)
  • What a great concert. Completely blew away Hard Rock. Venue was strange and hot as blazes. Best Moz comments "Do you think Morrocco has a Jacksonville Shrine?" Moz was very talkative Julia was brutal. Her comments were so unmemorable when he handed her the mic I couldn't even tell you what he asked her or what she said. There is a Light encore was awesome. The band was incedible. New Paris song with closing line about the only thing that ever loved him was concrete and steel was cool. Moz is the best showman ever. When he asked the house to turn on the lights so he could see the crowd and then quickly asked to turn them back off was so good I thought I was going to piss myself. Moz don't you dare retire. You are the man.


    Andrew Saksa

    On to Atlanta.
    DOUGH2GO -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @05:55AM (#268695)
    (User #13981 Info)
  • i could be wrong but when we were sitting outside and they were soundchecking, i could of sworn he was saying "i want to wrap my arms around YOU"

    regardless, good show. always a true high. The crowd was a bit more tame and less hectic as in orlando.

    boz was way into it, it was perfect.

    the setlist was basically the same as orlando, but there is a light was played, which made it a perfect ender.

    Was about to go on stage but then saw someone throw what i believe was a ring at morrissey (which hit him) and his men came on in true huddled positions, so i wasn't going to get mauled.

    Hopefully atlanta next.
    soz -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @06:25AM (#268703)
    (User #19659 Info)
  • Great show, I honestly can't remember if he played "Irish Blood" last night specifically, I do know the set seemed shorter than the other two FL shows I attended. He did definitely play "At Last I Am Born", contrary to one of the messages above. It was hot as hades in that place.

    Most everyone around was nice & enthusiastic, and I didn't get the guy's name but thanks to the man from LA wearing the golden shirt who offered to let me in the front row for one song....that was very nice of you and I really do appreciate it.

    I was in the 2nd row and when Morrissey threw out the first shirt and all the sharks tore at it, Boz strolled over watching and said "fucking nuts...." Indeed. All in all it was a great show.
    Amy Beth <[email protected]> -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @06:34AM (#268704)
    (User #477 Info)
  • I forgot, in case anyone is interested, here is a link to photos of all of us fans waiting outside to get in, as well as some shots from both Kristeen and Morrissey's sets: p?event=302972
    Amy Beth <[email protected]> -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @06:39AM (#268705)
    (User #477 Info)
  • Morrissey was amazing. But I was behind this huge group of people who just wouldn't shut up. All through every single song, they kept screaming at each other. Why go to a Morrissey show if you're just going to yell at your friends? It's disrespectful to Morrissey! Shut up!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @06:46AM (#268709)
  • To the Asian kid with the afro, the fat guy with the moustache and the bandana around his neck, and the really tall guy with the big nose and his skank girlfriend, I will kick your ass if I ever see you again. You and your friends kept shoving me, stepping on me, and you wouldn't shut up and stop yelling at each other the entire concert. Assholes like you make concerts suck.

    On a more positive note, Morrissey was amazing.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @06:59AM (#268713)
  • From Newcastle to Jacksonville, was the best money ever spent.He was on top form and the sound was fantastic.The venue was great a dance floor with sloping terreace to the rear and to the sides.I had a great veiw, Front and centre. Thanks to Kags,Jools,who said they missed Alan and Ez as they couldnt make this trip from the UK, and to Robin, James And Toni. Thanks Jacksonville you where a good crowd, but you need to get the Morrissey chant together(watch who put the M in Manchester, for pointers). And Wayne, Karen if you want a James Dean t-shirt send me an e.mail.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @09:27AM (#268739)
  • We got the new song! He dedicated it to the "irregualr regulars" - many of whom I have met throughout this week of incrdble fun in Florida! All the waiting in the General Admissons lines teh past 2 shows was worth it for my final show of this tour for me. We have ben spoiled by great performances by Moz- though the rumour is that he and the band were all hungover from a party the night before in Orlando on their night off ;^)

    SO MANY great stories to share. So many people to thank for being so great to Andrea and me on these 4 shows in Florida- YOU ROCK!

    Special thank to Andrea for being a wonderful traveling companion and host!

    And of course: thank YOU MORRISSEY!

    Best from Jax (home to Moz Angeles tonight with 100's of pix) !

    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • The show was amazing. It was everything I hoped it would be. And I don't really understand why people are saying Morrissey didn't enjoy himself. I don't know, maybe I'm just imagining things. He seemed to be in a pretty good mood despite the heat. And there were some people that just stood around and talked to each other, but it seems that happens pretty often at concerts. From what I saw, most of the crowd were really into it.I took the 99 Red Balloons comment to mean that the crowd would go nuts and cheer for him no matter what he played. But he nailed pretty much every song and sounded great. So overall I'm extremely satisfied with how the show turned out. Especially "There is a Light That Never Goes Out". I was bummed looking at the other set lists and seeing that he's only played it maybe once on the tour, so when he came out for the encore and the band started, I was going crazy. Amazing night.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @12:14PM (#268769)
  • this was my first show, and it was really amazing, I cried a couple of times especially when I wanted to get on stage for TIALTNGO, but I didnt want to really shove anyone, so I didn't and I still attempted to throw the ring I planned on handing to Moz, but he didn't get it and some lady said someone took oh well.

    I met some nice people, and got a really good space, 4thish row on the floor, next time i'll get there earlier.
    Danielledelu -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @01:05PM (#268782)
    (User #17314 Info)
  • Song choice was only fair. MOZ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your shirt on!!! No one wants to see how much pasta youve been eating. Warren out!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @01:15PM (#268783)
  • The show last night was GREAT! This was my first MOZ show. It was a 16 year wait but well worth it. LOVED the encore of "there is a light that never goes out" like everyone else, was plesantly surprised! I was in the crowd about 4 rows from the stage(left side facing the stage ) and I screamed like a little girl when he was touching peoples hands!!! I told my bf that I wished I could go foward more but was a little intimdated by these rowdy drunk frat kids that were screaming and jumping around. I was glad I wore my "tall shoes" haha bc i was about 5'3 that night and I could actually see!!!And I didn't get to squished or any BEER spilt on me for once!!! Plus I could dance along! Apologies to the dude with the cane and hat who caught the drumstick (awsome catch btw!!!). I wasn't pouting to my bf about you being in the way. I just wanted to be closer. I was happy to see so many Moz fans there, at least floor area. I loved when they played "Life is a Pigsty" and Moz just laid (or knelt couldnt see) and then they broke out in "How soon is now"(right?)Hearing all the old Smiths songs brought me back to my Einstien-a-gogo days. I was so mesmerized by him, gray hair and all.I dont care what people say, he drove me crazy when he took his shirt off . He looks great and handsome as ever. I warned my bf about people freaking out when he threw his shirt. haha! I felt like like Moz at one point, wanting to pass the hell out from all that HEAT!!!! The sound quality was excellent. He interacted pretty well with crowd. And you have to love that English sense of humor. Sorry for the long thread. But just wantd to share my excitement.
    perfectkiss63 -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @03:54PM (#268815)
    (User #19665 Info |
  • We drove up to Jax from Orlando for this show, and even thought the crowd was less responsive than the show at Hard Rock, I think Moz was way more dynamic this time. He joked a lot more, and he was a bit careless, mumbling some words, and making up others. His comments were hilarious, and I'm extremely surprised he didn't leave in the middle of the set! It was extremely hot in there! Seriously, whats wrong with that venue? It looked so nice, and so elegant, but I hope I never have to go back to a show there.

    I danced my ass off, screamed more. I hugged strangers, I fell in love all over again! It was amazing. I could die in peace after seeing Morrissey The day before (15) and after (17) of my birthday. I could have not asked for a better present!!!
    MisterE -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @05:19PM (#268821)
    (User #19668 Info |
  • Here's the setlist for Jacksonville........

    The Queen is Dead
    You Have Killed Me
    In the Future When All's Well
    Girlfriend in a Coma
    The National Front Disco
    Let Me Kiss You
    I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris (Debut)
    Everyday is Like Sunday
    I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
    That's How People Grow Up
    The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
    The Last of the Famous International Playboys
    Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
    First of the Gang to Die
    All You Need is Me
    Life is a Pigsty
    How Soon is Now?
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    robert -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @05:38PM (#268823)
    (User #95 Info)
  • I've been wondering for awhile whats the name of that track thats the listing of tragic events Morrissey plays before each show. A track name and the artist who did it would be much appreciated.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @05:38PM (#268824)
  • Does anyone have a little video for this new song? :)))
    Mrs. Woolf -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @06:29PM (#268828)
    (User #14157 Info)
  • I just finished watching it on youtube. It is quite beautiful, THANK YOU, Morrissey. I think we might have a very promising album coming in the near future.
    Mrs. Woolf -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @07:21PM (#268834)
    (User #14157 Info)
    • Re:The New Song by Markus, still docked (Score:1) Thursday July 19 2007, @05:08AM
    • Re:The New Song by poetrylover (Score:1) Thursday July 19 2007, @08:42AM
  • It is not all of it but at least it is something. Will be posting more from this show and Orlando.
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @08:05PM (#268837)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • Is it so hard for you guys to just be mutually considerate of each other?

    Dancers and screamers, by all means have fun, but be careful and don't step all over everyone else and shove people around. Don't be selfish, and don't hurt people while you're having fun.

    Quiet people, don't get pissy when people are screaming and dancing. Stand back and give them their space. Can you blame them for wanting to have fun?

    Is that too much to ask? To just be respectful of the fact that other people have a different way of enjoying a concert than you? Be respectful and considerate of each other - we're all there for the same reason, because we love Morrissey!

    Anonymous -- Thursday July 19 2007, @07:20AM (#268876)
  • I'm a part of the 'old guard'. I like both The Smiths and Morrissey.

    I guess some people's glass is always half empty. Because My friends and I loved Morrissey in Jacksonville. The man is a true entertainer. He tolerated the heat and kept on going. Producing a very enjoyable concert. Boz and the rest of the lads were great! 'Charmed' or no 'Charmed', "How Soon is Now?" was amazing! The whole show was amazing! I was very pleased when I left the Morocco Shrine. Everyone around me seemed to be enjoying themselves. Then again I was near the stage.

    Thank you Morrissey!

    I will add that I am also wondering why he didn't do anything from "Vauxhall and I"? But it isn't a big worry. He did a lot of other great songs.

    From a very pleased fan.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 20 2007, @06:10AM (#268920)
  • Anyone know the name of the opening act?I could have sworn i heard a bit of kate bush in her voice.In the slow song's that is.
    Anonymous -- Friday July 20 2007, @10:40AM (#268951)
  • I have loved Morrissey for 26 years! Last time I saw him was in Atlanta in (I think 1990)Well whenever the Bona Drag tour was. I thought this concert was much more exciting! The venue was odd though...someone else said the Florida Theatre would be good next time around...I agree.
    Ended up there by myself which was odd at first but met some real cool fans that hung out with me!
    Morrissey looks and sounds better than ever. My only regret is not getting up closer to the stage..I would've liked a chance at those shirts!
    kelsigoonie -- Friday July 20 2007, @01:13PM (#268966)
    (User #19678 Info)
  • Is Paul the Conan O'Brian lookalike?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday July 18 2007, @03:22PM (#268810)
  • Knowing your past history why would Bored or anyone else want to tell you personal information about themselves? Maybe Uncle Skinny keeps his wife and kids out of the Moz-solo community because he doesn't want you emailing her employer or having his kids pictures posted all over the internet because you got mad about having one of your posts removed.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 19 2007, @04:35AM (#268862)
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