posted by davidt on Saturday July 21 2007, @09:00PM
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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / All You Need Is Me / In The Future When All's Well / Whatever Happens, I Love You / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Let Me Kiss You / Everyday Is Like Sunday / At Last I Am Born / The National Front Disco / I Will See You In Far Off Places / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Irish Blood, English Heart / Girlfriend In A Coma / Disappointed / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // The Last Of The Famous International Playboys

setlist provided by capricornmbsc (scan provided by Names, secret names)
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  • Woo! First comment!
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 21 2007, @09:04PM (#269161)
  • How soon is Myrtle Beach
    [with a setlist, particulary , did he play 'the Paris'song?]
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Saturday July 21 2007, @10:19PM (#269170)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • The crowd was really enthusiastic the whole night long, and Moz seemed to really take joy in this. He pulled up at least three people onto the stage. One such person was almost dragged back down by security (I don't think the security guy knew that Moz was trying to help her up; he had his back to Moz, and so he kept trying to pull the girl back down, so that it became a tug-of-war between him and Moz...and Moz won).

    Several people got set lists (multiple copies), so we should have one soon. Playboys was the encore.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 21 2007, @10:33PM (#269171)
  • Tony The Pony
    Pretty Girls Make Graves
    This Charming Man
    Well I Wonder
    Golden Lights
    Death At One's Elbow
    Vicar In A Tutu
    This Is Not Your Country
    Satan Rejected My Soul
    I Don't Mind If You Forget Me
    Found Found Found
    Billy Budd
    Seasick, Yet Still Docked
    Well I Wonder
    All The Lazy Dykes
    In The Future When All's Well
    Still Ill

    Skin Storm
    You've Got Everything Now

    [could you imagine?]
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 22 2007, @02:56AM (#269180)
  • Moz opened up with a lovely accapella version of 'Bye Bye Blackbird' before kicking straight into Panic. God knows I tried my best to get on stage during that song.
    I never got up on stage but later was able to hold his hand. As he shook my hand he smiled at me like he'd know me for years.
    I was later able to push that crying blonde girl up during "Girlfriend". Security manhandled her so much Moz forgot about the lyrics and stepped in to save her. He actually restarted the song.
    15 year old Eve, later, had a wonderful stage invasion, seemlessly gliding right up there. Hopefully her father got pictures.
    The sold out South Carolina crowd was welcoming, warm and wildly passionate.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 22 2007, @04:49AM (#269184)
  • Whew! What a great, great show. The HoB was electric. I knew Moz was going to enjoy himself last night based on the buzz of the crowd and their reception of Kristeen. The Dolls clips were priceless. Moz came out and I think the roof came off. He had a spark in his step and really connected with every corner of the two-tiered venue. He lambasted Chastain Park "Thank God for American Sheriffs" and thanked us for being very gracious. My personal fave was FOTGTD, but he sounded brilliant on all.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 22 2007, @06:14AM (#269191)
  • The same as Atlanta, mostly, with Panic opener and How Soon closer; International Playboys encore. However, he played the songs that were cut in Atlanta (see that thread for details) and I don't recall hearing That's How People Grow Up or the new "Paris" tune... But the set was significantly rearranged...

    He began "Girlfriend in a Coma" by saying it was the "second most popular song at funerals" behind Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On."

    Moz was in fine form, very playful-- exceptionally so. Overall the crowd was good, everyone around me was quite pleasant and nice. I was about eight feet from stage, and per usual it was a brutal mashing forward when the man came near, but no one was overly rude about it.

    Great venue-- Moz should most definitely return there.
    moz_fan_southeast -- Sunday July 22 2007, @08:46AM (#269195)
    (User #19313 Info)
  • just wondering if someone had the setlist? anybody else awake yet? it was a bummer driving 9 hours back from the atlanta show last night and knowing while i was driving the show was going on... however, words can not explain how amazing birmingham was and atlanta besides how shitty the venue was, and 2 songs being cut was a great show.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 22 2007, @08:56AM (#269197)
  • hasnt anyone who has a setlist awakened yet today ?
    eVes_Dad -- Sunday July 22 2007, @12:24PM (#269220)
    (User #19696 Info)
  • Does anyone have pics from the 7/21 HOB show posted anywhere ?
    If so i would love a link to them .
    Additionally, i will post a link to the illicit pictures i took,
    as soon as i get them scanned and uploaded.
    eVes_Dad -- Sunday July 22 2007, @12:27PM (#269221)
    (User #19696 Info)
  • As usual, the beginning of the show was all about the mad dash to the front barricade. Some people took the principled spot in the very front of the GA line, but ultimately these people got sort of screwed over, as House of Blues has not one but THREE ways of being able to skip ahead of the GA line and enter early: by eating in the restaurant, by buying over $15 at the "company store," and by buying a $10 "crash the barricade" ticket, which gets you a few hot dogs (did Moz know about this?) and an early entry.

    They let the restaurant eaters and the crash-the-barricaders in at roughly the same time, so both groups were rushing to get through security (wands, purse searches) and then run to the front. Did *anyone* who waited in the GA line get to the front?

    Crowd was phenomenal. Lots of energy. Of course, you always have those people that you have to secretly ask "Why are you even here?" For some reason I was next to several drunk beach-goers who only seemed to know the Smiths songs.

    Moz said something like "I'm glad you're could be a lobster shack, eating and laughing."

    He referenced the ATL show, saying that security was there to keep people from smiling. The he added:"God Bless American sheriffs."

    Several people made it on stage, but ONLY because of Moz. He had to literally pull them on stage, and once or twice security was on the other end pulling back. During one tug, he stopped singing "Girlfriend in a Coma" and so turned to Boz and said "let's start over." They then stopped and began again, and the crowd loved it.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 22 2007, @12:35PM (#269224)
  • The best Morrissey show I have ever seen. The venue was very intimate and exciting with the fans having a great time. Moz seemed like he was in a jovial, playful mood. The band came out wearing white shirts and gray ties; each were sporting a black eye. Moz, when introducing them, said they had met up with "robust ice hockey players." The concert lasted a hour and forty-five minutes, but it seemed to go by quickly. He used the same intro song and the "Blackbird" acappella, just like he did on the "Quarry" tour, but most of the songs were different with several Smiths songs. Hearing what happened in Atlanta worried me, but the show went well and the Chastain Park fiasco fueled Moz's energy; I think he let out his frustration from Atlanta and the H.O.B. show had Morrissey bringing a little extra from what he didn't expend in Atlanta.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 22 2007, @01:55PM (#269231)
  • I can say that Morrissey HOB has been the best Morrissey show I have seen out of 10 shows since 97. Morrissey was in a great mood as well was the band. The crowd was great minus the few usual drunks at every show. Morrissey pulled 7 people on stage and with a quick hug and kiss they were gently escorted off stage.
    Two shirts were thrown. The lads sported black eyes. Morrissey was very playful with the crowd. He gave the mic to a few people and one time a guy he handed the mic to kept mumbling and Morrissey laid down on stage and pretended to nap. It was very funny... If anyone has any photos please post them...
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 22 2007, @03:46PM (#269243)
  • GREAT SHOW!!!! Thanks Mozza

    Set - think this is correct order

    1st of the gang to die
    I just want to see the boy happy
    All you need is me
    Let me kiss you
    Im throwing my arms around Paris
    Girlfriend in a Coma
    You have killed me
    Irish Blood
    National Front Disco
    Everyday is like sunday
    Far off places
    Boy with the thorn in his side
    Please, Please
    How soon is now?
    Life is a pigsty /International playboys


    Anonymous -- Sunday July 22 2007, @04:16PM (#269249)
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    • Re:Setlist? (Score:2, Informative)

      i did my best but...
      didn't scribe at this show (second row "crush" position didn't really allow for it), so don't have the setlist in order. He also played Whatever Happens, I Love You, and he did not play I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris.

      Absolutely thought others would have the actual setlist up by now, but amazed not so!

      In the meantime while we wait, I am rather certain these are the songs he played, but I know the order isn't exactly right. Need proper order from someone.

      Bye Bye Blackbird (a cappella)
      First Of The Gang To Die
      Whatever Happens, I Love You
      In The Future When All's Well
      All You Need Is Me
      I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
      Let Me Kiss You
      The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
      Girlfriend In A Coma
      You Have Killed Me
      The National Front Disco
      At Last I Am Born
      I've Changed My Plea to Guilty
      Everyday Is Like Sunday
      I Will See You In Far Off Places
      Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
      Irish Blood, English Heart
      Life Is a Pigsty
      How Soon Is Now?
      The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
      no one in particular -- Sunday July 22 2007, @06:27PM (#269276)
      (User #16463 Info)
    • Setlist photo by Names, secret names (Score:1) Sunday July 22 2007, @10:24PM
  • Would have been a great end. Afterwards Moz could have kicked back on the beach.

    After the show, some friends and I waited out back for Moz. It was about an hour wait. The security guards actually seemed to be in a good mood. Moz came out of some secret door and hopped onto the bus before most of us could see him.
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 22 2007, @05:13PM (#269264)
  • More than one person received a set list copy, so there should really have been one up by now. From now on they should ask before handing them out "Now who's actually going to go post this online right away and who just wants to hoard it in their bedroom?"
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 22 2007, @05:15PM (#269265)
  • I saw Moz in DC and it was a good show. I am so happy that I was able to see him a 2nd time b/c there is no one word to describe how amazing this show was. I was up front and the crowd was giving him such an amazing energy and he seemed to be very appreciative.

    The only way for me to explain how I felt after the show would be like this: This of the way you felt after having the best sex you have ever had. Now multiply that by 100. I left with such an amazing feeling of euphoria and just happiness it is undescribable. This was topped byt he battle royal I endured after the encour when he threw his pink shirt into the crowd and I got my hands on it along with about 10 other people. I sincerly apologize for any injuries I may have inflicted. After realizing that we could share, my husband got our keys out and started hacking at the shirt (Thanks Saturn for making such a useful key). So are my two swollen, torn and possibly dislocated fingers worth it...well I have a small piece of the shirt so I would say YES! Thank you Moz for such an amazing experience.
    shiglem -- Sunday July 22 2007, @05:32PM (#269268)
    (User #19697 Info)
  • Just a fantastic show. I was lucky enough to stand a few feet from the stage - maybe three people back. The crowd was really vocal, really enthusiastic, and it seemed like genuine interaction. I'd read about the Atlanta show, and was glad that Myrtle Beach ( "Turtle Beach" Morissey called it...hehehhe ) was able to show some spunk! When Moz ripped his pink shirt off ( YES ! ) at the end of the set and threw it in my general direction I KNEW I had to get at least a piece of it. When I got one hand on it I turned to my friends and said "I'm not letting go.." thankfully someone had the good sense to start ripping into in smaller pieces before some of the smaller folk got hurt by being pushed down in the shoving I was afraid was about to start. And yes, I got my piece.
    AcceptYourself68 -- Sunday July 22 2007, @05:55PM (#269271)
    (User #19699 Info)
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  • This was my third time seeing Morrissey. I haven't seen him since I lived in NY, when he had played at Radio City nearly three years ago, I was thirteen. I just took a trip back up to NY for MSG show at the end of June but you've probably read about what happened.
    The show was wonderful, it made up for the postponed/canceled MSG show (this is the only benefit I've gotten from living down in North Carolina: to see Morrissey) I was glad to experience Morrissey that close. My friend got a piece of the blue shirt, my tiny hand was about to fall off when I had grabbed hold because of a few belligerent ghouls.
    I want to apologize since I kept trying to get closer, but I'm so small and I was just trying to see. I hope everyone else enjoyed themselves.

    caity take a bow -- Sunday July 22 2007, @06:17PM (#269274)
    (User #19700 Info)
    • Re:finally! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday July 22 2007, @08:21PM
      • Re:finally! by caity take a bow (Score:1) Sunday July 22 2007, @08:27PM
  • Hello i work at the house of blues in myrtle beach, i was the one scanning tickets with the morrissey now shirt on, i got a set list at the end of the night. Lastly i would like to thank each and everyone of you who came to the show in the town that i live in!! it was a dream come true to see him here!!! thanks again for supporting our man!!
    First of the gang to die
    You Have Killed ME
    All you need is me
    In the future when all is well
    boy with the thorn in his side
    lemme kiss you
    everyday is like sunday
    at last i am born
    national front disco
    i will see you in far off places
    i've changed my plea to guilty
    then two songs on the set list that i am drawing a blank on now for some reason they all have weird names so here they are
    and then comber
    i know he played irish blood english heart so that is one of them.
    i just want to see the boy happy
    please please please
    life is a pigsty
    how soon is now
    then the encore
    last of the famous international playboys

    i finally got to meet julia which was awesome and also jose from mexico city!!!
    capricornmbsc -- Sunday July 22 2007, @06:43PM (#269278)
    (User #19701 Info)
  • last night was the 2nd time i've seen morrissey and hands down the best (and not just because he played panic)! i was one of the lucky fans who moz pulled up on stage from the clutches of a security guard!!! (by the way, thanks to the people who helped shove me up there & got my purse to go with me)

    anyway, no one has mentioned this yet, so i'll say my favorite quote of the night was for sure "there was never an iraqi war, only an iraqi invasion - and it's still going on" then moz encouraged everyone to move to europe / not watch fox news (duh!)

    also, when he came out did he refer to myrtle beach as "turtle" beach? my friend and i disagreed on what he said...
    xsoftxmachinex -- Sunday July 22 2007, @07:19PM (#269283)
    (User #19622 Info)
    • Re:wow! by no one in particular (Score:1) Sunday July 22 2007, @07:28PM
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    • Re:wow! by Bob Hopeless (Score:1) Sunday July 22 2007, @08:40PM
      • Re:wow! by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday July 23 2007, @03:28AM
  • The show was by far one of the best performances I've seen by Moz in quite sometime. I've managed to attend three shows this tour and this was at the top of them performance wise. Moz was at par with his previous extraordinary self (pre-Buterball Show).

    Personal-wise it was okay being that I didn't get a chance to be at the front nor a chance to get on stage. I was hoping to get on stage for the first time ever of all the shows I've seen. I thought for sure this would've been the one.

    Fortunately I did manage to get a small swatch of the pink shirt that Moz threw out at the end (THANK YOU to the big guy with the car keys) and also caught a cool pick from Boz!!!

    Boz rocks! Moz rules!

    Loved the black eyes and the bow tie! I hope Boz is okay after the spill he took?

    SingMyLife -- Sunday July 22 2007, @07:22PM (#269284)
    (User #19577 Info)
  • Mike is not only the most talented musician that I've EVER seen, but also a hell of a nice guy as well. Got a chance to meet and talk with him after both the Atlanta and Myrtle Beach shows and he turned an already big fan into a HUGE, LIFELONG fan. Matt Walker as well- I can't remember ever seeing a better drummer ever. These guys are simply amazing.

    BTW, does anyone have Mike's website URL? He gave it to me, but I didn't have anything to write it down with. Anyone who knows what it is?

    Thanks and thanks to Mike for a night I will never ever forget for the rest of my life.
    Greenespace -- Sunday July 22 2007, @08:13PM (#269293)
    (User #19702 Info)
  • Anyone know what it is? I got a shirt in Atlanta and it's made my house smell better as a result. What is it and where can I purchase it?

    Greenespace -- Sunday July 22 2007, @08:18PM (#269294)
    (User #19702 Info)
  • just to share my experience:

    me and two friends drove down from Raleigh, nc to meet up with other friends who drove up from Atlanta and had been waiting at the front door of the HOB since 6am. Arturo came out to thank them for their dedication by giving out 25 VIP bands that let their group in 5 minutes before the rest of the crash the line folks got through. one of my three girls took one of these bands and we were in the crash line, because of the receipt deal. after we scanned our tickets, we ran up front and at the beginning of the show, i was about 5 or 6 feet from the barricade, but i wasn't worried, I'd seen the man before and i know how it can be up front :)

    it was agony waiting, kristeen was ... interesting. i'll admit i hadn't listened to her before, and i was intrigued at first, but after two or three songs, i was ready to move on. i promised myself i would download some stuff today and see what i thought.

    however, when our moz hit the stage, finally, i did what i always do when i am finally so close to him, i burst into tears (hah!) and stood there with my hands over my heart and just basked in his glory...

    i've seen him three times now... once in Raleigh (a tragic show, security was horrible and he stormed off stage after only a few songs!) and once in Dublin, ireland (INSANITY!!!) but i have to say, this has got be the best show i have ever seen for several reasons:

    1) the BEST setlist. pleasepleaseplease almost made me faint, changed my plea to guilty!? my god - fantastic!!
    2) the acoustics at the HOB was PHENOMENAL. i don't know when i have ever heard sound that good. the band was flawless, our moz was at the top of his game, the overall sound quality was perfect.
    3) the crowd was AWESOME!!!! you guys ROCKED!!! there is something so wonderful about being around so many people who share so much love for one man. its almost like being in church. **most** of us are so considerate and kind and will do anything to help someone else get closer to the stage for a minute, reach out and touch or tear off a piece of shirt for another. the other times i've seen him, it's been cool, but the crowd up front at this show was A++
    4) i managed to get about one person back from the barricade, never got to touch him, but definitely got some eye contact (squee!) and my god... being that close to him. seriously.
    5) i got pieces of both the blue and the pink D&G shirts. and my god... THEY SMELL SO GOOD!!! did anyone else who got pieces of shirts take whiff? pure sex. my friend molly found two buttons and is making earrings. score.
    6) the post show euphoria was overwhelming, i was hugging and crying with so many people, it was very moving. seriously, the crowd is what made this show. at the end, when moz took a bow with the boys, there were tears in his eyes.

    my only beef (excuse my colloquialism) - were the two obnoxious and belligerent drunk guys who were shoving and pushing and using small girls as launching pads to try and get on stage. it was completely rude and inappropriate... trying to get on stage is one thing, but to continually hurt and shove people is another. i just hope those guys know they very nearly ruined an almost stellar experience for a lot of people up front.

    but cheers to the ones who did get up (without crushing others!!) it was so moving to see he was letting people up after so long without it.

    thanks again to the man and to all of you for making myrtle beach THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!
    KarlaAnne -- Sunday July 22 2007, @08:21PM (#269297)
    (User #949 Info |
  • i got some blurry, but snazzy, cameraphone pics here:
    KarlaAnne -- Sunday July 22 2007, @08:26PM (#269299)
    (User #949 Info |
  • as time is passing, my memory is progressively fading... so this is the best i can do (and not very well in order) without any notes.
    [n.b.: second row is a poor position for scoring a moz handshake or chosen for the mic but an ideal position for a good, if lopsided, ab workout.]

    Shortly before Kristeen came on, there had been a loudspeaker announcement advising us that this was a no-smoking show per artist request. Soon after arriving on stage, Moz asked if anyone had a cigarette for him. {heehee}

    At one point early on (First of the Gang, I think) in the midst of song, he came over to stage right where I was and was about to reach down to shake some hands. He then shook his head and looked at us as if to say - there are way too many, who do i choose?! and finally clasped just one lucky hand [but not mine :( ] and then turned to a single small, low speaker on the front of the stage there and started fondling it. he caressed all over the top and then the face of that speaker. Was as if to show he chose to rub that speaker than shake more of our hands! (hilarious)

    Also, early on in the show during one song (can't remember exactly which now), he actually inserted some Yes, Yes, Yes's near the end. seemed like he was foreshadowing that he would play Whatever Happens, I Love You. Then later, after playing Whatever Happens, he did the Yes's again during another song. [almost like those Yes, Yes, Yes's were thematic for the show! great touch]

    He said they had "quite a surprise in Atlanta last night" and that "The sheriffs were there keeping people from smiling/singing/having fun." Then, "God bless the American sheriffs"

    "Is there a heaven?" (in between songs)

    "There was never an Iraqi war but rather an Iraqi invasion. Which is still going on." (in between songs)

    "A well-known fact that the most common song played at funerals is My Heart Will Go On by Celine" and then he whistled the two syllables of her last name (instead of saying it), first note high and then second note low. "And the second most common is this song"...then on into Girlfriend in a Coma.

    While in the first verse of Girlfriend in a Coma, blonde girl made it on stage {mostly due to Moz reaching out to her and helping her up}, then she and Moz embraced in a tender hug and then she exited out. He said to the band to begin again since "that was a beautiful moment but wasn't really part of the song, was it?"

    One girl was successful in handing him a short-stemmed rose during one song, and he then used it as a prop, first putting it behind his right ear for a second or two and then spinning it between his fingers. Then as the song concluded, he propped it up on the drum behind him.

    Two people spoke into the mic. Didn't catch first girl's comments, but second girl told him how she had to come to myrtle beach from california to see him one more time because she missed one of his shows in Calif. since she was stuck in traffic during the show, and crying while in the jam. Then she repeated even more emphatically: "I was crying sitting in that traffic!". Morrissey collapsed down on stage in front of her and lay there, as if in anguish from her story!

    The band displayed a superficial injury - Boz and Solomon had "black" eyes and Jesse had a "cut" on his nose. But no black eye on Jesse. Didn't notice for Matt or Mike.

    Moz must do pilates or lots of abs/core body workouts while in the bus because at the end of Life is a Pigsty he got in *that position* with his feet up on the drum platform, hips/abs/back off the floor and balancing on his upper back/posterior shoulders/neck and held this position firmly, no movement, back perfectly straight, no arching/no sagging for what seemed at least 2 minutes! I was impressed. :)

    "So, when you are at home watching Fox news, have a bucket nearby for vomiting. Or just do something else." (between songs)

    well, i could now entertain you by going off on (most) of the people directly around me, but i think instead i'll just do something else. ;)
    no one in particular -- Sunday July 22 2007, @09:16PM (#269304)
    (User #16463 Info)
  • what a Concert! it was amazing! Viva Moz!
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @12:14AM (#269316)
  • Morrissey's voice = Perfect.
    The Band = Perfect.
    They just sound sooooo good it's unbelievable.
    Can this man get any better?
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @01:25AM (#269320)
  • Wow, what a show. That is how I can sum it up.

    Let’s start with Kristeen Young. She is intense, no question. She really pours her heart into her music. She has a mean right kick that would make Missouri mules jealous. I don’t know what to make of her music just yet. I think I need to listen to it a bit more before passing judgment. I’d say she may need a couple more band members to provide some more depth to her music, but her drummer is really good. Good luck to her. She did make a comment about the crowd arousing her. She made a reference to purple rain in her comment so I may need to strap myself in and watch the movie one more time just to fulfill my curiosity.

    But then it was time for Moz to make his appearance and the crowd went wild. I think that set the tone for the whole night. I also noted the black eyes being sported by his entire band. All I can think is that someone walked into a door or maybe that was where the Atlanta Sheriff’s came into the picture. I guess they all blackened an eye in a show of solidarity. You can tell they are really close knit and it shows in their music.

    Moz was on the money last night. I savored every syllable and accompanying gesture as the show unfolded. Pigsty was as incredible as I had imagined. I really can’t single out many songs as they were all awesome. He seemed to really eat up the adoration the crowd bestowed upon him. I really thought we would see the true mean of the Smiths song “Half a Person”. The security Gestapo was determined to keep his fans from reaching the stage and Moz was determined to see them fulfill their dreams. Moz prevailed. It was great when Moz grabbed the placard someone had drawn up that alluded to the fact that he will be missed, signed Moz Angeles. I also laughed when he collapsed in boredom when he turned over the mic to the fan on the left side of the stage. He wasn’t looking for a dissertation only a one line comment, gracious. It’s not open mic night people.

    The crowd was very enthusiastic during the whole show, but Smiths songs really fired them up. No serious altercations occurred, but the first light blue shirt really brought out the determination of some of the crowd. I think the ensuing death grip lasted a full three songs. I got very close to offering up my own under shorts as a compromise, but alas the fibers could no longer withstand the tug-o-war. In the end I think it was divided up 24 different ways.

    Some see the casual fans in a negative light, but not me. I believe he there for everyone to enjoy. I saw young and old alike enjoying the show as much as I. I think it’s great that he sill captures the esteem of the young among us, which will only serve to prolong his willingness to continue producing albums for us to enjoy. Long live Morrissey.

    Thanks to those I connected with during the show, Scott ( I think) from Nashville/Orangeburg, Raliegh Guy, Camden Couple and D.C. couple. It was fun. Sorry for being so long.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @07:02AM (#269339)
  • I had a great time! I've been a Smiths fan for over 20 years and it was good 2 finally get 2 C Morrissey. Performing in the south is a rare thing and the music and vibe were incredible. I'm so glad he threw in some Smiths standards. It was cool the way every voice just joined in his, singing every single word 2 the songs. Definately au unforgettable experience. He has aged a little but I can't expect everyone 2 remain 4ever young. Next time I may have 2 sit toward the back (I was center and near the front). Morrissey threw his sweat soaked shirt near me twice and things got rough from there. Never realized so many "str8" boys had man crushes on Moz. Awesome concert!!!
    Aveallen -- Monday July 23 2007, @10:33AM (#269360)
    (User #19709 Info)
  • After being a fan for nearly fifteen years, this was my first Morrissey concert and I really enjoyed it. My girlfriend and I thought the show was fantastic, even if she didn't really like Kristen Young. I didn't think she was that bad.

    Morrissey was in fine form. The concert was everything I had dreamed it would be. Jenn and I were maybe seven or eight people deep and at the center of the stage. Every song just seemed so perfect. My girlfriend is a novice to Moz, but I think this officially won her over for good.

    After the show, we ended up stopping at a convenience store where we met another couple who had been at the show. They were just a few spots in front of us apparently and had gotten a piece of the last thrown shirt. They gave us a single thread of the shirting saying that, "Morrissey would have wanted it that way." It was humorous!

    Great, great show.
    BJ Morgan -- Monday July 23 2007, @12:07PM (#269367)
    (User #19710 Info)
  • First let me say that the show was amazing! I have been a fan since 86 but this was my first show and I am kicking myself for not doing so sooner.
    I know this is going to sound crazy but I have to ask as it has been gnawing at me.
    Went down with a great friend, we had dinner at the bar and cut through the restaurant to avoid the huge crowd of people that were blocking our path. When we walked in to the bar there was this guy who looked JUST LIKE Morrissey, he was working it. There was one person talking to him and my buddy and I just kind of stopped where we were...that CAN'T be him. We spent maybe 10 minutes pretending we were getting a drink and my friend shakes his hand...we were going back and forth on whether it could be him...the guy said he was an impersonator...a morrissey impersonator in Myrtle Beach?
    Did anyone else see this guy? Plaid jacket and pink truly was shocking.
    sauce -- Monday July 23 2007, @12:22PM (#269371)
    (User #19712 Info)
  • Have you spotted any British people at the US gigs?
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @02:34PM (#269385)
  • i'd say that i'd waited four months for saturday's show, but, in reality, i'd waited nearly 21 years. i should've seen the smiths in pittsburgh on tuesday, august 12, 1986. however, a few weeks earlier, i'd made the harebrained decision to join marching band, and monday, tuesday and thursday evenings meant band practice. my tearful pleas notwithstanding, my parents decided to teach me a harsh lesson about commitment and responsibility. i fared little better in the future. as you probably know, being a morrissey fan in pittsburgh's something of a tough row to hoe. count me among the casualties of the 1991 and 2000 cancellations. i've spent the past decade or thereabouts moving around the east coast, and my and morrissey's paths just never seemed to cross. since i'm painfully aware of the fact that i'm not getting any younger (and neither's morrissey, for that matter), i swore that i'd find my way to whichever show on this tour proved closest to my current home base of chapel hill, nc. cue myrtle beach.

    as a latecomer to the commentary, i've not got much to add with respect to the setlist and the between-song banter. "i've changed my plea to guilty" practically broke my heart, while "last of the famous international playboys" planted a grin on my face that's remained intact for nearly two days. i'll bet that i've even smiled in my sleep. in spite of the breadth and depth of the tour, morrissey's and the band's effort and enthusiasm never waned. no one phoned in that show, least of all morrissey. amazingly, while many singers' voices become thin or rough with age, his voice just continues to ripen. his rendition of "bye bye blackbird" sent a shiver down my spine. for his part, he seemed to enjoy us as much as we enjoyed him. i loved the way, at the start of a stage invasion, he'd just rather nonchalantly say "ok, alright" and then start pulling folks onto the stage. classic.

    the band's also clearly hit their stride. the band sounds fantastic as a unit, and each member clearly brings something special to the table. boz? he's a legend, and a joy to watch. after watching michael, i think i've no longer got the right to consider myself either a multi-instrumentalist or a multi-tasker. he's immensely talented. during the set, i stood in the fourth row of bodies, directly facing jesse. when i managed to take my eyes off morrissey, jesse had me transfixed. based on the commentary that i've read over the past two years, i'd envisioned him as more of a musician and less of a performer per se. on saturday, however, he seemed possessed. he mounted amps, stormed the edge of the stage, showed the cymbals no mercy and played absolutely blistering guitar. [i also loved when, at the end of the night, he gave boz a playful kick in the rear and boz chased him across the stage to return the favor.] jesse completely won me over. basically, i'm definitely on "team jesse," if such a thing exists.

    i'll just end by thanking morrissey (and the other fine fellows) for an utterly unforgettable evening. i truly will never, ever forget that night. i also won't allow myself to wait 21 years for a second date.

    rehtaeh -- Monday July 23 2007, @02:55PM (#269388)
    (User #19711 Info)
  • bit. . . but getting up on stage (and embracing his truly) sure did! I was the lucky blonde to get up there! (thanks to the folks who threw me and to Moz for 'saving me'). I've been so fortunate to see two great Moz shows. Anyone at the Killarney show on Good Friday the 13th, 2006? Tomorrow I will be at the Borgata...write to me if you're going- [email protected]. Morrissey, THANK YOU!
    . . .and that HOB, Myrtle Beach crowd was amazing-THANKS!!!
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @03:19PM (#269392)
  • this show was amazing!!!!!! the first time ive seen him live and hopefully never the last. i was about 5 or 10 feet from the stage, and seeing him in person so close was unbelievable. i loved when he sang life is a pigsty and at the end of the song lied down on stage for a few minutes and all of a sudden jumped up and started how soon is now. and i loved watching him pull people up on stage, one girl was crying, i would have but i was in shock. lol. i think i left my heart in myrtle beach. i love morrissey 3333
    MagicMedicine85 -- Monday July 23 2007, @03:20PM (#269393)
    (User #19714 Info)
  • We need a hero to upload videos from the wonderful night, Please!!!!
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @04:08PM (#269397)
  • With kind permission I would like to add the following...I really get bad vibes in Curdle Beach. Must be all the strip bars, pawn shops and cheap beach shops. Although I loved my hotel and felt very safe with all the police that kept going up the elevators and knocking on doors. So it took Morrissey to get me to SC. My wife and I loved the show and hope he will return. Thanks to Morrisey and the Band. They gave their all and it showed and much appreciated.
    Best Regards.
    Sandinista -- Monday July 23 2007, @04:11PM (#269398)
    (User #19715 Info)
  • I live in Atlanta and just want to say that I've been to several Moz shows over the years, including Clearwater and Atlanta as well as MB, but that MB had the greatest crowd EVER. People were appreciative, friendly, and showed genuine love all around to Moz and the band... but more importantly, even to each other. What a great place for this show. Myrtle Beach should be proud- it was clearly one of the best- if not THE best- stops on the tour. You folks were awesome- just wish we could all reunite and do it again!!
    Greenespace -- Monday July 23 2007, @04:36PM (#269401)
    (User #19702 Info)
  • Like many before me, I really have to comment on the energy and love that just seemed to radiate throughout that place? Was it the venue design? Or just something in the air that night?

    The crowd was going nuts. Unlike a lot of recent audiences, this one struck up the Morrissey football chant. And turning around behind me, or looking from side to side, all I saw was people just going nuts through the whole show, singing along and putting their arms up.

    And of course Moz and the band showed this energy too. Morrissey was more active than I'd seem him in a long time, almost dancing for so many songs. He was really moving about. And the band was great, especially as seen by how they played around with each other (that roughousing between Boz and Jesse) and how they came up to shake hands with fans and give high-fives.

    Great, great show.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 23 2007, @05:06PM (#269405)
  • I swear I saw Moz in the audience on tv on CNNs/you tube Democratic debate tonight. Can anyone confirm?
    Lon -- Monday July 23 2007, @05:47PM (#269409)
    (User #121 Info)
  • I've waited for 7/21/07 since I was 15, I'm now 34 and still in love with the MAN, never strayed. Even better, the HOB is in my home state and close to my home town, Charleston. My husband and I traveled down from Charlotte, NC with a buzz in the air that only a few could understand (you know who you are- the devoted).It was truly a dream come true for me, really.
      We were about 3 rows back from the stage of intense Morrissey fans. All I could think was that the electric vibe and intensity of the crowd was going to send us straight through to the golden gates of Heaven because God had come to Myrtle Beach, SC to escort us ALL. Yes, I am referring to Moz himself.
    He opened with a classic, Panic, and First of the Gang. By this point, I had crossed over to the absolute most surreal, amazing out-of-body experience I'd ever had."Sunday" sent me over the edge of absolute glee.
    When I was 18 I slept outside of a ticketmaster location to get tickets for a show in Tampa,FL. Sadly, very sadly he cancelled due to a throat issue. Therefore, this show was long over due but well, well worth the wait.
    We love you Morrissey. Our 5 yr old son loves you and our 11 mth old indentical twin girls quiet down when we play any of the DVD's or CD's and the louder the better.
    I came close to making it onto the stage during the encore, Playboys. I was up there and touched the stage but a kid or young adult was launched over my shoulder only to be thrown away by security.
    I was honoured to have attended the show and it will never be forgotten. Especially since we've read that this was in the top 3 , if not the best "U.S." shows by fans that have been touring for months.
    Thank-you to all of the beautiful people there for bringing the House (of Blues) down. Moz seemed quite pleased with us and clearly had a fun time with the crowd. He was happy and in a very giving mood, of himself, his voice and his clothing. Let's not forget the BAND! They rocked out!All seemed to have had a fantastic time in "turtle" beach as Morrissey called it.
    Don't let the light go out...There is a light that will never go out.

    "Dink" in Charlotte, NC
    Dink -- Monday July 23 2007, @06:34PM (#269415)
    (User #19717 Info)
  • ach.html [] {direct hyperlink works, but if copy/paste, then remove the space between "e" and "a" in "beach"}

    It is true - security was oppressive in regards to cameras. Could only sneak in two of Moz (and not very good ones - sorry!) before roughly being told to put away the camera.

    Got great shots of the tour buses though! And I suppose those 2 large tractor trailers shown best in pic 1 are also part of the tour caravan?

    BTW: The bus that Moz escaped into after the gig is the black one on the far left in the shots. When he sneaked onto the bus by coming up between the black bus and the neighboring blue&white one and then walking around the front of the black bus and into the door, a girl from behind the cordoned-off zone rushed towards him and made it close to the bus door but was held back by Arturo. She was brought back behind the ropes, and Arturo asked her if she wanted back her "gift" for Moz that did not successfully get to him. However, she left it in Arturo's care to give to Moz later.

    No other band members nor Arturo went on the bus when Moz did. (maybe Eddie did? couldn't see with all the mayhem going on there) After Moz boarded, that bus pulled away alone. The other 2 buses and 2 trucks were still parked in place when I finally left probably 15 minutes after the "Moz bus" had departed. That was after 1am.
    no one in particular -- Monday July 23 2007, @10:27PM (#269447)
    (User #16463 Info)
  • i was a curious brit at this gig, it's interesting to see morrissey - such an icon of english culture - translate into the american context. i'm sorry but the crass americana of myrtle beach will never compare to seeing moz in preston and liverpool where i've seen him before. it really was a great night though, the only disappointment being the vacuous words of the two people who he gave the mic to. didn't you have anything to say? i'd have said, if you're here and you eat meat, you're a fucking hypocrite, haha. did that mozalike wondering around have anyone fooled? very funny...xx
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @06:09AM (#269493)
  • What was the first song used by Morrissey in his film reel at Myrtle Beach?
    BJ Morgan -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @07:19AM (#269513)
    (User #19710 Info)
    • Re:Question? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday July 25 2007, @03:14PM
  • I waited 23 years for saturday night...and it was worth EVERY.SINGLE.SECOND.

    In 2004 my husband and I went to KROQ's Inland Invasion in Los Angeles to see Moz headline, only to have him cancel the day of the show. As a result, I renounced His name and was a bitter angry woman for a long time....until this.

    The second he began to sing "Bye Bye Blackbird", all was forgiven. Everyone was so nice and it was such a glowing reception and a wonderful show that I hope that Morrissey will come to visit us again (even if we do have lobster shacks)

    The only WTF of the evening came when someone behind me said "Who is THAT?" during the New York Dolls footage. That should have been grounds for expulsion right there, but that's just me.

    I'm still giddy, really I am.
    threnners -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @07:24AM (#269515)
    (User #19698 Info)
  • This was my first Morrissey concert, and it was absolutely awesome. We were up front, slightly stage right. My section was incredibly well-mannered. They'd politely push forward when Morrissey extended his hand, then retreat like the ocean's tide when he stepped away. I managed to snap a pretty decent picture with my cell phone and posted it along with a review of the weekend here: []

    I'd love to hear from some other Morrissey fans, so please leave your comments on my blog post!

    Larry Weaver -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @08:12AM (#269532)
    (User #19725 Info |
  • I have enjoyed Morrissey for years and seen him live once before, age has only agreed with him, I have never seen a better performance. The crowd gave hime the energy he needed to throw back at us. He is a poet. Beautiful poet.
    cass holiday -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @11:00AM (#269562)
    (User #19726 Info)
  • I went to see him back in the early 1990's in Cincinnati, Ohio - my very first concert of any kind BTW. There was some sort of issue with the security and he cut the show short after 3 or so songs. I never gave up on the music but never tried to see him again.

    What a fool!

    I drove down from Durham, NC and got there really early. I called the ticket office to see if I could upgrade or otherwise get in early and was told the show was sold out and it wasn't possible. Well an hour or so later I see folks walking around with bracelets. Another call to the ticket office and a much more helpful employee later, I had a ticket to crash the barricades. Not a bad deal if you like meat (hotdogs/hamburgers included which was very weird)and you get in early.

    I was about 2nd-3rd row just to the left of center stage. What an experience. I've never been that close to a performer (besides the small shows here in Chapel Hill). I know I promised some nice lady that I would help her get on stage. I was the tall guy wearing the long sleeved red shirt. I got both hands on the first thrown shirt but decided I'd rather listen to the music and watch the show than wrestle for the next 15 - 20 minutes. Unfortunately that took me about 10 feet to the right and I never could get back to you. I'm sorry!

    For the most part the crowd was incredible. There were some idiots screaming "how soon is now" for about 10 minutes and two drunk guys that kept trying to pick each other up but besides that it was great. I apologized in advance for stepping on feet and bumping into folks as I knew it would happen. Everyone was gracious and fun to chat with.

    The show was a personal highlight. I'm nearly 40 and my colleagues are starting to think I took some sort of drug(an interesting one - I'm sure) because I keep smiling and telling anyone who will sit still long enough how great the show was.

    I even rushed into work to see when the next show was, fully intending to go but Phily was not in the plans. I know that the next time, and Lord do I hope there is a next time, one show won't be it for me.

    The only drawback wa the 3.5 hour ride back to Durham - solo. There is nothing between Wilmington and Raleigh. I made it though and am looking forward to the next tour.

    Thanks to the fans for being so energized and thanks to Morrissey for a truly amazing show.
    Mujiber76 -- Tuesday July 24 2007, @01:11PM (#269584)
    (User #19707 Info)
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